Submit Your Theory Articles, Earn Epic Rewards! is now in search of interested fans looking to hone their theorizing and writing skills to write theory editorials and articles for the front page of Shur’tugal! We’ve set up a page explaining exactly what we’re looking for, which is unique and rich theory articles written by our visitors exploring some of your own favorite theories. Members of the website who have their theory articles published will be rewarded for their work with some signed pictures, drawings, and even personalized signed books! So go ahead, check the page out — we know you have some awesome theories to share and we’d love to hear them!

Check out our “Call for Theory Articles!” page and learn how you can contribute and earn some pretty snazzy rewards!

Additional site updates: We’re sure you’re curious about the Q&A that’s due to be published any day now. The questions were great and we’re looking forward to Christopher’s answers! However, we cannot post the interview until we’ve received it. Hang tight, we expect to have it soon… and the minute we have it, we’ll share it! Also, check back soon for the first episode of Shurtycast 2.0!