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  • SilverMagic

    I’m just wondering when you guys are going to start picking theories?

  • 7th

    I pesonally think that eragon will find the vault of souls in the spine. Where he will discover not necissarly power but of power in wisdom, like how brom said. Then greenie is going to hatch to someone besides arya. eragon and arya will get together. saphira will get together with greenie. they will have a clutch of eggs in the end but take them over the sea when the leave. galby will not die. just imprisoned for time and all eternity. In some cave that that the dwarfs almost certainly have, that goes down till who knows where. There he will suffer and be fed with food being dropped down this very deep hole. Roran will kill birgit and become king. Orik will fall in battle but will live due to the dwarfs not wanting another king killed. Islanzidi will die and the elf that trained with eragon will become king. Oromis’s heir his offspring will be the next rider of greenie.Jorrmundur will die. nasuada will be crippled the cripple who is seeing lights will personally be killed by galby after he helps them disconnnect the HOH from him. Eragon will live in peace in alelia.

  • HeXrider

    what if oromis became a spirit, that WANT’s to help eragon? that would be weird but nice to the plot.

    i agree to there will be no eldunari/eldunari fight, that would be a simple matter of numbers.

    I think Galby doesn’t know how to gain energy from your surroundings, since he wasn’t trusted with that knowledge yet. So Eragon has an advantage there.

    Arya would be the most logical 3rd rider for reasons previously explained.

    Angela is probably someone who gathers powerfull artifacts from AL like an archeologist. but one to gain power and knowledge. That would explain her bond to Thenga, who was too lazy to go and search for them.

    Thenga will probably play a bigger part in book 4 since CP didn’t write that perticulary piece for story filling. He will find an awnser to a very important question. What question? i dont kow, but i think it has something to do with the ancient language.

    The dwarves will keep fighting and return to their mountains after the fights.

    Roran will be king of AL. and his council will be of elves, dwarves,humans, and urgals. Since the urgals helped a lot in the battle.

    The Urgals are the protectors of the vault of souls. But they consider it as a holy cave. They where bound in the past by the grey folks to protect it at all costs and when the land was in extreme chaos, there would be a friend of the urgals coming, to open it. (eragon)

    The two people Angela spoke fortune to are going to play an assasin part in book 4

    The Werecats are even more than we have seen so far. They are a formidable foe, when commanding the normal cats. They will infiltrate and sabotage all the traps around galby’s castle. To make a way clear for the other armies.

    Eragon will leave AL to find out about other countries(east to AL, oversea). And i hope CP will write about those journeys too.

    Well these are my formerly posted theories summed up sorry for the long post, im not a writer but a thinker

  • enriquelabamba

    @Mark (Guest): Yes, Oromis is dead, and why would CP be so redundant to fight Eldunari v.s. Eldunari. It would be a boring and not so clever way to finish the so far spell-binding series. That is a good point though with the mating of their dragons. With the dragons having such passionate feelings towards each other, and Eragon and Arya being so closely bound to their dragons, it could be hard for them to not feel the same emotions for each other. Just a thought.

  • enriquelabamba

    @enriquelabamba: Meant to say, “too much foreshadowing indicating Eragon would not kill Murtagh or Thorn.”

  • enriquelabamba

    I think there is too much foreshadowing to say that Eragon will kill Murtagh. I believe that Eragon will overpower Murtagh and Thorn with the combined power of Aren, Naegling’s Gem, Glaedr (heart of hearts) and other sources. He will then hold true to his promise and either afford Murtagh and Thorn to change their true names or he will find some way to do it himself. After that, Murtagh with Thorn will likely join his half-brother to defeat Galbatorix. Elva still has a part to play in this that will be pivotal to the outcome of Alagaesia. I think it’s safe to say that Arya will most likely be the next dragon rider. Roran may become king of Alageasia or Nasuada may claim the throne. Angela may have been a werecat at one time. The man in the tent when Nasuada and Eragon went to visit the wounded Varden who saw only in light still has a part to play in the end I believe. Eragon told the nurses there to inform him if his conditioned became better. Additionally, the third dragon may be guarding the Vault of Souls, or it could be a wild dragon that Arya binds with. Out of redundancy, I doubt the VoS contains more Eldunari but may be a treasure trove of lost knowledge. Lastly, CP still has to elaborate more on gaining energy from the elements which would be endless. The man Eragon runs into on the way to Farthen Dur in Brisingr may reveal the true name of magic that Galbatorix is also searching for or how to gain energy from the elements. So much more to ponder…

  • Were176cRider

    @fuzzyworm: Very interesting and plausible theory. Elva does seem to be quite evil as of late, Murtagh could have his true name changed, and many people think that Arya will be the next dragon rider, including myself.

  • Thea

    Hey, I subitted an article, why haven’t I had a reply?

  • J.C.

    why doesnt CP ever tell us when he’s gonna finish the book?well he told us that he’s working on a very interesting part of the book and that its action packed,but i hoped for something like:im working on …chapter,im almost finished the book,or about how long we have to wait until the book is published.i wish CP can hurry up…

  • fuzzyworm

    I think Arya will be the next dragon rider,and Nasuada will die, leaving eragon in charge of the varden. He will eventually give it to roran and katrina. Islanzadi will die, so arya will go to ellesmera and be queen. I think the vault of souls will be some place with a lot of lead and eldunari. elva will turn against the varden and thorn will die, but murtagh will live. murtagh will change his true name with thorn’s death and leave galbatorix. Eragon will kill galbatorix, and murtagh, his ways changed, will lead the empire justly. There will be no need for the varden anymore, so roran and katrina will go have a farm in carvahall. Elva will go off to who knows where, and angela will go back to dras-leonas(I think it was). Murtagh will put an end to the helgrind stuff, and in the end, saphira and eragon will go to the hadarac desert where saphira likes it so much.

  • DEvin15

    @Mike Macauley:excuse me sir i would like to know if i can submit any questions for the Q&A or if its too late when is the next one? i got a really good question and ill leave it here so you guys can ask for me please

    At the end of brisingr it says “Arya puts her hands inches away from Galedars eldunardi and whispers something in the ancient language and galedar says something back”

    The question is:: At the end of brisingir what did arya whisper to Galedars eldunardi and what did he say in return?


    @Mark (Guest): NO, im srry, that would not work. oromis is dead.

  • Mark

    This is just a short theory, but one i feel confident in. In book four i have a theory that Eragon is going to ask Oromis or find out somehow where the Rock of Kuthian is, opening the Vault of Souls to find a cache of Heart of Hearts. This will give him the power her needs to over come Thorn and Murtagh, which will give him more Heart of Hearts, then he will take the elven spellweavers and overpower Galbatorix. Also a potential theory is that the final egg will hatch for Arya, the dragon will mate with Saphira, therefore finally lettering Eragon marry Arya? Just a few thoughts


    @(Confidential) (Guest): hey, if u wanna post a theory u should do it on the page that has 800 comments cause no one comes to this one

  • (Confidential)

    It predict that in Thorn’s belly, all of the Hearts of Hearts are in there and Eragon will have to fslice Thorn’s belly open to retrieve as many as he can… In one of those Hearts of Hearts, it’s either Brom dragon or Saphira’s mother…

  • (Confidential)

    By 2011, I will forget what happened in the entire series… Do we have to wait THAT long???

  • marc

    i agree i think the book will come out on september of 2011 wich sucks.I also think that the next cover of the book will have a green dragon on the front.


    @bloop (Guest): i hope not that would suck

  • bloop

    I’m guessing that Book 4 will come out in September-November 2011, based on previous release dates. They have normally been in the 2nd half of the year, 3 years apart. Eragon=2002
    Eldest=2005, Brisingr=2008, Book IV=2011? well, hopefully it’s before that, but I doubt it.


    @Robert Cox: huh?

  • Bob

    @Mike Macauley: Testing.

  • Turkey

    Exclamation of Joy: Cool! Random Observation: CP must have been busy writing or editing during the past few weeks .

  • Valbrandr32

    Excited for the Q&A! I know there was a good number of questions, but maybe CP will give us some insight as to when we can expect Book 4…

  • IBelieve

    Sweet! finally, been waiting on that thing. I wonder what took CP so long, hopefully there is some really good info in it.

  • Mike

    Q&A 6 coming tonight!

  • smiles
    Why don’t you put that idea in the book four theories.
    (Just a thought)


    hmm…i was wondering. what if the new dragon rider was someone abscure. like jomundur or like horst or someone? there in all thee books, but i seriously dont want that to happen.


    man it would be so depressing if the 4th book didnt come out this year.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Haha Tulkas, My legendary post 😀 LOL.

    I feel like reading the books HOPING to find some clue…but to no avail 🙁 haha!

    Any ideas about the posting of these articles Shurtty?? 🙂

  • Bill

    So, when can we expect the first theory article up? I’m curious to see who is the first.

  • Smiles

    Yes, it’s very depressing. But every time you read them, you can think of what might happen in book four.

  • B.J.Dana

    Just curious about when we can expect theory articles to begin being posted.

  • Smoke

    I just read the books again. It is so depressing to finish them and know you can’t read the next one yet.

  • Smoke

    H Bday

  • Smiles

    Happy Birthday!

  • Tulkas

    ShurtugalLiam- I see, again.

    Today’s my birthday!

  • Evarinya

    So has anyone sent anything yet??

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @Valbrandr32 (Guest) – alright chill … lol 🙂 I was just clearing that up for Tulkas.

  • Smoke

    When will the podcast be available?

  • Valbrandr32


    Erm, we say ‘guys’ in America, too. Sound like the girls were just being tools.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Tulkas – erm …. LOL! you have just sparked my memory of my teacher telling me when he went to America and called the class “guys” all the girls started moaning. Over here we just say guys for everyone in a group. Like you and Alice, i would call you “guys”. I’m not calling here a boy, just generalising a word for everyone …. its hard explaining this when i haven’t really thought about it 🙂

  • Tulkas

    Dennis- It takes longer because it’s more awesome, and the Eragon’s Guide was published first because publishers like to make money.
    ShurtugalLiam- Guys? Only one of us is a guy… well, I agree with Alice on this one.
    cody- Yes. I actually tried to post his email, but he’ll have to post it himself, and it sounds like he won’t be on for a bit, until there’s more news.

  • Evarinya

    Awesome 😀

  • Hmmm

    Thanks! sounds good.

  • codypietsch

    tulkas thanks for the info.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    lol calm down guys i dnt really look at the geography over really but ive always called usa north america and latin america south america haha. ↲And okay then mike.

  • Mike

    The podcasts will be downloadable from our servers, through iTunes, and available for streaming on our website without having to download to listen. Lots of options!

  • Hmmm

    I’d like to hear the podcast but I couldn’t download it. Does anyone know if it could be listened to online?

  • Alice

    ShurtugalLiam- Tulkas is right. You may want to study up on your geography. hahahha I think maybe you are confusing the fact the the U.S. is sometimes called America. And yes it is in the North, but North America is a continent/huge land mass, not a country. No offense. lol
    I too, would like to see the podcast.

  • Dennis

    Ok, Lets get down to brass tacks…

    Its been almost 2 years since Brisingr
    Where is book 4?? I mean CP can and should be able to tell us at least when he HOPES to have the book finished. Even if he cant say when it will be available for purchase he should be able to say something like….”well I’m hoping to have finished all the writing by this summer” or something like that. I have NEVER heard of an author taking two years to write the next book in a series!

    Second wouldnt it make more sense to have published Eragons guide to alagaesia after book 4?? I mean shouldnt it have included things like the rock of kuthian and the King of cats??

  • Mike

    If you had read the comments, you would see that this is not a contest. That means that the rewards are not limited to specific countries.

  • Tulkas

    ShurtugalLiam- I think you mean the United states and Canada. Canada is in North Americia, as is Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, etc. (no offense if your country is left out)
    cody- It would appear that posting of email adresses is not permitted here.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Oh .. “Epic Rewards” , but catch is north America and Canada only -.- righttt ….

    Anyway, on the shurtycast note i’d love to watch it guys 😀 whereabotus on the site will it be posted?? in the “Media” section??

  • Bob

    Pretty sure it’ll be both download-able and available to stream.

  • HB

    hey i think this is a really good idea!

    this is a bit off topic but does anyone know when the next time we will get to submit questions for the Q&A? only ive got an awesome question ive been dying to ask for ages but i havent had chance to post it on a previous Q&A before. 🙂

  • Bill

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat as theories. I like to write my theories through fan-fiction.

  • Theories

    I prefer to write my theories through stories/fan-fiction. Is that allowed? I just feel I can write more and delve more into it.

  • Joanna<3

    I was wondering if it has to be a theory or if it could be an editorial type thing?… ‘Cause I’m no good at theory stuff lol 🙂

  • Hmmm

    Thank you! Do you have to download it or can you listen online?

  • Evarinya

    Awesome 😀

  • Mike

    Shurtycast is a podcast done by the staff. If you aren’t familiar with what a podcast is, it’s basically a radio talk show but not live, and available online (for free).

  • Hmmm

    Could someone please tell me what Shurtycast is? Thanks!

  • Bob

    Oh my…Shurtycast? Who’d wanna listen to Shurtycast?!

  • codypietsch

    hey mike what made u want to do this. and did CP approve of this or does he not have a say in this.

  • codypietsch

    hey i will also need your email address so i can send it to you.

  • codypietsch

    hey glorfindel i would be happy to hear your theories and i would be happy to write them for you then send them to you as well as doing my own.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Ahhh cool, so I can submit something if I think of something? I thought because you were giving away a prize for ones that got chosen it was like a contest. 🙂

  • Humlz

    Cool idea, it sounds cool. Can’t wait for Book 4, and it’s great to have more theories to look into.

  • Hmmm

    It’s not a contest but it’s a great idea!

  • Mike

    This isn’t a contest.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Hi, just wondering whether people from outside the USA will be allowed to post articles, because I remember you saying that it was illegal for you to open international contests, and since there are prizes involved I just wanted to make sure.
    Regards 🙂

  • ChuckNorris(:

    I have already been writing some theories and I also have a question for the next Q and A. I shall also be writing a theory but i don\’t know how:P.

  • Glorfindel

    Glorfindel would be all over this if Glorfindel had any writing talent whatsoever.

    However, it is very cool, and I’m excited to see the results. Thanks very much, Mike and Company.

  • Evarinya

    I would join in on this.. except that I’m no good at it 😛
    Maybe next time!

  • Daniel

    I’ve actually been working on a theory column of late. Hehe…

  • BookIVTheories

    I’m really excited about this, I love to write, and I’ve always wanted to find an entry way into the fiction community, so this could be it. My pen name will be I.J.S.I.S, just so you know. Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

  • Mike

    I’m glad you guys are excited. I’ve gotten one article so far that I’m excited to publish.

    Other site updates that I didn’t include in this news post:
    – I’m going to start posting Twitter updates to Facebook as well. I learned that there is a program that allows you to update both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. If this program is easy to use, I have no reason not to update them both. Huzzah!
    – I want to start doing fan fiction posts on the front page too, but so far the fan fiction staff has left me hanging. :S As soon as they start helping me out, I’ll get that going.
    – We’re recording a new Shurtycast this weekend. We’ll be discussing the Book 4 chapter.

  • bookwormgrl05

    I would like to thank you guys for extending us this opportunity. Never before have I found such a fan friendly site. Keep on being awesome!

  • Hmmm

    This is a cool idea, and thanks for the other updates too.