One Week…

Gather your sword, Alagaesians: we have less than a week to go! Now tell us: Who will die?

  • Vrail

    I just realized what if the vault of souls is where galbatorix it keeping the eldonari? (The Heart Of Hearts)

  • guest

    Arya will become the next rider and then her dragon and saphira will marry so that will give a reason for her and eragon to marry, so i don’t think she will die. I think murtagh and thorn will sacrifice themselves. Maybe angela and elva. Probably islanzadi. If galbatorix doesn’t die somebody’s gonna get hurt. And orik better not die.

  • Haris

    All the old people are dying so Islanzadi should die and also I think that Murtagh might possibly die though I hate it :/

  • Brom

    I think that the menoa tree will make Eragon make the entire race of dragons leave. It would make sense because the part about dragons burning trees. I think she also stole his true name when he felt that tinge in his stomach. That’s how she’ll force Eragon.

  • Emera

    I think that Murtagh will change his true name by stealing the green egg and will regain the Varden’s trust. Then the egg will hatch for Wolfeyes. I think that Eragon and Nasuada are the ones getting on the ship, Saphira and Thorn are the dragons, and Murtagh is RIDING Thorn, so you can’t see him. And Roran is out crying on the shore because Katrina died. I think Elva will learn to fight but she’ll die. I think that Arya will die. And Orik ( D:).

    • hello

      saphira would never date thorn! i like ur ideas but they wont happen. I dont see Nasuada marrying eragon, she doesnt trust magicians. And eragon doesnt want a mortal wife

      • Emera

        You never know… 

    • guest

      thats to many deaths in one book so i doubt all of them but probably a few

  • Vickytemps

    I think Galbatorix will die (obviously) and some of them less well known characters, possibly Angela too. I’m fairly sure since Galbatorix gets his power from Dragon eggs, Eragon will draw strength from the Vault of Souls to defeat Galbatorix.

  • predictor

    clearly murtagh is going to pull a darth vader and overthrow the emperor to help out his half brother

  • Qbbie

    Why is everybody scraping the arya dies theory just because you don’t like it? CP is unpredictable and everybody expects her to live hence her dieing. Is arya ever confirmed to be alive in the guide? No I don’t think so. I think galbatorix will kill her and eragon will kill galbatorix because of that. Pure speculation but it’s something that I think people should think about

    • NS

      It would make sense. His first magic ever came when he was wrapped up in emotion. So he’d be so caught up in grief and anger, he’d get reckless. The hardest person to kill is the one who’s ready to die, as soon as he kills you. He’d take risks Galbatorix wouldn’t. So he’d win that way. Makes perfect sense. But if Arya dies, who’s the woman on the ship?

  • woflbane

    i bet that the meona tree is going to make eragon leave forever.what else would?

  • Serimoutcast

    you know, this is kind of unrelated and i just fournd it in eragon, but vrael beat galbatorix and the forsworn all at once, and only lost cus he hesitated in killing galby. my question is why has no one figured out how he did it? my gues is the vault of souls contains a message from vrael to the next rider, and he left it while recovering on the of chance galby killed him while recovering. oh and for the sake of deaths nasuada should die so roran can be king 😛

    • Sean Coker

      Well galbotrix was a lot weaker then.

      • hello

        yea he had like 3 eldunari not 300

  • Emily Leubecker

    I think Nasuada will die.

  • Madelyi

    Arya, or whoever the gree rider is. Eragon never mentions another rider in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia, and there will be an elven death. I don’t like it, but it is quite likely.

  • The_Spaniard

    Who will die? Galby, and (maybe muratagh)
    I think muratagh because in book 1 Saphira did something to zar’roc and I think it might have something to do with it.

    • NS

      She didn’t do anything to it. It was just the response of the sword’s magic to her magic. She could make Brisingr ripple too if she wanted to. It doesn’t mean anything. Remember, Eragon used the sword too, so it can’t be damaged.

  • Anonymous

    I think elain will die. I also have a feeling that Sloan will have a part in the last book, else Christopher would’ve killed him off a while back. I hope he doesn’t try to kill rorans kid.

  • I’m thinking that Roran will become king. It’s obvious, especially since he displays such great leadership skills. Also, the fact that he cant use magic makes him a popular choice by others (no risk of another eternal tyrant). Plus it was noted that he doesn’t take orders well. If he’s the highest rank, he’ll have no issue with obedience. 

    Something else, not sure if I read this somewhere (if I did sorry I can’t credit you, but i don’t remember) but point is, the spine… whys it called the spine? Why does everyone fear it? Did it not say at some point dragons could grow to the size of and be mistaken for small mountains? What if the spine is literally a spine, of a dragon? I was thinking possibly Bid’Daum? After all these years it could easily have grown to that size? And when Galby lost his army, maybe because a freaking dragon beasted them?Also, Angela, Nasuada, and Elva all need to die. They are all more than annoying at this point.

    • A point I left out, didn’t it also say at some point that the old mad king settled in Palancar Valley? Roran is probably a descendant of him. Plus with his baby, he’ll already have an heir.

    • sundavar

      good point but runon the smith was alive before bid daum even hatched wouldnt she know about it 

  • Magpie

    Who do I think will die? Blodgharm. Possibly Elva.
    Who do I hope will die? Saphira. (le gasp!) It won’t happen BUT I CAN DREAM!
    I doubt Angela will die as she’s based on Christopher’s sister, and if he essentially kills off his sister… I can’t imagine him being all too popular in the Paolini household for some time!
    I also rather hope it turns out the original Eragon is alive in some form or another. Unlikely but I hope.

  • Belgarion

    Not me.  Hopefully Galby.

  • inheri

    i believe it will at the very least be orik, horst, murtagh and nasuada, and jormundur

  • Dwarf King

    People keep saying Eragon and/or Saphira.  Let’s stop the madness.  They are both alive in Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia and CP states this is written post inheritance so the will not die.  Let’s not take up anymore space with that nonsense.  CP also said that the death made him cry so it has to be a character that he has developed and loves so this narrows the field even further.  Would Galby’s death bother CP?  Probably not.  I say the leaders in the death race are Nasuada, Arya, or (and I hate to say this because I love this character) Orik.  Runners up are Murtagh, Angela, or Horst.

    Let the ripping begin…

    • Fp

      I know what you mean.  Also part of the reason why I was pretty upset when CP released “Guide to Alagaesia”  You see a few characters in there that show they make it through the series.   Wish he had finished the series first.  Knowing Eragon and Saphira will come out just find kinda damages the suspense a little for me.

    • Lil Uhura

      Don’t forget Islanzadi.  She’s still alive in the Guide and yet people still insist that she’ll be the one to die.

      • hello

        thats y i didnt read the guide. duh
        im so pumped i cant wait!

        • Fp

          That’s why CP Shouldn’t have doe the guide i the first place 😛

  • Lunth002

    i think that eragon will tell murtugh about brom then kill him and then reverse the spells making thorn look grown so that his only like a meter tall. Because if you think about it Brom loved morzan but then morzan came evil and brom killed him, its like an echo first that happened now eragons going to kill murugh therefore i don’t think that eragon will kill galbaterix maybe eragon finds the vault of souls and its got all of the dragon hearts in it eragon then asks permission to release them of there pain and suffering there for leaving galbaterix normal. not knowing it he tries a spell and kills him self its just a idea    

    • Emily sasaki

      Nice catch. I never saw that.

    • The_Spaniard

      Galbatorix doesnt know where the vault of souls is…

  • Dalton Senft

    Now dont jump down my throat and i dont know if it has been said yet, but mabe this green dragon everyones going on about is a wild dragon? I was reading the awsome big twenty article and i saw the one question was about the green dragon egg shards on the crags of tel whatever, and CP said no comment on if it was the green dragon on the cover or not… So what if it was a lost dragon egg and it had recently hatched because i remmber reading in one ofthe books that dragons can stay in their eggs as they wish! It makes sense!! Now please reply with all the stuff i overlooked! Lol

    • a smart guy

      CP said that there aren’t any wild dragons in another interview. Sorry.

      • Blue Hourigan

        It was also confirmed that those shards were just a coincidence.

        • Anonymous

          Actually he said ‘no comment’. I think it’s a bit of a habit of his lol

  • Kelly

    I defintely think Izlanzadi
    I hope not Murtagh or Thorn but possibly
    And I’m going to add Saphira, simply out of a gut feeling

    • Emily sasaki

      I totally agree. Christopher also says that an elf will die in the book. What other elf is an option that’s important enough to be recognized in an interview, other than the queen herself? She’ll die, then Arya will have to face the choice of whether or not she wants to be queen or not. its her own little INHERITANCE from her mother. she also brings up in the books that Elvin royalty are not forced to take the throne. This is important since she brought it up in the first place. The book club podcast goes quite into this topic in one of the episodes. ARya has some tough choices to make.

  • spine88

    i think Galbatorix will die. also Arya’s mom. Can’t spell without the book in front of me :p. Birgit. and thorn

  • Rscpplayer

    Murtagh and Galbatorix for sure. Don’t ask why. I just think so

  • Becca357

    I’m afraid Murtagh will die… but I don’t want him to! He’s my favorite character!

  • Seththomas93

    i think that katrina will die, and possibly murtagh during the battle between eragon and galbatorix i think eragon will get in trouble and murtagh will jump in front of the killing blow or something.

  • N0rric

    Roran dies, I saw exerpt on either Walmart, or Amazon or something that read about Bloodgarm (SP) killed a magician at the foot of a tower and a crack had appeared, and the crack was growing bigger and making a terrible loud noise which had Eragon and Arya (and all the other elves) hands clamped to their ears. Then the tower starts to fall and Eragon shouts for the Varden to get out of the way but Roran gets stuck behind a group of them and cant make it and it said that he gave a smile at Eragon then it ends the page with “And then the tower fell”

    so unless some fricken BS on Chris’s part Roran is a gonner. (which makes me very upset but I feel is needed if Eragon is to leave Alegasia forever)

    • Seththomas93

      you never know that exerpt could have been a dream or something.

    • Bromsson

      While I can see how you would arrive at that conclusion, I have to disagree with you. I believe that Roran will use magic to escape from this fate.

      First of all, Eragon, Brom, and Selena were all capable of using magic. While Eragon and Brom can largely thank the fact that they were Riders for this ability, Selena did not share this trait. Selena technically also shares the most genetically with Roran, being Garrow’s sister. It seems probable that Roran would also eventually be able to use some form of magic.

      Second, Eragon was first able to use magic while in an extreme situation. He was able to feel the magic flow over him, and simply stated “brisingr” without even knowing the meaning of the word. From the situation described above, Roran seems to be in a severe amount of trouble, so I can see him being to able to tap into the flow of magic as well. He also knows “steinr risa”, so should be able to escape from the wall of stone.

      Third, this book has been wildly anticipated for a number of years now. There has been hundreds of questions asked of CP, and many of which have been responded with a simple “No comment”. I seriously doubt that he would let slip the information that such a major character would die before the book itself was released. I could, however, see him letting information like that slip if it were to set up a big surprise, like Roran using magic for the first time to escape the wall.

      So Roran will survive this skirmish at least…..probably. We will know for sure next week.

      • 3 days… tell the end

        … i think Christopher purposefully made it so that Roran cant use magic.. to show us a “real” Hero someone who does incredible things but is a mortal, mundane man.. i would like to think is Roran dies that he would do so with a smile on his face… idk thats how i feel

        • Emily sasaki

          Nice. I totally agree with that. The magic is what made Eragon a hero. If not for that, he’d still be a farm boy. he’s still totally amazing, but Roran gives us some reality to the story. a true hero, fighting for his family and friends, not that Eragon isn’t doing that either. They’re both awesome characters that contrast eachother. 

    • Aj_aykboom

      this excerpt is from 1st chapter while in 4th kings cat roran is said to be standing near angela so i dont know about magic but roran is to hardy to die in condition said bye you

    • GUEST

      Hint hint, he was standing in a doorway. the wall will fall around him but he’ll survive. Do you think that CP would kill off Roran in the 1st chapter?

    • Kat

      If you’ve ever seen Aladdin, the part where the tower is rolling towards him and he survives by crouching where the window comes down. probably something similar to that. The ‘stenr risa’ theory also possible, with all of that Action Hero Roran going on during brisingr he’s definitely got an unusual amount of energy/willpower.

  • Anonymous

    Galbatorix, Murtagh, and Izlandzadi will die.

  • Buzzergirl94

    Roran will die. I am convinced. 
    Roran or Katrina.

  • Matt S

    I’m gonna go with thorn. Thorn dies, this changes murtagh’s true name sufficiently that he turns on galbatorix and assists eragon in slaying him.

  • stroodle910

    Galbatorix will die

  • my prediction is that Rhunon will die. I think that she will leave Ellesmera and fight against Galbatorix to help Eragon. Maybe she’ll be the reason he wins but will die in the end by the hand of Galbatorix. then Eragon will have to use his knowledge of making swords to teach the new line of riders how to make them. Then all the new riders swords will be powerful because they will have been made by the rider who uses it!

  • my prediction is that Rhunon will die. I think that she will leave Ellesmera and fight against Galbatorix to help Eragon. Maybe she’ll be the reason he wins but will die in the end by the hand of Galbatorix. then Eragon will have to use his knowledge of making swords to teach the new line of riders how to make them. Then all the new riders swords will be powerful because they will have been made by the rider who uses it!

  • Arselona

    I don’t know why the interviewers just assume that everyone loves Roran and Angela.They are the most distorted characters I’ve ever come across.Angela especially is given far too much air-time in my view,who does she think she is,not helping the Varden against the threat of Elva?She might be a good fighter and a decent(though not powerful)spell-caster,but her dialogues are lame,her supposed wit is nonsense (God only knows what’s funny about the question “Are all toads frogs?”) and in general I find her a dead bore.In fact,beyond her use as Elva’s keeper(which is now redundant) she serves a not-so-useful purpose for the Varden.

    • Vrael

      I agree completely. But sadly in one of the interviews CP said that Angela is going to play a “big role” and could “easily kill Eragon”. CP has gaven her too much, I believe for for a small/unessicary character.

    • Aj_aykboom

      well angela has diffrent and weird way of thinking in a good way and that is why she is essential tool for eragon to succed not to be loved or ruled or kept upon

    • I diagree because her role as elva’s keeper is not redundant as she is the only one that can stop elva from knowing all her fears and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Solembum will die. and so will Islanzadi, forcing Ayra to become queen, Elva will be the new rider, and thorn will die after they join Eragons side. And probably Orrin too.

    • bella ♥ vita

      Arya has zero obligation what so ever to rule in the event of Islanzadi’s death and has already expressed that she has no desire to do so. According to the books, the elves only want a leader that willingly wishes to rule them. Therefore she could never be forced to become queen.

    • 3 days… tell the end

      if elva becomes a new rider that would screw the hole story up…. id put it down and not finish.

    • Fp

       If Islanzadi dies then CP would need to scrap his “Guide at Alageasia book since he mentions she is alive and well then.  Perhaps people are taking the “Inheritance” title to literally?  I personally think the concept of Inheritance is going to be directly tied to Eragon and the VoS.  He will inherit something there form his ancestry.

      • Lil Uhura

        Thank You!!  I’ve been saying until I’ve been blue in the face that Islanzadi won’t die, yet people still insist that she does despite empirical evidence to the contrary in the Guide.

        • Fp

          Again, It’s all because everyone reads to much into the title without looking at the subtitle part.  The full name of the book is “Inheritance: The Vault of Souls” I believe.  I think the inheritance element is going to have ore to do with the Vault of souls then anything else.  Mostly, people just don’t like it when someone else and throws a huge monkey wrench in their theory 😛

  • Mitchicp

    ahhh waited 3 years but its this 5 days that are gonna kill


    I know everyone likes Angela, but man i hate her. She’s so presumptious and assumes sh is better than everyone else. So she WILL die 😛

    • Vrael

      I agree I hate her as a character and what you said sums up why, Im crossing my fingers for an early death:)

      • Obviously

         she is chris’ sister’s wish fulfillment fantasty. i bet she bullied him into giving her a bigger role.

  • YourLiver

    I know one person for sure. Me, IF THIS WEEK DOES NOT GO FAST!

    Also, Mike, if you see this please reply and say you have! I have some questions for you, and if I could contact you by email that would be great. Let us just say if all goes well with my imagination, a new writer may be born and this “New Writer” May need some help from an epic person *Cough* in a few years. As for my possible series, I have some shadowy characters (As in they are pretty much black fill ins, not sure of anything but basic ideas, not into characters yet but I have some custom species and one main character kind of thought out so far) in a basic plot, along with some pretty cool ideas for the world I shall create. So, if you could, email me at [email protected] (My junk email, I’ll likely give you my actual one if you contact me there so it does not get spammed.) that would be epic!!

    Thanks a ton if you read this Mike and I hope I am able to speak with you soon!  ^_^

    • YourLiver

      Stupid thing, my email is Silent_Howl @ (Without spaces)

  • guest

    i think eragon is gonna be killed by galby and murtagh is gonna be so upset about seeing his old friend die he will change his true name and kill galby, then saphira is going to go so insane from grief she is going to bring eragon back to life

    • CrimsonInferno

      Impossible. The Guide book speaks of Eragon and his dragon as being okay. The guide book confirmed he will not not, nor his dragon.

  • Murtagh

    Eragon: Lives

    Saphira: Lives

    Roran: Lives

    Katrina: Lives

    Murtagh: Lives

    Thorn: Dies (Maybe Thorn’s death could change Murtagh’s true

    Arya: Dies (I’ve never particularly liked her.)

    Islanzadi: Dies

    Blodhgarm: Lives

    Angela: Lives (She’s the Time Lord, isn’t she?)

    Elva: Dies (She seemed doomed from the beginning)

    Nasuada: Dies (I agree with Chris, Nasuada will die!)

    Birgit: Lives

    Galbatorix: Dies

    Shruikan: Dies

    Nar Garhzvog: Lives

    Orik: Lives

    Sloan: Lives

    Trianna: Dies

    Orrin: Lives

    Glaedr’s Eldunari: Lives

    Jeod: Dies

    Helen: Lives

    Vanir: Dies (I think he’ll sacrifice himself to save Eragon)

    Tenga: Dies

    Elain: Lives

    • Murtagh

      Oops, sorry. I didn’t realize there’d be all those spaces when I posted it. 

      • Mr-x

        I agree with Vanir sacrificing himself for eragon i actually believe he will replace an elf in eragon’s guard

        • Shurtugal-guest XD

          Yeah, I think that may be true. Blodgarm (or sth like that) anyway, the leader-elf could transform himself into a fish (he said so in Brisingr he maybe would). Then Vanir could replace him.

      • Emily sasaki

        I think blodhgarm will die, then Vanir will replace him. And that covers the comment Christopher made in an interview about how there will be an elvin death in the 4th book. And Arya cannot die. Neither can her mother. Her mom is mentioned in present tense in The Guide to Alagaesia and Arya just can’t die. I would eat my book then go sit in a corner. she’s awesome!

    • yiipppiiygustowesto

      I knew the Doctor would somehow make it to Alegasia!

    • Guest #1

      arya lives…. and so does triana… u killed off all the sexy people 😛

  • Vraèl

    Honestly i hops its angela, i just dont really enjoy her much as a character ( even though i know she will live) and i hate the big role and power she will have in book 4 ( CP said so) . she just seems like an unnessisary addition

  • I’m 12 and what’s this?

    As I said a week ago…
    ~ I’m 99,9% sure Murtagh will experience death by spikes.
    ~ Elain – she will die after giving the birth.
    ~ Nasuada – idk I just think she will die. Or at least she will get seriously injured.
    ~ Elva – GOD I HATE HER. She’s SO annoying, I hope she will die.
    ~ Brigit – I think she will die trying to kill Roran.
    ~ Islanzadi – idk why, I want her dead. 😀

    Now I have 2 theories about Galby:
    ~ Galby will die;
    ~ The same as Zach Kliger: “I think it’s more likely that we’ll see an Avatar: The Last Airbender
    style of stripping him of his powers, but leaving him alive.”

    • I have absolutely no clue why, but when I read what you wrote about Elva, I burst out laughing. ;D I 110% agree.

  • Shanar

    Hm… Unfortunantly, It seems inevitable that Murtagh will die. Izlanzadi is also a likely candidate. I would like to see an elvish funeral. If the queen dies, it would be all the more dramatic. Also… Bridgit (spelling?) may try to pull something on Roran’s kid. Maybe she dies in the process.

    • Obviously

      islandzadi will definitely die. it’s obvious, it’s all about the parents getting killed off and the children inherating the world.

      it’s in the freaking name of the book lol

      • Emily sasaki

        Although i see where you’re coming from, totally, I have to disagree. In The Guide to Alagaesia, Izlanzadi is spoken of in the present tense, so she survives… At least that’s what logic says, but my is still seeing your idea. i’m not sure, Im torn in two by  both theories… We’ll just have to wait 3 more days to find out!

    • Look! A Narwhal!

      I don’t think she’ll try to hurt their kid. From the past books it seems that she cares too much for children to do this, regardless of who their parent is.

      I personally think she’ll die during a battle, so Roran will be freed from their little vendetta.

  • Saphira…pause…not!
    Seriously probs nasuada and katrina, but I think that that is quite weak, if he’s got any guts it should be Arya and Thorn.

  • Anonymous42

    right, one week… It’s gonna be at least until Nov. 30th until the originall one is released on Brazil… Anyway, Nasuada stays alive, but Thorn and/or Murtagh will likely die. It has to be someone major to bring Christopher to tears…

    • bella ♥ vita

      Not necessarily, Angela was based on his own sister so her death could certainly bring him to tears although I doubt its her, but also keep in mind that these are characters that he’s been immersed in writing since he was 15 years old. That’s an extremely long time and most authors grow very attached to almost every single character they’ve created especially those from their first book even more so than we fans do. Almost any main or supporting character’s death could bring him to tears. With that said, unfortunately I’ve got the worst feeling that at least Murtagh or Thorn will die if not both, however I’m hoping they both live.

  • Saphira…not!

    • Piggeh

      idk why but I have a strange feelin bout this. CP likes to su surprise us.
      I think Saphira’s death caused CP to shed a few tears.

      Still, if Saphira dies, I’m going to rip CP’s head off. D:<

  • GlaedrIsBeast

    I have waited for ever for november 8th and even tho its 5 days away i still cant wait. I think Nasuada and possibly Aria will die.

  • Meh

    Nasuada and Elva.

    If there is a god, he will do this for me.

  • HB

    i really dont know whose going to die. Galbatorix hopefully 🙂

    something else i want to know, and i hope will be adressed in the book, is: What does Bid’Daum mean in the ancient language?

    • gabs345

      was that the name of a dragon?

      • Kynlea

        Yea, that was the name of the first Eragon’s dragon.

  • Awesomeh95

    I would very much appreciate it, if Elva died. She annoys me, as she overrates her own power.

  • Night Angel Kage

    EVERYONE! No, I’m not sure……

  • Olver_james

    pretty sure nassuada will die doing something noble for the vardon. and i strongly feel that roran will me left to be king because he will be the only mortal left out of the mains

  • Anonymous

    My Wildeye Predictions…..
    Elva will be the Green Rider. She has suffered so much, this would seem right and just.Nasuada and Murtagh will die together in each others arms after revealing their true feelings for each other.The woman with the wrist scars is Selena.Kuthian is a foresworn dragon’s name. But the rock of Kuthian is Brom’s tomb.Roran will return to Palankar ValleyTenga will provide the key to the undoing of Galbatorix.Eragon will find love with a yet unnamed, but mentioned/described character (in Brisinger)Joed become King of Aleegasia, after having an awesomely sucessful adventure!

    • Callum

      Your a friggin genious!!!!!

    • bella ♥ vita

      But why would Brom’s tomb be named after one of the Forsworn’s dragons and who would’ve named his tomb in the first place let alone name it something like that?

      • Mr-x

        also to add to it they couldn’t name it if it was one of the forsworn’s dragons

    • But how could Brom’s tomb be named after one of the Forsworn’s dragons since the dragons who were not in the Forsworn banished their names (or something like that) making it so that nobody would remember or be able to say their names out loud?

      • Garyhatch

        Its a prediction based ob the idea that the referral to the rock of Kuthian was a prophecy; the “rock” was created by Saphira, but its origin is tied to Dragon Kuthian. The “clue” I am working on is that no one can remember what/who Kuthian is, though they think that they should.  

  • Fp

    I think Thorn will die.  My theory is that Thorn will be the first to change his true name as opposed to Murtagh.  Thorn will change his name by sacrificing his life in order to save Murtagh.   Though we haven’t seen it yet, I believe the two of them have a ridiculously strong bond, and that Thorn desperately wishes to break free of Galbys control.  I believe this sacrifice will bring about Murtagh changing his own true name.

    It is likely Galby will die though it would be nice to see a different course of action take place.  After all Eragon has had other constant moral dilemmas.  I would like to see him wrestle with something that has real substance to it.  Maybe he is placed in the position of needing to kill Murtagh in order to get to Galby? 

    I would like to see Nasuada die mostly because I don’t really care for he as a character.  She’s not nearly as clever or strong as others make her out to be.

    I’m more bumbed out of the people who we know for certain will not die.  Eragon, Saphira, Islanzadi, and Gladrs HoH

    As a side not the VoS is not a huge stash of eldunari.  CP hints that no one has found out the secret to that place, and I for one would be really disappointed of it is that anticlimactic.

    • Kellykirkpeet

      I think that Eragon will do something similar to Aang; who took all the fire lord’s power at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender; to Galby. So Galby wont die, but to Galby it would be something even worse then death 

      • Fp

        Interesting though, but I honestly doubt it.  CP gets enough heat as is for his stories seeming to similar to previous works.  If he did that it may just fuel the fires more.  While I would like something more complex than, “Meet Galby for the first time only to die”  I think there is a strong likelyhood that that’s what will happen.  I would be very happy if I was wrong on that though 🙂

    • bella ♥ vita

      It would completely break my heart for Thorn to die because it would just be so damn unfair (I know, life’s not fair) so I’m rooting for both Thorn and Murtagh to live, but I have to admit if he does have to die I think what you just described would be the best way for him to go or at least a way I could live with anyway. I’d still cry like an idiot, but I wouldn’t be so mad I’d feel like throwing my book across the room like a few other characters’ deaths (or actions) in other series have made me feel like doing. I agree, if anything would change Murtagh’s true name at this point I think without question that losing Thorn would be it.

      • Fp

        I agree it would be pretty sad, but I think the ending could use a little bitter sweet element to it.  Thanks for responding so kindly to my post by the way.  The guy below you seemed to prefer a very different method.

      • Saerina

        I SO agree with you on that point!
        I also have read a lot of series that have gone wrong on the last page, it just makes me SOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!
        But, I’d be really mad if Thorn died.
        My theory on Thorn is that he and Saphira are related.
        My reasoning is that if you look at the pictures of Thorn and Saphira they both have the same scales and shape to them.
        Glaedr and Greeni could be related because of their eye color, scales, and minor things like that.

        • Fp

          I think people put a little to much stock into the book covers with the dragons.  Also, I’m not sure if I would go so far as to say I would be mad if Thorn dies.  Just more realistic.  In a war of this magnitude there are casualties.  Some are fair, others aren’t.  It would be upsetting, but I would have even more respect for CP for being realistic in aspects like that.  If he kills off Thorn, that won’t make the book bad to me, just weightier in terms of depth.

    • ObviouslyYouTwat

      omg you’re so stupid. Islandzadi will die for sure, you fucking moron. The entire story is about killing off the parents and having the kids inherit the earth. It’s in the fucking name of the book! 

      I will post a picture of my eating a turd if she lives. I promise. My name is David Carey and I live at 14 Chambers Street, Dunedin, New Zealand.

      Seriously. I promise.

      P.S – You’re so stupid.

      • Fp

        In the Guide to Alagaesia CP mentions Islanzadi is alive and well and still ruling the elves.  (Anyone care to jump in and back me up on this?)  Get your facts straight before you call someone a moron.  People like you is the reason why others don’t enjoy posting.  When you feel like apologizing just let me know.

  • Sachin Pande

    murtagh and galby

  • gabs345

    murtagh. nuff said. 

  • Evros

    ok something irrelevant now…..
    does anyone knowns when thw y gonna translate the book in greek???

  • Anonymous

    Birgit will die when she tries to kill Roran.

  • Rachel C

    In keeping with the theme of inheritance, I think that Islanzadi will die, but Arya will only succeed her of she doesn’t become rider. Galbatorix will also die, or else be banished/descend into madness and wander the Hadarac desert forever. Nasuada is destined to die, but only once the Varden have vanquished the Empire, in a final skirmish or as a casualty that dies later, because she is such a good wartime leader, regardless of how awful she is for whipping Roran, etc. None of the dragons will die except for Shruikin.

    • Obviously

       Nasuada will not die. Not a chance.

  • funnyguy69

    Roran will die i’m 76.333% sure that this will happen.  Why?  Well if you look at his loser/douche ratio it is easy to see a 1:2 comparison.  However, his theoretical loser/douche ratio is much higher than the actual being a 3:4.  Now if you simply calculate the % yeild of his loser qualities compared to his douchiness one can definetly see a trend.  Then all you have to do is find the derivative of that trend and find the minimum value of his possiblity of death.

    Roran also has aides…not the helpful kind

    • Urlaubalexander

      What are you talking about? Roran is awesome! And how is he a loser if he has a gf and can kill everyone/be a leader without the help of magic?

      • snowlight silent night

        i agree roran is awesome

        • funnyguy69

          i don’t agree

      • Obviously

         betamale detected.

      • funnyguy69

        guess what you can still be a loser even if you got a girl and special powers, just like harry potter.

    • Dragon2003

      You’re just jealous of Roran’s awesomeness! Roran is not a loser!

      • funnyguy69

        jealous of roran’s overbite i don’t think so

  • VisualBurrito

    I think Katrina might die because Roran made the promise that if they were both captured by Galby and only one of them could leave, then he would not ask her to leave.

    • Rachel C

      when did he say that?

      • Matt S

        In Eldest when they were still in Carvahall and he asks her to hide in the Spine.

  • Michael

    Islanzadi or Murtagh but I hope its Islanzadi

    • gabs345

      i feel like its both 

      • Obviously

         definitely islanzadi. maybe murties, depends. i think thorn might die and he’s REAL gutted but he is freed from galbies when he dies but leaves with eragon on that ship from his book1 dream.

        i bet $25.

  • Saerina

    all of the characters in the books are there for a reason.
    Nasuada because she can unite all of the rationalities, so she will probably be queen.
    She isn’t as power hungry as you think her to be.
    Eragon, as the main character, needs to be the go betweeen for Nasuada and has a billion things to take care of as the only free dragon rider.
    Murtagh+Thorn are both needed for a twist in the story, and Nasuada might marry Murtagh.
    Eragon and Arya will probably get married and Saphira and Greeni will probably become mates.
    Nasuada when she is queen of Alagaesia can give Vroengard to Eragon as leader of the new generation of riders.
    Eragon and Arya move to Vroengard as the new generation of riders.
    I also think Shruikin will probably kill Galby, and with all of his knowledge of the riders with the help of the Eldunari that Galby had along with Glaedr will teach the new generation of riders.
    Roran and Katrina are obviously move back to Carvahall were Roran will rebuild and maybe become mayor of Carvahall.
    I also think Orrin will die since he wouldn’t like for Nasuada to be in power over all of Alagaesia.
    Joed might secede Orrin, but we will see.
    Thats my theory!

    • Kellykirkpeet

      If Nasuada becomes queen I don’t think she would marry Murtagh, because then there would be another king who would live forever. And because Murtagh is immortal I don’t think he will marry Nasuada, leading me to believe that one, if not both, will die

      • Saerina

        Listen, Murtagh doesn’t necessarily have to become king.
        Nasuada can be queen while Murtagh trains as a rider.
        Murtagh is the character who is always put down even though he didn’t do anything.
        He is a deep character and I’d be REALLY interested to read a story from CP on what happens to him after Inheritance (if he lives.)

    • bella ♥ vita

      I would be much happier to see Roran as king than Nasuada as queen if for no reason other than her very strong anti-magic views and desire to govern all magicians makes me very nervous. Roran has no such prejudices and to me he is just as good of a leader as Nasuada perhaps even better. I have no love for Roran by any means and frankly he gets on my last nerve, but reading Nasuada’s POV has made me extremely wary of her and not at all fond of the idea of her with anymore power than she already has. Her views just feel like the makings of a vigilante to me. More than that though, its bad enough having her be Eragon’s liege-lord as it is, but being his liege-lord AND queen of Alagaesia would really upset the balance of power between government and rider. Whoever rules should absolutely NOT be allowed to have control over Eragon and be able order him around like that. No matter how rarely she actually asserts that control, it would still be a major conflict of interest especially since the riders are supposed to be completely outside the control of any governing body and Eragon is the future leader of what will become the newly established riders. The fact that she has this hidden anti-magic agenda and control of the leader of the riders makes her a very serious potential threat although my hope is that getting to know him and other magic users better will change her mind about her plans. I don’t necessarily want to see Nasuada die or anything, but I just don’t want to see her become queen either.

      • Saerina

        Nasuada is the best personage for being leader over Alagaesia because;
        1. she has proven she can lead the Varden, create peace in almost impossible situations,
        2. She swore to protect the varden and keep it from falling to destruction.
        3. She also swore to dethrone Galby and try to keep peace in the world.
        Roran wouldn’t be a good candidate because he in his wedding to Katrina said he would repair Garrow’s farm back to its former glory.
        Katrina also wants to have her baby in Carvahall 

        • Saerina

          also as a side note, Nasuada could release Eragon from his oaths because she could see that it would be better having the riders as an independent people/elf group that can protect her country better if she lets him go.
          I will carry on this argument till I read the book. after that I will happily back down because my theory will be proven wrong or right.
          whichever way, It will be interesting to see :]
          no offense

  • Anonymous


  • Kawyn S

    Everyone at my local bookshop will die if they dont have Inheritance on the 8th. Grrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    I think it will either will be Brom (based on my theory that brom comes back), or Saphira, but she will disgorge her eldunari to Eragon and they will live together as Indlvarn

    • joker

      if saphira dies book is bad. just sayin…

      • Anonymous

        I agree. But whoever was killed even brought C.P. to tears, and he wrote it!! 

        • joker

          I’d rather anyone else were to die than eragon and/or saphira

          • Anonymous

            Well, Eragon lives for sure (Eragon Guide to Alagasia), but it never clarifies whether saphira is bodily alive. We assume so, but not confirmed. But i would hate to see her die

    • O.O

      saphira cant die because it would mean the end of the dragons

  • amir

    I think that Eragon would marry Nassuada and (That elf who teached Eragon swordfighting in Ellesmera) will be the green dragon rider

    and Arya will die ( I don’t like it but I couldn’t think of anything else)
    Roran will be king of Alagaesia when Galby is dead

    • Dragon2003

      Eragon would never marry Nasuada! Death to Nasuada!

    • bella ♥ vita

      Jesus, I hope not! Definitely agree with you about Roran being king though.

  • Knightess

    Roran, bye!

    • funnyguy69

      oh yea

  • Michelle

    Islanzadi –  so maybe Queen Arya can take the elves to their homeland with Eragon, saphira and her green dragon and also Nasuada – all hail king Roran! Maybe Elain (Horst’s wife) because it’s said in Eldest and Brisingr that shes having a really difficult pregnancy.

  • Gizmo

    Hopefully Murtagh. I hate that guy. Also while I do not want him to die Roran needs to be made a little less kick ass. The reason I liked him in Eldest was because he was just an ordinary guy doing what he had to to live but in Brisinger he was basicaly Superman. I like that he is kick ass but I think that it went a little too far in Brisinger. I also hope that he does not learn magic.

  • Emeric

    Yeah, and I’ve got 600 pages left in Brisingr. Great…

    But hey … DIE, NASUADA!!!

    • snowlight silent night

      better start reading lol

    • bella ♥ vita

      I know how you feel. I literally JUST started re-reading Brisingr last night. I’ll have to take a break to at least speed-read/skim Inheritance on release day then read the whole thing for real after I finish Brisingr. I’m pretty annoyed about it, but I just ran out of time. November feels it popped up out of nowhere.

  • I am probably the only person who doesn’t think Galbatorix will die. I think that with all of this moral dilemma that we have seen building up especially with the Sloan stuff, Eragon won’t be able to outright kill the guy. He may just be sentenced to execution by Nasuada or Orrin or [Insert Future King Here (Roran)], but I think it’s more likely that we’ll see an Avatar: The Last Airbender style of stripping him of his powers, but leaving him alive.

    I have no qualm with Nasuada and I do think that to hold the Varden together and to prove that she didn’t harbor any special treatment for Roran, the whiping was justified, but regardless I think she will die. It will be right at the end, she’ll finish the job she set out to do. She’s emulated her father the whole way. His stern, kind, yet unwavering leadership shines through in her and I have no doubt that she’ll succeed and surpass him. In the end though, I do expect that she will fall in battle with her mission complete.

    Of the other major characters, I do believe that Islanzadi will also die as well as
    Rhunön. I can’t think of any others at this time assuming that GRRM didn’t play any part in the editing process, in which case, every character major and minor will die a horrible, bloody death.

  • Claire14

    Maybe Arya?

  • Emily L.

    Death Toll:
    Nasuada ;), Islanzadi, Elva, Galby, And possibly Thorn & Murtagh.  I really don’t want to see Thorn and Murtagh die, but I think that at least one of them will die.  Probably Thorn and he will go into his Eldunari, sorta happily ever after….
    And if Arya is the Green Dragon Rider.. Well it’s just to obvious if she is..  I mean most people do think that Arya is the Green Dragon Rider, and I want to see something different.

    And as we all know Roran is the future King of Alagaesia! 😉 

    Can’t wait for the Vault of Souls, I have my own personal theory…  Haven’t seen it anywhere else.. Maybe I’m right.. Or horribly wrong XD.

    • bella ♥ vita

      Somehow the idea of Thorn dying, but living on in his eldunari completely escaped me! I feel the same way you do about Murtagh and Thorn and will be heartbroken if either of them die so if one of them simply must die then Thorn dying, his death changing Murtagh’s true name, but living on in his eldunari is something I could probably live with.

  • Death to Nasuada!

    • snowlight silent night

      am going to laugh when nasuada lives

  • soexcitedfornextweek

    Nasuada, for sure. Roran will be king and Eragon & Arya (Green Dragon Rider) will teach new generation of riders at Vroengard. Islanzadi will die, but Arya will not take the throne.

  • Inh3rit4nc3f4nf0r3v3r

    Your mom, of course.

  • Eowyn

    i think Nasuada, Islanzadi and Angela will die!

    • Shanna D.

      Why Angela?!

    • Arvindr

      it’s that moment when we will learn that angela is a timelord or not. personally I think that she disappears after the final battle. But Angela dying doesn’t sound anything like her.

  • Sirdracoblight

    I died a little inside when the big twenty articles stopped coming. They were the best part of shurtugal in recent months.

    • yowoman’spussyinmymouth

      I know right

      • runescapeaddict

        Nice name

        • Sirdracoblight

          It’s the name of a character in my book series, been using it since I was 15. Haven’t used it to post on here in a while.

    • They never stopped — they were just on hold for a bit while I worked on them and other things. My schedule is insane right now with all that’s going on in the world of Inheritance. Silence right now usually means cool things coming.

      • Its all good. I still wish that whoever banned me hadn’t. I didn’t really know it but some people actually enjoyed what I had to say. Everyone needs to learn to take things in stride. I am super busy trying to organize coverart for my book and trying to earn a degree in psychology at Cal State Fresno. Life gets tough but you always come through stronger and wiser for it. Push through Mike. I hope the best for you in the future. No ill will.

  • yo dough boi

    Based on the past three years of interviews, inheritance posts, and discussions I can confidently say that no one is going to be able to predict what is going to happen in this book. The reason Paolini hasn’t given us a shred of any kind of hint is because even the smallest of teasers could potentially give away the “big bang” that literally none of us are even remotely prepared for. Paolini himself said in the last interview that any kind of theory about the VOS or other things would be wrong. I think this book is going to be more epic than any of us are dreaming of, and Paolini knows it.  

  • Dragon2003


    P.S:I hope Roran dosen’t die.

  • Arya<3

    Izlanzadi! Ah it seems like everyone is an orphan now. 😛

  • eebi

    Hmm, interesting theories. My thoughts:
    Will die: Murtagh or Thorn (one of them has to, and it will probably be Thorn. Murtagh’s true name will change, he’ll go psycho and help Eragon kill Galbatorix), Galbatorix, Blodhgarm (elf death, if it’s not Arya or Islanzadi)
    Could die, but I REALLY don’t want them to: Arya (much as I HATE this, if Islanzadi is still alive in Eragon’s Guide, then Arya could die. But NOOOO!!), Nasuada (let’s get this straight now, I’m NOT in Chris’ camp. I like Nasuada. But she could legitimately die heroically for the Varden), Roran and/or Katrina (again, Roran could die heroically, or Katrina could be killed and Roran go psycho and help Eragon kill Galbatorix)
    Won’t die: Roran and Katrina’s child (the cycle is called Inheritance for a reason), Orik (there’s really no one left to inherit the dwarf’s throne. Orik is one of the young generation who’s taken over from the older generation, so he can’t die so soon), Angela (she’ll just be badass, she can’t die)
    I realize I’ve probably left out some characters, but those I’m not sure about.

    • I also think that Orik will not die. They’ve just lost a great king, and to lose two within such a short period of time would be devastating to them.

      But yes, Nasuada WILL die!

    • bella ♥ vita

      Um, there’s already been a major elf death, remember Oromis? No other elf has to die for there to an elven funeral in Inheritance.

      • Oromis-respect

        Exactely ! Probably the first chapter. Mayby first something like a flashback, and then the funeral (like in Harry Potter 7 part 2) something like that.

  • hoke

    Its obvious, eventually everybody will die. Eventually…

  • Peter-t123

    everyone seems to be thinking an elf has to die because the author has said there will be an elven funeral, has everyone forgotten an elf died right at the end of the last book, and the natural opening for the next one is now his funeral? in the book its subtly stressed several times that palencar valley is home to the descendants of the last old human king, now the time of the dragon riders has passed the heir to the old king will be his last living male descendant (which will clearly turn out to be roran) the elves will decide their time in alagaesia has come to an end and leave, eragon, being an immortal and a dragon rider, and having realised there is no longer a place for his kind as the humans will rule themselves, will leave forever to live with his fellow immortals (the elves) with arya, the rider of the green dragon. the book is called inheritance and the whole series in general is about eragon inheriting things, eragon had originally thought zar’oc was his inheritance from his father, now we know his father is brom so his inheritance is undbitr, which was conveniently lost around the same tame galbatorix lost his own sword and dragon, and now presumably has another one hes found somewhere, plausibly this will be undbitr, so when eragon kills him he will receive his fathers sword, to complete his collection along with the ring? in the books when galbatorix kills vrael, the last leader of the riders to take the power for himself, he “removed his head with a flaming sword”, as eragon now significantly has a sword that he sets on fire at dramatic points, i assume at the final moment he will cut off the kings head in a similar manner. the vault of souls will contain all of the rest of the eldunari that the riders had stored over the centuries, most likely stored in vroengard, the last stronghold of the riders and built on a high rock (the rock of kuthian, which eragon will discover is its ancient name?) he has to ‘speak his name’ to open the vault so this must be his true name, he will also at some point meet tenga again, who said he was looking for a ‘name’ before, the name of the ancient language, which will allow him to defeat galbatorix?

    • Shanna D.

      Roran can’t be king. He has too much going on now that he has a child and Katrina to take care of. The only reason he lead the villagers is so he could save Katrina. The only way he would step up to that kind of leadership would be if Katrina was killed. I find that unlikely though.

      • Bobby

        Lol. If having a child disqualified one for kingship then there would rarely be kings, ever. If a man couldn’t be a father and a king at the same time, then no king would ever have children, and as we know kings had heirs all the time, we know that Roran can absolutely be king. As for him refusing that kind of leadership, I disagree wholeheartedly. Leadership is still what he’s after. That’s what most of his plot-line in Brisingr is about, and towards the end of the book, he was given his own command. It’s pretty much the biggest point of his storyline in the Cycle. He went from being a farmer to a leader of his village and his people, from enlisting in the Varden and being a regular, to having command of a human/Urgal squad, all in the space of three books. His role as a leader has advanced with every book, and I see no reason for that to end or even slow down. We already know he can lead, Paolini has spent an incredible amount of time convincing his readers that Roran is a natural born leader, and there’s no reason for Paolini not to continue to advance Roran in that roll. It’s not farfetched to assume that Roran will rise higher and higher through the ranks of the Varden, eventually reaching a very high position in the chain of command, and then from there being crowned King. He could even, if Nasuada should die earlier on or in the middle of the next book, become leader or at least second-in-command of the Varden. And, once Galbatorix is dead, if Roran is convinced by his peers and his loved ones, mainly Eragon and Katrina, that he is the best man for the job, then he will accept it. If for no more reason than because he will see it as his duty and feel a sense of obligation to the people.

        • Sophie M

          Roran promised Katrina he’d go back to Carvahall and rebuild. Perhaps he might be OFFERED Kingship, but if he is, he’ll decline. He wants the simple things in his life, and to be with his family, for it to all go back to the way it was. Or as much as it can be restored.

          • bella ♥ vita

            Did the thought ever perhaps cross your mind that he can still keep that promise and be king? No matter who rules they won’t want to live in Galbatorix’s castle in Uru’baen. Everyone wants to start fresh and Uru’baen has become way too associated in people’s minds with Galbatorix. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the castle was torn down. Personally I see Roran and the citizens wanting to rebuild their former village as something far greater than what they lost not identical especially now that they have Eragon’s help and his magic to aid them in rebuilding. If king, Roran can easily rebuild Carvahall as the new capital of Alagaesia. Kings have shifted their capitals to new locations throughout history so its not as unusual as some might think.

      • Fp

        This seems like bad reasoning to me.  Honestly, because Roran cares so much about his family, he would make a great candidate for a king.  While I could easily see him going off to live a quiet peaceful life on a farm, I could also easily see him pushed into this leadership role and be hesitant to accept.  He would accept in order for the good of the people rather than selfish ambition.  That is exactly the kind of quality the land needs after galbys rule.  He can still life Katrina and his child while being king.

        • Smokey Fizz

          Roran knows what he wants out of life. He advances through the varden to help end the war so he and Katrina can start a new life. It’s not that he is not able to be king because of his family its that he doesn’t want to be and Roran is not a man to be pushed around. I agree with Sophie M. that he is a simple man and has no desire for power. He will be taking up his fathers inheritance if he rebuilds the farm.

          • Fp

            Or he could be taking up his ancestors heritage by being king if the theories prove to be correct.  All I am saying is his feelings could change.  The land could use a king like him after the turmoil they have faced.  I would not be surprised if when the need is presented to Roran and Katrina, they realize the importance of filling in the role.  I don’t disagree with what you and the others are saying, I just don’t think it is nearly as set in stone as you all so confidently say it is.  It could easily go either way still.  In either circumstance he would be claiming his inheritance I think.  By the way, your original post really did make it sound like the only reason Roran could not be king is because of his family.  Your wording is what caused some confusion for others on your point I think.

            Side note:  I believe the vault of souls will ave something to do with Eragon claiming an inheritance.

          • Shanna D.

            Thanks for being so nice when responding on my post :)! Perhaphs on my first post i should have further explained my theories and also said who would a better leader. Even though alot of people hate her, I still think Nasusada would make a better leader than Roran over Alagaesia. She has proven her devotion to further the Vardens cause by dedicating her life, and even her body(See trial of the long knives in Brisingr). She successfully united all races together for a common purpose and has extensive experience in battle stragegy and commanding the varden ( as compared to Roran who lead a village and a few troops as seen in Eldest and Brisingr). She is a just and fair ruler who doesnt play favorites, even going so far as to whip Roran, and is willing to put aside her personal wants for the good of others. That being said, I just don’t see CP promoting Roran through the ranks of the Varden to lead the whole Varden and then Alagaesia in one book PLUS tie up all the other loose ends in the book. Don’t get me wrong, Roran is one of my favorite characters too but Nasusada just makes more sense

          • bella ♥ vita

            How on earth is doing what is best for the people of your homeland considered being “pushed around”? I also fail to see how he and Katrina can’t start a new life if he’s king. Him not having any desire for power really doesn’t mean anything. Haven’t you ever heard that those best suited for power are those that power has been thrust upon unwillingly NOT those who seek it? I think this was even mentioned in Harry Potter once as well. He can just as easily uphold the whole “Inheritance” theme of the cycle by taking up his inheritance as King Palancar’s descendant. Regardless of what you or any of us may personally think/want to happen, even you have to admit that as things stand right now there’s definitely a 50/50 chance his fate could go either way. There’s nothing concrete to rule out the probability of either fate.

      • snowlight silent night

        roran promised elain that he’ll replace katrina’s inheritance even though he got some thing from nasauda he still doesnt have a house or anything. i would think that it would be awesome if roran becomes king then katrina would be queen

      • bella ♥ vita

        Yeah, because no king in history EVER had a wife or child! Oh the horror! Their kingdoms probably crumbled to dust and their citizens starved as a result of such a crippling thing!

    • EragonandMurtagh

      the bit about vraels head being removed by a flaming sword (in my book it says fiery sword which supports my theory) might mean the design of the sword, after all eragons sword, forged by Rhunon just like galbys, had a flame-like pattern on it. And brom told this story under the guise of a bard, and bards use metaphors and analogy’s alot so it might have just been a way to describe that cursed sword that cut down the protectors of alegasia, the dragon riders. ); tear. who wants to be a dragon rider, put you hand up. both of mine are up so high in touching pluto:)

    • snowlight silent night

      galbatorix’s dragon was killed then he went to the elders for a new one and failed. then he and mozan stole the hatching a disappeared for some years. when they returned thats when brom saphira died during the battle at vroengard and  brom lost hes sword during the fall of the riders

    • Sophie M

      Sounds rather like LOTR the elves leaving Alagaesia and Eragon going with them if you ask me

      • Jkramer13

        admittedly, LOTR is possibly Paolini’s biggest inspiration int eh way he writes the books

  • Logic Lawyer, Bane of Nasuada

    Nasuada, Islanzadi, possibly King Orrin, and a whole bunch of insignificant characters.

    Galbatorix’s death seems a given, but I’d be interested in possible endings that don’t involve his death, as that would be really interesting and not what anyone would expect.

    Also, I hope Murtagh and Thorn don’t die. I’d gladly sacrifice every last drop of blood of any other character, even Eragon and Saphira, if only M and T live!

    • Callum

      i like your name 😀

    • bella ♥ vita

      I’m with you on Murtagh and Thorn! I’ll be devastated if either of them die! Although I wouldn’t sacrifice Eragon, Saphira, or Arya, but sacrifice anyone else and I won’t mind at all!

  • Jschoey17

    I must say I don’t think Arya will be the Green Dragon’s Rider, simply because it is mentioned in the books that Elven children were presented in front of a dragon’s egg at the age of twenty and human children at the age of ten. If Arya’s 100+ years old will a dragon pick someone as old as that?

    • DanHoover1985

      but if Galby hadn’t started the war she would have been presented to those same eggs at the age of 20 an possibly chosen then, but instead the riders were in a state of chaos and the eggs were not available at the time.

      • Jschoey17

        Would she be able to though? As she is the heir to the throne would she be able to be a Dragon Rider and Queen at the same time?

        • Brisingrblade

          islanzadi might not die…..i dont get why everyone is focused on that

          • Jschoey17

            I wasn’t actually thinking of that i was just wondering in general if Islanzadi ever did die…

        • Valbrandr

          Plus it’s been stated that the elves don’t require people to take the throne if they wish to decline the position. That plot device seems to have been inserted quite neatly in order to open the way for Arya to become the green rider.

          • Jschoey17

            Fair call 🙂

        • snowlight silent night

          ayra father was king and a rider til galbatorix killed him

          • atra esterni ono thelduin

            no he wasnt. it says that nowhere- he was just king of the elves who oposed galby

          • snowlight silent night

            page 231 eldest they just finished talking with islanzadi and saphira says ” you do realize, don’t you that the king lifaen mentioned, evandar, must be ayra’s father?”

        • bella ♥ vita

          Being an elven heir is not the same as human. Arya herself said that she’s under no obligation at all to rule in the event of Islanzadi’s death and already expressed that she has no desire to do so. The elves don’t choose their rulers that way. If Arya were willing to rule then the line of succession would stand, but in the event she that didn’t want the position as is the case right now then another elf that did wish to rule would be selected in her stead.

    • EragonandMurtagh

      remember, arya might not be 20 years old but she is still young by the standards of the elves. i believe that except for the elf children she is the youngest elf we have met.

      • Me

        Vanir might be younger

      • Fairth

        I would also point out that Eragon was 15 when he was “chosen”.  The difference in age from “normal” is greater (1/3 his age older for Eragon, rather than 4/5 older for Arya), but the point stands.

      • atra esterni ono thelduin

        nope. vanir would be- explains early arogance. also it “occured” to eragon that vanir was quite young

        • Matt S

          Nope. CP says in an interview that Vanir is young by the elves standards but is older than Arya.

          • Matt S

            Book 4 Interview archive–>Random Buzzers Q&A Part 3–> Last question asked.

    • snowlight silent night

      saphira told eragon that ayra showed her to every elf when ayra bought her to one of the elf cities. i dont think theres an age limit on who can be a rider they just test and if chosen teach at a young age because of everything u need to learn.

    • Jkramer13

      Because its a different egg. the one before was saphira

    • bella ♥ vita

      Because that egg was Saphira and she was destined for Eragon. The dragon chooses its rider. Its based on an individual basis. Murtagh could’ve been presented to Saphira’s egg and she would not have hatched for him and yet he’s still a rider now, is he not? Arya has yet to have any contact with then green dragon’s egg. Also, elves age very differently than humans and we’ve already been told that by the elves’ standards Arya is actually considered very young.

  • warecat

    I Think Bloodgharm will be the elven death unless Ooromis counts.  I also think that all though Elva no longer feels overcome by the urge to help others, that she will sacrifice herself helping someone because either she cares about them or it is the right thing to do.  I think someone from the village of Carvhall will die, probably Brigit. 

    Off topic, I think that Murtagh will change his true name when he finds true love with Nasuada, perhaps even sacrifice himself to save her in some way.

    • snowlight silent night

      heres a twist what if nasuada dies helping murtagh freeing him. murtagh never cared but anyone himself and since thorn hatched thorn too. maybe nasuada dieing to help would help him releized that there r others that care for him and even though he doesnt want too he cares for them too.

  • Sarah

    Well, I’m not sure who will die, but remember way back when Brom was talking to Eragon about the basic rules of magic? He said there was a boundary you couldn’t cross: death. It’s a bit of a long shot, but maybe whoever dies Eragon ends up ressurecting. I don’t know how or why, but that would open up the possibilities of who could die. Like Saphira, for example, who we know survives in some form. Up to this point Saphira hasn’t disgorged her eldunari, and if she is killed she probably wouldn’t have much time to do so. Or it might be Roran or Katrina, as Eragon would surely die for either of them. The possibilities are nearly limitless, but these are most likely in my opinion considering all the facts and theories I’ve learned.

  • Jjerzey

    i dont really care who lives and dies i just dont want a s.w. ending or a cycle ending every series i’ve read  or t.v. series i’ve watched that was a cycle ended the same way with a lame ass restart usually erased memories and it all starts over. although maybe thats what makes angela so weird maybe she ground hog days lives the cycle but keeps her memory thats why she looks so young but says she’s old.

    • Jjerzey

      even good writers get scared of screwing up the ending so they loop the story so they never have a real ending

  • Anonymous

    the wait is almost over now all i have to do is wait another 2 to 5 years for the next George R.R. Martin book to come out.

  • Possum

    i think it’s possible Izlanzadi will die. CP said there would be an elven death. If Izlanzadi dies it will be sad because she’s been in the story since eldest, plus she’s arya’s mother, but it wont be completely devastating. Let’s face it, she’s not the nicest character. you never know whether to hate her or not…

    • bella ♥ vita

      I thought he said elven funeral not death? There a distinct difference. If he said funeral then we can safely assume its just Oromis’s funeral. I could always be wrong though, but I swear I thought he said elven funeral.

  • bromandsaphira

    Murtagh 🙁

    • Sarah

      Why Murtagh?

  • Coasterking

    well i want galbatorix to die and then everyone else to live

    • Sarah

      Well that’s what all of us want I’m sure, but we don’t always get what we want.

    • EragonandMurtagh

      don’t we all but Christopher paolini always kills at least one good guy in a book. book 1= garrow,brom, book 2= Murtagh, ajihad( twins don’t count cause they are evil),  book 3= oromis
      i know I’ve missed a few but i just wanted to bring up the highlighting deaths (and i know murtagh and the twins don’t die but i will give you a million bucks if you didn’t actually think that murtagh and the twins were dead before the battle of the burning planes.and i will give you another million if you weren’t sad when you thought murtagh had died.( i personaly rejoiced when the twins “died” cause i don’t like them))

      • EragonandMurtagh

        “as well as his dwarf guard in book three” she added as an after thought 🙂

      • Fp

        Honestly I didn’t think he was dead, and most people I have talked to assumed he wasn’t dead either. When he showed up in Eldest I wasn’t shocked in the slightest, but was simply waiting for him to return.  Also pretty much assumed those twins were spies.  Can I have my million dollars now? 😀

  • Shanna D.

    I can’t believe it comes out in a week!! im so excited! 🙂
    Likely deaths: Murtagh, Thorn, Galbatorix, Shruikan. Murtagh and Thorn, because Murtagh strikes me as an unlucky guy who is at the wrong place at the wrong time a lot. It makes sense he or his dragon dies a tragic death even though he is one of my favorite characters and I will be very sad if that happens. Galbatorix BETTER just die is all I have to say. Otherwise, the story wouldn’t have as good a ending.
    Elven Death: Probably one of Eragon’s elf guards that die trying to protect him, much like his dwarf guard in Brisingr.
    Green Dragon Rider: Arya. She has green magic, green eyes, is a powerful spell caster and HOPEFULLY gets together with Eragon in Inheritance.  
    Nasuada: She becomes queen. After the varden strike down Galby, She takes over because she is very ambious and the people recongize her leadership. You just can’t keep a strong woman down 😉
    Roran: He goes back to Carvahall to build a new life for him, Katrina, and the baby after the war.
    Angela: She kicks butt killing a shade, perhaps, or a key member of the empires army or spell casters. Probably saves Eragon and a few other peoples necks because she is just that awesome.
    Eragon: He refuses kingship and goes to Vroenguard to train the next generation of riders. He and Arya spend their lives together and their dragons mate.
    *please excuse spelling errors

    These are just a few of my theories! It’s so much fun speculating what’s going to happen in book four but CP will probably suprise everyone as usual. However, this is what I gathered from interviews with him and from hints in the series.

    • Peter-t123


      • Shanna D.

        Why not?

        • bella ♥ vita

          No kidding. And “no” what? They didn’t even say what part they disagreed with.

  • guest

    my highly improbable and sad theory: i think that arya will go to fight galby with eragon and that galby will kill arya (sad face!), causing eragon to get so upset that he kills galby in some huge epic way

    • eebi

      That’s actually plausible. But really sad because I want Arya and Eragon to end up together. Arya can’t die!!

      • EragonandMurtagh

        i agree. boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The Green dragon

    Galby, Izlanzadí, Blödgharm, Murtagh, and of course……..


  • The Green dragon

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Does anybody know if I ordered two day whooping if the book would ship on the 8th or 9th and get to my house either on the 10th, 11th, or the 12th? I need to know!!!!!

    • Arya<3

      lets just buy the book at the stores.. it’s more fun that way 😀

      • bella ♥ vita

        No way! Why waste the gas driving to the store and back when there’s free release date delivery from Amazon Prime FTW my friends! Plus, its the middle of the work week so sadly I don’t have time for midnight release parties or anything like that. When a book gets released in the middle of the week like this I prefer for it to just be delivered right to my front door by my beloved UPS guy.

    • Guest

      its a Tuesday release so it depends on the speed you chose, just hope it doesn’t carry over through the weekend because its business days that count

  • Arya Dröttningu

    I have a list….
    Roran, Katrina, Galbatorix, a Shade or more, Birgit and Jeod (serving to the Varden, but can survive 😉
    Maybe: Thorn OR Murtagh, Islanzandi, Elva, Orrin… and Shruikan.
    They CAN NOT die: Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Greenie, Angela, Solembum, Nasuada.

    • Sarah

      Why Thorn ‘OR’ Murtagh? Why not both?

      • EragonandMurtagh

        cause it wouldn’t be as fun that way.jk. i love murtagh and want him to live a happy life( which he has been denied since birth) but i think thorn will die tragically, maybe by saving murtagh?, and murtagh will be so overcome with greif at the death of his dragon that his true name will change drastically thus releasing him from galbitorix and he will join eragon and the varden to free alagasia from the tyranny of the mad king. after he will repent his ways, and try to make up for the past wrongs he did. OR he could just die saving eragon and saving me from all this typing 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ryan Sheppard Eats Wolves

    I vote Sloan as the blind green dragon rider XD Just kidding, I think Murtagh will die which will sadden me greatly. He will change his true name by sacrificing himself for Eragon so that he can be free for even minutes before he dies, he wants to redeem himself and be remembered. The Vault of souls IS in the spine and Eragon will be leaving Alagaesia to go across the great ocean to find more dragons to continue the dragon race. Oh and the Menoa tree took Eragons ability to bear children or his ability to be immortal (I vote the latter I think..) what say you? Did I cover everything? I swear I could write a whole BOOK on my theories..a bit too late now though 😀 Oh and I’d be glad to hear from you about my theories and your at [email protected]! 🙂

  • AndStuffLikeThat….

    I think that Eragon will be terribly wounded by Galby, and just as Galby moves in to kill him…

    RHUNON comes in and stabs him (:

    • Sarah

      Rhunon? Where did she come in?

    • Shanna D.

      Most random theory everr…i like it 🙂

    • EragonandMurtagh

      love that picture. i just started laughing when i read that and my friends looked at me like i was insane. which i am………………….
      about ERAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catcrazy_4

    Has any-one considered that it might not be eragon who leaves alagasia on the boat that he had the dream about, it could be Roran and Katrina who leave on the boat and eragon could be on the beach watching them go. Saphira and Greenie could just be making sure that they have a safe journey.
    I think that galbatorix will die and an important elf will also die (but CP already confirmed that) but I’m not sure which.

    • Valbrandr

      Hmm…Eragon’s vision does note that the two figures on the boat are taller than everyone else. That seems to point only to people of…elven proportions. I’m pretty sure that Thorn will die and Murtagh will be left in agony on the beach as Eragon and Arya sail away. Could be Roran screaming, though.

      • inclinedevine

        except nowhere in the books does it state that eragon is an exceptionally tall guy… and i don´t think his transformation increased it at all. i really think that the two people´s height in the dream is only a reference to that they´re important people

        • bella ♥ vita

          The other people could be the grey folk or some other race and are simply shorter than the elves and humans because they’re a much older race (after all evolution shows that human stature has gradually heightened as we evolved) and the two figures could just be tall in comparison to the grey folk, but aren’t necessarily abnormally tall by the current standards in Alagaesia. Just an alternative to consider.

      • Ogabogga

        I’m thinking that it could be Roraan and Katrina leaving on the boat, because then the screaming man left behind on the shore would make more sense. Sloan. He screams out in agony because he know’s he’ll never see Katrina again.. But not sure where they would go, i don’t think Roran and Katrina will leave the country, because then he couldn’t build that farrm in Carvall. but still think it’s them.

    • Kynlea

      It may not be Eragon, but he WILL leave Alagaesia at some point, as Angela mentioned when telling Eragon’s fortune with the dragon’s knucklebones in book 1, so it makes the most sense for it to be Eragon leaving with someone in the vision.

  • Arrétay

    This doesn’t really have to do with the episode, but:

    This is what always happens to me when an author ends an amazing book series:
    First- I want them to have someone, or them, draw the characters the way they see them. That would be cool. Sure it’s fun to see the person the way we see them, but I think it’d be cool to see the characters the way the author sees them.
    Second- I want them to right one more book that tells what happens to the characters after all is said and done… or something similar to that anyway.Well those are some things I think would be awesome. Anyway, want to hear something awesome? Only Six more days left of waiting! It’s getting closer everyday!

    P.S. I’m the one who originally did this.

    • Danielglengeorge

      No that’s bad and I don’t want to wait three more years for the fifth book.

      • bromandsaphira

        I’m with you 🙂 although the wait wasn’t TO terrible. I had Shurtugal to keep me sane 🙂

    • bromandsaphira

      awesome. 🙂 are you an author?

    • Sarah

      To the second point-
      haven’t you heard about book 5? The probably solitary book that will come back some time later and tell you all about what happened during the skipped time?

  • Danielglengeorge

    I hope when Eragon opens th vos it’s empty and he realizes it just noodle soup then goes and kicks some butt

    • Valbrandr

      Haha. The noodles remind me of Kung Fu Panda and the Dragon Scroll…”There is no secret ingredient!”

      • EragonandMurtagh


  • Anonymous

    the vault of souls will either prove or disprove one of the religions in alagaesia

    • eebi

      Interesting theory… Reasons? What do you think will be in there? Actual dwarf gods like Guntera at Orik’s coronation or something?

      • Anonymous

        the name refers to souls so the vault could possibly be a gateway to some form of heaven or hell (or some form of afterlife) populated by the souls of either men,dwarf,elf,urgal,or all races. or it could be a realm like place inhabited by the spirits we see in brisingr. (or something completely different).

  • Galbatorix will either die or utterly lose his power, right around the time he finds the True Name of the True Speech. At least one werecat (probably not Solembum) will (sadly) die. A Shade will be killed by Angela. Another Shade will be killed by Saphira, with the help of Eragon and Arya. At least one of the Shades will be an animal Shade. No idea whether Arya will die, though I hope she doesn’t.

    Angela will NOT die, but may hop in her TARDIS and leave Alagaesia and never return. 😉
    Maybe she’ll go kill Creepers. 😉

    • Irock13198

      she would just regenerate

      • Tabitha K.

        Ooooh, good point. Wonder what she’d look like?

  • Anonymous

    Oh god… a week… this is unreal….
    Hmm… well I think Galby will die, I hope Murtage and Thorn won’t because I have a soft spot for him. I’m not sure who else will, Christopher could take this in 1000 different directions

    • EragonandMurtagh

      almost literary.

  • Lil Uhura

    I’m not sure who will die, but it will Not be Islanzadi.  She’s mentioned quite clearly in the Guide to Alagaesia in the present tense as being the leader whom Eragon trusts the least.  Since it takes place a few years after book 4 it’s pretty clear that she does survive.

    • AryaRose

      I’d completely forgot about that but you’re right. 🙂

    • blackjak24

      Just cuz its mentioned in the guide doesnt mean its what actually happens.  It wasnt written by cp, he just helped, they could have changed some things.  It might have just been to throw us off.

      • Lil Uhura

        No, he did write it, his name’s there on the cover.  And even if he didn’t he still participated in its creation which means that anything that’s said in there is just as true as anything in the other books.

  • Sunda_Garm

    To die?
    Thorn might get killed (which could possible have happend because of something Galbatorix did) causing Murtagh’s true name to change. He will turn against Galbatorix, because Galbatorix basically made Murtagh and Thorn his slave/puppets. He would try to kill Galbatorix, but Galbatorix will be too much for him to handle and he would die by Galbatorix’s sword. Eragon would be just in time to see Murtagh’s final moments. Galbatorix and Eragon would have an epic fight, while Saphria and Shruikan have a epic fight above them. Both sides are dealt severe wounds, but Eragon and Saphria will gain an advantage by some trick, something to do with the Vault of Souls, or Brom’s seven words, causing them to kill Galbatorix and Shruikan.

    Many other people will die on both the Varden and the Empire’s side.

    • bella ♥ vita

      I hate the thought of Saphira and Shruikan fighting, but then again I just don’t want to see Shruikan die at all even though its pretty much inevitable. I feel just as bad for him as I do Thorn if not worse and I would be utterly devastated if Thorn is killed. Both absolutely deserve a chance at freedom in my opinion.

  • Arrétay

    I think that Nasuada might die. Oh well, I’ll find we’ll find out in a week.

  • Galbatorix

    Eragon and Saphira will go over to the Dark Side and together with Murtagh and Galboratix will slaughter all of Alagaesia. 🙂

  • Gabsofsteel

    izlandi and it comes out on the 8th

    • EragonandMurtagh

      it is spelled islanzadi

  • Anonymous

    does the book come out the 7th or 8th? the counter on the side of the page shows six days left and if that is correct then the book will come out the 7th 

    • Catcrazy_4

      u dont count today or the release date

  • timmy

    who will die is that little voice in my head that says “omg, omg, i cant wait for the last book to come out!”

  • Zasekr

    Islanzadi dies, arya will decide not to be queen and join eragon in what ever he does, galby,nasuada and i think thorn aswell even though i feel sorry for him amd murtagh… And i know this is a completely out there theory from listen to the latest podcast i think elundari are eggs, i know riders would have figured that out but one can dream 🙂

  • Mr. Butters

    How will the updating work when the book is released? Will the site post any plot points, or will commenting be disabled on updates, etc.? The easiest solution is to not visit the site on the 8th, but I am not sure I can resist!

    • Dgeorge

      Its counting to midnight so it has hours min and sec

    • bella ♥ vita

      I would assume that any posts containing plot points from Inheritance would have a spoiler alert or that there would a designated post where everyone that’s finished can discuss the book freely. That’s what most sites for various fandoms I’ve seen have done anyway. Disabling comments would be lame especially because if someone was worried about reading spoilers in them all they have to do is not scroll down the page that far.

  • Jcfdude

    all I can say is if I get spoilers on this site I’ll freak out

    • Dampsandwich

      Dont go to the website until you’re finished with the book 🙂

    • bella ♥ vita

      You’re completely insane if you think everyone isn’t going to jump on here the second that they finish the book and start discussing it all with everyone else that’s finished.

  • Anonymous

    nasuada, roran, islanzadi, and murtag and thorn will die. eragon will kill galbatorix but be severely wounded and wake up after the  final battle with angela healing him again, and arya standing nearby watching.

  • DillonP

    i know may of you will probably disagree but i hope eragon is forced to slay murtagh, and i hope its in a rather brutal fasion, aslo galby will definately die otherwise i will be quite dissappointed in cp, i dont think shurikun will die though because him and galby dont share a real bond like eragon and sapphira or murtagh and thorn. i also like to belive that arya will not be the rider of the green dragon and in that case i feel like queen izlanzadi may fall as well, it would make sense for arya to inherit the throne. 

    • TorpeAlex

      He did say ‘pools of Murtagh’ after all…

      • eebi

        I hope that means Murtagh’s point of view. I really enjoyed the voice he came up with for Saphira, so I want Murtagh’s point of view too!

      • Valbrandr

        Ahaha. Nice one.

    • bella ♥ vita

      Except that Arya has already stated and quite emphatically so that she has NO desire what so ever to rule in the event of Islanzadi’s death and that the elves don’t want anyone to rule if that person doesn’t want to.

  • Anonymous

    Galbatorix (I think it’d be a bit anti-climatic if he survived…unless he’s the one kneeling on the beach in Eragon’s dream, stripped of all his powers, abandoned and trapped forever in the middle of nowhere…that’d be quite fitting…) I would say Shruikan but I think he’s already dead because Galbatorix has twisted his mind too much, Murtagh and Thorn will probably die, along with lots of soldiers, lots of elves, lots of dwarves, lots of urgals, one or two werecats, a random pixie just for the laughs…Nasuada and Izlanzadi will snuff it too. I think.

  • Saerina

    I thinks its Galby :]
    Shruikin will probably kill him or murtagh will, Nasuada and Murtagh will get married.
    Greeni will hatch for Arya, Eragon and Arya will get married, Saphira and Greeni might be mates.
    The Eldunari that Galby has, along with Glaedr will teach the next generation of dragons, while Arya and Eragon will go to Vroengard to teach all of the dragon riders.
    King Orrin will probably die since he won’t like that Nasuada is queen over Alagaesia.
    There’s my theory :]

    • AryaRose

      Pretty much all of those are among my theories too except Orrin dying and Nasuada being queen.  I feel like she’s a little to power-hungry.  Personally I hope it’s Roran who will be the next ruler of Alagaesia.

  • Also, if Inheritance isn’t good…. guess who’s gonna die? I just hope Chris doesn’t do that to us.

  • Danielglengeorge

    Random question what color was galby first dragon

    • snowlight silent night

      maybe black like shuiken? i dunno i dont even think its been said anywhere.

    • Ccarmon32

      purlple, and yes her name was metioned but I can’t rember what it was.

    • a smart guy

      It doesn’t actually say anywhere in the books. All we know about Jarvunvosk was that she was female and that she died. I have a theory about this: she was green. That would make her Greenie’s mom and Glaedr (remember the gold eyes) Greenie’s dad. It would be an incredibe plot twist.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting theory! I have long supported the idea that Glaedr is the father of Greeni.
        Though, I’m not sure if Jarvunosk is the mother. She was very young when she died, and from what we have seen of Glaedr, he is very methodical. He wouldn’t mate with Saphira because he felt it was inapropriate, she was so much younger than he, and he was her master. I don’t think he would have changed his mind about mating with students vs not. Especially considering Saphira’s status as the only female dragon.

        • Greatwhite23

          Unless thorn survives and becomes Saphira’s mate.

      • snowlight silent night

        i dont think javunvosk had time to mate and lay eggs b4 she died. also the the color of the parents doesnt effect the eggs u could have a green and gold dragon and there eggs could be any color

  • GirlOfManyNames

    Solembum better not die. Because if he dies, Angela’s going to blast them all into oblivion, and no one would survive that, not even Eragon.

    • Racecarboy222

      Christopher has led us all to believe that Angela has the power beyond that of mortals and immortals alike. I like it 😀

  • Sallystar6of7

    back to serious life, thorn will die by spikes(maybe the spikes on shuikens back) who knows who else(cp lol). 

    • snowlight silent night

      maybe one of the dragons falls from the sky above the castle and is impelded by the spikes on top with lots of blood dripping down the sides to the ground.

      • ShrimpyJess

        Ewww… Graphic! Haha. 😉

  • Kevin Donovan

    I had a running gag with a friend of mine, But I suppose it makes sense, I have no idea who will die, But that Galbatorix will die, And shruikan will play a role in it, Remember that Galbatorix only bends his will and control with dark magics, And all magic can be broken/severed, the gag was, They somehow free Shruikan, And all eldunari, And then they all turn on him beating the living shite out of him, And that, Everyone would love to see

  • Callum

    nasuada, orrin, rorans child, fredric, gharzvog, carn, whichever urgal roran fought, murtagh, i hope galby, narheim, orik wont die but he’ll get hurt and one of horsts sons

    • Callum

      oh and islandzadi, and birgit, i hope vanir will be a cool part somewhere and that roran replaces nasuada, and katrina becomes queen

  • Gumach

    Well something’s gonna happen to galbatorix. Whether he dies or not, something will happen.

    • Anonymous

      You reckon?

      • Gumach

        Nahhh. He’s gonna be sayer to eragons side 😉

  • Walnut

    I know it’d be a bit of a shocker, but i think it might be Angela 🙁

    • I don’t think Christopher has it in him to kill a character based off of his sister.

      • AJ

        is the big twenty still happen mike

      • ShrimpyJess

        I dunno, sometimes I wish MY sister was a character to kill off… 😉

      • bella ♥ vita

        This was my thinking every time she’s been mentioned as well. Even if he was upset with his sister or they weren’t that close I can’t see him killing off a character based on her and even if he did in any of his drafts he would probably remove it eventually before the editing process was complete.

  • Gnimms14

    I think arya us going to die

  • Bodie16

    Galbatorix, Thorn, Nasuada, Islanzadi, Murtagh, Orik, Katrina, Glaedr’s HoH.

  • Random

    Galbatorix, shruiken lives with another rider and nar garhzvog

  • Naegling

    Galbatorix. Shruiken (very uncertain on him, though). All of the dragons within their Eldunarya (they’ll have to be destroyed to break Galby’s hold on them). Islanzadi (she’s the only ruler of a previous generation who hasn’t died yet). Murtagh and Thorn (as likely as not). Elain or her baby (she’s already having a particularly rough pregnancy. No matter what, won’t end well). Glaedr (maybe)

    • Grrrr

      Glader is already dead

  • THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!! Okay, maybe not everyone. I do think one half of the Murtagh/Thorn tandem are going to die, Angela, who will manage to make it the ‘crowning moment’ CP keeps telling us about, Birgit (Killed by Roran), Islanzadi, and I have a gut feeling that Arya dies. That will be the straw that breaks the camels back, and makes Eragon just go ballistic all over Galbatorix, who will then proceed to die

    • Also Nar Garhzvog will achieve everlasting glory by managing to put a scratch on Galbatorix’s blade and then die

      • GLAEDR

        galbatorix has most likely a riders blade. So how’s he going to scratch that? lol

        • ShrimpyJess

          How do you think he’ll get the everlasting glory??? Haha 😉

        • I don’t know. I just come up with the theories ;). It was more a reference to Ajihad and Durza than anything

      • snowlight silent night

        maybe nar garhzog will wound galbatoix by cutting off an arm or finger or something b4 galbatorix kills him that might be somthing to remeber lol

  • Deb M

    Galbatorix, Shruiken (suicide), Thorn, Nasuada (possibly with Murtagh), Katrina (baby lives), Islanzadi, Jormundr (epically), possibly Elva (if she does die, also epic), Yarbog, Vanir (epic sacrifice to save Eragon)

  • Valbrandr

    I mostly agree with Mike…with a couple of exceptions.

    Eragon: lives
    Saphira: lives
    Roran: lives
    Murtagh: lives
    Thorn: dies
    Arya: lives
    Angela: lives
    Elva: dies
    Katrina: lives
    Islanzadi: dies
    Nasuada: lives
    Birgit: dies
    Galbatorix: dies
    Nar Garhzvog: dies
    Orik: lives

  • MrRaymondh222

    I think that Rhunon will be the one to die. She has lived a long and fulfilling life, and she would be sorely missed.

    • snowlight silent night

      i dont think rhunon will die shes nevers leave her forge accept for whne she was looking for brightsteel and when ayra bought her to the celebrations

      • I actually think that Rhunon will leave her forge in this book to exact revenge on the one who misused one of the blades she forged so badly. Don’t know if she’ll survive the encounter or not, but that’s what I think

        • snowlight silent night

          maybe or she’ll leave at the end to take back the sword galbatorix has and any others that galb might have taken from other riders

          • bella ♥ vita

            But wouldn’t Eragon or even any of the other elves just do that for her and bring them back to her?

  • Everyone is gonna effin’ die!!!! Figurativly of course…. we will never see these characters again once we read THE END. Perhaps in passing in a future Alageasia book, but adios Inheritance characters….. RIP.

  • Me

    Mike, that was a nicely succinct intro on this one.
    And I vote Galbatorix…and… Can’t guess very well on the others yet

  • entarotassadar

    Galby and Sloan.

    • Sallystar6of7

      i think that if sloan dies he will redeem himself doing it.

  • snowlight silent night

    i think galbatorix will live just be strip of all hes magic/power. I think Islanzadi, trianna, birgit will die. everyone else will live.

  • Lala

    Better not be Arya.  If Arya and Eragon don’t get together in Inheritance, I will turn into a dragon and eat Christopher Paolini.

    • I’m liking this just because the picture I got in my head of that is so awesome!

      • snowlight silent night

        lol me too its just like evening news comes on nov 8th saying a big dragon has been spotted flying across the country…

  • Flowchart

    Why does everyone assume Galbatorix will die and happiness will be pursued.

    In my view, when Eragon makes a joke in Brisingr about a man with a long knife outside his tent, I reckon thats foreshadowing for his unsuspected death on page 1 of Inheritance.

    • Me

      And the rest of the book is his long elaborate funeral.

      • That will put all dwarf politics to shame!

        • ShrimpyJess

          I sure hope he doesn’t get killed by a man with a long knife, that would just be lame after all this! 😀

  • Tristan S.

    everyone……eventually……..because no-one lives forever. How many people hate me for saying that 😀

    • Benjamin

      you don’t know as we got quiet some people in alegaesia who don’t age..

    • Valar Morghulis.

  • Cory Knoll

    Islanzadi will die, Galbatorix will die, and maybe one of the major players or two (my guess would be Nasuada and/or Orik, though I would hate if Orik died).

  • Jmce776

    obviously galby will die a suitably painful death but what about shruikan? i think it would be unfair for him to die seein as he was bent to galbys service against his will……. other than that islanzadi, murtagh, thorn, garzvhog, countless minions of galbatorix

  • Artaxeboy

    random question: Did anyone besides me lose a little bit of respect for Eragon after he murdered that Empire soldier in Brisingr?

    • Artaxeboy

      perhaps Brom will come back after all?

    • Jmce776

      It was really a bit disturbing….. but necessary in case he betrayed them…. still doesnt make it any nicer

    • Me


  • Jkramer13

    Just a thought: Since the beginning of the series, it’s been: “You can’t bring someone back from the dead with magic!”
            Foreshadowing, anyone?
    My guess for resurrectee would be Arya, cause if she dies, Eragon goes into a suicidal rage and brings her back, not caring whether he lives or dies.

  • Bigboaratm

    I agree with Chris, NASUADA WILL DIE! and also murtagh, Islanzadi, thorn, arya, and NOT galbatorix, i believe something else will happen to him  but eragon will not be able to bring himself to killing Galbatorix

    • YouKnowMe

      If Eragon has the chance and doesn’t kill Galbatorix…then he is a fool.  There are thousands of elves and dwarves who, rightfully, should and will.  Otherwise, the story will make very little sense.

      • Me

        If he doesn’t, Arya or Saphira would for sure

        • Yeah, as Saphira has pointed out before, she has no qualms about killing people. As an example, look at her response to whether or not they (Her, Eragon, Murtagh) should have killed the slaver in Eragon

      • bella ♥ vita

        Eragon needs to grow a pair. His sniveling over killing people that threaten the lives of not only himself, but others gets on my last nerve. Galbatorix flat out deserves to die end of discussion. The only way I would accept him being allowed to live is if his punishment involved his life being such absolute torture that he constantly begs for death. I just can’t see anyone elf, varden, or dwarf going along with him not being killed no matter what Eragon thinks or wants to do with him.

    • DonaNobisPacem

      I have a feeling that in all their rage and discontent, the people of the Varden, Surda, the dwarves, whatever free dragons that are around, the elves, and betrayed citizens of the Empire will scream for Galbatorix’s blood. Perhaps it won’t be Eragon to kill him, but his bloody demise is inevitable and must irrevocably occur. My personal guess is that he will die with either a flaming Brisingr or Zar’Roc through his heart, coated thickly in his evil blood, purified and destroyed by the flames.

      I also think that Murtagh may die, but I know that Nasuada, Islanzadi, and Orrin WILL die.

      • GoDwarves101

        Hey! you just made me realize that maybe fire is galbys weakness? I mean that perhaps he doesn’t have wards for a flaming Brisingr.

      • EragonandMurtagh

        very vivid description. but i agree with you whole heartedly. the varden, elves, dwarves, and urgals will at least beg for his death if not the citizens of the empire. but i don’t think that eragon will kill him unless he has to. i believe that galbitorix will receive a trial and be sentenced to death or solitary confinement if he doesn’t die battling eragon.

    • guest

      eragon has (and not that he wanted to) killed so many other people, that if he had the  chance to kill galbatorix i think he would do it

  • Guest

    How about Eragon? I can just picture the final battle: “Your reign has come to an end Galby.” “Heh. Not bloody likely pipsqueak!” *stabs Eragon through the heart* “Now, to destroy the rest of those annoying little rebels…”

    • Artaxeboy

      cough anticlamactic much cough
      besides, eragon’s pretty set to live since Angela read those bones. Although he could always be crippled or something like that.

    • Kaylee

      The Almanac clearly implies that Eragon and Saphira live, as they temporarily leave the newest rider to take care of a new foe.

    • snowlight silent night

      galby wants to bring back the dragons saphira is the last known felmale he cant realy kill eragon with out risking it killing her too

  • Anonymous

    Dies: Islanzadi, Murtagh, Galby, Shruikan, Birgit, Elva, Nar Garzvhog

  • AryaRose

    OMG sooooo excited!!!!  Hmmmm…. I think most likely is probably Galbatorix, perhaps Murtagh and Thorn but I also think it might be possible Thorn could survive with Murtagh dying. I hope they both survive but I could see things working out otherwise.  I also think Nasuada and Islanzadi are highly likely.  Other than that, I really don’t want to think about anyone else dying.

  • Thesyphr

    I also think Roran will die….. just a hunch tho, Maybe even Nar Garzvhog

    • Dragonrider

      Murtagh will die! Hands down!

  • Here are my predictions:

    Eragon: lives
    Saphira: lives
    Roran: lives
    Murtagh: lives
    Thorn: dies
    Arya: lives
    Elva: lives
    Angela: lives
    Katrina: lives
    Islanzadi: dies
    Glaedr’s Eldunari: lives
    Nasuada: dies
    Birgit: dies
    Galbatorix: dies
    Garhzvog: dies
    Orik: lives
    Blodhgarm: dies

    Who am I missing?

    • Anonymous

      What about Jeod, Tenga, Sloan and Shruikan?

    • Artaxeboy

      Wow mike, if Murtagh lives while Thorn, who is COMPLETELY INNOCENT dies, that would be a sick and disturbing turn of events… Although it would make for good writing I suppose.

      • TorpeAlex

        I really think that Paolini dropped the ball with Thorn’s character. We’ve heard/seen absolutely nothing from him emotionally, not counting his ‘vast and puzzled sadness’ during the lull of battle in Brisingr. I will honestly be upset if Inheritance ends with no word from Thorn.

        • Denmark111

          I think we will though. Christoffer said that we would see more of Murtagh, so we will probably also see more of Thorn

        • Leon Trotsky Trout

          I’ve been singing this song for months!

    • Devin

      Mike, you think Islanzadi dies? It mentions her in “Eragon’s Guide to Alegasia” as being alive, I believe. Isn’t that written after the events of Inheritance?

    • Austin Littley

      Perhaps the death of Thorn would change Murtagh’s true name?! Hmmm

    • Springs

      I agree with the Thorn, Murtagh thing. I think Murtagh will redeem himself, but the redemption will cost him, which will be Thorn.

    • Tabitha K.

      Interesting observation about Birgit. I hadn’t really even thought of her.

    • Juan Mata

      Personally I believe

      Eragon: dies
      Saphira: lives
      Roran: dies
      Murtagh: dies
      Thorn: lives
      Arya: lives
      Angela: lives
      Elva: dies
      Katrina: dies
      Islanzadi: lives
      Glaedr’s Eldunari: lives
      Nasuada: lives
      Birgit: lives
      Galbatorix: dies
      Garzhvog: lives
      Orik: lives
      Blodhgarm: lives
      Jeod: dies
      Helen: lives
      Sloan: lives
      Shruikan: dies

      • Computertech Andrew

        I think that thorn will die in the flesh but his eldunari will live on, probably with the vardan.

      • Guest

        This is impossible since Eragon himself wrote the guide to alagaesia set after book 4.

    • sacare tus ojos

      Try King Orrin- DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AJ

      Islanzadi            wont die becaus shes in eragons guide

    • Fairth

      Eragon: Lives – 100% sure
      Saphira: lives – 100% sure
      Roran: Lives – 95% sure
      Murtagh: dies – 80% sure
      Thorn: dies – Will die if Murtagh does, and likely will anyway – 99% sure
      Arya: lives – 99% sure
      Angela: lives – 100% sure
      Elva: lives – 95% sure – I think she has potential for future stories.
      Katrina: lives – 90% sure – More likely than Roran, but still highly unlikely.
      Islanzadi: lives – 99.9% sure – I would say dies, but a guess she’s alive in the guide
      Glaedr’s Eldunari: lives – 100% sure
      Nasuada: undecided – 50/50 – I would say lives, but I don’t see a future for her post-varden
      Birgit: dies – 90% sure
      Galbatorix: dies – 99% sure
      Garzhvog: dies – A low-level supporting character that’s primed for a heroic death.*
      Orik: lives – 100% sure
      Blodhgarm: dies – See Garzvog
      Jeod: lives – 80% sure
      Helen: lives – 95% sure
      Sloan: lives – 100% sure
      Shruikan: dies – 99.9% sure
      Cairn: dies – See Garzvog – May have future as assistant to king Roran
      Vanir: dies – See Garzvog – Most likely dies protecting/supporting Eragon in last battle.
      Rorans child: undecided – Too many unknowns to make a reasonable guess.

      *Not all will die, but at-least one or two such story entity’s will.

      • Elena Shadeslayer

        a rider’s dragon doesnt die if the rider dies. thats only in the movie. the dragon can live on and so can the rider if the other dies yet they will most likely die of sadness after theri friedn’s revenge. remember when saphira told eragon that if he died he will race to gielead and kill the king himelf to revenge for him. (dont remember exact words but that was about it)

    • Dragon2003

      I agree with most of your prdictions Mike. You are awesome; you put Nasuada dies!

  • Anonymous


  • :D

    Hey, wheres the rest of the big 20 articles?

  • Elena Shadeslayer

    Elva, Galbatorix..(ahhhh, dont want anyone to die, only galby, but elva seams… doomed)
    and Islasandi.

  • Frizzy

    Galbatorix, Murtagh, Nasuada…

  • Thesyphr

    Islanzadi because Arya has to inherit her mothers responsibilities like the others have.

  • Iknoweverything

    Roran, Izlanzadi, Murtagh/Thorn, Galbatorix

  • Austin Littley

    They are all doomed…

    • Mad Rabbit

      I notice you didn’t specify what kind of doom, so no matter what, you predicted it.

    • Austin Littley

      Bahaha I wondered how many people would get it

  • Jwelde

    Me from anticipation. LOL
    No, but seriously.
    Izlanzadi- it’s Inheritance, right? The old generation must pass on.
    Nasuada- Fitting and epic, she gives her life for the cause. But at the very end. Because Nasuada has invested herself so much in the cause, after that, what has she to continue fighting for? She knows no other life. Thus, it will be poignant and intense.
    Elva- maybe. I’m not that sure about her.
    Grimmr- unlikely
    Roran- most certainly not.

    Who else? I think pretty much everyone else with live, but I probably forgot someone I think is doomed.

    • Elena Shadeslayer

      in the inheritance book exert its has Roran die. (check it out) but i’m like…impossible! NO! RORAN WILL NOT DIE!! 
      cause that would ruin everything.
      and i will stay strong believing he WONT die until i’m proven right or wrong.

      • Cory Knoll

        He doesn’t die, Elena. It ends as the wall falls, but you don’t see him die. As a matter of fact, as that was an excerpt from chapter 1, and he is alive and well in the excerpt from chapter 4, we know he does not die under the falling wall. I think he will actually use magic for the first time there, but that’s just a guess.

        • Elena Shadeslayer

          yes. thats my theroy. i think since the wall is made of stone and he was practicing stner reisia. (i suck at spelling) he will lift the wall and live.

      • Tabitha K.

        He won’t die, as he appears in the sample chapter “King Cat” which takes place AFTER the chapter exert.

      • Fred

        And I beleive there is a comment about the fact he is standing in a doorway.  The wall can fall all it wants. If he isnt under it he aint going to die.

      • EragonandMurtagh

        we don’t astualy know that he dies. the wall is about to crash on him but someone could pull or push him out of the way or eragon, arya, or various elves could use magic to rescue him or saphira could rescue him. of course he could just be smushed.

    • Jkramer13

      good call on nasuada

  • Artaxeboy

    Galbatorix. Murtaugh. Gleadr’s HoH. Katrina (if Roran will be the next rider) Queen Islanzdi. Nasuada. Elva. Carn. Nar Garhzvog. That’s it.

    • Me

      Well… if Katrina dies, Roran will too. Either by suicide or throwing himself against the enemy. He spent like an entire book searching for her. I seriously think he won’t be the next rider.

      • Nah. I agree with you that Roran would throw himself against the enemy if Katrina died, it just wouldn’t kill him. He would kill every last member of Galbatorix’s army single handedly

        • Me

          Ha ha good point. 😛

  • BloomingtonHoosier

    Nasuada, Arya, and Galbatorix.