Christopher Paolini gives fans a look at sketches and doodles created while writing ‘Brisingr’ — by hand!

brisingr-blotter-christopher-paolini-headerChristopher Paolini has made no secret of the fact that he wrote much of Brisingr by hand — a impressive feat when considering the book’s task when you consider the ~250,000 words that make up the book’s 763 pages. While writing the book, the author kept the same blotting pad — a large pad used to blot the ink from his many fountain pens. From chracter sketches to doodles — and even a random “Brisingr!” — the blotter gives us an interesting glimpse into the mind of a pen-and-paper writer working on an epic fantasy novel:

Christopher was kind enough to tweet a number of close-ups, showing off the blotter’s varying contents, which we’ve assembled into a gallery for easy viewing:

Replying to a fan who asked about the mustached man in one of the sketches, Christopher replied:


You can follow Christopher Paolini’s official Twitter account at @Paolini, and’s official Twitter account at @itsshurty!

  • Oliver Perkovich

    I love the inheritance cycle series I read the last book 2 time both
    times I cried at the ending because I thought the ending was sad and I knew it was the last book about eragon,arya ,and saphira:(:(:(:(:(

  • Jacob Jones

    Christopher, i think think that you should write another book including eragon and arya. maybe about raising the dragons and rebuilding the dragon riders and vroengaurd and murtagh turning on them. or about adventures in the new world. please respond via email [email protected]

  • Chas

    Not really the most appropriate place to comment, but I’m curious why I still get a malware warning from chrome when I click on the “forums” link?

    • Nycole

      Same here! Probably going on 6 months or longer, I’ve been getting the same warning. Soo annoying!

    • Nameless Carvahallian

      It did until today but now it redirects to Facebook. I’m confused.

  • Question

    I wonder why Mike hasn’t provided updates on the various projects (interviews, podcasts, etc) he confirmed he would be doing and was interested in doing back in January. Mike, if you’re reading this, do you think you can do a post updating us on the state of these projects and even of the site as a whole? It’s just a bit confusing seeing you recommit yourself to this site back in January and then there be months between posts. Any kind of update would be appreciated – even a vague one, if you’re uncomfortable getting into the details – for some communication with fans of the site would be better than no communication. Has the shurtugal community diminished so much that it has become difficult for you to justify communicating with it on this site?

  • Ryan Turchi

    RIP Brom…

  • Kaylee

    I always find his artwork, be they sketches, paintings, doodles or otherwise, so fascinating. And when he is in a good mood and shares them, it’s like getting a glimpse into his mind, which usually seems so very well protected by an iron wall. Well done Christopher!!

  • momzwordz

    There is a bit that looks like the space shuttle in image 010. What does that represent?

    • Some of the sketches probably have nothing to do with Brisingr — just mindless doodles at the time. It was used during writing Brisingr, but I’m sure his brain wandered at times.

      • Endi

        Hi. I know its not related to this topic but Mike, I think a lot of us would really appreciate if you could finally release the second part of the interview with CH.P.. Its almost 5 months and there is still just one part.
        Thanks in advance!