What does Fox need to do to remake a successful Eragon movie? (Part one)

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Fox stumbled with Eragon and the mistakes cost them a franchise. Before we dive deeper into these mistakes and how those mistakes led to the demise of the film, we’re going to explore the more important question: If the Eragon movie is rebooted, what does Fox need to do to get it right?

We recently asked fans on Facebook what they think needs to be done to get it right. We’re coupling some of the best responses with ideas and analysis of our own.

Reboot the series

It’s been nearly a decade since the Eragon movie was released. Since then, the final two books in the Cycle hit store shelves (and the series as a whole expanded from a trilogy to a cycle), revealing just how far the film strayed from the overall plot. It isn’t hard to imagine that future films would have been hard, if not impossible, to produce, given how drastic the differences were and how those changes would have majorly affected the film series’ plot.

In addition to a derailed plot, the film’s cast has aged and moved on. These actors have forged new paths and found success elsewhere. It’s very unlikely any of them would consider revisiting the project. It’s also hard to ignore the cast’s contribution to the film’s demise. There’s no denying that each of the film’s actors are incredibly talented individuals, but many of them simply did not fit the character they were cast to portray, leading to issues in the film.

Audiences have moved on, too. Ten years later, it’s unlikely that many moviegoers would remember Eragon. Picking up where it left off would confuse those who watch the movie, and judging by the film’s reviews, it wouldn’t please many either.

That leaves us with one option: a full reboot. What would this encompass? An entirely new screenplay, cast, and production crew. They would be starting from the ground up, offering them an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and create a film beloved by fans and a new audience.

Get Christopher involved

It’s pretty clear that Christopher wasn’t consulted as closely as he needed to be, or even at all, during production. Many mistakes could have been avoided, including plot deviations that would have a substantial impact on future films. No one knows the universe better than Christopher, and leaving that resource untapped was a major mistake.

Films such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Fault in Our Stars worked closely with their authors to ensure that the story and the world were successfully translated to the big screen. When changes were needed, the author was consulted. In Fault’s case, the author was invited to live on set during filming.

How can they get Christopher more involved? There are a few ways:

  • Let Christopher write the script. Before embarking on his upcoming scifi novel, Christopher wrote a screenplay for a science fiction movie. He has the know-how and experience to tackle such a project, and he knows the world better than anyone else. This would ensure that the core elements of the book remain the same, that the plot and characters translate well, and that any necessary changes work go over well with the audience and aid the film’s overall plot.
  • Consult with him every step of the way, from screenplay writing to casting and set design. Get his blessing on changes, ask for his input, and bounce ideas off of him. Pick his brain on the intricacies of the world. Take advantage of that resource!
  • Invite Christopher to visit or live on set. Having him around for suggestions and ideas would certainly help the production stay true to the series.

Assemble a team passionate about the story, characters, and world

It is critical to have a writer, producer, and director who are passionate about the work they are adapting. Marvel films, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Game of Thrones all have this in common, and each has succeeded in translating the series to the big screen.

Passion for the source material will resonate with readers, moviegoers, and ultimately lend itself to a powerful, enjoyable, and successful film. It isn’t hard to fall in love with Alagaësia, its inhabitants, and the story Christopher created, and we know the right team is out there for this adaptation.

Hire a director and writer with experience in bringing a book world to life

The first film’s director, Stefan Fangmeier, had never directed a film. He is a talented visual effects artist, having spent many years at Industrial Light and Magic, the studio founded to do the CGI for the Star Wars films, and while the film required heavy CGI, it didn’t require a CGI wiz at the helm. We believe his lack of experience behind the camera negatively impacted the film. An epic fantasy film with a massive budget should be trusted to a director experienced with bringing such a world to life.

Don’t use a large budget as a crutch

Films do not need mega-budgets to be successful. Sure, a large war chest of cash will allow the production crew more freedom in exploring big ideas, but sometimes a large budget can get out of hand. Consider Transformers: the movies have a massive budget, and while they have found commercial appeal, the films’ quality is regularly panned by critics and audiences. Money is not an essential element in the creation of a successful film, but it certainly helps

Don’t stray far from the books

The unfortunate reality of book-to-movie adaptations is that changes need to be made. In some cases, events in a novel may not translate well to the big scene. We’ve seen such changes made to Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and others. Most of these changes had the blessing of the authors, and in all of our examples (with the exception of Lord of the Rings, for obvious reasons), the authors worked closely with the production team to assist with those changes.

Changes are inevitable, but good intentions, informed decisions, and proper care can help ensure that these changes stay true to the series and don’t detract from the heart of the story.

Look at the big picture

This one seems a bit obvious, but we’re left wondering if the team behind the original Eragon film read and understood Eldest before writing the screenplay. Significant changes were made that would have affected the story in future films, and in some cases, would have entirely prevented or ruined major plot points, including the final battle, Roran’s story, the lack of dwarves and elves, Angela’s role, and missed characters such as Orik and Solembum. Christopher should have been consulted on future plotlines.

Should the franchise be rebooted, the production team doesn’t need to worry about the unknown. The series is finished and we’re sure Christopher would be eager to answer any questions the team behind a film had to ask.

By looking ahead, planning for long-term plotlines, and understanding the implications of seemingly minor plot points, the team will enjoy a story that flows and a happy fan community.

Consider splitting the books into more than four films

The decision to split final books such as Mockingjay, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Allegiance were met with skepticism and anger by fans. Mockingjay part one and Deathly Hallows part one were both plagued by a sense of a slow, unfulfilled plot – something audiences and critics immediately noticed.

However, there may simply be too much plot within the four books to successfully tell the story in just four movies. Five, or even six, films may be required to tell the stories in Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, and that’s okay. To do this successfully, however, will require care to ensure that each film feels like a full movie in its own right and maintains proper pacing. By carefully analyzing the need for this change and avoiding decisions solely based on profit, Fox may be able to successfully split one or more books into multiple movies, allowing for a better-paced franchise.

Part two of our article will arrive tomorrow! Let us know in the comments what else you think Fox needs to do to get the movie right!

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  • Doc

    Fox may have more luck getting this right by turning Eragon into a Television series. With the success that the Game of Thrones franchise has been experiencing, Many authors are considering this route over Films and Miniseries productions. Another option would be to try the route the DUNE franchise is experimenting with reference to as VideoBooks. Using slightly abridged narration, it’s basically like listening to an audiobook with voice acting while watching it all being animated before your eyes. Even Orson Scott Card has expressed an interest in this concept.

  • Barbara V.

    You have a lot of angry fans of the books. You absolutely ruined the series with the movie it was worthless. Just throw it to the side and start new. You need to worry more about following what the book says than anything. I read a lot of different kinds of books, and seen a lot of series ruined by their big screen counterparts, but Eragon was always my favorite. This remake HAS to be made, and HAS to be made right. If you stick with what the books has you can’t go wrong; they were perfect in all ways

  • Dana Antonette

    Follow the book, and have more details about how Saphira grew up, that is very important for the meaning in the other movies then 🙂
    Make Paolini describe the characters, or let some of us fans, who is so into the book, help finding the cast, because the last, wasn’t the best…
    But please don’t change Saphira that much, she is the only thing perfect in the original movie 🙂

  • chicken


  • DragonRider54321

    I think Christopher Tolkien should work with Peter Jackson to make the next movie

  • zack2552

    Let me go over the pros of the original movie to start with.
    1.The beginning was actually quite good besides what the urgals looked like. The shade was potrayed correctly with red hair, and eragon hunting and the egg appeared.
    2.Brom was the only actor that I think got the character from the book somewhat. Grumpy old man hiding information.
    3.overlooking the fact that darret was completly screwed up, the way eragon discovered magic was on the money, though some better acting could have helped.

    The major cons of the films that need to be looked at to make sure it doesnt happen again. I will cut out some things since there are a lot, but heres the top ones.
    1. Eragons cousin joins the army CAN NOT happen and katrina must come into play since his whole role in the second and third book relvoves around her.
    2. The razac cant die and they have to play a major part. They’re not some minor enemy.
    3. Dont skip the major cities. Due to budget and keeping movie time managable, we can skip darret and possibly (forgive my spelling) yazuak if need be. Yazuak could be changed to something less brutal or something they encounter on the trail if need be. It should be understood that while everything cant be followed to the letter, keep the major things intact.
    4. Bring in the major characters skipped. Angela Katrina joed orik and others besides. And for certain characters that were introduced, like angela and the razac, give them the attention needed in the movie, not some small passing of a part.
    5.Magic plays a huge part in all the books so give it and the antient language a large part. Show that its not just some words, explain the rules like it was in the book.
    6. Eragon must be injured by durza. In my mind this is a big one. It ties greatly into the second book and even ties into his character development.

    For the franchise to work, I believe the first two books and possibly the third, can be made in one movie. Some people might say eldest cant be done in one movie but a large portion was traveling to and training in the elves capital. That can definitely be cut down to size and still be good. Also we must have a good director with author heavily involved obviously. Let the director and suthor go thtough the book and choose what can be cut for time management and non essential parts. Make sure we choose actors that can portray the part well in the reboot and hopefully the sequles to follow. For instance, when choosing someone for eragons cousin, who will only play a small part in the first movie, will be able to play his huge part in the rest of the movies.

    Hopefully my suggestions help the eragon reboot we are all hoping for.

    • Mike

      I almost thought you meant the first three books should be crammed into one movie, and I was sooo about to snap…

    • Roland Bäckström

      What they could do with the Eldest is if Paloni and the Director comes up with a good sidestory that ties great into the big plot (like they did in the hobbit series). can be done. I agree 100% with your points, and id like to add a litte detail: how Saphira “grows” made me furious, i allways loved the beginning in how they bonded, up to they left the Pontar valley. Give it like a Hobbit start or maybe 30 min: worth it imo

  • elementalwolf

    They need to remake Eragon and then do the entire series. Stick Percy Jackson on. He did an excellent job (IMO) on LOTR/The Hobbit movies.
    Saphira does not have feathers and this isn’t fucking Digimon where you evolve suddenly.
    Stick Teirm, Dwarves, actual urgals, elves in the movie.
    A nice prologue showing the rider’s fall would be good.
    Shruikan for fuck’s sake has glacial blue eyes (book). Make his damn eyes correct.
    Eragon is not blond in the books. The Ra’zac aren’t zombie ragdolls.
    Durza was kind of like I imagined him to look but he sucked.
    Recast everybody! Make them read the books and match them up with the character’s personality. Hell make the writers of the script read the series.

    • tim

      Also Shruikan was HUGE in the books, far bigger then the movie portrayed him.

  • BleFotia

    They Need to give Saphira scales instead of feathers, Get Arya’s hair right, Fix Zar’roc’s Hilt, Explain Ellesmera, Fix the scene in the village over that water that was a combo of Yazauc/Teirm/Daret, give Murtagh an actual role in the movie, and READ THE BOOKS!

  • Murtagh

    Don’t stray from the books.

  • Luke Jolly

    I think the best thing that they could do is ensure that everyone closely involved with the creative process, including the writers, actors, set designers, costume designers, etc read the book at least once. Ensure the writers have read the entire series.

  • boekenworm

    If you need more than 3 why don’t you give roran’s story in Eldest their own movie. It is interesting enough and have at least an storyline build up.

  • Jacqui

    The biggest failing was straying too far from the story line. The books were brilliant, why change it? Yes the books are large, but the length of the movie was 104min, LOTR was 178min. If they can’t extend the length of the films, then try a mini series. The Twilight movies were very true to the books, I believe this is why they were so popular. Also getting some good actors wouldn’t hurt (except keep John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons).

  • Ryan

    We dont need another terrible movie, if this is going to amount to anything it should be a tv series. Look at Game of Thrones. If they tried to pack that much storyline into movies it would have never been successful!

    • Craig

      great point

    • Mike

      Fox doens’t have a very good track record when it comes to god television and keeping them on air… Firefly, anyone?

  • Night Sahde

    I agree with what is said here!! Also if Christopher helped pick what actor/actress portrays what character it would benefit the film even more. He knows them better than anyone…

  • Insane22

    they also need to add katrina and the twins in the movie (not just the deleted scenes) as they were big plot points for the next movie to some pretty important characters

  • Bailey

    Get Peter Jackson to direct it because he clearly knows how to make great fantasy films, and Eragon demands someone with such immense talent for epic fantasy to guide the process.

    • Guest

      I highly doubt Peter Jackson would want to have his name associated with a mediocre work such as the Inheritance Cycle, which, let’s face it, is Star Wars with dragons. Besides, I doubt Jackson knows much about the book beyond having seen the cover a couple of times.

  • Blackscales

    Not to mention the original movie never even mentioned some very important parts. For instance, there was absolutely no word of either dwarves or elves in the entire movie, so it would likely take a very long time, if they made a sequel, to explain where Arya was from and why Eragon and Saphira had to go with her. The movie was enjoyable, with great CGI (as mentioned) but from a skeptical point of view it is impossible to truly enjoy. The scenes were short and very direct, and a lot of the time it seemed like the team behind the movie was just trying to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible. After re-reading the series and re-watching the movie, I just can’t stop laughing at how many plotlines were just straight-up murdered in the film. I just can’t even begin to describe the things wrong with the movie, so big round of applause for Mike’s clear description. There’s hope for a movie yet. 🙂

    Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • Wyrda

    I believe that a miniseries similar to the Game of Thrones style would be much more suitable than a collection of films. Aside from the countless good reasons in favor of this stated below, it would also likely take longer for such a series to conclude.
    The extended time over which a series would air would give CP time to draft additional stories and maybe even the fifth book I’ve been hearing about, which would be great in my opinion.
    It would allow a few things to be resolved which hadn’t been in the cycle itself, for example, I felt the ending of Inheritance (which I was not fond of) was a bit of a cliffhanger, it would be very easy to pick up from any point after that and continue the story like it had never even finished.
    Just my humble opinion.

  • ACruz

    The Dragon is one of the main characters represented as SUCH it needs to be collaboration of Avatar and Games of Thrones . . . BAD ASS DRAGON ! ! !

    • Night Sahde

      That has a dragon voice too!

  • My Favourite series

    I suggest splitting the books up into more than 4 movies. The *failed* Eragon movie had a great beginning but then rushed through all the excitement in the second half of the book. I think only Eragon (the book) should already be 2 movies, 1st one covering everything up until the hunt for the ra’zac, 2nd one covering the rest. There are more than enough actionpacked chapters in both halfs of the book to actually make this work.

    • Blackscales

      I totally agree. i would gladly pay to have a set of six or even more movies, as long as they were detailed, well thought-out, and as truly inspiring as the series has been for me. The team behind the movie obviously packed way too much information into the movie, and yet there is so much they left out, as this article says. Someone needs to come in with a clear knowledge of all of the major plotlines in the very least to right the basic outline of one or more movies.

  • JJB

    A friend of mine suggested a miniseries instead of movie adaptations. I was very intrigued, especially considering the success of GoT.

    • Craig

      new an great interesting idea, netflix proves this, more options in 2015, no need for a movie actually, Quality over quantity.

  • urwahah__

    I love the idea of a new movie, and FINALLY continuing the series, but I love the idea of a TV serial SO much more. It would do MUCH more justice to Paolini’s intricately written, detailed to extreme lengths, intensely described books…. Just a suggestion, though. Fox should do their best, and my only request: stick to the book!

  • Fan

    Instead of a movie why no t a mini series like game of thrones. That way we don’t loose the plot and they have more time to explore and actually travel since Aragon does lots of traveling and meeting people and growing along the way

    • Adam King

      Agreed there is way too much detail in these books for a movie series.. especially with size of the last 3 books. I would love an Eragon series. About the only actor I’d keep would be the actress who gave Saphira a voice.

      • Night Sahde

        I honestly didn’t like Saphira’s voice because i listened to the tapes were she spoke with a deep dragon sounding voice. Kind of like Smuag in the Hobbit movie.

  • Marco Alves

    In my opinion, the whole idea of trying to make a film out of a book is bad… you usually loose too much information and it ends being usually frustrating for the viewers and all the fans…

    I believe that the path chosen to adapt the Game of Thrones cycle should be studied and might be THE way to bring out the full potential of a great story like the Inheritance cycle. Making a TV show would leave much more time to develop the story than a single film at a time and you could adjust the lenght of each season to fit the books. I think that kind of format is more adaptative and would be really great, while keeping some kind of unity, each book being a season, unlike the fact of splitting each book in two or more films, which tends to be rather frustrating.

    Well… I’d add that for that kind of project, the author is a huge asset! Chirstopher Paolini created a story which was loved by a huge community of fans, including myself, of course… who better than himself would know what would please them?! Or at least, he’s the better one to explain what he intended to do, while he wrote these stories.

  • Christine Johnstone

    I think this is a great idea and Peter Jackson would be a great director for the films.

  • Marie

    an experienced movie director is definitely needed! and splitting the books make sense i would not watch a 6 or 7 hour long film it’s too long!
    i think if the care and time were taken into making several films to cover all the books it would be perfect we would be even more eager to see it knowing to wait for the next film
    however they need to becareful on how the budget is spent and chris should definitely be closely involved 🙂

  • Nosferatu

    Most of them are really general. Just tell us you will make the movie 3 hours+ long and all is fine 😀 Otherwise it will feel rushed again.

  • Nicole

    More attention to the little things and a passionate cast and crew would help a lot, along with the things already covered. Peter Jackson would be the perfect director for the film (New Zealand would be a good set base too).

  • Torr

    If Chris is on the set and all other aspects debated on are takin into consideration I believe this is a good start.

  • Reba Lynn Defoe

    They also need you assign the right actors, Eragon had brown hair not blonde. And Sappira had LEATHER WINGS NOT BIRD WINGS! I could go on but KiinganDrew pretty much said everything.
    Just please make everyone involved with this film READ THE DAMN BOOK! I did it in three days it won’t take you that long.

  • Tameka Anderson

    I love the idea, but I would also like to see more attention to the little things that they didn’t seem to care about before. Things like hair color and that dragons should have membranes, not feathers, and be better developed. So much detail was put into these books, and it’s killing me that it was all ignored.

  • Feast88

    Please include the dwarves. Trondhiem didn’t make any sense without them and then throwing in the Kings troops at the the battle…. Someone wasn’t thinking. The urinals need to look more like orcs with massive rams horns, like it says in the book.

    • Feast88

      Urgals…. My bad….

      • Night Sahde

        I agree

  • NoLastName

    I think the books would make a good tv series.

  • Nathan Schreiber

    they should cast me as Eragon and all will be fine, having read the books i believe i could make Eragon reach his potential and become the dragon rider he could be.

    • Eva Tóthová

      and most important, you forgot to tell, how modest you are…

      • to be honest, I almost read your name as “Elva”…*facepalm*

  • Hunter

    I enjoyed the first movie, but I feel like some of the details strayed a bit too much from the book. I think the main problem with the movie was that they failed to introduce the dwarves and Orik. Eragon and Orik needed to meet and become friends as the dwarves play a major role later in the series

  • Ashley Steinhauer

    I agree with all of this. I was pretty shocked to find out that the original director was a visual effects artist. I guess that explains why I think that the visual effects were at least passable. I would gladly pay money if a new Eragon film took all this advice. In fact, I would not just pay money, but be excited in an adaption like I have not been in a long time.

  • Todd Freeman

    I agree with david Peter Jackson would be ideal given past experience, but i think what really needs to happen it the books are actually followed and all the main point characters are brought to life qnd all the nuances are there and can be seen. I was exceedingly disappointed with the first attempt because plot lines were out of place and order and 3-4 time the storyline all but jumped forward up to 6-7 chapters and completely missed the essence of the fantastic story that inheritance is.

  • mike

    Just stick closer 2 the story an actualy show all the character how ther described in th book, make it feel like a lord of the rings/ kingdom of heavens style move, dont even need 2 b a fan 2 love this story if its done well

  • Sandy Sykes

    I’d love to see about ten seasons of the inheritence cycle

  • David Chambers

    They need Peter Jackson to direct the film and not leave out main characters the elf and dwarfs didn’t even look like elf or dwarfs could be good films if they get a better director involved

  • Josh

    I think there might be a problem when Saphira and Eragon talk to each other mentally… They might have to slow down time or something when they have long mental conversation in a short minute or so

  • Jeff

    I too like the idea of a series. In that case though I would suggest going through FX rather than Fox. And get advice from an amazing series writer/director like Curt Sutter, from Sons of Anarchy and The Shield.

    • Jodie Cobham

      Oh, my gosh ,oh my gosh I thought the were never going to make a remake I can’t wait to see it!

      • Eva Tóthová

        well, it is not for sure, you know, it is just a suggestion from fans. i haven’t heard anything about real planning to reboot series. it is just mere speculation and wishes of fans.

  • Jeff

    Do NOT forgot to include the wound that Eragon receives from Dhurza!!!! That is a key point for the story line, and would completely ruin the series in my opinion.

  • Alice

    I think Peter Jackson should be asked to be the director of the film series should it be rebooted, he’s talented and he knows what he’s doing. After the success of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit many people will know who he is and how great his films are, which would be very beneficial for the films when and should they be released.

    • Bobthemim

      if they asked him to do it after LoTR but before Hobbit, they would be able to afford him. Now I don’t see him doing a 6-movie Cycle, let alone Just Eragon.

  • lovemeeragon

    I think that if they made these movies just like The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit movies then they would be bomb!!

  • Irene van Benthem

    “Consider splitting the books into more than four films” Noooo don’t do that! For HP it actually worked for Twilight it didn’t and I am pretty sure for THG and Divergent it is not going to work either… Just make nice long movies (and sell DVDs/ Bluerays with extra long movies).

  • Brodie Leeson

    Many people are raising very key points that will all be important but I think one of the most important points that many people are skipping over is the emotional and bonding side of things, in the movie when bro died I didn’t care at all but in the books I was devastated because there was a lot more bonding shown, same with saphira the bonding when she young is very important and it should be that towards the end of the first movie the viewers start to really feel the love and strength of the relationship between rider and dragon, we should be able to feel the worry saphira holds for reason when he is in trouble and be overcome with relief when he is alright and seeing saphira’s relief should make us feel something, for the movie to be really successful the audience needs to create emotional attachments to the characters and really feel the bonds formed by the characters, that’s what made the inheritance cycle so good, heck it’s what makes books good, translate the into an epic movie and it will be loved

  • Raeshaw

    I was so upset with the first Eragon movie like, I’m sure, so many others! If they were to make a new movie(s) they would defiantly need all the charecters like Orik and Katrina.

  • Kiingandrew

    1. Run time. This movie needs to be treated as an epic,
    made at no less than 150 minutes MINIMUM. This is to include all major content
    of the film (Carvahall, Saphira, Ancient Language, Brom/Eragon’s travels,
    Tierm, Gil’ead, Murtaugh, the desert, ending, etc).

    2. Budget. A large budget film is never a guarantee for success (e.g.
    Battleship, John Carter, 47 Ronin), so anywhere from 100-120 million seems
    acceptable. Eragon has always had a substantial fan base, and if done
    correctly, making the budget back should be no problem at all.

    3. Rating. PG-13. R-rated is a tough sell and would lose the family

    4. Direction. Eragon (2006) was directed by Stefen
    Fangmeir, who had never directed a movie before. PLEASE choose a veteran
    director consistent with the genre (e.g. Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro,
    Steven Spielberg), and if you don’t want your movie to turn into a pile of
    giraffe poop, DO NOT have M. Night Shyamalan direct (he already ruined The Last
    Airbender for me).

    5. Writing. Choose a set of writers that have READ the
    book and go BY the book. No dead Ra’zac in the first 20 minutes, no stupid
    Urgals that look like idiot bikers covered in Indian war paint, and for God’s
    sake, Saphira does not just fly into the clouds as a newborn and then turns
    into an adult freaking dragon. STICK WITH THE BOOK. Small and subtle plot
    changes are accepted in film even by the most dedicated of fans, but altering
    major content is unacceptable.

    6. Casting. While I could rant endlessly about the mediocre cast of
    Eragon (2006), I won’t. Casting needs to be made based off of the book in
    accordance with the character’s personalities. Make the actors read the book.
    Make EVERYONE involved with the next film read the book. Seriously, it’s a kick
    ass book.

    • Bobthemim

      1. 2.5 hour first movie wont sell. Even Iron Man was less than 2 hours (excluding credits). Avengers was 143 mins and that had pulling power. Eragon would be a remake of a movie that bombed.

      2. 100million budget wouldnt be the problem, over spending would and not using that money carefully.

      3. I would call it a 15, but as USA doesnt have that, pg-13 would work, as it was the rating of Hobbit.

      4. Its not that we need a big name attached, we just need someone to direct that loves the books. Chris Columbus’ big films before HP were Mrs Doubtfire and Home Alone, so it shows that we dont need a big name to direct. Granted Harry was a huge success that it didnt really need a good director to make it work, but it didnt hurt them that the 3 other directors were all there because they loved the series.

      David Yates for example was an unknown before he took on the 4 films that needed a strong director to guide them through.

      5. Simple fix would to do as was suggested in the main body of the article. Get Chris to write the screenplay, or at the very least have him there for the design process. Too many things went wrong in quick succession in Eragon, that could have been fixed with Chris there writing fixes.

      6. I didnt hate the guy who played Eragon. It was his first role, and he didnt have the support that should have been afforded to a child actor.

      Though i agree that the people playing the part need to know who they, so it wouldnt feel so awkward

    • Emily Pettingill

      With the characters, please do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT make Eragon blonde! I mean seriously, he has brown hair!!!!

    • Craig

      how about a netflix series?

  • IrishAtHeart

    I think the Inheritance Cycle would make an excellent mini series, and graphic novel!

  • Cameron Moore

    I’d love to see this remade, but I’ve also thought about how these books could do as a series, and I like that idea almost as much. Given that they path the characters took in the movie was drastically different (shorter) than the one they took in the books, I think a series would give them ample opportunity to show every step along their journey. W’d hopefully get to meet Jeod in either case though, I wanted to see the trip to Teirm and the rest of their journey so badly.

  • Eva Tóthová

    I am affraid, that passion for this cycle has cooled down in hearts of too many fans. Big epic 5-6 episode movie might turn out as a wrong move and therefore as another lost money for studio. I don’t know many examples when bad first episode of big movie cycle was ignored and cycle was rebooted. To me reboot sounds like something what studio does when they want to beat more money from already succesful thing and have no space to continue- so they reboot. On the other hand i can imagine it as a tv series- just look what they did with ASOIAF. And it works, they received lots of money, lots of time (i mean screen time- nearly ten hours is far more than most of the books will ever dream to get).

  • wlcheek

    Personally I LOVED Robert Carlyle as Durza. And if a reboot were to happen I would love to see him reprise that role. Granted it would probably be very hard to get him, as he is a major character on Once Upon a Time.

  • Alex

    And maybe a mature Arya, since after all she’s actually a lot older than Eragon … and then as the movies progress Eragon matures to more match her age, since after the elves and dragons changed him he was more timeless.

  • christos855

    good actors that MATCH with the charachters!!!!!!!! a good screen writer that will include the best moments in the book but also the things that must be shown so as the people understand what is going on,costumes! better armors for the varden not like egyptians! but like medieval that would be cool.
    Also,they need to make the creatures as C.P he describe them and at last they need to show the lands of Alagaesia and the cities!.

  • Zach

    I definitely agree with this, however I must point out that ILM was not created for Lord of the Rings, it was in fact created by George Lucas when Star Wars filming started.

    • Thanks! That’s what I get for not Googling. Fixed. 🙂

  • Steve Wagner

    I love the idea of a possible reboot. This series has such a rich story with characters that we all care about. All I want is for this series to be taken seriously and for the possible remakes to stay as true to the books as possible. The Ra’zac in the first film was a big slap in the face to most fans as they looked nothing like what the book described as well as how much the plot changed when Eragon and Brom “defeated” them The story then had to change how Brom was later killed. I love this series and I really hope that Fox will make a reboot but they really need to stay close to the book and consult Christopher as much as humanly possible.