“Amid the Ruins”: Relive one of the most iconic Inheritance Cycle scenes in this stunning graphic novel-style experience

An amazingly talented artist by the name of Eumenidi on DeviantArt recently illustrated one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring scenes in the Inheritance Cycle: when Eragon and Saphira first visit the ruins of Vroengard Island in the Inheritance chapter “Amid the Ruins”:

amid the ruins colorRelive the scene from the book alongside this beautiful graphic novel-style artwork:

The thick gray clouds parted, and from his place on Saphira’s back, Eragon beheld the interior of Vroengard Island.

Before them was a huge bowl-shaped valley, encircled by the steep mountains they had seen poking through the tops of the clouds. A dense forest of spruce, pine, and fir trees blanketed the sides of the mountains as well as the foothills below, like an army of prickly soldiers marching down from the peaks. The trees were tall and mournful, and even from a distance Eragon could see the beards of moss and lichen that hung from their heavy branches.Scraps of white mist clung to the sides of the mountains, and in several places throughout the valley, diffuse curtains of rain drifted from the ceiling of clouds.

High above the valley floor, Eragon could see a number of stone structures among the trees: tumbled, overgrown entrances to caves; the husks of burnt-out towers; grand halls with collapsed roofs; and a few smaller buildings that looked as if they might still be habitable.

A dozen or more rivers flowed out of the mountains and wandered across the verdant ground until they poured into a large, still lake near the center of the valley. Around the lake lay the remnants of the Riders’ city, Doru Araeba. The buildings were immense—great empty halls of such enormous proportions that many could have encompassed the whole of Carvahall. Every door was like the mouth to a vast, unexplored cavern. Every window was as tall and wide as a castle gate, and every wall was a sheer cliff.

Thick mats of ivy strangled the blocks of stone, and where there was no ivy there was moss, which meant that the buildings blended into the landscape and looked as if they had grown out of the earth itself. What little of the stone was bare tended to be a pale ocher, although patches of red, brown, and dusky blue were also visible.


Almost all the buildings were damaged, some more severely than others. The damage seemed to radiate outward from a single point near the southern edge of the city, where a wide crater sank more than thirty feet into the ground. A copse of birch trees had taken root in the depression, and their silvery leaves shook in the gusts of the directionless breeze.

The open areas within the city were overgrown with weeds and brush, while a fringe of grass surrounded each of the flagstones that formed the streets.Where the buildings had sheltered the Riders’ gardens from the blast that had ravaged the city, dull-colored flowers still grew in artful designs, their shapes no doubt governed by the dictates of some long-forgotten spell.

Altogether, the circular valley presented a dismal picture.

Behold the ruins of our pride and glory, said Glaedr.

For those of you who are curious about the process behind this artist’s interpretation of “Amid the Ruins”, you can view a process sketch photo and a black and white version of the piece:

Now we ask: Do you feel as though this piece accurately represents the vision you had in your head of the scene?

  • autumn

    But the interview you’ve announced in August???

    • It’s coming. I’ve been on vacation for the past ten days, so work is coming slowly. Aiming to get it up this week, just have to rework the schedule to accomodate it.

  • Esteban Flores

    I imagine the city a little bigger. Outrageously bigger

  • Abigail

    Please, don’t try to turn the Iheritance Cycle into a graphic novel… It will just ruin the story, novels are meant to exist only in the minds of the readers. It is impossible to create something that will please over half the fans, it will devaluate the overall perception of the saga.

    I know that it’s a strong statement, but I bet that every bookfan can see the truth in what I just wrote

    • Alex

      I completely disagree. Message fan of the Inheritance Cycle, but I think it’d be awesome if a graphic novel was created, if not only for those who’ve read the series. THAT’S what he was meant to look like in the movie.

      • Abigail

        Surely the people who will read the graphic novel are those who haven’t read the book, those who have, won’t stand it. You can’t say that you have read the fragment of “Amid the Ruins” that was posted, and thought that it was accurately represented by the art-work.

        I actually like graphic novels, but I believe that it will be a bad idea to turn Eragon into one

        I agree with you that the movie was underwhelming

        • Nobody

          It’s not an offical graphic novel. Its a work drawn by a fan.

    • Laura Spann

      i would like to see the cycle has a graphic novel long as who ever make the graphic novel works with christoper to get his idea on what he images alagaesia to look like. I think that would be awsome.

    • Sol

      Accuracy is the key. The problem is that it’s impossible for an independat artist to create a graphic novel that represents everything Christopher imagined.
      The only exception is if Paolini himself does (not colaborate) the graphic novel, in which case, it will be a true interpretation of the Cycle. If fans don’t like, they can’t blame anyone, the author did it.

      Overall, I wouldn’t like to see a graphic novel of the IC

  • MasterBrom

    It isn’t exactly how I envisioned it but it is a very good interpretation of the scene. I do like it and would like to see more!!!