See the dragons of the Inheritance Cycle side-by-side to scale for the first time!

A common question among fans of the Inheritance Cycle is, “Just how large are the dragons of the Inheritance Cycle compared to each other?” For the longest time, this question has gone answered only in text… and text can only convey size comparisons to a certain extend. That was until a brilliant fan artist by the name of EloiseS16 took it upon herself to draw all of the Inheritance Cycle‘s dragons side-by-side as they appear in size at the end of Inheritance!

dragons to scale

(From left to right: Firnen, Saphira, Eragon, Thorn, Glaedr, Shruikan)

Did you notice that black smudge in between Saphira and Thorn? No, that’s not an artist mistake or ink smudge — that’s a human, or Eragon, to be specific.

Christopher Paolini took notice of this fan’s interpretation of the dragons’ sizes and let his followers on Twitter know that the artist was spot on, but added, “Might make Fírnen a little smaller, but otherwise dead on.”

So there you have it, Inheritance fans. Shruikan is a mountain, Firnen is just a baby… and we finally have a near-perfect visual representation of the dragons’ scale as they appeared at the end of Inheritance (or the times of their deaths).

Now we ask: Is this how you had pictured the dragons? Were you able to truly grasp Shruikan’s massiveness before seeing this image?