When will we see the next Inheritance Cycle movie?

Eragon movie

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It’s the second most asked question we get here on Shur’tugal (“When will we see Book 5?” comes in first). It isn’t hard to understand why: the 2006 Eragon movie was a less-than-stellar take on a book we are all passionate about. Mistakes were made, the movie didn’t quite resonate with audiences, and hopes of a film franchise faded.

Let’s address the big question straight away: there is no news from Fox regarding a future film. The studio has been silent for nearly a decade. However, future films are still possible, and it is our hope that the recent success of similar films (which we explore below) may help open their eyes to the series’ big screen potential.

Fox’s purchase of the film rights was first announced in early 2004, aimed at a 2005 release. Filming began in the summer of 2005, with the intent to release the film exactly one year later. Bumped from June, 2006, the film hit theaters in December, 2006.

The film industry often defines a “flop” as a film that fails to earn back its budget. In the case of Eragon, the movie more than doubled its budget of $100 million (not including its marketing budget, rumored to have been substantial). Eragon opened to $23 million in the United States, earning a total of $75m during the entirety of its domestic run. The film saw success overseas, grossing $174.4m for a total worldwide take of $249m. (These totals do not include DVD sales or rentals, where Eragon is rumored to have done quite well.)

The box office wasn’t the film’s only problem; critics panned the film and audiences were on the fence. Rotten Tomatoes, a popular review aggregator, offers a critic score of just 16% and average audience rating of 47%. (Other films’ critic scores: Hunger Games – 86%, Maze Runner – 63%, and even Twilight scored 47%.)

Reviewing audience scores and the total box office take leads us to a major conclusion: the film did have an audience. We’re left wondering what the film’s true potential would have been if the work were approached differently. Could the franchise have matched the success of more recent book-to-movie adaptations, such as Twilight, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter? We think so.

We’re closing in on a decade of no news about a new Inheritance movie. We know that Fox had high hopes for Eragon, intending from the start to build a powerful film franchise based on the series and that these hopes were never realized.

Much has changed over the past nine years. Movie studios (Lionsgate, Sony, Fox) have made a key observation: staying true to the formula that made books successful will often lead to box office success. Moving away from what fans loved in the books—such as seen in Percy Jackson, Beautiful Creatures, and Mortal Instruments—saw results similar to Eragon. These movies underline the importance of taking the adaptation’s source material seriously.

The book-to-movie franchises that have nailed it over the past decade, such as the Maze Runner (James Dashner, produced by Fox), The Hunger Games (Susanne Collins, Lionsgate), and The Fault in Our Stars* (John Green, Fox), all had key things in common: the authors were regularly consulted (in John Green’s case, the author was allowed to live on set); they remained in touch with the film’s fan base, working to keep them passionate, excited, and happy with the results; and lastly, the studios gave the films proper treatment, respecting their universes and avoiding the cheesiness that often plagues fantasy and sci-fi adaptations.

*While The Fault in Our Stars is not a fantasy movie, it highlights the importance of working with the author, staying true to the source material, and being loyal to its fans. The film grossed $305m on a $12m budget.

Don’t ignore your audience, don’t disregard the heart of the source material, and work closely with the author – they know their world better than anyone!

Moviegoers are hungry for well-done fantasy/sci-fi, and especially dragons!

  • How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DreamWorks Animation/Fox), a series based on the premise of dragons and dragon riders, grossed a combined $1.137 billion in the box office. (critic review average of 98%, 92%, respectively)
  • Peter Jackson’s three part Hobbit adaptation, at its core a fantasy trilogy featuring a dragon, grossed $2.917 billion (critic review average of 64%, 74%, 70% respectively)
  • The Narnia film trilogy launched with a smash hit in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which grossed $745 million. Its two follow-ups grossed $419.6 and $415.6, for a total series take of $1.58 billion. (critic review average of 76%, 67%, 49% respectively)
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy conquered the box office with a combined $2.917 billion gross. (critic review average of 91%, 96%, 95% respectively)
  • Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, Rise of the Guardians, and more total a box office gross in the billions.
  • Another sign of an existing hunger for fantasy: HBO’s massive hit, Game of Thrones, demonstrates that a low-magic fantasy world filled with dragons, battles, and epic politics can attract tens of millions of viewers. It’s one of the most successful cable television shows of all time.

It isn’t impossible to make a book-to-movie adaptation that wins over existing fans and makes new ones. In fact, studios seem to be mastering the method as they listen to what the fan communities love about the universe and thoughtfully consider what makes these books the success they were to begin with.

There’s a lot left to explore behind Fox’s Eragon. Here’s a preview of what we’ll be discussing in the coming weeks:

  • At what point did the film begin to lose its heart, and how could it have recovered?
  • Which movies followed in Eragon’s footsteps, and were their mistakes similar to those of the Eragon movie?
  • What elements in movies such as Hunger Games, Twilight, Fault in Our Stars, and Maze Runner appeal to their audiences?
  • Is there a place in Hollywood for an Inheritance Cycle movie reboot?
  • What other mediums could the Inheritance Cycle work well in?
  • If the series is remade, how should they go about it?

While you wait for our next Eragon movie article, be sure to sign our petition to 21st Century Fox, the film rights holder, encouraging them to reboot the Inheritance Cycle on the big screen!

  • Stacey

    It seems as though they created a movie without thought to making a sequel. They killed off characters that were not supposed to die in the first book. They changed the plot. Some characters worked and some did not. Other characters were left completely out of the movie that had significance. We need to have a director with a vision. I understand that Paolini thought the movie was ok. He said it was “their interpretation” of the book. Paolini’s characters were somewhat complex and had depth; however,the movie came nowhere near that. We have brilliant directors that know how to make fantasy fiction films and this series could be one of the best if it follows the story and lives true to the characters. This director would need to remake Eragon with a vision and an eye toward making sequels.

  • Dustin

    i don’t understand how they would make another one they butchered the first one so much that it would be impossible without denouncing the first one as non existent. i mean they already killed of the razac two of the key characters in the second book

  • William

    I’ve been seeing in the comments that most people would prefer this to be a TV series. I respectfully disagree unless it is a miniseries of around 10-20 episodes. There is a lot of time passage in the book but honestly it is a lot of normal travel time passage stuff. It would still be better to have 3 or 4 two and a half hour feature length films to cover the material. (LOTR did the same thing and it was 3 movies. And they managed to crunch in a lot of the material from the books into the movie. Obviously not all of it but still amazing job.) With Inheritance its..
    Imma be 100% honest. I love Inheritance but the books are nowhere near as dense as the lotr trilogy. If they can make amazing movies very true to the books without missing tooooo much in three then it is possible and probably better to do the same with Inheritance

  • Orel Adam Abutbul

    Problem is with the Eragon film was that Saphira had feathers… FEATHERS!!!!
    This is blasphemy, This is madness!

    THIS. IS. Alagaësia!!!!!!!!!!

    • A

      Get out of this thread.

    • lana zakharkin

      sorry i don’t read the news.

      that’s BAD!
      i mean.. FEATHERS?!


  • Evanescent-Killjoy

    Percy Jackson is not the best example.. Rick Riorden isn’t involved in the films at all and while its not a complete fail like Eragon was the second movie changed a lot of stuff that mess with the plot. Also TV adaptation would be awesome. Series like Once Upon a time did not start off with a big budget but their CGI started off okay but has improved loads now that they have the funding and a following. Also i think people just want to see the Story played out on screen as written and see the characters develop. In films thats quite hard to do in a short amount of time.

  • jcilles

    I think it would work much better as a TV series bc of the pace and detail of each book. There’s just too many big things in all 4 books to try fitting into a movie series

  • Allison

    I think Eragon would do better if it were adapted into something that can fit more substance into it, like a TV show or a video game. Trying to fit so much into such a limited time frame was probably the reason the first movie failed in the first place. They cut out a lot of the smaller bits that weren’t really relevant, but they were what made the books good. It’s like eating a burger minus the tomatoes, lettuce, and condiments. If it were made into a TV show like GoT or a video game, you could fit in a lot of the side-stories and extra shenanigans going on that aren’t so relevant to the main plot. I personally would go for a video game, because in addition to all the story content it would also give you a chance to explore and understand the swordfighting and magical elements. Imagine combining the gameplay for Assassin’s Creed and Beyond: Two Souls. It’d be really. Flipping. Cool.

    • jbolen

      These book s are actually finished too opposed to GoT

  • Tatiana

    I think that maybe the best thing they could do is just animate it. Though I would prefer a live action, it would definitely cut the cost since that was the huge issue of the first attempt. They didn’t have the money to make the urgals look right and several other such things happened because of the budget. An animated, 2D or otherwise, would probably be able to handle this better. I could be wrong of course, but I’m just hypothesizing here.

    • Chris

      Animation costs a LOT of money. Probably, to cover the wages of all the animators involved, more expensive than actual actors. A single episode of Family Guy has a budget of nearly, if not more than $1 million. And there animation isn’t even COMPLEX.

      • Zach

        And the Big Bang theory is 2m per episode and they have 5 actors and 3 sets and no special effects.
        I’m not disagreeing that animation is a lot of work, perhaps even more work than actors, but animators tend to get paid less.
        And if we where to get into Japanese animation (only because they seem to produce vast quantities of it) there have been several low budget series that have turned out really well.

  • There is so much that needs to be fixed… it has great potential.

    1. Follow the story!! The relationship between Saphira and Eragon, Eragon and Brom, and Eragon and Murtagh need to be expanded and worked on.

    2. Fix the actors, please… almost none of them worked well in the movie.

    3. Include as much of the side plots as possible (Angela is super important and so is Solembum).

    4. The weapons need a bit of updating, especially Zar’roc. Red blade, not painted red.

    5. Please… use the different races that are in the series. I didn’t see elves (ahem, Arya) and if there were dwarves, I never saw them either.

    6. Leave Galbatorix out of the story for now, it literally did nothing for the story. I love the actor they chose, just not in this role.

    Loved Saphira’s voice actor, keeping her would be great.

    And that’s about it for now. 🙂

  • DrThunder

    I always thought that if another live action movie wasn’t in the cards that I’d at least like to see it done right and done well in the animation style that Final Fantasy movie was done in, super textured, looks amazing. Would be a cool way to see Alagaesia…but still would prefer a live action reboot that is done well. Quit changing things from the source material that do not need changed and everyone would be happier.

    • DrThunder

      After reading several other comments, I think a high-budget (for dragon and magic effects) tv series could be fantastic. Sy-Fy should take the money and experience they earn from doing The Expanse and point it directly at Eragon 🙂

  • elementalwolf

    I signed the petition. Peter Jackson would be a good director if he reads the series. They need to put dwarves, elves, urgals, actual Ra’zac, Teirm, the crossing of the Hadarac in there. Recast everybody (though bring that chick who was Saphira’s voice as she was perfect). Don’t end up making Saphira with feathers. Durza could be better. Shruikan has glacial blue eyes, not yellow.

    • Vijayanti Chotkan

      Yes yes yessss 😀

    • JCT


  • Leatha Gordon

    HAVE PETER JACKSON DIRECT IT! IF HE WOULD READ THE BOOK IT WOULD BE PERFECT! They also really need to make Eragon and Roran brunette. And Arya has darker hair.

  • Noah M.

    The only thing I thought was excelent about the movie was Saphira’s voice actress. She was PERFECT and was what I always imagined she sounded like for the role and if they reboot it they need to cast her as Saphira’s voice again.

  • The Doctor

    First day on set: “okay, where’s the script?” *hands over Eragon book*

    • Zachary Nemecek

      YES! Thank you!

  • layla

    . Omg I hope they actually catch the the essence of the book in the movie make it long like the Lord of the Rings. or make it a TV series and make it go by the whole books and or like the the Game of Thrones TV series.

  • artec wolf son of the shadesla

    We want a new movie, they cant deny it, all of my friends are thinking about writing letters to chris paloni and have him tell the big shots to make abouther movie along with him making a new book, to continue off the inheritance series

  • Holt5

    The movie primarily lost itself the moment it started by trying to fit so much into such little time. I found it hard, even after reading all the books, to pinpoint where exactly where it was within the storyline because it kept jumping forward so much. Because of this condensation the director(s?) had little choice but to focus on the bare-bones aspect of the plot rather than warming the audience up to the world and its characters like the books do, especially if they were going to fit one book into 90 – 120 minutes.

    The acting was good, but again, I think there was too little time for the characters to be properly fleshed out, making some of their actions and lines look both out of place and a bit ridiculous. Some of it has turned into a running joke with my siblings and I.

    With that in mind, a new take on the books would ideally put a greater investment into the world and its ambiance, and take time to explore some of the more interesting nuances of the universe that the books do: most importantly of which would be deeper character development. For that though, a mini-series would likely be more appropriate than an actual movie, unless each book were split into two movies each. The Hobbit managed three movies per book, and Hunger Games came out with a double recently.

    • Holt5

      Oh no, grammatical error!

    • Zachary Nemecek

      Or the movie could be allowed to run longer than a mere 90 minutes. For example: The James Cameron Avatar movie ran somewhere near 3 hours,and when I saw it in theaters (in 3D; it was awesome) the first time I came out and was shocked to find how much time had passed. My point is this: if a movie is well made enough, a longer run time only makes it better by giving more time for things to develop and to include vital characters and events that otherwise would be left out.

    • Jason Durupt

      the thing is its not about fitting it in 90-120 minutes (look at LOTR- each one is almost 3 hours long) they were just lazy and didnt want to spend to much aka low budget,if they had actualy inteaded to make Eragon a realy good movie they could have easily done it.

  • Levi Bohman

    sign me on. we all know it’s got the potential for awesome.
    Why they haven’t realized this is the real mystery.

  • ImperialRose

    Why does your petition only have 7,000 signatures? I think you’ll need a lot more in order to convince anybody of even considering a reboot let a lone actually doing one with only 7,000.

    • 7,000 signatures in 36 hours is an incredible start and certainly nothing to shrug at. We’re only just beginning.

    • JCT

      There are now 37,000 signatures.

  • Guest

    What do I think of this idea? Bad. A very bad idea. And I can already hear people fuming. But perhaps if you’re not fuming just yet, then perhaps I can encourage you to with my comments below, including popular topics such as Hollywood (feat. Peter Jackson), recent movies mentioned above, TV, and, of course, the books themselves. Here, Internet, have my two cents:

    Firstly, the books have too many problems for it to be truly successful on the big screen. Divergent was mentioned in the article, but what the article didn’t mention, like it had done for others, was the scores from reviewing websites like Rotten Tomatoes. RT gave Divergent 41%, and IMBd gave it 6.8/10. The problem wasn’t that the movie didn’t stick closely to the book, but that the plot line itself and many of the core ideas within both the book and the movie were incredibly stupid, boarding even on the idiotic. Eragon shares many of the same issues that, like Divergent, go largely undetected by young audiences due to their inexperience with storytelling. Unfortunately, something like Eragon, if a future movie were to have the same marketing power behind it as the first one (which I remember as very extensive), it will be noticed heavily by critics, and will affect its performance in the box office.

    But I’m not here to talk about Divergent. The IC borrows from too many popular franchises for it to be truly successful (as many people have pointed out in the past, the first book follows the exact plot line for Star Wars, and has the same character foils for it). Peter Jackson is mentioned a lot in the comments, but the real problem here is PJ’s not concerned with mediocre storytelling that borrows too shamelessly for it to be passed off as coincidence, which is what the IC boils down to. Plot points are easy to guess, characters are so overpowered the majority of them can be comfortably called Stus and Sues, and there’s too much idiocy for the series for it to be considered being picked up by a director like Jackson. And even with Lord of the Rings, several things were changed from the books to give it further success, like the introduction of Aragorn’s angsty moments. Even all-powerful LOTR didn’t escape modification, and so for those of you who are looking for a direct and faithful adaptation, perhaps Jackson is not the man you’re looking for, as I have no doubt he would change a lot of things if he so happened to miraculously pick the project up. Or perhaps a blessing for characters like Eragon and Arya would get a more down-to-Earth treatment then they have in the books where they are the equivalent of demigods. An interesting question if there ever was one. Besides, I doubt Jackson would want to have two such similar projects linked to his name and so risk becoming a one trick pony, and especially considering the success of the recent Hobbit movies compared to LOTR.

    The stretching of the series from three to four books as well is another blow against it ever making it to the big screen any time soon. What with the largely negative reviews for the 2006 movie and the strong echoes throughout many communities of its similarity in both plot and setting to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, making four, possibly five movies (considering the currently very popular choice of chopping books into two movies), it would be a trek and, I feel, a financial nightmare.

    I don’t think either it would be viable to be picked up as a TV series, because, at the heart of it, the ending of the series was a let down even to some of its most die hard fans. The problem of the plot running out of steam is reflected in yet another movie that has been picked out in the article: The Hunger Games. Mockingjay was by far the worst of the movies, and I hardly think it a coincidence with it being widely regarded as both the worst book of the trilogy and of the over all length of the film. Capturing every possible detail is not always a great idea, and so making the IC into a sprawling TV show like GoT would be to its disadvantage. The reason GoT works is because the books themselves are so complex that there’s enough plot to have ten hour long episodes per season. The IC simply doesn’t have enough plot for this to play off well. I, for one, would not want to sit through eight hours of Eragon learning Dragon Rider skills if Eldest were adapted in the same style GoT is. No plot, no show.

    With recent popular works making it big in the box office despite the quality of the source material (50SOG and Divergent again come to mind), sure, they made a lot of money, but Eragon has the disadvantage of its age behind it. It’s over ten years old, and 50 Shades made it big not only because it’s recent, but because of its questionable content, and Divergent again because it’s recent (and I was having a conversation with a friend only today about why it’s so popular, and a theory we came up with is because it’s being marketed to us as a good read, not to mention it’s appealing because of the many similarities it shares with the themes of The Hunger Games). Eragon no longer has the advantage of excitement behind it of being something new like the previous examples, and its age also means it’s been picked apart to death and has its reputation of being 11-12 year olds’ fantasy/Star Wars with dragons. This happened to Twilight, it being one of the most famous examples I can think of, where it was all the rage for a while before it became widely hated for its poor quality in both plot and character. The same would happen to Eragon, I think, were it rebooted, especially with the growing power of the Internet and social media. Talking of the Internet ripping the books down, then I suggest if you haven’t checked it out yet, go and read Kippur’s sporkings of the series (complete with meat fan fictions!).

    I want to say let the movie die, especially considering the reputation the movie gathered for the book and some of the die hard fans who I’ve heard horror stories about when it comes to their bitching and whining defending the series. I think rebooting the movie after only nine years is beating a dead horse, especially considering the widely regarded poor ending of the series and the awful reputation of the movie.

    And haters, please feel free to scream. I eagerly await.

    • Nobody

      You support your reasoning very well. This is the most articulated comment in this article. Congrats.

    • Bradley Dodd

      I agree with this as well, the only way I think we would see another Inheritance Film would be an adaptation of books that Paolini writes in the future.

    • Guest

      Thank you both!

      And on another point that comes up a lot in the comments about Saphira having feathers — so what? Some dragons have feathers, and if you’re still hung up on the feathers, then I suggest that you move on. I actually liked how the art director made the team deviate away from the classic bat-wing style dragon — it brought a new design to the table and was much fresher than the overly done “Western Dragon”. What about all those other dragons from around the world in which feathers are integrated into their designs? The CGI was fantastic, certainly still better than the CGI in movies nowadays (the quality of which I believe has regressed to an almost startling degree in my opinion; for example, if you compare the CGI in Eragon to that done by Weta Workshop for the Hobbit, there is a huge difference in quality, and keep in mind that Weta is one of, if not the, leading company in the world for CGI), and that’s all I really care about with Saphira in the movie. Open minds, guys, open minds.

      • Noah M

        They technically aren’t feathers. I like to think of them as scaley wings. they really don’t look a whole lot like feathers

        • Guest

          But since everyone is bitching about them being feathers, I will treat them accordingly.

      • Guest

        I think the issue is that it was yet another thing ignored from the books. In the books Saphira is clearly described as having the classic western dragon look including bat wings. Not that she looked bad in the film, not at all, but when I saw the design, it was another red flag to me that they largely ignored the source material and went their own direction.
        Personally I always prefer the character designs stick as close to the book as possible. And yes, I was one of the people bothered that Smaug was changed into a Wyvern in the Hobbit films because in the books, he was not. Also, I respectfully disagree that the classic western dragon is overdone. While I would love to see more eastern style dragons in film, most the dragons I see are Wyverns. The only good example IMO of a western design was in the original DragonHeart (not the horrid sequels)
        Again, not that Saphira looked so horrible with feathers, but it was a very unnecessary change that signaled the lack of regard for the source material. Honor the books I say.

        • Guest

          I disagree with this, and largely because I am all for individual interpretations as to what characters look like in people’s heads, as the only details I really get hung up on is hair, tbh. As I said further below, I thought the feathers were a refreshing idea because they’re not seen as often as the classic bat wings. I also thought it made Saphira look like a softer character, but not in the sense of a weaker character, but more so along the lines of a morally good character.

          Wyverns and two-legged dragons aren’t the same thing. From my understanding of wyverns, they cannot breathe fire and instead have poison (in either a barbed tail or in poisonous breath) to make up for the lack of flames. A dragon having two legs does not automatically make it a wyvern — Dany’s dragons in GoT are of the two-legged variety, as is Smaug, but yet they are dragons, not wyverns. Besides, having these two-legged dragons would make more sense from a biological stand point. It is harder for a six-limbed creature (discounting the tail) to survive than a four-limbed creature (again not including the tail), due not only to the difference in energy intake that would be needed, but if a dragon’s wings were to be placed behind the front shoulder blades, that would make for an awkward skeleton. Perhaps if the back was longer and the wings paced further behind it would be more sustainable, and I notice they did do something like that with Saphira’s design in the movie.

  • josh

    maybe.. just maybe if they redo the movie they will do it right.. the 1st eragon movie was so bad and just get threw the story fast kinda thing it was sad.. if your gonna do it do it right.. the books are amazing and the movies could be as well.. in eragon the movie it was like they didnt even read the book,.. Urgralgra have horns…

  • James

    maybe if there is a reboot they wont kill off the ra’zac in the first movie like last time

  • Isabella

    I don’t know where the petition is but i want this series!!

  • KW Shannon

    Peter Jackson needs to be the one who will create these films as to be fair and honest, Eragon as a movie was complete and utter trash! The film characters didn’t match up to the characters described in the books and they missed out on a ton of content in the film too. It was a shame and disgrace to the author of such a wonderful tale. If I was Christopher Paolini I’d have been covering my face in embarrassment.

    • Nobody

      Why would you think Peter Jackson would be interested in directing these movies? Unless you’ve seen an interview of him saying he’d like to direct another fantasy film or anything related to the Inheritance Cycle. I doubt you have.

      The only reason I think people consider him is he did several successful films based on Fantasy. That’s not a great reason at all. I’m fairly that he doesn’t know about them or care enough about them. I certainly think if approached to do these films, he’d reject them.

  • Windi Kuhn

    Peter Jackson needs to make these movies!

    • Nobody

      He’ll never do them for a variety of reasons. I don’t think he cares let alone knows that these books exist.

  • Nathan

    I think we should do a TV show reboot; that way there isn’t that obstacle of trying to fit in books that have over 500 pages into a 2 hour film. movies aren’t very good at capturing the passage of vast amounts of time and the first book covered more than half of a year. give the books the screen time they deserve.

    • Sayyad Faraz Abbas


  • Bill Hatzi

    The movie was objectively bad. The problem is that people don’t focus enough on what really makes a great movie great. Good acting and aesthetics, the rest come by themselves. Yeah I know it’s not exactly an art (in the end Hollywood cares about the sales) but still, reboot not only viable but necessary!

  • Emily Pettingill

    Where is the petition??!!!

  • Dillon

    I would love to see eragon back on the big screen but they need to put more detail into the movie. I would like to see the director of the hobbit be the director of the inheritance cycle if they would put as much effort into the inheritance cycle on the big screen as they did with the hobbit then they would make more than they put into it

    • Emily Pettingill

      Or the director of Catching Fire

  • Rami

    Redo the whole thing !!!!! With all the details from the book!!

  • Tim

    I want a reboot! Not because I want to see Eragon book 1 again, but I want to see the other books on the big screen 🙂

  • ceuron4k

    Yes we need a reboot no feathers or and more deltail to the book

  • Amy

    Movie redo? YES PLEASE! No feathers!!

  • reboot

  • Naomi Shimizu

    i would like it to start again and maybe as a anime, it would be easier that way

  • rebecca

    If the first movie failed to convey the book then make book 2 convey what book 1 misssed

  • Ben

    I really enjoy the inheritance cycle but the first movie as pretty far off from the book. What they need to do is start all over beginning with Eragon again. And this time the movie producers should ask more about the book and stay in touch with Christopher Paolini.

  • Jessica Salvi


  • Bud

    Inheritance cycle is my favorite story of all time. Please reboot with more story in the movie! TV series would work too 🙂

  • Alli Carter

    There were many things that they did wrong with the film… one being that they didn’t really pay attention to the book and left out so much in the first film which would carry on into the second… for example: Katrina, the Twins, Orik, Elva and The Blessing and Arya left to Ellesmera at the end. They also didn’t include many things which would set the film up for sequels i.e Isidar Mithrim.

    If they are to make another Inheritance Cycle movie, I would hope they’d do a reboot… (I think they would have to… I’m not sure Ed Speleers would relive his role as Eragon) and explaining why Eragon suddenly changed appearance before the Agaeti Blodhren would further the complications they had already created in the first.

    But yeah… nerdy rant over xD. I want to see a reboot… and a GOOD reboot! I think the main reason why Eragon the film had a good profit is because people had high hopes for the film as the books are amazing… but because the film didn’t stay true to the books, had bad reviews.

    They basically screwed themselves over for any future films because they missed a lot out.

  • allycat

    Yes a reboot would be brilliant. I’m a huge fan of the series and was incredibly dissatisfied with the film. This could be an amazing book to film adaptation if it was done correctly.

  • Joakimswe

    give it to us! the story would catch even more attention and it will get the attention and love it deserves!

  • Robert Brue

    Only if they do it right to much of the story missing from movie.

  • Lucas

    A TV show would be cool

  • Speedlover

    a tv show could work…

  • Jackie

    How about the lack of Dwarfs or Elves???? And they would have to remake the first one because they Royally F’ed up the one they made.

    • taj1994

      That’s why they’re saying they should do a reboot, not sequels

  • Jeremy Roman

    The only detail the Eragon movie had “right” was how eragon looked. Do you know how hard it is to get every single god damned detail wrong? The director was basically TRYING to make a shit movie. The immense detail in which farthen dur was described with is amazing and all we got was the hall, which was also wrong, and some weird interior part that looked horrible. And its not like its even fucking hard to find the CORRECT people to play the characters. Arya is some red head with blue eyes when in the book she has RAVEN BLACK HAIR (details. very specific details) and green eyes. And Angela. There are no words to describe how horrible that was. However i did enjoy Saphiras voices and that actor as Brom.

    • Jeremy Roman

      Btw i dont like tv series but if one were made of eragon i would totally 100% watch it. Even pay for it instead of downloading it illegally

  • Jaq

    I truly think it would be a million times better as a television series.

  • Ryan p

    You cannot just take a span of a year.. And put it into a few days… Leave out insanely important info and expect it to be a hit… Look at seventh son! Took the entire premise of the movie and made it too “public” friendly… It was just downright stupid and can’t touch the books. Fantasy books are generally a two movie go… Or a tv series. Just not the sword of truth series… Please give this amazing series a real go, and not a 100 million dollars of hmm… How can we add sex? Oh now let’s make more romance and sex… Did we show any boobs? Like all the movies out right now

  • Wolfy Shinigami

    Better idea: Make it a tv show like Game of Thrones. One hour episodes, and one book equals one season. It allows for better casting, costumes, stricter plot devices from the books, and with a movie there’s a time frame that would not allow for proper..flow(?) of the series’s development.

  • Morgan

    I was very disappointed with the first movie. The Inheritance Cycle is my favorite book series and they butchered the first one, the characters were not even closing and if I remember correctly the ending wasn’t at all like the book. I’ve only watched it once because it sucked so badly. If they brought back the movies I want them to remake the first one, not just start off from the first one. These would be fantastic movies if they just sticked to how it was in the book. I hope they decide to make them!

  • Jeanie Geer

    When is the next movie going to come out after Eragon?

    • Nobody

      Probably never.

  • Darcy

    I hope they do things right, I was very disappointed with the first one. If they’re going to make a book to movie they should stick with the big details; my biggest pet peeve was that Saphira had Feathers in the movie, when she really had scales (Saphira and Eragons first flight, his thighs got skinned and this was a very big challenge for him.)

  • 飛豪王
  • Brett

    The movie went downhill when saphira went threw the clouds and transformed into a huge dragon. I think the best way to show the real story is to do it as a tv series similar to game of thrones. The story tells itself and writes itself all it needs is that attention to detail to be reflected and that takes time more than 2 hours. I think it is possible for it to work as movies but then you run the risk of being forced to rush the entire thing.

    • Ergotth

      not to mention the gap between each book is pretty much very short and almost left to us to make it as weeks or simplky a day or two. Joining all 4 books in a continuous plot is easy. Actualy, each book would make a season.

      • Guest

        Woah, what? The movie was all the books in one? How did I not know that?!

  • Ergotth

    “At what point did the film begin to lose its heart, and how could it have recovered?”
    When Saphira grew up all of sudden with name and all. and it could have been recovered if they had simply rolled the credits and ended the movie by that point.

    IMO, the movie had a decent special effects, a nice casting for some characters such as Eragon, Brom and Saphira’s voice. Durza was just how I imagined. Now, if I were to recast, I would pick Christopher Lee as Galbatorix, pehaps Raven-Symoné as Nasuada and definetly Helena Bonham Carter as Angela. The art directors and producers from Lord of the Rings would definetly be my number one choice to bring Alagaësia to life.

  • Andria

    Please keep the films and books going , I would miss them too munch

  • Jaime

    In regards to the cast. I think that Brom was castes very well and portrayed the part brilliantly. However, he just needed to look older with a little more beard to fit the description in the book. Nevertheless, I was impressed with Jeremy Irons. Also, I loved Saphira and her voice. They just need to get Eragon’s character down. And his relationships toward Joed, Roran, and Arya, and how he should react to the Varden in general. The whole political side was missing from the movie.

  • GuldTasken

    I recall that the movie Eragon, especially the ending was too different from the book. I do not think they did a good job. Unless my translated version is wrong written which I doubt.

  • Bria Varner

    Where the movie went wrong is that they left several characters out– Jeod, Solembum–, or didn’t really do them justice– Angela, Nasuada. They seemed minor in Eragon, but as the series progressed, they became integral to the plot line. Can’t undo deleted characters… unless you just scrap the 1 movie they’ve already done and start over.

  • Chris

    Book one would need a part 1 and 2 for it to have any success. Or a well thought out Book 1 would be at least 3 hours to cover everything.

  • Erich Hanu

    What other mediums could the Inheritance Cycle work well in?
    A videogame based on brom’s past would be a blast. Open world empire, the foundation of the vardens, adventuring with jeod, challenging ra’zac, slaying the forsworn and ending with a Morzan boss fight… This story is perfect for a game!

    • U

      IT could be like a fire emblem game (turn based strategy)

    • Randy Casper

      there is a game already out though it isnt very well made.

  • Leighann Anderson

    I want another movie made, I love the first one but apparently it flopped which insulted me because it was great and the CGI of Saphira is brilliant!

    • Shurtugal

      It flopped because it was shite. So much was changed from the book. It was a spit in Paolinis face

  • Caleb Morrow

    I can’t help but to picture the books as an animation in my heady when I read them. It’s awesome.

  • Selena

    Rebot if the movie is following the book completely. I know many people who love to see it. This article is really right and couldn’t been said better.

  • Travis Stephens

    Michael I couldn’t have put it better.

  • Alan Bean

    Would love it, but I doubt it would happen.

  • Regina

    I would love a new movie!!

  • Michael

    An accurate reboot of this movie would rival Harry Potter in terms of success. What really made the books spectacular is that they were well grounded. Even though it was a fantasy environment it didn’t FEEL like one. The cities and towns were more or less realistically constructed and the different races felt appropriately represented.

    The movie failed on all fronts in this regard. Everything was over-dramatic, from the fight scenes to the magic (they didn’t follow the rules of magic).
    Character casting was HORRENDOUS. Eragon looked like a pretty boy prince, not a down to earth and uneducated farm boy. Arya was a useless, pathetic character and a blonde to boot which was just incorrect. The ra’zac hardly need explanation other than “what in the hell were they thinking designing them that way.” Brom was ok but still not the old man with hidden potential we were expecting. The Shade Durza was closer to being accurate yet still failed, especially at the end. Angela was closer to Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean than what she was supposed to be. Even Saphira was inaccurate in character, we never got to experience the character growth and bonding between her and Eragon. She started out this super wise creature right out of the egg which was just weird. And if I remember correctly they showed Galbatorix’s face which brings me to my next point.

    The world was presented to those that already know what is happening and failed to keep the suspense and mystery of the original novel. At first reading we had no idea what was going on in this world in the grander scheme of things. The Ra’zac were terrifying and unknown entities up until their demise. And Galbatorix was the biggest mystery of all, we still don’t fully understand him, as it was meant to be.
    Lastly were the settings. I don’t think there is much to say other than the producers were lazy as crap. The settings in the book rivaled that of Lord of the Rings in it’s epic scope, such as Tronjheim and Teirm.

    Address all of these issues and actually do them the way the book says they were instead of doing them the way you think would work well (speaking towards producers) and this movie would be a hit.

  • Tara

    New movie please

  • Skolir Ramr

    A new movie would be amazing if were accurate. I’m sure we can all agree on that. But a series, even better in my opinion. With that you wouldn’t even have to leave out the little things like in movies so it would follow the book way more accurately. Something all of us Inheritance fans are dying for.

    • Nolan Holley

      Right on! Who wouldn’t love tuning in to Inheritance every Sunday night??

    • Caleb Morrow

      Should be animated too. Like Avatar or anime 😀

  • Christopher Shier

    I’m completely game for a movie reboot have been looking forward to it and the continuation of the series for a long time now.

  • Tom Martini

    let me put it this way on the MOVIE ….let
    me put it this way if you are not going by the book do not do it at
    all. the first one want to make me puke all over the place it was that
    bad … who ever you had to write the movie you sold out to. all your
    books to and your soul …. DO NOT MAKE A ANOTHER MOVIE AT ALL ! I DO

  • Sam

    We need badass dragons! And we need hbo to do it or give it a mini series. A movie would be hard unless it blew up like Harry Potter did…but I doubt that will happen now.

  • Paddy

    Like most people I feel this would work best as a tv series – from the fans point of view it would capture the complex relationships and politics within the story. From the makers point of view – they wouldn’t have to blow millions if it was just a tv series – do a pilot. It would be watched by all book fans and if it recieved a good response could become a serious series. By the 2nd 3rd season you’d have far more people watching it then just book fans.

    If done properly there is a chance it might work as films – however they would need to NAIL the first film. Almost everything incredible about the books was lost in the film.

    Either way Paolini would need to be involved at ALL times with his opinion HEARD. He’s older and wiser now – and I don’t think he’d let them walk all over his story again.

  • Daradin

    I would love to see a reboot of the movie, but im a bit afraid that things could go downhill again 🙁 Shame Fox still owns the rights for the movie, becouse if possible i would like to see reboot by Peter Jackson with helping hand of Christopher (one of the many things i didnt like about the movie, was how Saphira looked, wings like feathers? Srsly? But since then i saw some amasing looking dragons GoT, Hobbit)

    • Ergotth

      I kinda liked her wings xD

  • Unicorn2

    I think that turning it into a series would serve better than films, as they would be able to get far more detail in and hopefully would be able to follow the book story line better.

  • lyren

    The reason why the movie suckes is because they decided to end the whole story by killing Gallbotorix before the books were finished! It would of been much better if they didn’t rush it so much and focused more on the beauty of the world. When a character is on screen for 5 minutes you don’t get attached and you dont care that he/she dies.

  • Inês

    You also have my support. I would love to see a reboot. When I first watched the film I was about 7/8 years old and I liked it. After starting to read the books 5 years later I watched the film again and I just felt disappointed. Please do it right this time 🙂

  • eliza

    Ι love the dragon i love eragon i love the movie2006 i agree that the book is better and the movie lost to many informations but i love it …i made a dig tattoo of safira on my body…..i wait for the next books take life as movie…..ihave all the relegion

  • Alexandra Longden

    For the justice of the book REBOOT AND START OVER eragon and saphira were fine jeremy irons as brom was fine, garrett hedlund as mutagh was fine new actress for arya she was an elf with pointy ears and had BLACK hair in the book not friggen ginger! and yes please follow the book in ALL your films not that messed up mess of a movie you gave us in 2006 ¬.¬

    • Ethan

      Yes! The actor for Arya was really badly cast. I think everything they did with the movie was just sloppy. And Sapphira? NO. just no. They made her look dull and ugly. Not even close to how she was described in the books.

    • Michael

      I didn’t think Eragon was cast well, too much of an educated, witty pretty boy.
      Saphira’s voice actor was ok but they misrepresented her character and anatomy in my opinion.
      Brom was ok but I would be happier with a more Yoda’ish old man. Someone that you wouldn’t be able to guess at his hidden potential, who looks more wizened and weak yet intelligent.
      Murtagh I think was fine, can’t quite remember anymore.
      Arya was awful. Hands down the worst.
      Angela was also awful, probably second worst.
      Then I’d lump the Ra’zac, Durza, and Galbatorix somewhere together for third worst.

  • That L Chap

    A reboot would be very welcome, but as the books are rather gargantuan, and the narrative only became more complex as the series went on, movies might not be the best option. In my opinion, the Inheritance Cycle would be more suited to the smaller screen. Just look at how successful Game of Thrones is.

    • Ethan

      I agree they would be able to do the books justice with a tv show. If they did make movies they could still make them pretty great, but they’d have to leave out a lot of the side plots that are explored in the books.

    • Nobody

      Expect, a T.V. show doesn’t have the same budget as a movie does. You wouldn’t be able to do Saphira in c.g.i. every episode. There’s a lot more cons than people think.

  • Luke Jolly

    I’m not sure if I want them to reboot it. They already screwed it up once. I don’t want to see another abomination.

    • Matthew Roberts

      I completely agree, it’s like the Percy Jackson films. No more Percy Jackson movie sequels or anything that has to do with a “The Inheritance Cycle” movie.

  • David Skiles

    This is written very well! I hope well enough to encourage Fox to reboot this amazing story. What I hope they don’t do is continue off their first version and make Eldest… That would be an even worse flop than Eragon. Time will ultimately tell, but you have my support!

    • It’s been a decade, so even if they wanted to continue it, I don’t think they possibly could. By the time it went into production, the stars would be 11+ years older and likely, many have moved on and wouldn’t want to consider revisiting the film due to how bad the first one was.

      I think their only choice is to completely reboot the franchise, and that’s what I’m advocating for. 🙂

  • Nici Davis
    • I think you’ll have better luck supporting the idea of a film, as the film rights are currently held at Fox. I’m sure that prevents them being able to do anything on TV, at least right now.

  • Alexandra

    Well said, I don’t really care how much the movie made as it was more from the fans going to see it than anything else and got completely deceived by the movie entirely. I kept growling the hole time I watched, as nothing was respected, from plot, to the story line etc.. but what got me to never watch it again was that the love, complicity, charm, feelings, connection and bond between Saphira and Eragon was thrown out of the window, with just a “hi I’m Saphira!” Those books made me cry, laugh, and bond with my dragons in a way that is indescribable. I just hope that if Fox does relaunch the movie, they will really work reallllllly close with Christopher, so they don’t butcher the book again.

    • Fox has pumped out some good, loyal book-to-movie hits since it learned its lesson with Eragon. I think that if we do see a reboot, we’ll see a much better adaptation with respect for the books.

  • Nolan Holley

    Well done, Mike. I have to admit, I enjoyed the movie as a youngster when it first came out, though it was mostly from excitement that it existed. It seems so silly that studios would ever want to significantly deviate from what the fans want in the adaptation, but there are some hard heads to crack in Hollywood.