Exclusive Interview with Christopher Paolini – Part 2: Big Book 4 Reveals, Angela, Murtagh, Deaths, and More!

The second and final part of our exclusive interview with Christopher Paolini has finally arrived… and it was well worth the wait! This interview tackles a number of hot topics, almost all of them related to Book 4, and manages to dig up some exciting and exclusive information in the process. Christopher talks us through Book 4 plot information, including big reveals about Angela (Is she a Time Lord? How did she meet Solembum?), Arvindir (the Rider sword), Rider aging, Angela’s power and big role in Book 4, Ajihad in Book 4, whether or not there are any wild dragons left, Book 4 plot changes, “giant pools of Murtagh in Book 4”, and most importantly: Christopher tells us what questions we should be asking about Book 4!

You can read the second and final part of our interview with Christopher Paolini on Lytherus.com!

  • Roseandtheshadodragon

    Who dies?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rubygrace41

    by the end of the book i think Arya and Eragon will end up together.and in one of CPs interviews one of the Qs was can a rider become a shade? he said yes and all i have to say it that it has somthing to do with Angela. i think Angela will be the next rider. 

  • Lavallee

    Just pre-ordered the book at Bullmosse today, can’t wait for it to be out!!!

  • Lavallee

    All our answers will be answered on the 8th of November!!!!

  • Iandbaker0893

    the countdown on the page, is that referring to when the pre-order is released? or is it alking about midnight of the day it comes out?

    • Midnight.

      • Iandbaker0893

        well then does anyone know when the people that pre-ordered will get their copy?

        • Hutcho8690

          I preordered mine and I’m extremely excited and spending precious reading time to tell you that mine arrived this morning!!!!!! I ordered it through http://www.bookdepository.co.uk. Hope every one enjoys it as much as I am!!!!!!!!

        • Jkendanmetcalfe

          …… how? its not out yet.

          • Hutcho8690

            It is and it’s on my Lap now and I’m 70 pages in! It got dispatched on the 1st and arrived yesterday morning.

  • Dj_93

    dont mean to spoil anything but i believe elva is released from her speel and turns on eragon, that is when angela shows her true potential

  • Zach

    Hey Mike thanks for the next part of the interveiw, did CP just do it with you or have you had it for awhile now?

    Sorry I’m just curious

    Love the site btw

  • Sirsimon

    The question I would like to know is what is the name of the green dragon going to be?

    • Hutcho8690


  • Shur’tugal

    I’ve always wanted to ask this…. How did Queen Tarmunora and her “spellcasters” join with the dragon to perform the ritual where elves gained immortality and magic whereas dragons gained language and civilization?

    My point is, how could the Queen have spellweavers when they elves had not yet received magic from the dragons?

    • guest

      It explains somewhere in eragon or eldest that the dragons provided the magic or energy, and the elves used the ancient language (which was given the properties of directing magic by the grey folk) to structure the energy provided by the dragons into the bond between the two races.

      • Shur’tugal

        I see…. doesn’t this mean grey folk and elves came from the same land?

    • Drew

      the elves did not receive magic from the dragons, they were just made more powerful, without magic they couldn’t have posed much of a fight against even a small amount of dragons, imagine fighting Saphira with just your sword, while being burned alive

      • A Fan

        The elves had had enough magic to bring both races to the brink of extinction but they needed the dragons raw strength to cast a spell of such magnitude. 

        • Shur’tugal

          oh..ok… but I don’t find it anywhere that elves already knew magic. It could just be their skill too. Thanks for trying to answer my question too

  • bigmike

    Forth comment from the bottem still has me tripping out right now!!!!!!!   :0 im twitching and crying witbh excitement. sorri foir all the spellingf an de grammer errors but i just cant helpo it rigth now!!!!!!

  • Andrew Shob

    What a stupid interview. There are so many interesting topics, yet all you ask about is Angela, Murtagh, Angela, Murtagh and again, and again and again. Even though it`s obvious that aou are not getting any new answer. I am sick of it. There are not even main characters of the series for the love of God!

    How about dwarves and king Orik? Elves? King Orrin?

    • Cdetour

      you need to calm down man. this one is centered on them because they will be playing huge roles throughout the next book. so in other words get over you self!!

  • The Doctor


    • bigmike

      wHOSE Doctor Who?

  • Sallystar6of7

    not as much as i hoped it would be, but like mike said, we are not satisfied until we know all.

  • firemonkey

    Yay, my question got asked!!!

  • The Green dragon

    Hey um i think i saw that mike posted that the podcast was coming out today, does anybody know when?

    • Anonymous

      He said most likely Sunday, but it really depends on when Bob can get it all edited and posted. so hopefully soon!

      • It’s done. It’s on iTunes right now and the post is almost complete.

        • Anonymous

          Bob, your my hero.

          • Melodia

            Yay 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I agree

  • Brisingrblade

    and on true names- knowing your true name gives u the power to command yourself to change, or to put defenses around it.

  • Brisingrblade

    some theories:
    does isidar mithrim contain any energy? it is very old and large, some dwarves might have done it.
    is the vault of souls where peoples souls go after they die? Eragon talks a lot about religion in the series, maybe there is a place outside alagaesia where EVERYONE’S soul goes after die, and eragon gains a lot of power there, being that deaths happen so often. it would also explain why a person’s energy fades after they die, because it goes there.
    And when Saphira hatched for Eragon, she grew pretty fast, but Eragon was still pretty young, so she only grew to about his age. So if Greenie hatches for Arya, who is REALLY old, would the dragon grow even faster to compensate? just theories

    • Anonymous

      Well I don’t see how te energy would still be there since it was shattered. and no where is it said that Saphira only grew to Eragon’s age, she grew at a normal pace for dragons: breathing fire around 5/6 months

      • Brisingrblade

        the energy could be in all the fragments, plus Saphira fixed it. But if greeni is going to play ANY part in the series, SOMETHING has to make him bigger.

        • Sticklegs_15

          or there is a time gap in the story

          • Arya<3

            but there’s not…

        • I can’t give you a page number, but I’m pretty sure that Oromis told Eragon that once a gem breaks, all it’s energy is released.

          • Sallystar6of7

            which would explain eragons extra energy.

    • Tristan S.

      omg, and remember when the sapphire was broken, Eragon, who was completely wiped out, found a new reserve of energy, what if it came from the sapphire. Unlikely, but would be pretty awesome 🙂

  • Rubydragon

    Perhaps the green dragon is related to Glaedr in some way( son, nephew, long lost baby brother)

  • Coasterking

    what is your guys time tabel for the last 2 podcasts and remaning big 20s?

    • Well the podcasts are all recorded now…sooooo, just when they’re edited and ready!

      • That’s awesome in a kind of sad way. Awesome because it means that Book 4 is almost here, but sad because it means the end is upon us

  • Saerina

    One question I want answered is that if you knew someone’s true name that was dead could you raise them from the dead?
    just wondering :]

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it. That would be too easy. While it’s hard to guess true names, I still thinks that that’s too simple a way to do it

  • Hey guys, has anyone been keeping a list of all the questions we’ve brought up on the podcast? I have some of them, but not all, and I won’t have time to listen to them all over again before we interview him. If you have them, email them to [email protected] and say podcast questions in the subject. THANKS! 

    • Coasterking

      i could try to listen and make one

    • War Rider

      May we include any decent questions that aren’t in the list?

  • Daniel S Emms

    Pools of Murtagh…. Shortys going to die. Or at least bleed profusely at some point in the book. And CP ‘I’ve said too much haven’t I’ etc hints to Murtaghs death as well I think. Thoughts? Murtagh gon’ bleeeeeeeed.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought!

      • Melodia

        ME TOO!! 
        I hope thats not what CP means 🙁

  • hoke

    wow i go home for the weekend and then the interview comes out. glad i could read it though and so glad that inheritance comes out so soon. i cant wait for the last 2 podcasts and big twenties!

  • Elena Shadeslayer

    the gold eye…. for some reason i think that glaedr’s elundari has something to do with the green dragon’s eye….

  • Ryebread757

    WHAT IF :O Saphira dies. Green dragon hatches for Eragon ( I don’t know if anyone has ever questioned CP about that possibility though..)The whereabouts of the Vault of Souls/Rock of (w/e) is going to be in the book Eragon got from Joed.Also, questions I have that I haven’t seen from others:Why, when Eragon shows Oromis his new sword, does he look away and ask, ‘I wonder…’.. What does he mean?Also, When Eragon is not in direct contact with Glaedr’s Eldurni(sp?) He doesn’t seem to be able to hear his thoughs (not including when Eragon got visions of his and Thorn’s fight) So how has Murtagh been able to use their power without touching them or seeming to be anywhere near them?

    • Matt S

      I highly doubt Saphira dies as she is alive in Eragon’s Guide to
      Alagaesia. Also, I’m pretty sure this question “Why, when Eragon shows
      Oromis his new sword, does he look away and ask, ‘I wonder…’.. What
      does he mean?” was asked in a previous interview although I’m not
      certain which one. And the last question, I don’t believe you have to be
      physically touching the Eldunari to speak with the dragon it belongs
      to. When Eragon was having those flashes into Glaedr and Oromis’s battle
      he wasn’t touching it. It was still in the cloth sack on Saphira’s

      • Arya<3

        Oh yeah this is another question, why did Eragon have those flahses?

        • Matt S

          No idea. I thought it might have had something to do with the stress and momentum of their respective battles. I might look through some of the old interviews tomorrow and see if that’s been asked before.

          • Arya<3

            Oh no it hasn’t, I’ve read all of them too 🙂

      • Ryebread757

        Well CP helped with the Guide right? But the Guide is only based on what we know now, and doesn’t include revelations held in the 4th book, or am I wrong? But when Eragon first got Glaedr’s Eldunari he could still feel Glaedr’s consciousness until he put it in the sack Oromis gave him, then I remember it saying something about him no longer being able to feel him? 

        • Dovahkiin

          It was my understanding that CP wrote the Guide and that it was based after the events after Inheritance. It did say all that when he first got the HoH. I won’t pretend to understand how it works, but I’m sure he wasn’t in physical contact with it during the battles, so I can assume that Murtagh is able to connect with his HoHs without physical contact as well.

          • Matt S


          • Ryebread757

            Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

      • Belgarion

        “I wonder…”  Like Ollivander in Harry Potter, when Harry gets the phoenix wand in Sorcerer’s Stone?

        • Ryebread757

          BTW, the Belgariad and the Melorian by David Eddings FTW!! >:D

    • Brisingrblade

      well, he probably wonders if eragon found the sword’s true name, or if his swords name is part of eragons true name? i dont know. And in Brisingr it said that in their battle that Murtagh had bundles of cords around his neck? probably has small eldunari stored all over his body, and glaedr’s eldunari was in saphira’s saddlebags, so thats how eragon heard glaedr, through Saphira.

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t really why everyone loves Angela, I don’t really like her that much as a character. Her powers and abilities seem a bit inconsistent: she is everywhere, has a werecat companion, and was apprenticed to Tenga, but she has trouble casting some spells and has to use poison to kill many soldiers. And about Eragon not being able to defeat her, i think that Saphira would just bite her head off, so that’d be it.

    • Dslfjdlsfjljl2

      Agreed.  And CP’s “she can do anything cause she’s uber-awesome, but you’ll never know why” answer to the questions are getting a bit annoying.  

      • Actually, I think that’s what makes the character most interesting. She’s a mysterious/undefined character who will (likely) never play a massive role in the books, but will always be there adding some humor/mystery to an otherwise serious situation. A lot of good stories have characters like this.

    • GregB

      We love her because she has a great wacky /mysterious personality and about her being a formidable foe, she was able to go ninja on us and sneak  into the Empire’s heavily guarded base, sabotage thoroughly, and sneak back out. Also, even if she has a hard time with magic, she claimed to be able to destroy the twins with her mind which is no mean feat.

  • a smart guy

    Alleluia. It’s finally up!

  • Emeric

    As to answer one the questions in the interview: Domia abr Wyrda has to play a part in Book 4, as Christopher himself has mentioned he would like that bokk as a cover for Inheritance if he had to pick an object from the story.

  • ethan

    what if eragon teleports his sword brisinger in to galbatorix it would be something he has overlooked in his wards and brisinger cuts thourgh wards so wouldnt it be a very cool moment then eragon says brinsinger and galby gets fried from the inside by his sword     

    • Anonymous

      I dont think that the method oromis taught him is accurate enough to be able to transport it directly into galbys body and he definitely would not have time.  But i like the idea.

      • bigmike

        What about the spell for shooting a rock? Modify, tweek, and accellerate using a flaming sword…….. hmmmm

    • Pearc231411

      he has wards aganst swords though… how ever i think teleporting will be very helpful to eragon in book 4. I think this because that is what type of magic eragon chose for orumis to teach him. as well its the reason eragon got saphira in the first place, so if u tie tht all together i think that teleporting will help eragon do something that changes the outcome of the book/saves his life/kills someone/helps him in some major way.

  • Ladin

    Mike?  Just wanted to let you know, our predictions competition article is ready, Thorin PMed it to you. 
    And Time Lord?  That throws a wrench in my theories.  -__-

    • Belgarion

      What’s a Time Lord?

  • timmy

    so other than the aging process explained, is it just me or was there nothing in this article?

  • Horsegal4ever

    Yay! It’shereit’shereit’shere! hehehe! 😀

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    November 8th is going to be the best day of the year! Mw3 and inheritance both pre-ordered and are coming out on the same day!  To top it all off there is no school!

    • Arya<3

      no school?

      • Anonymous

        Not for me but i live in michigan.

        • Arya<3

          what holiday? I live in cali

          • Anonymous

            No not a holiday.  Professional development.

          • Belgarion

            What kind of professional development?

          • Anonymous

            I dont no thats what it said in my planner.

    • Dovahkiin

      In my opinion, 11/08/11 will be the second best day of the year. 11/11/11 will be the best day.

      • Anonymous

        Why?  Because of Skyrim?

        • Dovahkiin

          Yea. Don’t get me wrong, I love this series and will enjoy Inheritance, but I’ll be done with the 1st read through by wednesday night and the 2nd read through will probably last a week. Maybe. Skyrim on the other hand will entertain me for months. 

          • Anonymous

            Thats true but i am still enjoying oblivion.

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    Duuuuuuude…this story is gonna be EPIC!!!!

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    less than 10 days till Inheritance!!! I should probably go order a copy sometime soon

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  • Rubydragon

    What can we do in 9 days?

    • The two podcasts, the two Big Twenty articles (or is that one? I lost count), wrap up final theories, arrange schedules so we have more time to read, for students like me finish up your homework early, listen to Eragon related songs as you sit and think of the time you’ve had in Alagaesia.

      • BigRed

        More like 4 big twenties, I went back and I’m pretty sure there have only been 16 big twenty articles. I may be wrong though

        • There will be two more Big Twenty articles.

          • Belgarion

            It wasn’t the Big Twenty, huh?  More like the Big Fifteen?

            Sorry, that was a bit mean.  Anyway, I like how you manage to have CP tell a bit about how dragons have lived in other lands.  Is it possible that the mistake that made the elves leave Alalea could have had something to do with dragons?  CP says in the Domia Abr Wyrda excerpt in Eldest that the elves have “preserved maps and lore describing the continent from which they emigrated across the ocean.”

    • Anonymous

      Play double xp on black ops this weekend and get the token if you prestige for mw3 to unlock something early.

      • Irock13198

        i already am trying 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I am like level 42 so 8 more levels to go before i prestige again.

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    I can’t believe that we’re in the single digits! That was an awesome interview, thanks for putting up with all the “where’s the interview??!” mike

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    OMG 9 MORE DAYS!!! =)

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      I know! I can’t believe it! I’m soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    AMAZING! I don’t know if i can wait any longer…ah, Nov 8th please come faster!!

  • GregB

    Totally off topicbut thanks for recommending Ready Player one. I just pulled an all-nigher,  and finished it in one go. It’s also my favorite book now. 🙂

    • So glad to hear you liked it! What an awesome book, eh? I’ll be re-reading soon I’m sure 😀

    • AJ

      Are You Ready?

  • Arya Dröttningu

    Thanks, Mike!!! I love this interview and I’m talking about this in spanish websites about Inheritance Cycle!! I just can’t wait… Now, I’m thinking about the original fates of Eragon, Roran, Nasuada, Arya and Islanzandi, and I’m wondering about the new one… I only expect one of my theories is correct….

  • guest

    I have not yet even read it, but …. yay….finally! 🙂

  • Helen Beddis

    You asked him about two of my theories!! I’m so excited right now

  • Vandalism286

    Why has IF crashed??!

    • I’m not having any issues with IF. What’s the problem for you?

  • Oh man, these 9 days just got a whole lot longer 😛

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    I know this doesn’t pertain to the topic but IF is not working for me.  I am a member and for some reason whenever I try to open up the website it tells me that “There appears to be an error with the database.”  I do not know if I am the only one that is experiencing this, but just wanted to let you guys know.  Hope you can fix it.

    Thank You

    • Are you still experiencing this issue? The boards are working fine for me.

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        I just checked, and the forums are working fine.  Who knows what it could have been.  Anyway, thank you for this wonderful interview!  It was great! 🙂

    • Unrelated, but I love your name 😀

  • Mr-x

    Also regarding Arya and Eragons fate together secretly i believe arya does like eragon except i believe she has been tasked by Islanzadi to protect him until galbatorix has been cast down from his Black Citadel she may have sworn to Islanzadi in the ancient language that she will not act on her feelings for eragon until the fate of alageasia is Set In Stone I.E the varden and elves victorious or galbatorix standing as ruler over all of alegeasia. comments please.

    • Arya Dröttningu

      I think that you’re correct, and I sure at least 33 fans from Spain and South America think exactly the same…

  • Mr-x

    Ok so does anyone know if their is going to be a midnight release for inheritance in Australia?

    • This is something you’ll want to get in touch with your local Australian book stores about, as it varies from store to store.

      • Mr-x

        alright sweet thanks mike will do just wanted to see if anyone knew on here first also have you ever seen any of my theories if so i wouldn’t mind your thoughts on any you’ve seen

  • Hang

    Thanks Mike! Please let more Murtagh = less Roran and Nasuada.   I would hate for Inheritance to be divided one third Eragon, one third Murtagh, and the last third Roran/Nasuada.

    • Mr-x

      Whoa whoa you can’t keep roran out his one of the best characters

      • EragonandMurtagh

        i think that roran is really cool and totaly awsome but murtagh is soooooooooooooo much better.

  • Guest

    I guess the only bad thing about this is that the podcast will most likely be released a little later.  But the fact that everyone will finally shut up about the interview outweighs that.

    • The podcast won’t be up until Sunday, most likely. It features Michelle Frey, Christopher’s editor, and it’s a brilliant episode. Christopher won’t be joining us until next weekend (however we record with him on Sunday).

      • Coasterking

        so does this mean the fan compition to get on the show was canceled and is episode 19 recorded?

        ps whats your big 2o plan theres only been 17 i think

        • Random House did not have time to launch the fan competition, but there will be another competition to win a spot on our Book 4 show and co-host (again) with Michelle Frey, Christopher’s editor.

  • Kaylee

    Yay! Thank you Mike. I know you have no control over when things are released, I’m just sorry it took so long. In any event, I’m so happy its here!

    By the way… with the pools of Murtagh that we can expect… Murtagh’s POV, anyone?

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    This has nothing to do with the interview but did you guys notice that Shurtugal passed 10,000 likes on Facebook 

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  • Sorry for the wait — it was out of my control. But it was worth it, I think. Loved the interview.

    • Coasterking

      thanks mike for this and all the work you do for us fans its been a great journy through the course of the books and cant wait to see what series you pick for another fan site when this over you make the void between books so much more barable.

      • Instead of picking just one series to follow, I picked every series out there — and we now cover them on Lytherus.com. Highly worth checking out, I promise!

    • The Green dragon

      Hey do you know when the random buzzers contest will be on?

    • Hey Mike, have the Inheritance forums gone down? Or is it just me that can’t access them?

      • I’m not seeing the issues you guys are mentioning… are they still down for you?

        • No, i just checked and i can get back on now, i just couldn’t last night or early this morning. No worries 🙂

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    I guess that answers my question. Now what do I complain about?

    • I don’t know, I’m almost going to miss the constant “Where is the interview??” comments. Maybe, for ole time’s sake, we should keep up with it?

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        Where’s the interview?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Arya<3

      maybe, “whens inheritance gonna come out”