What does Fox need to do to remake a successful Eragon movie? (Part two)

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Yesterday we explored the first batch of things we believe Fox needs to do to get hypothetical future Inheritance Cycle films right. Of course, we believe the only way to move forward would be to reboot the series – something that will allow the studio a chance to right wrongs and properly tell the story.

The first part of our article proposed rebooting the series, getting Christopher involved, finding a team passionate about the story, hiring a director and writer with experience in adapting epic fantasy book worlds, not using a large budget as a crutch, not straying far from the plot of the books, looking at the big picture, and possibly splitting the books into multiple films. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading the first article before continuing with this one!

Part two recommends focusing on the characters and their development, paying attention to the “small stuff,” aiming for a PG-13 rating, and more!

Focus more on the bond, friendship, and development of Eragon and Saphira

The relationship between Eragon and Saphira is the heart of the Inheritance Cycle. The pair are partners, bonded together as something beyond friends. They see each other as equals, and their growth together, including their failures, struggles, and defeats, further that bond and result in some of the story’s most important and moving moments.

We lost this in the first portion of the film as Saphira flew up to the clouds and instantly grew to maturity. In the book, the time Eragon and Saphira spent together before Garrow’s death cemented key aspects of their relationship and allowed the pair to understand each other and grow together. These moments defined what would come in the rest of the book, and eventually, the series as a whole.

It may be hard to translate a telepathic relationship to the big screen, but by treating Saphira as a human character, Fox will likely be able to capture the relationship between the pair as it is in the books.

Don’t dumb the series down for a PG rating.

The books are bloody, gritty, and a realistic interpretation of life in a medieval fantasy world. The plight of the characters, the endless war, and the results of Galbatorix’s rule resonate throughout the books. Eragon lost a lot of what made the books so special by “dumbing” the series down in favor of a PG rating. Films such as The Chronicles of Narnia succeeded with a PG rating because the source material was more child-oriented. The Inheritance Cycle may be published as “young adult” fiction, but its dark and serious subject matter appeals to readers of all ages, similar to Harry Potter and Hunger Games.

Eragon contains many adult elements that set the series apart from others, and keeping true to the themes of the book will ensure a less cheesy, more serious film. Be open to a PG-13 rating – it’s likely the only way the adaptation can be faithful and successful.

Details matter

We can’t stress this enough. Those “small things” add up quickly when ignored. Characters and events are written the way they are because they add up to something much larger. Character’s appearance, demeanors, and personalities complement each other and push the plot forward.

The “small things” ignored in the Eragon movie were fairly bad on their own, but combining them all resulted in one giant mess… Saphira was a half-bird, with feathered wings; Roran leaving to conscript with the Empire; Saphira instantly transforming into a mature dragon in the clouds; Angela’s appearance; dwarves, elves, and Urgals were all humans; costumes and sets did not come close to matching the culture and scenery in the books.

We could go on and on.

Don’t shove a love story down our throats

Eragon was tripping over himself in his quest to win Arya’s love throughout the film. It is true that Eragon has feelings for Arya, and on occasion throughout the book, these feelings led to awkward encounters between the pair. However, the love story is not a prevalent theme in the first book (or any of the books, really) and should not take center stage for the sake of having a love story in the movie.

We understand that many films play on love stories as a major plot crutch and can see how Eragon’s bumbling affection and unsuccessful advances toward Arya make for an interesting Hollywood story. However, let’s look at Harry Potter – the “love tension” between characters was fun and subtle, while still maintaining a presence. It wasn’t “in our face,” but it wasn’t fully excluded, either. This played well, accurately represented the love story in the books (as a background theme), and didn’t alienate audiences on either side of the spectrum – those who enjoy love stories and those who don’t.

Start at the drawing board – literally

Picking Christopher’s brain to understand his vision for Alagaësia and its inhabitants would be a great place to start. We have a collection of inspiration art and photos Christopher discovered while writing the Inheritance Cycle, and we plan to share these images in future articles. Taking these pieces and understanding how they represent the books would be a great first step.

Work hard on concept art and ensure that it captures the books and the world before moving forward. Every film starts with concept illustrations, and these pieces are what the production team works from as they design sets, costumes, and the film’s visual effects. Not getting these right almost guarantees major bumps in the road and a less-than-stellar adaptation. The flow of imagery should be in tune from author, to artists, to production staff, ensuring one streamlined vision throughout the entirety of the process.

Be mindful of major plots and themes

Dwarves, elves, Urgals, and Werecats were left out of the Eragon film, and their exclusion took away from the world’s fantasy feel. It also undermined many of the key themes and struggles prevalent throughout the books. Without the dwarves’ in-fighting and political conflicts, the elves’ withdrawal from the world and its events, and the humans’ propensity for picking fights with those they are at odds with, the world feels hollow.

Galbatorix was revealed from the start in the movie, removing the sense of mystery behind the villain. In the books, we don’t meet Galbatorix face-to-face until Inheritance, and only hearing tales and second hand accounts of Alagaësia’s ultimate villain created the necessary suspense, mystery, and wonder needed to make readers fear him. When we finally encountered the rogue Rider in the final book, the moment truly felt epic. The Ra’zac, Durza, and eventually Murtagh, act as fulfilling villains throughout the book and channel Galbatorix’s evil in all the right ways. There’s no need to reveal the king before his time.

The timeline of the characters in the movie as well as character omissions greatly reduced the sense of wonder and surprise we got from the books.  When the army of elves was revealed in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film, it gave a great sense of epic mysticism because until that point, we had only seen elven leaders.

Don’t let characters lose their heart. Angela the Herbalist ends up as one of the series’ best characters through her quirks, mystery, and badass-ness seen throughout all four books. Had the Eragon movie led to a full movie series, all of that would have been lost as a result of Solembum’s exclusion and Angela’s wildly inaccurate interpretation.

Set the stage with a prologue of the Riders’ fall

There’s a lot of background to cover in order to successfully tell the story of Alagaësia and its inhabitants. It’s tough to pack that much history and information into a single movie, and we believe the film may be able to convey a lot of the necessary backstory by opening the movie with a prologue looking at Galbatorix’s rise to power and the fall of the Riders. If this was done, it would be best to leave Brom out, as his inclusion would ruin a lot of the mystery surrounding his background and the moment we learn that he was once a Dragon Rider.

If not for a prologue, opening the film with Brom’s story of the Riders told around the campfire in Carvahall would be a great way to set the scene, although it may conflict with the book’s prologue showing Arya fleeing from Durza, and eventually the moment we first see Eragon hunting in the forest.

You can’t please everyone, but you sure can try.

This is a lesson we all need to learn. The final book in many beloved series – Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and even Inheritance, to name a few – were widely loved by their fan base, but some passionate readers did not like the series’ endings. No matter how hard an author tries, they simply can’t please everyone.

The same can be said for film adaptations. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games are some of the more recently and widely-loved book-to-movie film franchises that were embraced by readers and an entirely new audience. However, these films took many creative liberties, and those changes didn’t always win over all of the series’ fans.

Someone, somewhere, will always be unhappy. It’s an unfortunate reality.

Let us know in the comments what you think Fox needs to do to get future movies right, and be sure to add your signature to the petition encouraging Fox to reboot the series!

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  • Fantasy_Flick_Lover

    There needs to be a long series of movies made out of the Inheritance Cycle..It’s a grand story with important details, and needs to be depicted as such. LOTR style! People would fall in love with the story if the movie followed the book as a Screenplay. There’s nothing in there that isn’t needed for the story to be a success. I was so disappointed with the original movie…everything was wrong….(except the casting for Brom). I sincerely hope with my heart of hearts that someday someone will step up and remake the movie as it should be. It could be monumental. <3

  • Doc

    Fox may have more luck getting this right by turning Eragon into a Television series. With the success that the Game of Thrones franchise has been experiencing, Many authors are considering this route over Films and Miniseries productions. Another option would be to try the route the DUNE franchise is experimenting with reference to as VideoBooks. Using slightly abridged narration, it’s basically like listening to an audiobook with voice acting while watching it all being animated before your eyes. Even Orson Scott Card has expressed an interest in this concept.

  • Stephan Nicholi Hepler

    I loved Jeremy Irons as Brom and Sienna Guillory as Arya. If they had stayed with Arya’s appearance from the books Sienna would have kicked major ass as Arya. The things the really irritated was how the left out key characters, Saphira’s appearance and how fast paced the movie was. First time I watched it I was a bit shocked and then couldn’t ever watch it again because it just pisses me off to much

  • Amrita Park Suna

    Nasuada, Ajihad were portrayed really weirdly. Joed, The twins, Solumbum and several of the important villagers never even showed up. Murtagh, Durza, the Urgals and Angela, what on earth happened to their characters? They were ridiculous! Oh let’s not forget the fact that Arya was like a completely different person, personality wise and look wise. Where were her pointed ears anyway???

  • Danielle

    First off, when they first made the film I feel as though they were fumbling in the dark. They had no experience.
    Secondly, they made a film that was missing out key ideas to the plot. They need to take it slow if they make it again. This may be taking it a half a book at a time. Cause God knows there’s so many details that one film for each book would miss out.
    Also they need to know that not just anybody can play Brom, Eragon, Arya etc…
    I also think they down played Roran. They needed to elaborate more. I did enjoy the first part of the film even though details were missing, the second half just made me turn off the TV.

  • Ariel

    Eragon can be played by anyone. The character that must must must have the right casting is Murtagh. If Murtagh is cast wrong you can throw the rest of the series out the window. He’s a fan favorite.

  • Marcus

    The new movies can NOT be PG whatsoever! I mean, come on, Eragon didn’t find Arya lying on a stone table, he found her chained and drugged having been tortured consistently for approximately six months! What about the town that the Urgals sacked, friggen baby on a pike!

  • The Inheritance Cycle Fan

    I think Peter Jackson, producer of The Hobbit, shoul produce the new Eragon movie.

    • The Inheritance Cycle Fan


    • Danielle

      I agree

    • Fantasy_Flick_Lover

      The story definitely deserves to be. I agree.

  • That Cynical, Ex-Fan Asshole

    ‘Serious subject matter’? ‘Realistic interpretation’? Ha! No wonder why there are so many stories of regular Joes who have had less than a year of battle experience (in both fighting and in command) being able to slay nearly 200 well-trained, well-armed, and well-equipped soldiers with nothing but a run-of-the-mill blacksmith’s hammer! Sounds like some kid’s fantasy to distract themselves with whilst sitting in maths class. Such serious subject matter, self-insert work such as this…. Man, no wonder I can’t get my own epic fantasy trilogy published….

    It’s things like this, the way the characters have been pushed into the realm of Sues over and over and over again, that has delivered a key factor into why the series wouldn’t work well on the screen. This isn’t the age of Beowulf where guys like Roran and every other invincible Sue/Stu could exist — we’re past the invincible Supermans and nothing-can-defeat-me-Herculeses. Another huge reason for the success of series like GoT is because the characters are human, we can identify with them, and the only decidedly Beowulf-like character is Ser Gregory Mormont. But that is one dude in a cast of dozens, whereas in the Inheritance Cycle, the every man is one in a cast of dozens of Beowulfs. Your four main humanoid characters (Eragon, Arya, Roran, and Murtagh) are all Sues and Stus in their own ways.

    And talking about GoT, I would like to remind everyone that developing the IC for a television series would be incredibly expensive, if only because of the massive slice of the budget that would have to be set aside because of the CGI for Saphira — a main player in the series. Dany’s dragons only work so well in GoT because they have about 5-10 mins of screentime for an ENTIRE SEASON, if that. So with a TV show, you’d either have shoddy CGI, or you’d have one of the most expensive programs to ever run which I doubt would make the money needed to run for a second season back. Hollywood is your guys’ only hope to see the IC on the screen again, whether big or small.

    And on Saphira’s wings? Grow up. So oh no, your favourite dragon doesn’t have the cliché stock-standard bat-wings. I liked the feather wings, if only because they offered something different, threw something new into the mix. Roran running from the Empire because he was afraid of being conscripted? Oh my god! A solid reason to hate the Empire instead of it being some kind of hereditary thing learned by kids because some tiny little village in the middle on nowhere that offered Galby zero strategic advantage wasn’t helped through the winters (and if you want ‘realism’, this happened all the time in medieval Europe and so no one thought much of it) and forcing them to pay taxes! It’s not as if any other king would make his citizens pay taxes too! And if we’re to follow economic sense, high taxation rates are the Varden’s fault. Wars aren’t cheap, and Galby needs money to fight the war. So he turns to the tax payers. If logic ruled here, then the people of Alagasfkasjahdfjs should hate the Varden for taking their money in a roundabout way. But hey, I forget; no logic here. Silly me. After all, this is the land where Saphira saying, “Because [Galby] is evil,” is total justification for the cause of the heroes!

    On Arya. ‘Occasional moments throughout the books’? Hell, all I remember about Arya in the first book was Eragon constantly thinking about how hot and beautiful she was he was creaming himself all the time (“The only mar in her beauty was a scrape along her jaw …”, “Chills shot through [Eragon at the sight of Arya].”, “‘She’s beautiful!'”, *stuff about how elves are so shpeshcul here* *that goes on for about two or three pages* *some ‘exotic’ comment here* *Oh! Eragon thought. She smells like pine needles instead of blood despite suffering gruesome torture for months! How interesting!* *insert angsty healing montage here because how DARE the Empire do this to an elf!*, and mind you this is in the space of about three chapters). So Fox got that bit right.

    And thank god Galby was in the film; I was convinced he was made up until we first saw him three-hundred pages into the last book! And even then, Malkovich was a better Galby in the sense that he wasn’t that French knight from the Holy Grail. “Aha! I am so evil I will pull these two children out of nowhere and kill them if you don’t obey me! The thought never crossed my mind that I might kill one to show how serious I am, because I’m evil (and to quote Saphira, “Because he is evil.”)! And I’m so battle smart that I’m going to let my greatest potential threat to my throne and empire fight for my amusement before I can guarantee he and his little friends are enthralled into my service! Because, letting them roam unchecked with their swords and magic intact is the best course of action!” Pffft, no wonder Fox has done nothing; it doesn’t matter how good the story is if the characters are either all secretly He-Man or have Idiot Balls super glued to their hands. And even the quality of the story is up to heavy debate (Star Wars with dragons, yet again).

    Yours sincerely, That Cynical, Ex-Fan Asshole (who believes they have made rather good points).

    • Craig


      • That Cynical, Ex-Fan Asshole

        Again, the budget would be ridiculous. It’s not the problem of WHO will produce it, whether it be HBO, Netflix, Starz or whoever, but it would be so expensive it wouldn’t be worth it.

    • Ged

      ^ Despite being a huge fan I definitely agree with a lot of the points you made Cynical. I don’t necessarily think that Eragon would make a good cinematic piece of any kind; the story and the details don’t lend themselves well to film since they fit established hollywood archetypes practically to the t. The book is practically trope for trope hero’s journey, and the influence of Tolkien is graven into every major plot point. It doesn’t help that Tolkien took so heavily from myth, ancient culture, language, and popularized them so much that anything also based on the same history appears to be a rip off.

      I do think that if Paolini ever goes back to Alagaesia that the well crafted world and detailed lore would get to shine through in new stories with added sophistication Christopher gained since writing the Inheritance cycle. Only time will tell.

      • Doesn’tmatter

        But Paolini didn’t go to the ancient myths that inspired Toliken. Instead, he was just inspired by fantasy genre at the time. There is a big difference between the two. Paolini was already ripping off popular convention at the time.

        Also, I wouldn’t use the word “taken” to describe what Tolkien did.

  • Kendra

    Don’t kill Brom off so early. The first movie missed 90% of Brom, Eragon, and Saphiras travels. Only focusing on the battles. Almost non of the training.

    • Danielle

      In the book Brom and their travels were key, I agree with what you said.

  • DarthRupert

    Two other major points I believe Fox would need to figure out would be their take on magic and Roran’s story. Christopher’s take on magic is absolutely fantastic and is one of my top reasons for loving the series. That being said I don’t see it translating to video very well. Moving on to Roran. For me his main roll seemed to play on grounding the “god” like battles and fame, to a human level. With Roran the series took a gritter and down to earth turn which proved to show a refreshing new take on Alagaesia’s turmoil. Unfortunately I could see his role in the series being cut out, to accommodate for other arguably more important details to continue the plot.

  • IllusionOfTruth

    Its not a hard thing to do. The books were terrific, all that needs to be done for a movie to be at least decent is follow them as accurately as possible.

  • Ryan

    How to successfully remake Eragon? Don’t let Fox have the rights

  • The Doctor

    The razac couldve been more scary, there not bundles of rags.

  • Gabby Birch

    I would love it if the series would be made. But if this happens they need to start again. for starters, Jeod was a huge factor for the second book, but they never so much as went near Teirm in the movie. I have a huge list of reasons I refuse to rewatch the movie Fox already produced. If they are going to continue working with the inheritance series they need to start again and actually pay attention to the details!!!

  • Ming

    The Hunger Games made readers happy because it didn’t stray far from the books. To this day it is one of the most accurate book to film adaptation I’ve ever seen. Suzanne Collins worked closely with the script writers and consulted with actors on their characters. I think for a reboot of Inheritance to have any success, you need Paolini on the team.

    Other than that, pay attention to fan favorites and don’t forget to keep the next books in mind when cutting or changing things.

  • Emily Pettingill

    I believe that the series should be made into the movies again. But definately pay attention to the details. That I believe will improve the overall rateing of the movie.

    • Ged

      ^ This. Attention to the details would not only help make up for mistakes but add so much flavor to the film (or to any adaptation really). I mean how hard is it really to make the actress who plays Arya have black hair, or the Raz’oc not blatantly ignore their in book descriptions?

  • Goat

    Screw Fox, get HBO involved. Just look at what they have done with Game of Thrones. The interference cycle deserves the same amount of attention and detail. Get HBO on the phone asap if Fox won’t step it up and get the job done right!

    • Thatoneguy

      That’s a terrible idea. Why would HBO be interested in the Inheritance Cycle? If the reason is because they are doing Game of Thrones, then that’s a dumb reason. The Inheritance Cycle is rather simplistic compared to Game of Thrones. It doesn’t have the same appeal as Game of Thrones.

    • That Cynical, Ex-Fan Asshole

      I agree with Thatoneguy. If they’re not going to adapt Neil Gaiman, then no way will they adapt Paolini.

  • Briar

    I agree with these two articles… Eragon, if not the whole series seems, because of the materiel and themes within them, would be best if they were made into PG-13 rated films. One of the things that also makes me irritated is that the film was way to short! I mean it was hardly two-hours long when you compare other fantasy-films with it like the Middle-Earth films, the first two Narnia movies.

    Even films franchises like, all six Star Wars films (and will hopefully be the same with the next trilogy and stand-alones) Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hunger Games, Transformers, etc. Another thing; if Fox can’t cram everything together to make the plot of The Inheritance Cycle awesome and amazing, if and when they release in theaters, when the DVD comes they should have…
    1.) A Theatrical Edition.
    2.) An Extended Edition.

    I say they should definitely get Christopher involved. I believe this is one of many reasons why the first one failed as a movie. I’d say hire Peter Jackson for the director’s chair… if he reads the books first.

    For concept drawings, hire John Howe. Reason for this being because of his amazing concept art from the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings trilogies. which also brings up… Who would/should Fox hire for the weapons and armor and wardrobe? My idea: Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop.

    Richard and team have made excellent weapons, armor and props for a lot of movies with so much detail, it’s unrealistic!! The most notable films they’ve worked with are the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, one or both of the Amazing Spider-Man movies and more.

    I could go on and on but I am in need of sleep so I leave with these words;

    These are just my opinions/my suggestions as to what Fox should do with these possible soon-to-be movies. You, the reader of this comment can either treat it as such or you might agree with me.
    I didn’t have a problem with how Saphira was presented in the previous
    film. However, I will say that she DID look too feathery, too much like a
    bird. They should get either Rachel Weisz, Evangeline Lilly or Cate Blanchett.
    (If Evangeline Lilly doesn’t get the part, I think she would be great being Arya.)
    Yes! Galbatorix should absolutely appear in the last film, when the whole gang go to confront him. And they should have a teaser that he will appear in the next one when they do Brisingr! That would be something I would look forward to.
    … Does anyone who has read The Chronicles of Prydain want some Prydain movies as well?!

  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    I agree to pretty much everything you said. But the thing is: one movie per book might actually be kinda hard. I could imagine Inheritance to be a mini-series, like a smaller version of GoT. The story obviously has the potential to become as successfull as GoT.

  • John Rollings

    Jeremy Irons is the perfect Brom. He must be cast as Brom again.

  • Cameron

    Ajay I agree with what you said almost completely. However I don’t think the mystery surrounding Galbatorix is such a bad idea, I think there should certainly be reference to him, but when you read the books were you bored because you didn’t know him? For me it built the excitement, “Oh my gosh this guy must be bad” which was, in my opinion, masterfully written. There’s nothing wrong with writing different from the norm. Additionally throughout the books we see many villains Eragon has to face up against, before he even gets close to the mega boss! The film should stay true to the story, I imagine the elves home almost being like heaven, that really needs to be portrayed. The story writers just need to play close attention to the details, perhaps a TV series would be better than movies – I would love to watch the story unfold one hour at a time once a week! Plenty of content in the books to make that happen and it would probably build more of a following than movies would.

    • Ajay

      Hmm, a fair point. However, I suppose bored/dull is the wrong word here… I more meant it in the sense of ‘the main antagonist seems a little too mysterious and mythical’ i.e. I wanted some physical evidence, a chapter, a PoV, etc of Galbatorix. I wanted to see his evil, imagine his power and experience his tyranny. You know what I mean? We never got to feel/see that apart from 1 or 2 chapters in Inheritance and the ‘final battle’ (which was a disappointment in itself for me but I won’t go into that).

      A TV series does sound like a valid route to go, considering the number of minor antagonists Eragon faces before building up to the final ‘baddie’, so to speak. A number of films per book would work too but I suppose the cost of that would be too great perhaps…

      • Ged

        ” I wanted some physical evidence, a chapter, a PoV, etc of Galbatorix. I wanted to see his evil, imagine his power and experience his tyranny.”

        I can agree that seeing some more of what makes Galbatorix evil would be beneficial. If say a hypothetical director added thing into a movie, like a background scene of soldiers being nasty it would help set the tone of despotism that Eragon would have as a citizen of the empire.

        Many movies made after Eragon do fantastic jobs of adapting from books and adding flavor with out changing major plot points or screwing up the details.

  • Ajay

    The prologue idea is a bit vague and perhaps unnecessary: just follow the books. Don’t contradict yourself for just one aspect of the film.

    Also, a point on the romance. It is an undercurrent but it’s still a theme to be considered properly in the films (and it is most certainly prevalent in at least sections of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books…). However, Harry Potter – as is mentioned – is the ideal example to follow and I very much second what you said about that: it plays to people who are interested and not interested in romance which is what this film series needs (considering the whole rollercoaster their relationship goes through before finally reaching a… sort of end point).

    A final point about Galbatorix. Not revealing him or having any PoVs from him in the books was, put bluntly, a catastrophic idea. Having absolutely no clue, as an audience, about the villain till the end of the series is a bit dull and doesn’t build as much suspense as it could potentially (take examples from numerous other fantasy series: there is ALWAYS something about the villain as the series progresses, not some ‘tada, here I am at the end’ moment). I think revealing Galbatorix briefly is a good idea: it shows the viewers just what Eragon has to live up to by the end of this saga.

  • Disgruntled

    I’d rather see a television series with mediocre special effects that stays true to the story line, than a three hour film that destroys the plot and makes the character interactions so shallow.

  • sibilator

    I won’t repeat the other things that were wrong with the movie, but one major thing was that Eragon didn’t get the big wound in his back from Durza at the end of the film, so the time with the elves and Eragon struggling with it in the second book would have to be something entirely else in the second movie. So they have no other choice than to reboot this franchise and do it right this time! Please!

    • Karen

      If you watch closely, when Aragon and Durza are fighting in the air, you can see Derza swing his Magical Sword up Aragon’s back as he flew past him!
      And I agreed that they left the fine small parts out of the movie which are different from the book. 🙁

  • Eric

    I will just say that it was sort of Christopher’s fault for not being more involved with the movie. I think he was a bit young when they approached him and idealistic about what his idea of book-film movie. He said in an interview that he didn’t want to impose on another “artists” work. 🙁 I remember watching the interview on it I will see if I can find it. The irony in that is the fact that they are messing with his work to even make that movie.

  • Justen

    Honestly, this movie, and possibly future movies for the series, need to attempt to follow in the footsteps of The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. The reason that these movie series’ were so popular is because the primary focus was on the journey, rather than the destination. Focusing on what happens at the plot twist moments makes the story seem cheesy, and it wasn’t what was considered to be the most important things in the books. While these things obviously need to happen, the way to make them seem more amazing and mind-blowing is to avoid shoving information down our throats as quickly as possible. Take the time necessary to explore the character development, and don’t be afraid to expand the time on the movie. If the movie ends up taking roughly three hours as opposed to the standard two, this will not make fans angry. On the contrary, it will make the film seem to be on a similar level as The Lord of the Rings, which if you ask anyone who has actually read the books, it is. Don’t be too timid in thinking that this story isn’t on the same playing field as the really large scale movie series’. Be bold in the making of the film, and make sure that people know that this is, in fact, just as big a deal as The Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. Don’t worry about offending fans of the other existing movies in this genre. I think that I can speak for a great many people when I say that this story definitely competes with the major book-to-movie blockbusters of the past decade. Another quick but important bit of information is just an agreement with something that was said in the article. The fact about Galbatorix is that the mystery behind his character was the primary reason why he was feared. It comes back to the basic psychological fear of the unknown, but it is incredibly effective. To this end, there does not even need to be a person cast for this roll at all until the last movie where Eragon and co. finally confront him. Quite frankly, no matter how intimidating an actor can look or be, a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows is far more imposing. This became obvious, even in film, when the Harry Potter films did not cast anyone for Voldemort until the fourth installment. If an actor must be cast for the roll for various reasons, then what we need to keep in mind is that more than someone who seems intimidating, what the character needs is someone who is unbelievably charismatic. When we finally met Galbatorix, he was a very frightening character, but more than that, he was charming. Even though he was obviously psychotic, and incredibly sadistic, he spoke and behaved with a supreme form of logic. He was intelligent, reasonable, and he seemed to have a voice that was almost musical; which is something that the reader could sense even from the words on the page. So if the character absolutely has to be cast, choose an actor with these qualities. But if it is at all possible, don’t even have anyone for the roll until the final battle. The last piece of advice that I would give in regards to this potential movie is, do not gear this story toward children. Even though the books are classified as being for young adults, the majority of fans of these books are aged between 18 to 29, or perhaps even older. This is especially true now, as opposed to the ages of the readers back when the books were coming out. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a story for children. Personally, I think that censoring the movie to anything lower than PG-13 would be borderline offensive. I actually would not be upset if the movie was rated even higher. I realize, however, that this could potentially cut into the profits of ticket sales from younger audiences, so I would agree with the article in saying that a PG-13 rating would be the wisest course of action. Just make sure to be aware that most of the fans of this story are actual adults at this point, and create the film with this in mind.

  • Karro

    They need to get good actors and don’t change the whole story!! They should keep to the books (at least a lot more than in the previous film!) and don’t try to make it popular by making a reeeeally big love story and all the other stuff they did with the last movie thats not in the book. I also missed a few characters like the cat and the dwarves and all that… I would really like to see them in the movie… And i also think the relationship between Eragon and Safira and Eragon and Murtagh should be a more important part of the films..
    And what happened with the last huge battle? In the movie this Was, in my eyes, completly wrong… It Was way too different from the book… As well as many other happenings in the book..

  • Charlotte Eriksson

    I didnt like Eragon in the movie at all. Everything was wrong, both looks and personality. I thought he was arrogant and obnoxious. I want more Eragon and Saphira dynamic. As many here says happenings and characters from the book are missing in the movie, things that have a huge part in the whole story.

  • Lady Laurea

    I was more concerned with what was left out of the movie that was important to the book. The Townspeople, Brom teaching Eragon magic and how to store in the swords jewel, the Twins, the importance of the Star Sapphire of the Dwarves, the connection between Eragon and the Dwarf clan, and blessing of the child. These are very important to the plots of the later books; these are just to include a few )to mention) that were important to the Series plot but were never mentioned!!!

    • Andy Cornelius

      Yeah I agree with that

  • Sumit

    Get Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) to play Galbatorix!

  • philly

    One bit thatneed s to disappear is the bit at the end of the movie where shaprea dies we don’t need that in there

    • Confused

      um…Saphira doesn’t die. Where in the world did you get that from? Go back and read the books again please.

      • Emman

        She was referring to the scene IN THE MOVIE where Saphira almost died. Go back and read philly’s comment again please.

  • icryforhumanity

    Its funny because this two part article seems like a lot, but honestly everything written here was prompted by the terrible first movie…

  • Heather Fillipponi

    I agree with all of this. I definitely agree that the only way this will work is If they remake the first one. And about not changing characters, they need to get Arya right as well. She has long straight black hair. Not Brown curly hair with blonde throughout!!! They totally ruined her!! Also they should not under any circumstances change the order of events!!! It makes no sense to do that!! And they absolutely can not leave out the part at the end where Eragon fights Durza and gets the cut diagonally on his back!!! That is a very important event that sets up the next book and later defines Eragon in a new way. I still have no clue why they felt it was a good idea to leave it out in their first attempt. That’s one of the many reasons it sucked so much!!!!

  • FernMaiden

    New writers.

    New Everything.

    The Movie made the mistake of making it ‘for teenagers’, yes, it was made for young adults, but it needs to be more realistic and dark like Lord of the Rings. In that time, certain things couldn’t exist, like many of the costumes… it wasn’t accurate for the time period. Yes, it’s a fantasy land, but it still needs to be accurate to the time period he was trying for in the books.
    Also, they need good CGI animators. Whoever did the white dragon for Harry Potter, or a team who is just as good, needs to be involved. Nothing ruins a movie like bad CGI and bad acting.
    Making the dark, realistic style similar to Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, would be the right way to go. Fantasy, without making it absurd. You need to believe that, if these things did exist, this is how they would be.
    The acting in the Eragon movie was just bad. Many of the actors I’ve seen in other movies/shows, and they did a really good job… This usually comes down to the director. Many great actors give horrible performances when working with a bad director. That would obviously need to change.
    Also, not every actor is good for every role, we need actors who can fit into the role, and portray it as it should be. There is alot that the characters go through, especially Eragon, we need an actor who can portray the emotion needed for the character.
    I know that many things from the books will need to be cut from the movie, that’s just what happens…. but there is a limit. These limits need to be known for them to make a good book adaptation.
    While watching the movie, it was hard to imagine that anyone working on the film had actually bothered reading the book, even the screenwriter. Christopher would really need to help with that….
    They need to stay away from cheesy lines and camera shots. The movie has some lighthearted moments, and can make you laugh, but mostly it’s serious. We need people who will take this movie seriously, and not just something to make quick money.

  • Tyler The-Red Bertram

    i completely disagree with the prologue idea. portray it the same way they did in the books. leave a bit of mystery to it. you dont have to start the franchise with the riders fall just like the books didnt.

  • Rebekah Wooten

    Get George Lucas out of retirement and have him team up with Steven Spielberg to be director’s for it. When those two men put their heads together movie magic happens

  • Rebekah Wooten

    If they do this (and I sure as heck hope they do) it needs to be done well. No flinching on the details like last time

  • Pat

    Make a TV show. You could get way more detail. It worked with GoT.

  • Jessie

    There was more than enough wrong with the movie, but I think the biggest issue was the lack of attention to detail. Splitting the movies into more than 4 books is, I think, necessary. All of the book/film adaptions are doing that now – either splitting the books into two movies each or creating a television show instead. It’s been so successful because it gives the story a chance. I remember watching Eragon for the first time with my dad – he never read the books. While my heart was breaking, he was genuinely interested. By the end, however, we were both disappointed. He said to me that it held such potential to be a great story, but it’s like they rushed the last 3/4 of the movie and it no longer made sense. That’s spot on. Don’t rush it. Give the story and more importantly, the characters, the chance they deserve to grow on the viewers. There are so many little threads that are important later. To ignore the details is to doom the franchise.

  • Night Sahde

    They need to focus on Nasuada a lot since she is one of the main characters in the last 3 books. They need to find a very strong actor to portray her character.

  • mike

    Get Peter Jackson

    • Tyler The-Red Bertram

      As good a director as Peter Jackson is, i think that would be a terrible idea. as soon as PJ signed on to direct the LOTR comparisons/arguments would start

  • christian

    For me…. focus on roran and all the side stories….. those small stories will lead to a bigger plot… and it’s what makes eragon very good

  • Tom Martini

    will never follow the book at all … they will do the very cheap all
    thing as possible and get by as cheap as they can …. the first one
    made me want to puke my guts out … . if they really want to do it
    right get the makers of the lord of the rings and the hobbit to do it
    and the writers of it … and do it by the BOOK no short cuts at all
    ….READ THE BOOK AND DO IT BY THE BOOK … IF NOT DONT DO IT AT ALL … as for part of it use Morgan freeman … as a character when he off to see the dwarves …

  • George

    Hey friends. Please let’s really really help Fox understand the depth and torment of the good and controlled Murtagh. He is ruthless and heroic at the same time. He is one of the deepest characters and casting and writing carefully about him and his journey is crucial. He literally could have a book of his own. One of the most epic pieces tied to him and Eragon is at the end of book 2.

  • Sakura

    I loved who they picked for Brom and should bring that actor back if possible. Durza is throughout the series and doesn’t die until what? The second or third book? It’s been a while since I’ve read the books. But yes, pay attention to detail. Arya had RAVEN hair. She was NOT a red head. And what was the whole chicken feathers on Saphira? Also, she doesn’t name herself. Eragon goes through a bunch of names while trying to name her.

    • Durza is killed by Eragon at the end of the first book with help from Arya and Saphira 🙂

    • Night Sahde

      They killed the ra’zac right away in the movie, but the live until the 3rd book.

      • Zachary Nemecek

        The Ra’zac are a very crucial enemy to have, and they should have lived much longer. The kidnapping of Katrina and Roran’s ironclad determination to rescue her are major plot points; by revealing the rough charisma of Roran and his unflinching will to pursue goals that have killed other men just as skilled or even more skilled in the arts of war than he was; by placing Eragon in a very bad and vulnerable position forcing him to take terrible risks and reveal more of his personality during the duration of these risks(Sloan and later when with Arya).

    • CT

      I agree. Jeremy Irons was the PERFECT Brom

  • Paege

    I would say that if you did decide to reboot the Eragon films get someone who knows how to direct fantasy films such as Peter Jackson director of the Lord of the Rings series. Because when I saw the film for ERAGON in 2004 I hoped it would be like lord of the rings God was I disappointed. The film also left out the scene with Jeod, Brom and Eragon planning to steal some shipment records only to find out that Eragon can’t read. Eragon is basically a book that shows the growth of all characters not too much fighting until the end of the book. Christopher Paolini also has a concept art book called Guide to Alegaesia where it shows what the Ra’zac and Urgals should look like. So I recommend that the team who will be directing the film to use it and get a basic idea of how things should be. If the films don’t work try a tv series like Game of Thrones. You might be able to get a lot of seasons if you follow the books more directly.

  • Randy

    As already mentioned, keep attention on detail, and follow the author’s words. They were clearly successful, and so following what is written will almost guarantee success. Anyway, back to details -the different races had different features, Saphira had leathery wings, things like that. The different features have surprisingly immense effects on audiences and forgetting/changing them is a very easy way to anger the audience. One example is when Eragon and Saphira travel to Du Weldenvarden. While there Eragon witnesses one of the elves’ holidays during which he is presented a gift. This gift ends up changing his physical features and causes him to look like a crossbreed (at the very least in my imagination). This is extremely important to the books and shouldn’t be changed in the movies.

  • Jacon

    I think Murtagh should be a character that looks more similar to Eragon. There was said to be a resemblance between the two and there was none at all. Especially seeing as they are half brothers. Roran and Eragon looked more alike than Murtagh and Eragon.

  • Gabrielle Butland

    I think they should get Peter Jackson on board he did a great job with Lord Of The Rings.

  • brian j

    Character description: model the characters after the book… example, I picture someone like matthew willig as horst. I could easily see him as a blacksmith. That’s who I pictured when I read the series..lol

  • cynthia

    Can we please see roran’s story too?! Or maybe another movie based on him? There’s such a wonderful adventure with his character. And he’s so manly! Look at all he does for his woman!

    • Alannah

      Hopefully this time they remember to put his woman in it at all.

      • Night Sahde

        She was in the deleted scenes, but they made it look like Katrina and Eragon had a thing. It was ridiculous!!!

  • Rina

    They should leave Garrett Hedlund as Murtagh. I think he played his character perfect.^-^
    Durza was pretty good too… but I can’t imagine that they would reuse so many of the cast.
    But they should definitely replace Eragon and Arya…

    • Cynthia

      Murtagh should definitely stay the same, he was just how I pictured him. But he might be too old now. :/

  • christos855


  • Ian Easterbrook

    What if they did it as a TV series instead?

    • Michael

      I would be all for it, actually. There is so much detail and so much story to the 4 books that they could make it into a TV series instead of a movie… that would be fantastic, either way.

    • Vurtis Mcdowell

      Im sure i that happened then most of the people that love the books that dont have regular TV will kinda be upset.
      Therefore the reasoning behind the fact that people want it to be made into a movie so everyone can enjoy it.

  • Eric Odekirk

    One definite good thing to have that the first movie didnt have and that is the twins that pick through eragons mind when he first arrives at the varden.

  • Brandon Pfeifer

    Hold the books in your hand. Observe how massive they are. Realize the amount of amazingly intricate back story and detail. Realize they are what make the books awesome.
    Although I would prefer a movie version much more, I think there would have to be at least 6 very long movies. I don’t really mind 6 or more movies, but at that point you might want to just make it a miniseries. I don’t really know the movie business, but I don’t think you could do the cycle justice with less than 6 movies.

    • Kira

      Agreed, but books and films don’t work the same – they definitely would need to cut and change things in order to work on the screen. Trying to bring EVERY detail to the film wouldn’t be a good idea, either. Figuring out what’s essential is key.

      • Night Sahde

        True, but cutting out or changing things to much is usually what disappoints fans.

  • Μαρία Ασκητή

    We prefer a TV-Series…….

  • Reggie Aguiar

    The cast is very important, and something the first movie got very very right ! What an amazing cast …well maybe not Eragon himself.

    • Kira

      I would love to see Garrett Hedlund as Murtagh again. Also Jeremy Irons as Brom, Djimoun Hounsou as Ajihad and Robert Carlyle as Durza – but I doubt they’d all be up for it again. Plus they would probably not re-use too many (if any) of the cast as that would only cause confusion – unfortunately.

      • Katre

        Yes, Jeremy Irons was brilliant. Wiem I read about Brom I see his face xD

      • Reggie Aguiar

        You’re spot on, I read the last book only after the movie, and would not have wanted to envision anyone else as Brom, or Durza, or Ajihad. Stellar indeed.

      • Tom Martini

        what about Morgan freeman as Ajihad he would fit the part very well …

      • Dremudira

        Or how about Sean Connery as Brom. He’s got the voice, fatherly image, etc. At least Connery was who came to my mind while I read the first book. As for Murtagh, I’d personally see Ben Whishaw as someone with the rugged, torn anti-hero. And they should keep Rachel Weisz as Saphira just with a more accurate script.

  • Stacy Grier

    I feel it is crucial to stay close to the text as that is what gained a following. Like others have said don’t dumb it down. I don’t need a love story that wasn’t really there. And I would LOVE to see actors in the roll that have been in something else. Show a trust in the story and fan base and put real money into it. I love Jeremy Irons and he was perfect in that roll but who was everyone else. Not the movie to have new actors in all the rolls. Eragon is a crucial roll as well. Someone strong and somewhat handsome yet able to pull off naive in the first book. I would like to see a serious movie. Not a kid movie.

  • Miguel Machado

    I would prefer to see Inheritance Cycle as a TV-Series just like Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire. I think the books have too much stuff to be compressed in a movie, even if they around 4 hours just like Lord of the Rings. And in Lord of the rings the story time is about 3 monts (if I’m not mistaken), while in Inheritance is so much more (can´t remenber the exact time, but is really alot more), being this one of the main factors why I believe it would be better as a TV-Series. This way the story could be a lot more fluid and we could see more time puted in Roran and Nausada characteres, just like Paolini did in the books.

    • ImperialRose

      A T.V. show still has cons like a movie. Changes will made from the source material. It happened a lot in Game of Thrones. A major con of a TV show is that it doesn’t have the budget of a movie. With something like a cgi Dragon to be on screen a majority of the time.

  • Liam

    consult Christopher Paolini with EVERY detail!

  • Summer Read

    I completely agree with both articles. The films would have to be gritty and violent, because otherwise the overall plot and themes would’nt make any sense. Include the small details, the prophecy, the characters and their backgrounds… I think they would have to split the third and fourth book because they is just so so much to tell. I think the key thing is to get the relationship between Eragon and Saphira right, but the mental connection is going to be so difficult to translate on screen. The only way I can picture them doing it is from Eragons POV, they are both talking normally (like Smaug talking to Bilbo in the desolation of Smaug) but from everyone elses POV they would just appear silent. The prospect of a reboot is so exciting, I think it’s just a matter of time. The Inheritance Cycle has so much potential!

    • We totally agree and are glad you enjoyed the article! I had a blast writing it and truly hope these things are taken into consideration should a movie ever be made.