Exclusive Interview with Christopher Paolini – Part 2: Big Book 4 Reveals, Angela, Murtagh, Deaths, and More!

The second and final part of our exclusive interview with Christopher Paolini has finally arrived… and it was well worth the wait! This interview tackles a number of hot topics, almost all of them related to Book 4, and manages to dig up some exciting and exclusive information in the process. Christopher talks us through Book 4 plot information, including big reveals about Angela (Is she a Time Lord? How did she meet Solembum?), Arvindir (the Rider sword), Rider aging, Angela’s power and big role in Book 4, Ajihad in Book 4, whether or not there are any wild dragons left, Book 4 plot changes, “giant pools of Murtagh in Book 4”, and most importantly: Christopher tells us what questions we should be asking about Book 4!

You can read the second and final part of our interview with Christopher Paolini on Lytherus.com!