Christopher writes new exclusive blog post exploring the creation of an interesting story

Christopher has once again returned to Lytherus, our sister site covering all things fantasy, scifi, and horror, with a new blog post! This time, the author takes a look at what makes a story interesting, focusing on the art of using twists to tell a good tale. The post is full of useful information for aspiring writers and curious readers!

Head on over to Lytherus to view Christopher’s guest post in its entirety!

  • Guest

    So what is happening to Shurtugal ? there hasn’t been much news for ages, and the forums are still down. Is this going to change ? Sadly this site seemed to die with the release of Inheritance :/

    • EternalShade

      Im still waiting for the Inheritance podcast we were promised…

  • Question

    Hey Mike, out of curiosity, are you planning on combining shurtugal with lytherus at some point? With the relative lack of news items, comments, and forum, I get the impression that the inheritance community (or at least the spark it once had when the series was yet to be completed) has diminished significantly or will soon. Perhaps it would be better suited as its own section on lytherus?

  • stop inheritance cycle

    forsworn= forsaken(WoT) 13 members
    glaedirs oneness = tams void
    eragons sheathing the sword= lans technique
    spine mountains = spine of the world
    these are just some of the rip offs dont get me started on LOTR, ASOIAF, the riders of pern, and even harry potter how has he been allowed to publish i dont know but it is pure plagiarism