Fan Appreciation Month recap: Tour the world with #MyEragon and #EragonWorldwide

eragonworldwide-bannerThe curtains have closed on the Paolini family’s Fan Appreciation Month, and to celebrate, compiled fan contributions from around the globe.

Inheritance Cycle Stories – The Paolinis asked fans to share stories of how the series has touched or impacted their lives. Many of you responded, and each story has been displayed on the website and on their new Tumblr account.

#EragonWorldwde – Dozens of fans participated in a virtual world tour, sharing photos of themselves and their book collections! A gallery of these photos has been released on the family’s website.

#MyEragon – Fans shared videos of themselves reading the first paragraph of Eragon in their native language, including Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese!

It’s never too late to participate in these activities. The Paolini family and the Shur’tugal team watch the #EragonWorldwide and #MyEragon tags and appreciate the contributions of every fan. Additionally, the Paolini family is continuing to solicit, share, and promote “Inheritance Fan Stories” shared with them on, so be sure to share yours!