Suvudu Releases Comic-Con Interview with CP

Our good friends over at Suvudu have released their Q&A with Christopher Paolini, conducted this summer at Comic-Con International. The interview took place in the same sitting as our three-part Q&A with Christopher and our as-of-yet unreleased podcast interview between Christopher and Mike Macauley. A short story written in Murtagh’s point of view? The complete revelation of Eragon’s “dungeon predicament”? More Book 4 details? You can visit Suvudu to listen to the complete audio interview (no written transcript available) and join us after the break for a summary of key knowledge gleamed from the Q&A.

Christopher gave a great Q&A to Suvudu. We’ve highlighted some of his key answers and thoughts below. Be sure to listen to the full audio from the Q&A with Suvudu!

Book 4

  • Book 4 is going “pretty well”; it’s tough, hard for a number of reasons “which I don’t want to summarize at the moment”. It is “good”, and Christopher is “certainly doing [his] best to provide a satisfactory and rousing end to the story”
  • Book 4 will have the most battles of any of the books put together, “and considering the amount of battles I had in Brisingr, that’s no small thing!” Christopher believes that Book 4 has more battles than the other three books combined, even before completion.
  • When Christopher left home for Comic-Con, he “left Eragon strung up by his wrists, strung up in a dungeon with his shirt off and blood coming out of him. And no, he’s not in Galbatorix’s dungeons and it is not the end of the book. I actually need to get home and resolve that situation pretty quickly… it’s bothering me!”
  • Announcing the date and title of Book 4 is up to Random House. Both will be released at their discretion.
  • Christopher is shooting to get the book out as soon as possible and is nearing the end.
  • The answer Tenga is searching for in Brisingr is too spoiler-y to discuss and will be addressed in Book 4.

General Questions

  • King Evandar was likely killed by Galbatorix or a member of the Forsworn. Likely a very dramatic death.
  • Growing up in a family of readers had a huge influence on Christopher’s enjoyment of literature. This influence got Christopher into enjoying stories and writing.
  • Christopher loves the iconic look of the painting of Glaedr on the cover of Brisingr (not to disparage the Thorn and Saphira paintings).
  • Christopher would love to see Palencar paint Galbatorix’s dragon Shruikan, as Palencar is famous for painting really evil and scary things.
  • Will Murtagh be able to change his real name? “I wont say whether he will or he won’t, but any person within Alagaesia can theoretically change their true name if who they are — their basic nature — changes. And that holds true both for Eragon and Saphira and Arya, and all the main characters.”
  • If needed, Eragon (or any magic user) could temporarily change the color of their magic.
  • Once Christopher finishes the series, he would love to go back and write a short story or novella that covers Murtagh’s time in Uru’baen under Galbatorix’s tutelage, as he’s coming into power and as Thorn hatches. “It is not something I’m going to tackle right away.”
  • Christopher has been leery of writing in Galbatorix and Murtagh’s points-of-view out of fear that doing so would cause the villains to lose their sense of suspense and surprise.
  • Exactly where the humans came from before landing on Alagaesia will not be revealed because it is “outside the scope” of Christopher’s current story. He will say that they had various lands beyond the sea where they lived. They ran in to some “bad times”, which is why they migrated to Alagaesia.
  • The soldier in Brisingr who saw Murtagh as more of a son is of no real importance to the story, other than to point that Murtagh had more power than he ought to. This was a preemptive nod to his collection of Eldunari before it was revealed later in the books.

We’d love to hear what you think about Christopher’s revelations in the comments below!

  • Fricai Andlat

    Well, I can not wait for the fourth book to come out. That is a long overdue occurence and hopefully it will be as good as all of the other books put together. If CP can pull this off, He is a true literary master.

  • Kingasrialsweb

    Woah, where is the spoiler filter?

  • Loivissa

    Bahaha, love all the comments about Eragon losing his shirt. NICE!!

  • Aniquilador de Espectros

    In my opinion, there are 3 characters who can be the Third Rider: Roran, Arya and, most unlikely, Nasuada.

    Roran has the same blood (half) as Eragon and he is a great warrior. He would be a Good Rider and a Good ally to Eragon! But, if he becomes a Rider, his story with Katrina will complicate, because he becomes immortal!

    Nasuada is also a Great warrior! She is strong and a leader. If she becomes a Rider she would have more power to run the Varden on their demand against Galbatorix, and the confidence of the Varden would be untouchable! But it is unlikely that Nasuada becomes a Rider.

    Arya would be the Stronger Rider of this 3 characters! Powerful in combat and in magic, she would be the Best Ally to Eragon and, in other hand, if she becomes a Rider, there are great odds that she and Eragon end up together, after all! She would be just like Eragon!

    But, if I remember well, there are no mention, in the legacy of the Dragon Riders, of a Female Rider! So, it would be the first time, probably, that a Female becomes a Rider!

    She is The Best Chance!!!

  • spaz123

    omg eragon with a 6-pack. awesome!!!!!! cant wait to read the book, CHRISTOPHER CANT YOU WRITE ANY FASTER?

  • polala1

    i have a question for next interwiew : why eragon forgot his debt to horst in the third book ?

  • Aniquilador de Espectros

    Hello everyone!

    I think that Eragon is being held by the Az Sweldn Rak Anhuin, they finally got their hands on him suffer, to fulfil their revenge.

    • Black_Phoenix

      Good one.

    • If they get him, they will kill him.

      • Aniquilador de Espectros

        No, they will not kill him!
        Eragon is being held, but Saphira not! She will manage a way to free him! And don´t forget Orik, he is the King of the Dwarves, so he has power over the Az Sweldn Rak Anhuin!
        And Eragon can´t die! The prophecy says that he will leave Alagaesia to never return!
        He is the Only One who can kill Galbatorix, beyond Murtagh! One of them will kill him, but i bet that will be Eragon. Or, who knows, the Third Rider will kill Galbatorix!

        • Jedibenr

          You’re forgetting a few things. 1,they thought what Vermund did was repugnant, trying to kill a guest. 2, Arya’s far more capable of killing Galby than Eragon. 3, leave forever could mean die

          • du sundavar freohr

            yes its possible “leave forever” could mean die but in this instance id does NOT. In book 1, Eragon had a dream about wat is highly ikely to be himself leaving. Angela also told him he would leave, thus connecting the dream and the prophesy. There were other evnts to support this, mostly in Brisingr. For example when the Ra’zac wished him ill and “cursed” him: “curssse you, Rider! I curssse you! May you find noroossst nor den nor peace of mind in thisss land of yours. May you leave Alagaesia and never return”. (Brisingr, pg 65)

  • EternalShade

    Is anyone else having trouble pulling up the ‘Eragon in Book 4: Tortured? Dying? [Repost]’ ? When i click on the link that Mike posted in his comment it never comes up. Sorry for posting here but the comments on the appropriate post are disabled.

    • Anonymous

      I am! Please fix!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    I know Paolini keeps his family close, and even includes them in the books. Do you know if he uses his family to help edit and inspire writing? Would they know about the book as much as he does?

    If so, I would think it hard to not have bits of information accidentally spread (not to say bad things on Paolini’s family). I know in my own family, if a secret is told, it is told to almost the whole family and eventually it will spread in the community.

  • Rider of Fangs

    It could be that Eragon is captured (don’t mock my point yet) but he is being held by Urgals that aren’t under Nar’Garvhog’s banner, or possibly Nauada’s people, for making their lives terrible, or is strung up by another Shade (one of my favorite beings in Paolini’s world next to the Ra’zac and Werecats.) It is also possible that he is held captive by Morzan back from the dead. MUHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • Lost-plots

    (I always enjoy reading the transcripts and it’s easier for international visitors to understand the interview, so..)
    ~Suvudu Interview Transcript~
    (Not sure if comments is the right place though…)

    Hi, this is Christopher Paolini and I’m here at Comic Con 2010 answering a bunch of fan questions for the [cane through/ came through?] Suvudu and I’ve actually been looking forward to this for a while because I don’t often get pried out of my cave at home and I know that readers have a lot of thoughts and theories and questions about the books and I’ve been looking forward to answering those for a while.
    So, I’m just gonna dive right into these and get started and work through these one at a time:

    Christine asked:
    “Christopher Paolini, is the old Elf Queen Delanor still alive?
    Who killed King Evandar?”

    Well, King Evandar was killed during the Fall of the Dragon Riders and was most likely killed by Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn. I actually haven’t worked out who exactly killed him, because I’m not writing a book set back a hundred years ago. But if I ever have to go back there, I’ll definitely figure out who is the guilty party. I’m sure it was a very dramatic death.

    As for the old Elf Queen Delanor, again, I haven’t worked out that detail because it’s not really important to the main thrust of the story at the moment. Although that’s an interesting question, what happens to old elvish monarchs. That’s maybe something I’ll talk about at some point.

    Rose Butler asks:
    “Christopher Paolini, did growing up in a literature-loving family make it easier for you to get in to writing or do you think you would have done it anyway?”

    You know, that’s a great question. I think being in a family where reading is considered important and not just important but normal has a huge influence on anyone who grows up in a family like that. My Mom read Dickens to me when I was a kid and Jane Austen. In fact, Jane Austen I think is an amazingly funny writer when you hear her read out loud. And Dickens is one of the scariest authors you’ll ever read, especially when you’re a twelve~thirteen year old and you’re reading about David Copperfield and his horrible loss of his family. Yeah, that was pretty horrific. But I think that influence did have a lot to do with the fact that I love stories and got me into writing and stuff, so you know the same way if you grow up in a family where everyone plays a musical instrument, you will probably learn to play the piano or guitar or violin – something like that. So good question.

    Alright, Klaus asks:
    “How has been your experience writing Book Four and which one is your favourite cover illustration of the Inheritance Cycle? Why?”

    Asking me which Cover I like the most is kind of like asking me which one of my children I like the best. I definitely like the first book just because it was the first book and always will have a special place in my heart. I do like the cover painting of Brisingr, Glaedr, I think that gold dragon has a very iconic look. Reminds me of some of the old religious paintings and stuff. I could just see putting just a halo over his hand and having it gilt and everything. It’s just a beautiful painting. Not to disparage the Thorn painting at all. Of course, some of you may have already seen there’s a alternate cover of the Japanese edition of Brisingr which has one of the Lethrblaka on it, which is pretty intense and startling as well. And that piece of art was also included as a fold-out poster in the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr and that’s always a favourite painting of mine. I’ve actually always wanted to see Palancar paint Galbatorix’ dragon Shruikan since Palancar is known for paining really evil, scary things. And I think if he’d get a chance to paint a black, evil dragon he would just have a lot of fun with it. So maybe one of these days. Maybe we can get it as an alternate art for Book Four.

    As for Book Four, I don’t want to sum up what my experience with it has been yet because I’m not completely done with the beastie. But it is going pretty well, it’s tough, it’s hard, it’s difficult for a number of reasons which I don’t want to summarize all at the moment. But it is – I think it is a good book. It’s always hard for an author to know when they’re in the middle of writing it, but I think it’s good. And I’m certainly doing my best to provide a satisfactory and rousing ending to the story. I can tell you though that it has the most battles than any of the books put together. Considering the amount of battles I had in Brisingr, that is no small thing. I think there are already more battles in the fourth book – and I’m not even done yet – more battles than all the three books put together. And at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with blood and guts. It’s a little bit [ of a striking?] balance. In fact, when I left home to come down to Comic Con, I left Eragon strung up by his wrists hanging in a dungeon with his shirt off and blood coming out of him. And no, he’s not in Galbatorix’ dungeon and it’s not the end of the book. So I actually need to get home and resolve that situation pretty quickly. It’s bothering me.

    Angle asks:
    “Chris, how long will it take for the fans to know the Publishing Date of the fourth Book and its title?”

    I don’t know when the title is going to be announced exactly. I have named the book. That’s really going to be up to Random House and their Marketing Team to decide when to announce that. As for the exact date, again that’s up to Random House. I’m certainly shooting at having the Book out as soon as possible and I’m really getting toward the end now. So hopefully there’ll be news on that front before too long.

    Enzo asks:
    “What can a dragon’s heart to the many who possesses Galbatorix?”

    Well, since it’s missing a verb in it I can’t really answer that question. The last one is: “Angela’s teacher is looking for the actual name of the ancient language.
    I’m a little fuzzy on the scene myself at the moment but I believe that’s true… No, no it’s not actually. Sorry, no it’s not. I actually don’t want to go into that at the moment, ’cause that’s a little side thing that could prove a little spoilery. I have to apologize for being a bit fuzzy on that point because I haven’t got my files in front of me. I’ve just been walking around Comic Con for three days now and I’m at a point where when you start asking me what my first book was about I’ll start saying “Bubbles.” Thing like that.
    The first question though, “How important is the soldier that sees Murtagh as more of a son?”
    He’s not terribly important. He was mainly in Brisingr to provide a clue that Murthagh had quite a bit more power than he ought to. And that was a little bit of set up for the revelations for the Dragon’s Heart of Hearts later in the story.

    Augustina – what a great name – Augustina asks: “Will Murtagh be able to change his real name?”
    I won’t say whether he will or he won’t, but any person in Alagaesia can theoretically change their real name – or true name – if who they are, their basic nature changes and that holds true both for Eragon, Saphira and Arya and all the main characters.

    Bautista (?) asks:
    “When the third quarter book is going to be released in Argentina?”
    Again, I would answer the same I did for the question on Spain, it would depend on how fast the translator was able to work and it would probably be at the very soonest three to four months after the release of Eragon. The foreign publishers do get the book sooner than the actual publication date, as soon as the manuscript is nailed down and it’s pretty much in it’s final form then we start sending it out overseas to the foreign translators. But even though they’re pretty spectacular people they can’t translate a book the size of Brisingr overnight. Well the could but you sure wouldn’t want to read it.
    And Bautista also asks: “Where do humans come from in Alagaesia?” Or come to Alagaesia. I think that’s the question. I can’t exactly tell you, because that’s outside the scope of my story but the humans in my world did come from over the sea to the west of Alagaesia and they had various lands beyond the sea where they lived and they actually ran into some pretty bad times which was why they eventually migrated to Alagaesia. But at the moment that’s not something I’m exploring in the story.

    Dante asks:
    “In your first book Eragon, you write that when Eragon first uses magic, yelling Brisingr, the flame that covers the arrow is blue – which is very true – and in Brisingr you also write that when Oromis teaches Eragon to teleport things, the explosion left by the rock he teleported to the other side of the river was blue. So was the colour of the flame from the explosion from the dragon Saphira?”

    There’s another question here which I’ll answer first. I believe I actually said somewhere in the series that every magician and every writer tends to exhibit a slightly different colour whenever they have an energy effect with their magic and that something that is rather common in fantasy stories. It’s not unique to my own series. And that just seems to be something that – you know – a person’s personality tends to influence that outcome. You can’t change it consciously if you need to. For example if Eragon says the word ‘Light’ in the ancient language, the light that he creates would be blue. But if he needs to do something at night and he doesn’t want to ruin his night vision, then he’d have to say something along the lines of ‘kwigvar raudur’, which would mean ‘Red Light’. Actually ‘Red Lightning’ to be technically correct. But the fact that his dragon is blue is probably the main thing that influencing the fact that he does have a blue magical effect. If Saphira was red, he probably would have a red magical effect.

    And last question here from Dante, also:
    “Have you considered writing the events happening throughout Eldest from Murtagh’s point of view, like what happened to him after the battle at Farthen Dûr and how he was chosen by Thorn, the moment of Thorn’s Birth, Torture by Galbatorix etc. ?”

    That’s a really good question. And I have considered it, and I think once I finish the main series I may go back and write a short story or a novella that covers Murtagh’s time in Urubaîn under Galbatorix’ tutelage – dark tutelage, as he comes into power, as Thorn hatches and all this happens. Again, it’s something I’m not going to tackle right away. The reason I didn’t show it in the first book – excuse me, in Eldest – and the reason I haven’t shown Murtagh or Galbatorix’ point of view later, is because I believe that… often, when you show the villain you lose a sense of suspense in the story because then you know what they’re up to and what they’re planning. And I like stories where you don’t know what the villain’s doing and it surprises you. And I’m also working on the “Third Man Harry Lime” theory in regards to Galbatorix: Everyone talks about Galbatorix for several thousand pages but we never actually see him. In fact, we’ve only heard him once in the series so far –
    but we never actually see him until… (pauses) quite near the end of the story. And hopefully, if I write that correctly, he’ll make a heck of an impact.

    So, these are my answers for the various questions here for Suvudu and I want to thank all the fans for submitting such great questions and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the series once it comes out and of course as Eragon would say, Siona sverdas setia havas – May your Swords stay sharp!

    • Really good job.

      • Lost-plots

        Thanks – Didn’t have the books on hand though – so the ancient language is only from memory or what I thought I heard.

        • Jeriah

          That last part goes “Se onr sverdar sitja hvass.” I am such a nerd…lol

        • bhgftrjtyjfr

          The ancient language bears a striking resemblance to modern day Norwegian and Icelandic. Perhaps it is based off of a more archaic dialect. Try searching for “translator” and see what you find.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone has bothered to check the publishing dates in the books, you would notice that CP publishes a book about every 3 years. I feel this is an incredibly short time fram for the amount of writing he produces so i say, keep up the good work!

  • CP has said that he was planning on writing the experiences of Murtagh under Galbatorix as a short story later and I would like to make an request to him that he write Arya’s story as well. I have a feeling that there are many people out there who can’t connect with Arya seeing the various bad remarks made toward her character in discussion forums. But for me hers is a really great character and I would proudly say that hers is my most favourite of all of CP’s characters. I tried to explain her character as best as I can in the following post: . Do read and mike would you please forward my above request to Christopher. It would be great help.

  • nar_garzhov

    this book better be pretty awesome cause weve waited for flipping ever

  • Anonymous

    Now that i think about it, this recently came out while you guys gave us the 3 part interview a couple weeks ago. To think that they waited this long and yall gave it to us a quickly as possible makes me feel, well mean. We kept asking yall to give us the interviews and saying mean things while compared to these guys yall did it immidiatly. So im gonna give yall kudos and never judge you on how long it takes something no matter how impatient i get. Well done

  • wolf

    Im curious, it could be that dwarf clan that hates him? The ones that tried to kill him in brisingr. I think they might have him held in a dungeon.

  • Dan

    he just as his shirt off no big deal i dont think if arya comes and rescues him and his shirt off she will just fall in a romantic love with i dont think the personality of an elf will actually be affected by a topless dragon rider

  • EternalShade

    So would early/mid summer 2011 be a reasonable estimate for release of book 4?

  • Blach_Phoenix

    Hi all i have question can anyone ask C.P. what is his comment on the movie and why he allowed to ruin his book man when i so movie i was wtf, and will there be movie 2 (ELDEST) ?
    and at the end to give my comment.
    Well i don’t expect to see Eragon in dungeon but that is Eragon if there is any trap he will be the first to fall in lol he is so stupid poor Saphira she will be worried sick.
    Also there is lot of theories how this book will end mine is that Menoa will at the end ask that Eragon and Saphira leave Alagasia for ever and never return again the twitch in his stomach was the contract he made whit Menoa because moron talked in ancient language eheheh probably the last egg will hatch to symbolize new beginning and the egg will hatch probably for Ayra why because she got the sent of a dragon on here she is skilled fighter and she is proud.And the last one C.P. told us that he hopes that the book 4 will be best one yet my question what can top book 2 Eragon transformation, Murthag is Eragon brother and read dragons rider. Can someone please tell me what can top book 2 thanx

  • Actually speaking, I have always wanted Eragon to endure something like this. Not because I hate him. But because the other main characters like Arya, Murtagh have undergone so much trouble. Though Murtagh couldn’t survive the troubled times(well, Galbatorix himself invading mind is no simple thing Murtagh was by no means as powerful as Arya), they both endured unimaginable troubles. So, I felt, Eragon should also be put through something like that. And CP seems to have heeded my silent pleas. Let it be DRAMATIC. And while waiting why not take a look at this post that tries to explain what Arya is:

    • Shurtugal Arya

      Lol yeah, that’s what I thought. This is actually quite amusing for me because I actually wrote something on fanfiction that had the SAME scene- obviously not going to be the same as CP’s but when I read the news about Eragon being bloodied, hanging by manacles… I just gaped, because I had Eragon hanging by manacles and tortured. Haha and I also think it’s like sort of like Eragon’s going through what Arya did- so it’s like he now experiences it instead of listening to it and sympathizing

    • Shurtugal Arya

      Lol yeah, that’s what I thought. This is actually quite amusing for me because I actually wrote something on fanfiction that had the SAME scene- obviously not going to be the same as CP’s but when I read the news about Eragon being bloodied, hanging by manacles… I just gaped, because I had Eragon hanging by manacles and tortured. Haha and I also think it’s like sort of like Eragon’s going through what Arya did- so it’s like he now experiences it instead of listening to it and sympathizing

    • May

      And Roran has too.

  • Alice


  • Alice

    ima kick my sources butt bc he keeps sayin its on a reciept he got when he suposedly pre-ordered it-.-

  • Alice

    thats so cool!

  • wolf

    I feel bad for Shruikan, it would be totally awesome if he just like bit Galbatorixs head off.

    The interview was pretty awesome. Good job Suvudu Staff!

  • TheDragonReborn

    maybe he is bloodied and topless <3 (yay) because galby figured out eragons true name so the vardan have to keep him locked up to make sure he doesn't hurt anybody. And the blood could come from elva trying to stop suffering by killing eragon..

  • aryashadeslayer

    so the book probably wont come out till 2011 fall right also mike i have a question for u do u support any inheritance cycle couplings?

    • aryashadeslayer

      darn wrote it twice but still do u support any inheritance cycle couplings?

      • I know not about Mike. But I support Eragon-Arya coupling. I have even explained why I like it in the below post: . If you are bored, you may read it. I promise you will get lots of points to rebuke Arya’s critics on discussion forums. Thanks.

  • Pingu

    “being held to keep him from doing something stupid” LOL. It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Eragon and Arya995

    OOOOOOHHH! No shirt on! That IS some great news! I hope Arya and Saphir a come to the rescue! I mean, Arya did say in Brisingr that if Eragon were to ever get captured, she would acompany Saphira in the rescue parade! Hopefully they didn’t bring and extra shirt…lol Firemonkey, i totally 100% agree with you!

    • firemonkey


  • boringbattles

    Please, no more battles! It’s awful to struggle through that many pages filled with fighting and slaughtering. What’s the point of it?! Surely, it’s not essential to the plot if we know exactly how much blood was spilled and how many people died and that Roran killed another record-breaking amount of people. Honestly, all these battles are mostly just a boring repetition of people killing each other. It’s something I don’t fancy reading at all….

  • Danga1993

    Naw Naw people. This is whats gonna happen. Eragon is shirtless and is drowning in his own blood when some cute female dragon rider comes and tortures his brains out causing him to fall in love with her. And then Roran accidently trips on a rock and throws his hammer at Galbatorix crushing his head. Roran becomes king of Alagaesia and kills all the elves in Du Weldenwarden after calling them tree hugers and hippies. Saphira become Roran’s dragon because he is just so cool. Roran gets rid of Katrina because she cried so much and elopes with Orik’s wife(i forget her name) much to his anger. Saphira breathes fire and sets Oriks beard on fire. Long live King Roran. Peace out,

  • Antigone

    Maybe Shruikan is a shade. It was said that Darza help Galby with subdueing Shruikan. Considering that Darza is a sorcerer, and that CP did hint that a shade who is not human will turn up in book 4, that could be a possibilty.

    • Wow!! That was new and riveting! The evil king and the dragon-shade. But its Durza.

      • hvass

        stupid indians….hahaha

    • Rahul Deshpande

      hey..nice thought there…it may be possible…not much about shruikan is mention in the series…well…why didnt that come to my mind…gosh…thats a great thought none the less….

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Thanks for the info.

  • rockstardrinker

    okay first off Chris Paolini, you da best and i mean that. Second thorn and murtagh gonna die. and third well i dont have a third

    • Christopher doesn’t visit comments or message boards.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    So when is that podcast (that you mentioned in the intro) coming out? Are there any juicy bits for us to look forward to? Sorry I’m a bit of a glutton for new info.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    So when is that podcast (that you mentioned in the intro) coming out? Are there any juicy bits for us to look forward to? Sorry I’m a bit of a glutton for new info.

    • I think it comes out some time in October, right around the release of my book. That’s how it was explained to me before we recorded it for Random House but things could change. I’ll let you guys know once I hear from RH.

      • Rahul Deshpande

        hey mike…well the almanac’s release is worldwide?????
        when it will be available in India…???
        Please can you shed some light on it…
        i have asked it 2-3 times earlier..but got no reply…

  • aryashadeslayer

    so the fourth book probably wont come out in spring 2011?

    • Well, I’m no official source and I don’t know any extra details, I just have a good understanding of how the publishing industry works. If Christopher still isn’t finished, that’d be a lot of work to write/edit/print the book all before spring. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a spring release. 😐

  • Sirsimon

    It is likely Paolini will finish the book end of november, early to mid december, and then release for a spring 2011 release. I would then like an eragon remake to follow that following christmas. lol

    • MasterBrom

      It is at least a 6 month period after the manuscript is turned in until the book is printed. They have to go through the editing process and then printing it. I would say Fall of 2011 is the earliest it will be out, so patience is the word. As for the movie, I don’t see any work on that until book 4 is out and then if a studio picks it up, it would be 2013 before any release date.

      • Yeah, for it to be a Spring 2011 release, he’d have to have the book finished now. Editing, printing, and distribution takes a bit more than 2 or 3 months, unfortunately. End of summer/early fall 2011 sounds a lot more likely to me.

        • EternalShade


        • Anonymous

          You guys are crazy!

          When it comes to life in general, we all freak out about how fast it is going. Come on people! Summer isn’t that far away! Read a new series, focus on school. That’s what I did when I was waiting for Brisinger to come out. I almost forgot about the series until my ex-boyfriend handed me a copy of the book!

          It helps to keep busy. Before you know it, the book will be out and our starving imaginations will finally be fed.

      • Yeah, for it to be a Spring 2011 release, he’d have to have the book finished now. Editing, printing, and distribution takes a bit more than 2 or 3 months, unfortunately. End of summer/early fall 2011 sounds a lot more likely to me.

      • PrettyBullet

        Printing the book shouldn’t take all too long, a printing factor on average 12h shift line can bind about 80,000 books, a million books would take about 1 week if run on one good running line, depends on how well the press room copies are on how fast a line can bind the books. it will most likely spend about a month in a printing plant. Longest a month and half if they run in too problems at a distribution factory, they only have to run enough to supply the immediate demand of readers and just continue running to keep store shelfs stocked up. The editing, rough drafts, designing the tempplates (for the printing) sucks up most of the time. I wish I worked in the printing factory that binds these books… then i could get a head start. 🙁

  • Rahul

    hey mike…when will the inheritance almanac will release in india…well..pls reply..this is 2nd or 3ed time i am asking about it…

    • Sorry, I don’t have any news about a release in India. 🙁

    • Sorry, I don’t have any news about a release in India. 🙁

      • Rahul Deshpande

        ok…thanks…for the reply…sorry..dint read it earlier….

  • Lolz

    Is it possible to know if the book is coming out this year or at least early next year?
    It would really ease my tension for finishing this book

  • tz


  • Arya

    ive been told that the forth book is comming out on friday(of this week)…
    Is that true bc i would think they would have said something by now…..
    and i want to read it so bad i finished all 3 books in 4 days…i know bc my mom pointed it out….i realy hope it does come out friday….or sometime soon if it doesent….

    • PrettyBullet

      You must of heard wrong, or some one is pulling your chain. Mike would have put it on this site by now if that was the case. i wish you were right tho, I’m chomping at the bit my self. 😉

    • Brandon

      The book is not coming out Friday, the book is not done yet.

    • Of course that isn’t true. It won’t be out this year, that’s for certain.

  • Anonymous

    Mike, most of the comments on the Q+A page are people commenting on each other. Is there enough legit aka not dumb question?

    • If there aren’t, we’ll re-open the question submitting process for more. I’m going to go through the questions this weekend.

  • Cristina

    Oh my gosh. Eragon’s shirt off? HOOOOTTTTTT!!!!! So is there going to be some female Rider that is going to rescue him?

  • Cristina

    Oh my gosh. Eragon’s shirt off? HOOOOTTTTTT!!!!! So is there going to be some female Rider that is going to rescue him?

    • You fangirls are so funny! 😛

      • Rune

        have you READ the menoa tree speculations?

      • Shurtugal Arya

        I am currently ashamed to call myself a girl if I must be lumped in with the rest for drooling over Eragon’s ‘hotness’

        • May


  • Dennis

    Also I think the title will be released when CP finally finishes the book…It makes sense because Im sure Random House knows what he wants to title it but at this point CP is the only one who knows how the story is going to unfold, so I think Random House will want to read the final copy before deciding to run with the title. Not to mention it will be a HUGE announcement to get us pumped up for the release a few months later

  • Dennis

    The comment about Shruikan is interesting. He mentions that it would be nice for palancar to paint an “the evil black dragon”…I wonder if shruikan is so brainwashed he is actually as evil as galbatorix and that inside shruikans head he really thinks what he is doing is the right thing…If thats the case im guessing the black dragon def dies in the end!

    • Anonymous

      I wouldnt think he would die from grief right at the end, that would be to quick in my opinion. He is probably going to go insane if he is that twisted already and try to kill everything before he gets blown to shreds by some BA magic. Plus if it inst the traditional rider bond, who says that he would actually feel galby die? Perhaps galby thought that if he took out the pain part of the bond then he wouldn’t feel any sentiment to the dragon he bonded with.

      • Dennis

        He will most def feel galby die. Bond or not their minds are connected somehow. But what I dont get is that if dragons are supposed to be all powerful and can do whatever they want why cant Shruikan break galby’s hold on him? Or at the very least incapacitate him like Eragon did to the shade Arya killed. I kinda think thats how the book is going to end…Shruikan assisting Eragon in defeating Galby….Although I am almost posotive that Arya will have a hand in it as well because all of the main enemies have been killed by Arya and Eragon collectively

        • Anonymous

          Well the issue was when shruikan was a baby his rider was killed so he was probably filled with grief and confusion. Plus his mind wasn’t that strong being he was just born, so that added more to the issue. Galby used dark magic on him to create the bond and if the loosing your rider experience is that horrifying im sure he wouldn’t want to go through it again, regardless if its not his true rider. But idk i would really think that if galby was smart he would not let the dragon he is capturing be able to read his mind or take control so easily

  • Anonymous

    Now that was cool, I hope that CP will write a novella one day, and that one day I’ll get to read the inheritance almanac, if it get released over here.
    And another thing has anyone read David Eddings? I found the bit about the Bore and the boar’s eye so very similar, anyone else?

    • Where are you from? I just received news last week that it’s releasing in the United Kingdom and Spain, as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. More countries may be added but I don’t have details on those.

      • alice

        i appoligize if im being rude but where did you hear that if i may ask

        • Well, “The Inheritance Almanac” is a book that I wrote so my agent, editor, and publicists at Random House keep me up-to-date on where my book is being published around the world. 😛

      • Anonymous

        New Zealand. Can probably get it shipped from AU, thanks.

    • Where are you from? I just received news last week that it’s releasing in the United Kingdom and Spain, as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. More countries may be added but I don’t have details on those.

  • Lonewolf29

    Its interesting to me. C.P. will never give a single good hint about the plot, but he is generally very willing to tell us about his worldbuilding and the history of Alagaesia.

  • JC

    Id like to listen to this, but how much info is given? any spoilers? I’d rather not hear spoilers.

    • There aren’t any real spoilers. I summarized the interview above, so what you see is what you get.

      • JC

        ok, thanks! =]

  • JSickles

    New theory … The girl that angela told her fortune to is galbys daughter and also the sister to both eragon and murtagh .. she some how stole the green egg ..and it has already hatched … remember the green egg shell that eragon steped on .. just an idea lol im going crazy tryin to wait .. cant wait for the book 🙂

    • Nerdzee

      if she was glaby’s daughter and eragon and murtagh’s siter then that means galby would be eragon and murtagh’s dad which sort of nullifies one of the main points of the plot – the fact that murtagh is morzan’s son and also that eragon is brom’s son…

      • Kyle Kelley

        Unless Selena got around even more than we already thought.

        • EternalShade

          hahahaa. I doubt it.

    • werekitty

      Very interesting theory! Although I don’t think that Selena would fall in love with evil Morzan, change her ways fall in love with brom, risk everything for Eragon, only to hook up with Galby (who was even worse then Morzan)…..unless of course Galby made Selena his name slave….(dun dun dun)

  • firemonkey

    Ooo, Eragon is tied up in a dungeon without his shirt on. That leaves room for some lady-friend of his to come and fall in love with all of his muscles.

    • Or room for Saphira to rip the roof off of said dungeon, devour all inside (with the exception of Eragon), and fly him to safety. 😛

      • Dennis

        Well I think at this point the only way Eragon would be captured is to protect him…He could have been bloodied in a battle and perhaps some cast an “unbreakable madness spell” on him or something..LOL.. and he is being held by arya and nasuada to keep him from doing something stupid… The only other people who pose a real threat to him are Murtagh and Galby..But since he isnt in galbys dungeons and Murtagh has strict instructions to return him to the king who would be dumb enough to hold him prisoner with the varden close behind him. Unless he ventured off somewhere and is being held for galbatorix.

      • Dennis

        Well I think at this point the only way Eragon would be captured is to protect him…He could have been bloodied in a battle and perhaps some cast an “unbreakable madness spell” on him or something..LOL.. and he is being held by arya and nasuada to keep him from doing something stupid… The only other people who pose a real threat to him are Murtagh and Galby..But since he isnt in galbys dungeons and Murtagh has strict instructions to return him to the king who would be dumb enough to hold him prisoner with the varden close behind him. Unless he ventured off somewhere and is being held for galbatorix.

        • Shurtual Arya

          Um… no. How can he be held by Arya and Nasuada and be TORTURED? That doesn’t make sense- lock him up or something in a room… but the two throwing him in a dungeon, bloody and hanging from manacles? I don’t think so.

          • Dennis

            Well first off nobody said he was tortured. Second It could be after a battle or Im sure he would have done something to cause him to be locked up. Perhaps he found out that roran got whipped and got really mad or something…I doubt he would be captured willingly so im sure he would put up a fight no matter who it was that captured him.

          • Obiwan33_

            Well I think the ‘bloody’ part is self-explanatory. But aside from that is my main point: why would Arya and Nasuada lock him up, hanging from manacles, that is a very unlikely situation.

          • Obiwan33_

            And even if it was Arya and Nasuada, they would at least heal him, not leave him bloody and hurt

      • PrettyBullet

        Way to bust the female readers bubble Mike.
        how many roofs does Saphira have to break threw?
        Why don’t we just pretend the dungeons my room! 😛

      • firemonkey

        Hey Mike, all of us girls are just dreaming for something interesting to happen.

  • PrettyBullet

    Oh wow! Short story on Murtagh would be awesome! He was a good character, and it was kinda sad that he ended up being forced to be the bad guy. I’m sure i’m not the only person who would get a kick out of this!

    • Alonso

      Are you sure he was forced to be the bad guy?

      • PrettyBullet

        No, I’m not. But the book leads me to believe he was, when Murtah tells Eargon that Galby has his and thorns true name, so i take it as he has no choice. Whats your take on it?

        • I don’t know. Personally, my take has always been a bit more skeptical. Murtagh was ordered to try to capture Eragon, yes, but he also committed more heinous acts of his own volition. He seems to have adopted an “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude in regards to Galbatorix’s powers over his true name. He has become somewhat defeatist, it seems to me, and he’d rather obey, excel, and be rewarded for it than actually make a long-lasting stand for what’s right.

          • JC

            That’s definitely an option. In my opinion though, I think he is still in there somewhere, hes just giving up. Think about it: in the first book, he defied Galbatorix and ran, only to save the life of his enemy (Eragon) several times, while putting himself at risk. Even though he keeps saying “no life is more important than my own” he contradicts himself in what he does. Even the Varden, he was so set on proving himself and helping them despite the danger to himself. Then in Eldest, he lets Eragon go, allows Roran to live and takes the time to talk to Eragon and explain himself. In Brisingr he won’t let Eragon go, but says that even if he wanted to he couldn’t, and warns him about the Eldanari (spelled wrong i think). I don’t know, I think he wants to be good, and hates himself for what he does – but he has no help from anyone, so he has to make the best of it. Thats my theory anyway, haha, i guess we will find out. =]

          • Shurtugal Arya

            Very succinct analysis- you hit the spot. I agree with you, he’s not inherently evil, just misunderstood and forced to do Galbatorix’s dirty work. He’s obviously loyal and ‘good’ at heart, but then again, no human is evil- I don’t think that’s the question. It’s the choices that he makes that will determine which side he’s on. I hope to see Murtagh redeem himself and I have a feeling that he’ll have something to do with Galby’s death or whatever. And for some reason I have a horrible feeling that he’s going to sacrifice himself or something

          • JC

            I know, i get that feeling too!! I hope not =[ I want him to do the right thing, but I’d rather he didn’t die, that would be so unfair.

      • Christopher said in our last Q&A with him that he could have seen Murtagh as a possible candidate for Saphira’s egg pre-Galbatorix’s capture. I even commented during the interview that that says a lot about Murtagh (in a good way). I think it’s safe to say that Murtagh was genuinely a good person before Galbatorix got to him.

      • Rahul Deshpande

        well…Murtagh’s character and personality is still unfamiliar to all the readers…Christopher has not defined him till now..(cant say of the book 4)… we dont understand what his real nature is…but whatever Christopher has explained of Murtagh …we can say in that light that he is one of the major and positive character and probably to make every inheritance fan familiar with murtagh…Christopher has decided to write about Murtagh…thats what i think…

        • Shurtugal Arya

          True. I personally like Murtagh- apart from his violent, evil side that is- since he’s the character I feel is the most human (not referring to his race). I’d be really interested to read a book from Murtagh’s POV.

          • bhgftrjtyjfr

            Go to bookstore and pick up a newer copy of Eragon (I forgot which edition) and turn towards the very back. You should find a bonus deleted scene from Mutagh’s point of view. I hope someone sees this post and relays this information, because it bis hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????/;’;/m..nchrgrdgtryyutrjtuitiikiitfhf (just to catch your attention!) …………… !!! 😉

  • Jace Derrin

    I cannot find the audio interview. Could somebody tell me where I can find it? I only find an article stating the interview has been released, but no audio or video.

    • There’s a big audio player on the page I linked to from my article. At the bottom of the post there’s also options to directly download the audio if you can’t see the audio player they have in the post. Of course, if all that fails, we’ve helpfully summarized the entire interview in our post.

  • Just saw this on the internet – not much new, but a nice interview nonetheless!