Sixth Q&A with Christopher Paolini Now Available!

Our sixth Q&A with Christopher Paolini, in which we task Christopher with answering questions submitted by visitors, is now available online! The newest Q&A is by far one of the best so far! Check out Christopher Paolini’s official answers on a variety of topics, including elven houses, dragon hatchlings and the resulting complications, immortality of Dragon Riders, magical potency of the people in Alagaesia, Shades, Urgal army figures, Brom, Murtagh, dwarf castles, and more! The interview’s conclusion even includes content deleted from Brisingr during the editing process. Don’t miss out on this awesome interview session with Christopher!

Click here to view the entire sixth Q&A interview with Christopher Paolini! Haven’t read our first five Q&As? Check out the Q&A with Christopher Paolini archive!