The weapons of Alagaesia: Learn more about these mystical weapons and items, and view them for the first time ever!

weapons of alagaesiaBattles have been fought and won — and sometimes lost — in Alagaesia using mystical and unique weapons for centuries. Rhunon, the renowned elf responsible for the creation of the Riders’ blades, is a prime example of the type of individual it takes to craft these exotic weapons of death, destruction, and occasionally salvation. Similarly, many individuals go to battle armed with items that aid in other ways: Eldunari, Brom’s ring, and a Rider’s armor, to list a few.

One fellow fan and talented artist — CorellaStudios on DeviantArt — decided to create 3D models of some of Alagaesia’s most famous and unique weapons, armor, and other battle-ready items. From the blades forged by Rhunon to the dragon-slaying Dauthdaert and the golden armor of Oromis, CorellaStudios brought it all to life:

Now we ask: Which weapon from the collection is your favorite? If you had to choose two items from above to go to battle with, which would you choose and why?