Fan fiction writer, fan artist, or roleplayer? We want to hear from you for articles!

We’re in search of fan fiction authors, fan artists, and roleplayers to contribute their stories/journeys to be used in articles on the Paolini family’s official website,! These articles will explore the vibrant Inheritance Cycle creator communities, highlighting works as well as sharing fan stories and perspectives. We’ll be soliciting contributions from members of the

Fan Appreciation Month recap: Tour the world with #MyEragon and #EragonWorldwide

The curtains have closed on the Paolini family’s Fan Appreciation Month, and to celebrate, compiled fan contributions from around the globe. Inheritance Cycle Stories – The Paolinis asked fans to share stories of how the series has touched or impacted their lives. Many of you responded, and each story has been displayed on the website

It’s Fan Appreciation Month on!

The Paolini family is hosting “Fan Appreciation Month” on their official website,! As part of the celebration, the Paolinis are asking for fans to submit photos of themselves with their Inheritance Cycle books (and bonus points if you are able to include something in the photo representing your home country)! Fans who submit photos

Become an expert in the Ancient Language and Dwarvish with this week’s “Language Week” on!

To kick off 2015, Christopher Paolini is releasing a whole host of new Inheritance Cycle content as part of’s “Language Week”! Up first: he has released the entirety of the Ancient Language dictionary and Dwarf Language dictionary, both featuring everything you’ll need to read, learn, and master these two Alagaesia-based languages, including grammar rules,

Last Week on Returning to Alagaësia, stories that inspired the Inheritance Cycle, writing tips, and more!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of the fifth week of! The Paolini family opened with a “bang”, releasing over twelve new articles in addition to over a dozen articles and pages on the website at its launch. This week saw the release of two new educational articles, a video

Last Week on A new Q&A with Christopher, a guide to e-book conversion, Christopher’s recommended books, and a newsletter!

The first month since the launch of is coming to a close. The Paolini family opened with a “bang”, releasing over twelve new articles in addition to over a dozen articles and pages on the website at its launch. They also released their first newsletter on Saturday, containing exclusive content slated to hit

Last Week on Swords, swordfighting, and the stories behind some of Alagaesia’s most memorable names

The second week of, the Paolini’s official website, has drawn to a close. Week two did not disappoint following the site’s successful first week and its exciting content, with several stories and another essay from Christopher hitting their blog! Here’s a preview of this past week’s content: “Christopher Discusses Making Swords and Swordfighting

Last Week on Behind the scenes of the illustration of Brom’s ring, Christopher on his current project, and his favorite writers

The first week of, the Paolini family’s official website, is coming to a close. With so much great content available on the website at its launch and even more added to the website and on its blog over the past seven days, we wanted to provide a helpful guide to be sure that all