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vroengard-headerInterviews and Q&A sessions with Christopher are largely fans’ only chance to get new content and answers from Christopher regarding the Inheritance Cycle and future books he has planned – including Book 5. We have released dozens of interviews over the past decade, many of which came after the release of Inheritance and contain answers to some of the fandom’s most popular questions. Other interviews shed light on Inheritance‘s ending, potential romance in future books, and hints at what we can expect in Book 5.

While we do not have a specific interview with Christopher scheduled, we will be holding one down the line. Additionally, Christopher looks for frequently asked or burning questions for his monthly Q&A article on For all of these reasons, we’re asking fans…

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  • Arron McManus

    Angela has been alive a long time so I was wondering if she has ever been in love with someone?

  • Briar Dawdy

    If Peter Jackson was to work on making The Inheritance Cycle series a film franchise and either called you or scheduled a meeting with you to get permission from you, how would you react? What would you think about Sir Peter Jackson sitting across from you? And would you give the O.K. to begin filming willingly? …After finding a suitable company to begin production, of course.

  • Random person

    Could eragon and the elves find some kind of sky temple?Some kind of mythical hovering temple.Maybe some secret egg in the dungeons.

  • Coby Parrish

    I think I asked this before, but exactly how powerful Eragon in terms of magical might? I mean without resorting to suicide, what is the largest amount of destruction he could cause with a single spell?

    Either with himself or with the Eldunari. o.o

  • Murtagh

    Was it on purpose that eragon is just Dragon with an e?

  • Murtagh

    Does Murtagh ever come back into the picture and if so, does he ever see eragon again? Who are the two women who had their fortunes told by Angela, and will they appear in the fifth book?

  • Maya

    1. I really want to know about Anglela, Solembum, and Maud!!!
    2. What about Brom, Selena, and Garrow’s history?
    3. What happens to Sloan?
    4. Will Eragon see Arya again, and get married (or whatever elves and Dragon Riders do)? Please…………………………
    5. Did you take inspiration from LOTR?
    6. Need to redo the movie……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. Elva should be a rider.
    8. What about Ismira possibly being a Rider?
    9. Does Arya have any siblings??????
    10. And …… please make another book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bobby

      i don’t think they should get married. i mean one of them is queen and other has lots of responsibilities no mather how many years will pass that won’t change and that much of staying away from each other certanly effect their feelings think about it not seeing each other for one hundred years. can you still love her/him? and elva shouldnt be a rider. she has a twisted mind and that will cause lots of harm for sure.

      • Ajay

        The whole point of not being together for a century or so will strengthen their feelings. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ Eragon’s all but said he’ll never love anyone else and Arya has already said them together could happen (Paolini has all but said it will happen but not for a while).

        Elva being a rider I agree on, she shouldn’t be included.

        • bobby

          ohh come on if they will be together after one or two hundred years that wouldn’t be realistic. okay this is a fantastic book but this is a human relation we’re talking about. they will have a different personality and if you stay away from some one for so long your fealings towards her/him will weaken or change. whatever. we have a perfect proverb for this situation in turkish but unfortunatly i can’t translate it. but meaning is this if you stay away from sigh to long feelings will weaken. something like that.

          • Ajay

            I agree with your point and it makes sense. All I’m saying is that Paolini has already revealed in Q&A’s and interviews that he will put them together after a while (centuries, decades, I don’t know how long… but definitely after a loooong time). He’s going with the simple ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ i.e. he’s not too good with writing relationships so he’s keeping it simple. He’s not the author to draw it out, add some interesting twists and drama: nope. It seems as if he’s just gonna let them wait, let their feelings simmer and grow and put them together.

            Of course you’re right in saying that distance can also weaken feelings, which would add a nice dynamic to their relationship as well. But Paolini’s not really the author to do that, when he should really in a complicated elf/hybrid-elf relationship.

          • bobby

            ok thanks for the kind comment. i thought i couldn’T explain my thoughts well. i hope paolini will change his mind. is there evn any relationship that survives after 10-20 years of long distance relationship. after they’ll meet i don’t think they can manage it. that much of time really change your caracter. the one you love will be different person. poor eragon 😀

          • Ajay

            Well, as a fantasy fan myself in terms of reading, etc, these kind of written romances normally do work out well in the end i.e. where parts of the characters’ growing relationship have them away from one another. Plus, Eragon did say he’d wait for forever and Arya sort of pretty much confirmed she’d wait as well. The point is, Arya’s hardly the person to open up to people easily (apart from Eragon) and Eragon seems like the person who’s devoted to Arya i.e. it hardly seems as if they’re ever going to like anyone else from the way Paolini’s put it and in general.

            I guess my opinion just differs from yours (but, no offence, the large majority of readers believe the distance will strengthen their feelings, going from the comments on this site anyway).

            As for Paolini changing his mind? Not gonna happen; if he did, there would be angry mobs at his house haha.

          • bobby

            well i prefere drama over romence. i would like to see eragon being cold to arya and ignoring her 🙂

          • Ajay

            Fair enough, unlikely to happen though. 😉

    • queenofhell69

      Not sure the entire marriage thing would work out so well between them. Especially since Eragon and Saphira are basically on the shit list of the forest guardian and the Menoa tree for obvious reasons lol. But i’d still like to know exactly what happens in their relationship overall.

      I’m very curious about the Story between Brom and Selena a swell but more so I want to know all about Angela! I’m also very curious about the one lone crazy man (can’t remember his name) that was in the old tower by himself..

      Redo the movie? Hell that is an understatement if there is one! I prefer to pretend that movie never even took place!

      Elva – Rider? It would be interesting I agree but scary as well.

      I’d like to think that if Arya had siblings they’d have been mentioned especially considering her taking over as Queen.

      More books are a must, both before and after editions!

  • ryboodle

    So what was behind your decision to remove eragon’s scar because for me that removed his one struggle and thing that held him back and shaped him as a character why not have him overcome it or learn to live with it

  • Hardrocknock

    Could the fifth book be so long it has to be split in two? I mean, it happened with Brisingr.

  • Mad doggie

    what do you think about the movies? I think that there really bad.

    • jumpr

      oh geez i dont think there any good

  • Jackson

    Yeah its all very nice but my question is about the dwarves and urgals (hope I spelled that right) when they become dragon riders how will it affect there bodies? I mean Eragon, who is human, and looked human before the blood oath celebration, was slowly changing to match the features of a elf. So will the dwarves slowly grow pointed ears and start growing taller and the urgals start to grow smaller and lose there horns? Just a bit a bit curious about what will happen to them when they become a completely different race then they were before. To be honest I don’t think anyone else thought about this before.

    • Maya

      i wonder too

    • queenofhell69

      Good questions but I don’t think anybodies changes will be quite as Drastic as Eragons’ his changes were forced and extremely accelerated you might say by the spirits of the dragons in order to make him capable of combating Galby on more equal terms. I could see the Urgals taking on more draconic features; they do both have horns after all.

  • The Doctor

    I’ve been curious about the nidhwal creatures. Also something from the perspective of Solembum would be cool since he has a long history we know little about.

  • Ace

    What books did you use to research medieval times?

  • Caleb

    WHat happens to Murtagh? Does he ever join Eragon and train the new generation of Dragons/Riders?

  • Dillon Bernel

    Do we ever figure out the seven words Brom whispered to Eragon his deathbed?

  • michael

    On page 66 of Eldest, does “Disconcerting” mean” Unsettling” or does it mean “Scary & unpleasant”?

  • Mymmeli

    I’m sorry if this has been already answered but anyway: Are we going to see chapters from Arya’s point of view?

    • Maya

      yess… want an answer to that… want to see what she REALLY thinks of Eragon

  • Marley

    Where there any books you used as inspiration?
    Also, I would love to see more movies made of the series!

  • A.C.Jackson

    another question:
    In a previous interview you answered the question about the universe about your new sci-fi book “It’s our universe but set in an imagined future…. WHOA!!! SPOILER!”

    Is it going to be a social commintery like Huxley’s “brave new world”, C.S. Lewis’s “Out of the silent planet”.
    Or is it a fun read, or both!

    • * sp: commentary

  • A.C.Jackson

    Another quick question:

    How do dragons fly, when simple physics says they can’t?


    • Dave

      In Brisingr, when Eragon and Saphira are returning to Ellesmera, Saphira has to stop flying when they first enter Du Weldenvarden because the elves warded the forest against anything entering via magic. The book says that dragons don’t rely solely on their wings to fly, so it would suggest that they tap into magic on some level to fly.

      • A.C.Jackson

        But my problem with the”magic” solution is that (at least in Chris’s books) magic is depended upon the natural strength of the user (and extra taken from else ware).
        Now take our Boeing 737 (a nice adult sized dragon). It takes a MIN of two engines giving it a min of 14,500ibf of thrust each to get it into the air/ stabilize. The energy (magic) required to keep a large (small dragons don’t apply) dragon in the air (let alone take-off) would be SOOOO imminence, where would all that magic come from?

        • Joel

          Well they were somewhat aerodynamic so they wouldn’t require as much energy as a plane. And even though they use magic for flying I am sure their wings help them fly

  • A.C.Jackson

    A off color question buttt……. In the FAR future of Alagaesia (when technology is near to ours), what would be the use of the Riders and magic in the future society?

    • Maya

      or will there a be a technological future at all

  • Shadeslayer


  • Aaron

    1. Elva was marked by Saphira the same a rider is marked. What affect did that have on her? Has she gained infinite life like riders do?

    2. We see multiple times Eragon being told spirits are NOT the souls of the dead and that they are something else. So then what ARE they?

  • Pls pls pls pls pls pls

    What is your favorite part in inheritance cycle?

  • JacksonKG

    Do you plan on covering the story of vrael, brom, or even galboratrix in future books?

    And how would you recommend starting a series? I have one planned out, I’m 15 years old, but I’m unsure how to get my writing style down, and I’m afraid it would be written off if I don’t write it well

    • Joel

      The story of Vrael is a good idea

  • roast beef

    How does the story of the dragons that made two independent versions of themselves go as Glaedr said it had happened by cutting off the magic from the dragons body?

  • William Chappell

    1. Is the solar system containing Alagesia the same as ours but in an other reality, or is it a totally different one?
    2.Do humans have last names in Alagesia?
    3. Is Alagesia connected in any way with our Earth? Perhaps humans came from there?
    Inheritance cycle is the best series I have ever read! But if you write another book please, please, please give Saphira a larger part, her personality is first class but she doesn’t seem to have a huge role in the story.

    • A.C.Jackson

      Well actually to answer number two, in our own world, last names did not become common (at least Europe) until the late medieval period- early renaissance.

      Example: Just say you and 5 others were named Peter in a village. But your father was the only black smith, so you were Peter the Smith’s son. Peter Smithson.

  • Falcon H

    Mr. Paolini,
    Since your new scifi book happens in the same universe as Alagaësia, I’ve been wondering if the elves will ever develop space travel (maybe in a couple thousand years).
    Thank you

  • SurfShorts

    How many drafts did you write of each book?

  • John McClymond

    I am wondering how deaf dragon rider can write Ancient language since it based on sound? Do some kind of sign language for all kind language ( ancient, Urgal, dwarf, and human) in that world exist?

    • Joseph Berube

      Just so you do know, a deaf rider remains deaf willingly. The elves are masters at shifting magic. And the Riders have their Dragons as help. I see only the most severe situations, much like Oromis’ disability being the only way it couldn’t be fixed. In which case, remember that people can still exchange thoughts. Though for actually knowing whether there is sign language in Alagaesia or not… I have no clue.

      • John McClymond

        I agree with you but I want know if they have sign language like we, deaf people in USA, use American Sign Language or deaf people in Brazil use Brazil Sign Language. Reason I ask that question is If I am human dragon rider, must I fingerspelling every letter in every word from any language that human not use? It will take a lot time.

    • Joshua Arteta

      Didn’t Oromis tell Eragon that the Ancient language is based off of thoughts, not sound? I believe he (Oromis) said that the vocal vibrations we create while speaking could not possibly create magic, and that speaking the language merely helps us to focus our thoughts, also explaining why performing magic without speaking is so dangerous.

      • John McClymond

        Last time I check, write that language is based on sound. ( check Eldest )

  • Mark Unruh

    Have you though of the possibilities of an open world video game set in Alagasia?

    • Joshua Arteta

      Haha, makes me think of Skyrim

  • Mark Unruh

    What character from Eragon is most likely to get their own book written about them?

  • Noah

    since eragon is sort of a half elf now, how long would he live if Saphira died? would it be around the same, mortal but slightly extended,as Brom? or would he be immortal like an elf? or somewhere inbetween?

  • Jarrod J Cain

    The movie potential is as strong as LOTR with the right director and casting. Will you ever have a redo to the movie??

    • Maya

      Yeah, the original movie wasn’t very good…

  • Promethean_Legacy

    I was wondering, how do the riders’ swords aquire the same color as their dragons?

    • Joseph Berube

      Rhunon made them that way.

    • queenofhell69

      Better question would also be how exactly will future riders aquire such blades, as far as it is known the last of the special material was used for Eragon’s sword.

  • scubasteve

    Just curious, the way galbatorix killed himself, and the fact the area he died in had to be decontaminated else everyone not protected by magic. Did you draw inspiration from this from an atomic bomb explosion and the radiation poisoning that followed one?

  • Kate

    This question is not directed necessarily directed towards the plot-line, but I have been wondering about it:

    While Alagaësia is certainly a fictional place, did you incorporate any aspects from our own world into it?

  • Oscar

    HI CHRISOPHER I LOVE YOUR BOOKS, PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!! Why do the urgals call angela “the moon eater” she says in the book that she ate the moon, but there must be a better explaination. Also when is the new book coming???? :D:D::D:D:D:D:D HAVE A NICE DAY CHRISOPHER

    • Maya

      Yup. “Moon Eater”?

  • Cory Ashley

    Awesome series read it all about 5 times already and still love the books. My only question is are you coming out with a sequel or a prequel?

  • Álvaro Renilla García

    Well… First, congratulations, you have written very good books which I enjoyed so much. Here are my questions (or ideas):
    1) When will take place the fifth book? Before, after or in between the other four? If it is after, who will be the protagonist? Maybe Eragon? Or perhaps new heroes (I would like to see the first dwarf and urgal who became dragon riders)?
    2) Durza was a Shade, a sorcerer possessed by the evil spirits he summoned. Will we see something similar but with “good” spirits? Not “good” in the real sense of “good”, but “good” in the sense of “good” emotions like happiness, wich can be dangerous if you think about it (pure happiness could destroy you… it would be a funny death, but still a death). And, talking about Shades: Could Galbatorix return possessing someone like Durza? You know, I was thinking about Galbatorix returning as a Shade and his enemies creating a “bright” version of the Shade with “good” spirits who destroy Galbatorix, but this “bright Shade” becomes even a greater threat. Or something like that, I have weirdo ideas when I cannot sleep. 😛
    3) Solembum talked about seeing very weird things in the world… Will we see the things that he described in the new book?
    4) In the last book we see “sea dragons”. Could happen that someone become a rider of these “dragons”?
    5) In the last book you talked about a bigger map where we saw new territories far away. Will we see more about those new places?
    6) Who were the “Grey Folk”? And why they manipulate the magic to be used just by their language? Maybe they were trying to stop something very bad (like an evil lovecraftian god)? When it’s is explained, it has no sense. Why an entire race would sacrifice themselves to change the nature of magic?
    7) We know that the Ra’zac survived. Will we see them again?
    8) Well, and last, but not less important,… Who or what is Angela?
    That is all. Thanks for reading!! 😉

  • Hunter

    Also, in a recent Q&A the question was asked about whether or not there will be another Eragon movie. The answer seemed to be that everyone is waiting on details as to whether or not this will happen. My question is: many fans (myself included) are asking for a remake of the original Eragon movie which, quite honestly, was a terrible telling of the story and left out far too many key details (including Orik). If there is “another Eragon movie,” will it be the remake we are asking for, or will it be a continuation of the original movie (which I really don’t see how you CAN continue with how badly it was messed up?)

    • Joshua Arteta

      I would agree that the first movie would have to be made. If any of you have read and watched the Lightning Thief, you saw that it was a terrible misrepresentation. We, or at least I, had believed there to be no possible way for a second movie to be created. When they did create it, I watched out of pure curiosity and disbelief. It was even worse than the first.

    • Maya


  • Hunter

    My question would have to be about Angela. Throughout the cycles she is shrounded in a great deal of mystery. In Inheritence, Galvatorix mentions an old soothsayer and gives the impression that nobody knows what happened to this soothsayer or where he/she might have gone as well as if he/she is still alive. After consideration of what little is mentioned about this soothsayer and comparison to the mystery of Angela, my friends and I have been wondering if Angela is this soothsayer. Is this true?

  • Dave

    I thought of a new question after reading the interview in the article following this one:

    At the end of Inheritance, we see Elva as a young girl, even though she is only around three years old, chronologically. Does she continue to mature faster than usual, and, if so, will her lifespan be shortened as a result?

  • AH

    And what of Shruikan’s true rider? What happened to him/her when Galbatorix forcibly stole and warped their dragon?

  • AH

    It might be nice to get a little insite into Thorn’s personality. We got to meet Saphira, Glaedr, and Firnen, but not Thorn.

  • CitlaliYamir

    Who/what is Angela? Where did she come from? What is her story?

  • 김리아

    What was the relationship between Brom’s Saphira and Eragon’s Saphira?

  • Jodie Cobham

    1. What are the furture plans for Queen Arya and Eragon will they start a halfling family, where will Queen Arya and her dragon Firnen depart to find the new land in which Eragon and Saphira will be and if so what’s the place called?
    2. Will Saphira ever lay her own eggs and will they be Sired by Firnen, If so What colour scales will the hatchling’s have?
    3. What will happen to Queen Nasuada will she marry a King or will she try to find Murtagh and tell him so loves him and wants to marry him.

  • Bhavya

    What did the Menoa Tree take from Eragon as a price for the Brightsteel?

  • Ian Christopher Stephens

    I have read all of your books up this point and have been very impressed, in the past I have come up with several ideas for stories that could be made into books. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to sit down and write, and now that I’m in the military I more than likely never will. I would thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking with you. You can reach me at my email [email protected] or through my facebook – search Ian Christopher Stephens.

  • Varga Nicolas


  • Benroi

    So where did exactly Eragon and Saphira go? Will Eragon and Arya be together again, I mean forever together as a family? When is the next book? Btw, what is the story behind solembum and Angela?

  • Nabeeha

    What happens to the characters after inheritance ?? Does murtagh ever cross paths with nasuada?? And what happens to roran and Angela because they are very strong characters who just make me smile all the time with Angela it’s always you go girl every time she opens her mouth and of course no one can forget the most badass werecat

  • Matthew s

    What was the hardest part of the books to say goodbye to after inheritance and if you could, what character would you bring back from the dead.

  • Carlos Miguel

    What color were Saphira’s parents, Vervada and Iormûngr?

  • Graeme

    I’d like to know in one hundred years after the ending of your last book. What is the fate of the dragon riders? How have they grown, what is their new organization like?

  • One Day Home

    Did Rhunön went to war with the elven army or did she sayed in the Du Weldenvarden?

    • John McClymond

      She stay in Du Weldenvarden.

  • Dave

    What is some of the history behind Angela? Who/what is she? How did she and Solembum become so close? What was it like when she was an apprentice to Tenga (and what is some of the history behind his life)? What was the name she gave the High Priest of Helgrind? Are there any particularly interesting places that she has visited?

    What is the history behind some of the items that we have encountered throughout the series? Niernen (why Grimmr was so interested in this particular dauthdeart), Vrangr/Islingr, and Albitr/Tinkledeath (along with the rest of the weapons that we have seen Angela use) to name a few.

  • Thomas Ross

    Who or what exactly was Angela The Herbalist?

  • cube_DJ

    What happened to murtagh?

  • Lawton

    Were their any instances of riders implementing full suits of armor forged entirely from brightsteel? Because that would be awesome.

  • Gabriel

    Can dragon eggs communicate with each other in anyway? If so, would it be by means of magic, or would they be able to touch minds?

  • Sol

    Why does eragon have to leave alegaisea forever? Couldn’t he fly back anytime? Did the menoa tree take eragon’s “seed”

  • Amanda

    Also is there a way to remake the movie and have it accurate with all the important details like Teirm, Elva, and everything else?

  • Amanda

    Do Murtagh and Thorn come back in book 5? Does Arya eventually join Eragon whenever he is? Do they end up together? Does Anglea, Nasuada, or Elva appear in the next book?

  • Taylor

    Most of my questions are ones that I want answered in exploring the new book. I think my only question I really want answered is:

    What new colors will we see the dragons coming in? Or will we be meeting ANY new dragons?

  • Kiah

    Are we going to hear more from Murtagh and Nasuada? They are some of the most intriguing characters!
    Was Angela the Oracle Sooth Sayer? Is that how she knows EVERYTHING?
    What about the swords woman and her apprentice that Eragon blessed?
    Last but not peast: any information about any new books would be great!

  • belinda

    Why does Eragon and Ara not together?? They have been through so much and yet at the end they go there seprate ways.

  • Moriarty

    Can you give us any tentative dates for some of your projects coming down the line? We need something to fangirl over to pass the time!

    Would you ever consider doing a collab with some fans? Possibly writing some background stories of Inheritance characters?

    Any advice you want to give for your fans out there going through college and trying to figure out what to do with their lives?

    Do you personally think Murtagh was a villain?

    Any hope for short stories set in Alagaesia while we wait for Book V?

  • AmDrag

    I have a question not so much about Inheritance, but about Christopher himself: Do you (Chris) listen to any particular music when writing? If so, what kind? And do you associate a particular type of music with any race/person from Alegasia?

  • budsofmay

    Why weren’t there any queer characters in the Inheritance Cycle? Thank you

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    Sorry but I have another question to make. I know that you started writing all this history since very young, and when I knew about that, my respect and affection for you work had only grown more and more. The Inheritance Cycle helped me pass through so much shit -sorry for the word- you have no idea. There was times when I only could find peace when I was reading the lines of your books. This happens often – literature is my “scapegoat”.

    I’m very young. And I believe my only weapon against this world is my creativity; I love writing as much as I love reading. I also write and hope to be a writer when I grow up.

    But anyway, my point here is: how would you describe the obstacles you had to pass through in your path to become a great writer as you are? Since you were very young and started writing until nowadays? I hope that hearing a word from you, maybe an encouragement, would made me be stronger in this decision, of continuing to write and maybe, one day, who knows, be the “scapegoat” for other problematic teenage.

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    My first contact with Eragon was with the movie. I really think it is a cool movie, but then I got curious and looked for the books. And when I read the books, I was like “wtf, this movie is nothing compared to the books!”
    And always when I watch a movie based on a book, I cant help myself and I end up very frustated because things arent always faithful with the books.
    And then, I started hating the movie, honestly, is the worst movie based on a book I have even seen.
    And I want to see your opinion, Christopher, what do you think about the movie when compared to your books? Are you happy with the final result?

  • sitrukpc

    Do Eragon and Arya end up together? Do they have a kid?

  • Joanna Marinoy

    Amazing work i realy love all the books and the movie, for first time dragons are as sould be.Great,strong and indipentend. I would like to ask if there is any book coming over it feels like to left something unfinished…..

  • Rubén Amador Salas

    Rhunon was born in Alagaesia or she came in the ships from Alalea?

  • Jonathan

    Okay so we know Eragon never came back. We know that we haven’t seen the last of Murtagh. What I want to know is; Will book V still keep these characters in some way? Not secondary people like Angela or Orik. I want to know if we have seen the last of Eragon and Arya. Last question; did Arya ever go to Eragon?

  • Madison Farmer

    Roran and Katrina had one child, and I am guessing they will have more. Will these child(rrn) ever meet their uncles besides speaking through the mirror; since Dragon wouldn’t be able to see any future children. Or if one of them becomes a dragon rider.
    Also, since Arya already has an extended life as an elf and Firnen extends her life even more, what kind of nearly immortal life span will she live?

  • Aless Who

    Physically, how do you imagine a dragon? How many fingers are on each wing? How is the tip of its tail? ¿Long Neck? ¿Thin limbs and broad chest?

  • Shadeslayer716

    What happened to Eragon I and Bid’daum?

  • Will

    did galbotrix have either thorn or shukians eldunari when he had control of them, if so does that mean eragon has thorn’s eldunari and was that how he was able to control them and speak through them

  • Bradley

    Relative to the size of Alagaesia how much of your ‘world’ have you planned out?
    With many readers finding your worldbuilding to draw too much from Tolkien and other works, how do you plan to find greater originality in your Sci-Fi Novel and future books of Alagaesia?
    I personally enjoy your world more than others.

  • Jess

    In Brisingr, Eragon is hiding from soldiers. They mention that they don’t know who they are hunting down – that it might be Murtagh. They leave Eragon with the question “what did Murtagh say?” I always wondered about that. Was Murtagh a bit more rebellious than he let on?

  • Matej

    Does science fiction novel you are writing now have any relation with alagaesia or the dragon riders? It will definitely be better to make a series instead of movie, the beauty of inheritance cycle cannot be put inside something short like a movie.

  • Tasuky

    Can you tell us something more about the Greys or the way of the Dragons? Like how do they become adults, what kind of things are passed down on their culture, mithology or belief, social relations and such?

  • Kate

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    How much of Murtaghs personality changed when he got a new true name.

  • Rachel

    When do you plan on or like to have book 5 published by?

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  • Nick A

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    • AmDrag

      He’s doing a sci-fi novel right now.He said it on one of his youtube videos.

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    Is she the fortune teller that Galbatorix is speaking about while torturing Nasuada? Did she really go into the Beor Mountains? Was she a Shurtugal?
    Please answer this one, I think its the most significant part that is left unattended in your books.

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    In your mind, does Murtagh ever return to help Eragon teach the riders? If not, what does he go on to do with Thorn?

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    Anyway, my question for you is: What inspired you to choose Old Norse for your world and the magic therein as opposed to Latin which is more often (that I have read, anyway) featured in fantasy novels?

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      • Gisele four

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