More Pictures from Christopher’s Visit to Germany

As we recently reported, Christopher Paolini took a short trip to Germany to attend the Bertelsmann 175 years celebration ceremonial act at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. Bertelsmann is a transnational media corporation founded in 1835, based in Gütersloh, Germany, and owner of Random House, Christopher’s publisher. Shur’tugal has been forwarded a number of photos from the event, including some of Christopher with fellow Random House authors and staff members. Check out the stunning photos after the jump!

Host of Random House authors and staff members (including the fantastic Judith H. (third from right) and Nancy H. (center)), and Christopher, in Berlin, Germany.

Random House authors and staff, including Christopher, before heading to the event’s red carpet.

Random House authors and staff, including Christopher, on the event’s red carpet.

Christopher with fellow Random House author Lauren Kate and her husband

Christopher at a photoshoot

Christopher at a photoshoot

Christopher at dinner

Christopher being interviewed on the celebration’s giant jumbotron! Fellow Random House author Lauren Kate noted, “Christopher Paolini gets interviewed on the jumbotron and convinces me that he should run for office.”

The lovely building at which the party took place.

HUGE thank you to Lauren Kate for the fantastic pictures from Germany! Check Lauren out, including her highly-acclaimed fantasy series TORMENT, on her official website!

  • CP is AWESOME ^-^

    Wow! That’s cool. ^-^ He should come to Hawaii next! :DDD


    WTF…. i really dont understand, as christopher said he had half the book in his head 2 YEARS AGO!!! why is it taking this long to write the damn book, going to comic con, trips to germany ect…. WRITE THE DAMN BOOK GOD DAMNIT

    • CP is AWESOME! ^-^

      You try writing a 600-1000 page book. It requires so much thinking. It takes a few days to a week to write a report, right? Try writing 250 or more of those. Give him a break, he is writing the book. Just because he has it in his head, does not mean it will be easy to put it on paper. No offense intended, just saying. ^-^

    • Gurst

      Um this is CPs job so how would you like working 24/7 with no vacation or weekends.

  • Rootrot

    A trip to Germany would explain why I haven’t gotten a response to the letter I sent to Christopher. 8 )

    • Or the tens of thousands of letters he gets and the amount of time it takes him to reply to each individually. 😛

    • Rider of Fangs

      How do you write him a letter? I thought no one knew where his address was. Or, was it Random House? I might give em’ one but I doubt he’ll read it! Perhaps, he can answer fanmail once he has completed the series. I wonder if any future authors might go that event in another 50 years.
      Wish you luck with your sales Rootrot!

      Rider of Fangs (Shurtugal)
      Rokutenchi (

  • nar garzhov

    hhhhhhhooooooollllllllllyyyyyyyyyy cccccrrrrrrraaaaaappppppp
    wheres the last book?

  • Gest 1829

    Sorry it should be I

  • Gest 1829

    Any news on book 4I cheak this site every day. Will he just finish the book.

    • Anonymous

      Stop its been said enough times, he will be done when he is. Would u have a rather rushed book and crappy plot? No you probably would not so stop asking

  • is he done the book yet

    y is he in Germany he should be writing the book

  • Here is a collection of images that try to be true to the books. If you are haunted by the memories of the movie then this will be a good medicine.

  • Guest420

    I am completely with you. i check this everyday in hope of news about the 4th book. its driving me crazy. give us a tidbit or something.

    • Ranebowdragon

      NO! No tidbits!! I’ve been waiting for two years now for the last book to come out. I think it is ridiculous. I mean I by no means can say how long a book should take to write, but forgive me if I’m wrong: I thought that the reason that a 4th book was added to the series was because book 3 (which was originally the end of the series) was already too long, so he lopped off the end of the book and made it into book 4 but was adding to it first. So didn’t he already have pretty much the basics of how the book was going to end, not to mention a number of chapters already written? It’s just aggravating to be waiting and waiting only to be teased with something that ultimately frustrates me further. I just want to one day (in the VERY near future) check out the page and find that the release date will be before the end of 2010!

      • Dennis

        NOPE!! Def wont be out before Xmas even if he finishes writing today. By time he finishes writing then there is editing and Im sure he will have to do some minor adjustments to the book after editing and then there is printing and distribution…Nope if we are lucky and he at least finishes writing by Thanksgiving we may see the book in April/May…if he doesnt finish until January then we probably wont see it till the fall just like Brisingr was

  • Anonymous

    That place looks like it has class written all over it haha. I thought something big happened when the background got changed; i was like WOOT BOOK RELEASE DATE!!!! But alas i was wrong well good for CP and who is the girl he keeps being seen with?

    • The lady is Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series. She’s pictured with her husband in the 4th picture.

  • Ruydragon

    I see that CP must have a good time during his stay in Germany 🙂

  • write the book

    he shouldn’t be in Germany he should be writing the stinkin book

  • Krista0823

    Great pictures! One of my friends was reading “Fallen” By Lauren Kate and I was really interested in it. I am glad to hear that The next book in the series “Torment” is out! I hate waiting for books, but only because when I start to read, I can’t stop. 🙂

  • Zharn

    Great photos, Berlin seems to really enjoy eccentic lighting, haha. This seems like a big deal for Random House and I’m glad they were able to celebrate their accomplishments.

    And people should stop complaining about Book IV. If you want it to be any good, let him put a lot of thought (and hence, a lot of TIME) into writing it. He has a life outside of his writing, you know (or apparently you don’t).

    • I think the lighting was set up specifically for the event. Can you imagine if Germany lit all of their buildings like that… always? 😛

      • Rune

        heh, when i think of germany like that, i think of tokyo. (No offense to those of you who are german or japanese)

      • Zharn

        It would be like one giant, beautiful, German Times Square. But with more bratwurst and probably a lot less traffic.

  • addicted to shurtugal

    I check this page EVERY day…. maybe someday I will see the release date of the new book…. until then…. well… I’ll just be waiting for then

    • write the book

      true that

  • Guest137

    Has Chris ever thought of wearing contacts? ..just sayin

    • Some people aren’t able to wear contacts due to the strength of their prescription glasses.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I can totally relate. Plus its not practical to wear contacts when youre staring at a computer screen, writing, researching, ect., for long periods of time

        • you sure? i am just fine.

        • you sure? i am just fine.

    • Rmredruby

      some people wear glasses because they like the look. maybe he does.

  • tz

    heres an idea
    how bout chris stops going on trips, locks himself in his room AND FINISH THE BOOK

    • AGREED!!


      • Shruikan


    • Anonymous

      yeah, but he needs funding and this is one of the ways, lets see how long you can keep a series up and running and while in a locked room; this book series may take like five years (to make) and then what you can only survive off that for so long any movie director knows this, so just be patient and let this guy do his stuff and maybe who knows maybe he’ll get some more inspiration (every author needs it). DON’T CAUSE HIM TOO MUCH STRESS.

    • Nimaybolar

      i check this we bsite every day, just to see christopher went to germany…AGAIN!!!!

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      I think you should keep it. It looks really cool.

    • We now return you to your regularly scheduled Shur’tugal (aka the normal background is back and our NBC Chase campaign is now over).