Inheritance Book Club Episode 19 is Here and Features Christopher Paolini’s Editor, Michelle Frey!

The penultimate episode of The Inheritance Book Club Podcast has arrived! Episode nineteen, the final week of Brisingr, featured an incredibly special co-host: Michelle Frey, long-time editor of the Inheritance Cycle! Aside from the Paolini family, no one knows the books — including Inheritance (Book 4) — better than Michelle. She joins us for one of our best episodes yet to discuss the final one-hundred pages of Brisingr, including the big Eldunari reveal and the death of Oromis (and body-death of Glaedr), in addition to giving us some insider information on working with Christopher and editing Book 4.

Whether or not you’ve listened to all of our episodes, this is a great place to jump in to listen. Michelle’s commentary, answers, and contributions make for exciting content for Inheritance fans… and some clues about Book 4 and the Cycle as a whole may just be mixed in. And remember: Christopher Paolini himself will be joining us for the final episode in the series! Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Nineteen — Featuring Michelle Frey:

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Brief Outline for “ Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Nineteen”:

  • Introduction! Your hosts are Mike Macauley (Shur’tugal, Lytherus, The Inheritance Almanac), Lauren Zurchin (Lytherus), and special guest Michelle Frey (Editor of the Inheritance Cycle)
  • Elundari are explained!
  • Eragon and Saphira talk to the Menoa tree and aquire brightsteel
  • Rhunon helps Eragon forge a sword!
  • Eragon heads straight back into battle.
  • Glaedr dies.
  • Eragon and Saphira ponder their future.
  • THE END. That’s it. That’s all. No more. (until Nov. 8th)
  • Michelle answers some fantastic questions which weren’t included in the book discussion section
  • We give this week’s sweepstakes word!
  • It’s time for the theory section. Oops. Not this week.
  • End of episode nineteen!

The final episode of The Inheritance Book Club will release later this week… and will feature a very special guest: Christopher Paolini! Please be sure to brush up on your Book 4 theories in addition to reading the two previously-released Book 4 excerpts, “King Cat” and “Into the Breach”, to keep up with us!

As mentioned in the podcast, here is a picture (from 2005) of Mike Macauley (left) and Robert “Bob” Cox (right) with Ryan Hiaasen (center, the person who “discovered” Eragon in Montana).