Artist Alley: Take a tour through artists that have inspired Christopher in this exclusive article featuring a first look at Collector’s Edition art!

One of the wonderful things about San Diego Comic Con is the diversity of events, booths and people. This allows for all sorts of intermixing of creative and nerdy species. This year, we had the pleasure of experiencing one of these cross-overs. Christopher Paolini took some time out of his event schedule to walk Artists Alley with us in order to interview three hugely popular fantasy artists down in Artist Alley: Donato, Todd Lockwood, and Brom.

With the publication of the special edition Eragon 10th anniversary edition coming up, complete with original art, Christopher thought it would be great to get a chance to hear what fantasy’s like from their perspective. Donato contributed to the special edition, Todd is one of fantasy’s top dragon artists, and Brom is the artist that inspired Christopher so much as a child that he named a character after him.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive video interview! There’s even a sneak-peek at the sketch of Donato’s art, which captures the Prologue: