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  • Byrd

    Is there a reason behind the numbers 12 and 13 in the book? I have noticed you often use them throughout the books. For example: 13 dwarf clans, the blind man sees thirteen stars around Eragon meaning the belt and aren, 13 elves helping Eragon while fighting Murtagh and the 13 Forsworn, the 12 elves sent to aid Eragon, the twelve urgals that attacked Eragon and Brom, the twelve diamonds in the belt, the twelve other riders that joined Morzan, and after Az Sweldn Rakn was banished 12 Dwarf clans, and there are probably more that I cant recall. Might be coincidence but I was just wondering.

    Also, I was wondering how Oromis was able to contact and get in Eragon’s mind to block some of the pain after he was wounded from Du Weldenvarden all the way to Tronjhiem. I asked about Arya’s statement about talking to Eragon from Vroengard a few q&a’s ago, but Oromis is actually communicating with Eragon.

  • Bob

    Comments closed!

  • Brom410

    @mailrebel: You my friend are worthless i meant can they use it at free will like elves or if they were like dragons and me get a life you posted on here like twenty times.

  • mailrebel

    @eragonfan1 (Guest):
    Look, it says directly in the book: a dragon dies when its rider does. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. I just want to know why its in there if it’s wrong.

  • mailrebel

    @Glaedrocks (Guest):
    my dearest apologies. It’s just that I want CP to answer a question and I get 5 people that don’t even understand what I’m asking. Sorry.

  • mailrebel

    @oromismaster (Guest):
    Okay, I’m gonna say it once and for all. Brom says directly in the book a dragon dies when its rider does. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. I’m just wondering why he put it in there when it turns out to be false. You are NOT the writer. Now please leave me alone and let CP answer it. Thank you.

  • Glaedrocks

    @mailrebel: your not very nice, rude actually.

  • eragonfan1

    @mailrebel (Guest): no he also said that dragons could live on without their riders. Glaedrwould have made it because oromis was already dead when he realed around and went back looking for thorn after giving up hope of catching oromis’s sword

  • mailrebel

    @Brom410 (Guest):
    yeah, I’m the dumb one. Look at yourself. Do werecats use magic? Let me think. Well they only transform. No they can’t use magic. That’s crazy. Of course they use magic you idiot. And my questions are interesting and you’re just someone who can barely read a book. YES WERECATS USE MAGIC MORON!!! Now, I ask my question because Brom said so. So shut up and get a life.

  • AshD123

    In Brisingr, when Eragon gets his sword, he goes to Oromis and tells him what it’s name is and how it burst’s into flames when he says it’s name. After he tells him Oromis looks off and mutters something under his breath about “could it be… no”. Will this be explained in the next book and if not, what was he talking about?

  • oromismaster

    are you allways going to be a writer?

  • Brom410

    @mailrebel: After reading all of your questions i just realized that you ask all of the stupid questions that have either been answered or are not important at all.

  • Brom410

    @oromismaster (Guest): Ya they never should of made the movie now everyone thinks that dragons die when their rider does.

  • akietsu

    It is known that dragons can communicate before being born, but could you offer more details on this? Are dragon prehatchlings able to reach out with their minds more than just finding their riders? Can they say pass important information to people, such as any information gained from those around them? Can they store energy like gemstones or eldunari? If they can, could they wield magic, and if so can use magic from with in the shell, would over use kill them or force them to hatch?

  • oromismaster

    @Brom410 (Guest): thankyou

    and the only reason glaedr diedwas because thorn either bit or hit the base of his head.

  • Brom410

    Can werecats use magic?

  • Brom410

    @mailrebel (Guest): You are stupid quit asking that dragons will live on forever if their rider dies because they aren’t one person they just share thoughts. They have already answered that question and look at Gladre he lived on for awhile after Oromis died.

  • oromismaster

    @mailrebel: in an interview i think it was the bordersbook club one,they were talking about the eragon movie and how it said ifa rider dies so does the dragon.christopher paolini said so himself that the movie was wrong and that if a rider dies the dragon will still live forever!!!!! has also awnsered this qa too,so stop asking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mailrebel

    The first Eragon. What compelled him to secretly raise a dragon? Surely he was raised as an elf and was most likely taught to hate the dragons for their death and war.(it’s also the elf’s fault for the war, but no one would blame themselves). And if he hated the dragons, why did he raise one? If I were him I would most likely have burned or tried to destroy the egg. And the egg was probably more trouble than it was worth(our Eragon learned that). So why in Alagaesia would he want the dumb old egg?

  • mailrebel

    In the beginning of Eldest, some dwarf clan guy(I can’t remember his name) was teaching Eragon of dwarf values and other stuff. Eventually he tells Eragon of the gods and names the race that each god created. But, he never mentioned which god created urgals(or werecats, but I’m hoping you explain it in book IV). Why don’t they have a god of urgals? Is it because they despise them so much? But that would show a flaw in their culture and show them as not the brightest race. Please explain.

  • PrettyBullet

    1. Was the first riders dragon (1st eargon) Male or felmale?

    2. Could the first Eargon Might have died? but the unnamed dragon still be alive? Or visa versa?

    3.And is The First Eargon (or dragon) Do they have anything to do with the vault of souls?

  • mailrebel

    @oromismaster (Guest):

    he has NOT answered the question moron. I went through all the Q & A’s and none of them mentioned this. So the question is: does a dragon die when it’s rider dies? And stop telling me to shut up because I want the REAL answer from CP

  • Ritaskeeta16

    If you were to write a prequel to Inheritance, would you consider writing The Dominance of Fate?

  • Charizard!!!

    No offense to him or anything, but eragon is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box. I think most people would agree that his general gung-ho attitude and tendency to rush into things is one of his greatest shortcomings. He’s like tybalt and romeo combined, now that i think about it. Wow. Anyways! Can we expect eragon to get any smarter? If so how?

  • oromismaster

    what plant is alagasia on? i know it has a moon,because of the tides,but how many does it have,and how large of a planet is alagasia on?also comparing alagasia to one of earths continents,how big is alagasia?

  • Spynner

    Do all dragons have a form based off western style dragons, or are there some more serpent like, based off eastern dragons?

  • oromismaster

    @mailrebel (Guest): cp has awnsered this many times and if a riderdies the dragon can live forever if it can get over his or hersgrief,which is obviously possible,but if a dragon dies then the rider would only live an extra long life.dragon live forever!!!!!!! STOP ASKING THAT QA!!

  • Doombringer88

    @EwokBro (Guest): Its all of these stories especially the Inheritance Cycle, Star Wars, and Harry Potter all have the same basic plot line when its broken down. Its the Hero’s Story archetype its been around for thousands of years. Stories much like these can be seen from ancient Greece and Egypt.

  • mailrebel

    Shades. So far in the series there has been 4 known shades. Are there(or were there) any more other than these? And how would the first shadeslayer know to go for the heart? Are shades immortal? Can they die like an elf(natural causes, disease) or are they above that?

  • mailrebel

    @eragonfan1 (Guest):

    Brom might have meant that, but I doubt it because Brom lived through the death of his dragon, He specifically said “as long as its rider doesn’t die.” Followed by Eragon stating “if dragons die when they’re riders do, they could only live to be sixty or seventy.” Brom DIDN’T say if a rider dies, its dragon might die. No. He beleived that a dragon would die when its rider would die. So there!

  • nobody

    @EwokBro (Guest): I have also asked this question many times before. The protagonists both travel to a separate world/place to find their master, they both decide to rescue some friends who are in trouble, they both promise to come back for more training, they both find out something about their father. In Eragon/New Hope, the wizened old man dies, his uncle dies, the farm is destroyed, he gets captured before he is able to rescue the princess, they both get to the rebels, they destroy some weapon (Durza/Death Star). They get a new weapon, also. I’m sorry if I repeated some things you said, EwokBro. I dont’ think it was on purpose, though. Rather, I believe it was an subconscious thing, when the idea is so deeply embedded that even when you’re using it, you don’t think you’re using it.

  • J.C.

    what\’s the point of arya making a grass ship float?wouldn\’t that be a waste of energy?can\’t she do something that will help the varden,like making warriors float?


    i love the lord of the rings! i also think that eragon and the lord of the rings are very similar to harry potter.i guess all the fantasy novels are sort of the same.^-^

  • mist

    can you explain some more about spirits?are evil spirits that was in durza the same as the spirits arya and eragon met?where do they come from?can there be spirits of animals?plants?do spirits have magical powers?can they aid the varden or the empire?(if they can turn a living flower into a gold living flower,can they,for example,turn humans into rock or something?just a random thought.)

  • irishgreenny

    @EwokBro (Guest): The plotline is also very similar to Lord of the Rings.

  • GOdragons


    how long have you been working on the forth book?how much of it have you finished writing?

  • irishgreenny

    @RoranGarrowsson (Guest):Oromis was very very old, and he looked it. Brom didn’t look so young either.

  • irishgreenny

    In Brisingr, when Eragon was visiting the wounded people after his batle with Murtagh, a man told him that he saw many voices inside Murtagh, and it was like all their hate was crammed into a tiny bottle. is it possible for the Eldunari to break free of Murtagh’s grasp?

  • eragonfan1

    @mailrebel (Guest): it didnt say that because brom said that dragons can live forever and they maybe just assumed that because the other’s partner may just kill thereselves from the shock of losing the person closests to them and some over came their grief and still served the riders.

  • irishgreenny

    If Galbatorix were to gather all possible strenght from his Eldunari, would he be able to scry into the past or raise the dead?

  • Glaedrocks

    @Oxybenzone (Guest): he died because thorn bit him at the base of his skull and like someone else said, dragons can live for ever

  • Tenga

    How come Brom does not have elvish features?
    Did he before?

  • AGrayFolk

    It seems that Rhunon has been making Rider’s swords out of Ellesmera since forever. However in the books it says Galby had a sword, yet he never visited Ellesmera. The question is; Was there a specific system in place for the making of Rider’s swords? If so what was it?

  • mailrebel

    We know that there are spies(evil) within the Varden, but is it possible that any elves could be spies? or is every last one of them good?

  • DEvin15

    1) will broms rider sword Undbitr, be mentioned or used in book 4?

    2) what were the words brom told eragon before he died, and what were the meanings?

    3) in brisingr, when eragon had the eldunardi he felt galedars conscious but when ormoris put something over it he couldnt feel it anymore, why is that?

  • paul

    1. Do human Riders achieve the same heights of power that their elven counterparts do? If so, how many years does it take them to achieve it?

    2. Couldn\\\\\\\’t a wild dragon (or unbonded Eldunari) bond a Rider if they wanted to?

    3. In a previous Q&A, you mentioned that human Riders lose their immortality if their dragon is slain. Would this still be true if the human Rider had beeen fully transformed? What if the dragon lived on in an Eldunari?

    4. How much did the powers of the Riders and dragons vary? What would make one pair of Rider and dragon more powerful than another pair.

    5. Most importantly, how did the original Eragon die? (Or did he?)

  • eragira1994

    are all riders bachelors? i kno morzan and brom had kids. but what about the other riders such as vrael, oromis etc. and have there been any female riders till now. if there hasn\’t isn\’t it sexist towards the female elves and humans or is itjust the dragons who just choose male over females

  • mailrebel

    @Oxybenzone (Guest):

    it IS true because at the bottom of page 53 Brom states:”Yes, a dragon will live for quite a while, forever, in fact as long as it isn’t killed and its rider doesn’t die.” Eragon then says that a dragon would only live to be sixty or seventy but Brom tells him of how the riders are immortal. It’s at the bottom of page 53 in Eragon(paperback) so HA!!

  • RoranGarrowsson

    Do riders get old? I mean, we know that they are inmortal, but they can be inmortal but old.

  • Elfriede

    WAY to many pages here so IF this was asked already sorry.

    Will We get to read a chapter or two from Arya’s POV? (POV=point of view)

  • JakeWelde

    At this time, can Saphira create offspring? Can Thorn?
    Can werecats use magic?
    Is it possible for a human to artificially prolong their life?
    Can a Rider intentionally sever (not just like block out) the connection with their dragon or vice versa if they wanted to, like in ager or rage? (like it would have permanent effects, or at least semipermanent, like they wouldn’t have to focus on blocking their partner)

  • ranger

    will you be writing books in the future about the riders before the fall and the proper training of the riders. because i thought this was a really cool idea and if you dont write it i would love to.

  • Oxybenzone

    @mailrebel (Guest): The eragon MOVIE said dragons die with their riders, that is not true according to the BOOKS. Glaedr only died from the shock of his rider dying combined with his old age.

  • Oxybenzone

    In the beginning of the first book when Eragon and Brom are having tea, Brom states that dragons were magical and often gave side affects to their rider. Have there been any side effects OTHER THAN immortality? has anyone been able to fly?

  • regold

    -Is Eragon significantly stronger than an average elf?

    -How many times stronger is Eragon than an average man like Jörmundur?

    PLEASE ASK!!!!!!!!!

  • mailrebel

    In the beginning of the first book when Eragon and Brom are having tea, Brom states that dragons were magical and often gave side affects to their rider. He said the most common affect is becoming immortal. Were there any times when the rider was NOT immortal?

  • Superfan3

    What happens if a dragon’s destined rider dies before he/she comes in contacted with the egg?

  • mailrebel

    In the first book, Brom says(in the very beginning) that when a rider dies, so does his dragon. This was also mentioned in the movie. But in Brisingr the dwarves say to the evil clan guy (I forget his name) that if he killed Eragon, could he not imagine Saphira’s rage? But she should be dead. And when Oromis died, even Glaedr lived for a few moments before finally dying himself. AND when Galbatorix stole Shruikan and killed his rider, shouldn’t Shruikan have died? Please help to make this more clear.

  • Buddy123

    How old is Islanzadi?

    What color is her magic?

  • Niss

    In the first book you said the elves come to Alagaesia. Is possible other elves living out of Alagaesia help them?

  • DuFellSvetenEldar

    I’ve been banned multiple times. It’s not fun. You have to unplug your modem and plug it back in in order to post again. It’s such a hastle.

  • xyzicus

    Imagine you had a stone with a hole in the middle, with a strong rope tied securely through the hole. Then you hold on to the end of the rope and push the stone away from you with magic. What would give out first- your magic or your strength? Would you just stand there balanced until you collapsed from exhaustion?

  • oromismaster

    were do spirits come from

  • shinybluescales

    Was Galbatorix the first person to use lots of eldunari to increase their own strength?

  • wrydas’bean

    @meme93148: I do. They left too much out. If they made Eldest, it would be completely different than the book, like, more messed than Eragon the movie was. They did make the dragons look awesome in the movie, though.

  • wrydas’bean

    @Marxus: I have question to follow yours. Since Saphira is a Rider’s dragon, is the magic that makes a dragon wait until it comes in contact with the Rider it chooses hereditary?

  • Slayer2595

    In a previous Q and A, you said that a human rider whose dragon dies is no longer immortal. How is it that Galbatorix is immortal when his first dragon died, and Shruikan was not meant to be his dragon.

  • wrydas’bean

    @Marxus: But we don’t know if Glaedr’s HOH was the only one to escape Galby’s possession.

  • wrydas’bean

    @Karina (Guest): I think somewhere in Brisingr (I can’t remember where) it said that Galbatorix had a collection of the Rider’s swords. But it also said that Brom’s sword could be buried somewhere. Hope that helps. Actually, could Rhouina( I don’t know how to spell her name) made a rider’s sword in advance?

  • Caedus

    Can the teleport \”spell\” Eragon learned be used to move living things?

  • commenter

    Will spirits be playing a part in the upcoming book and if so can you give us an inkling as to what their role will be?

  • *roran*

    What is the importance and signifgance of Eragons sword how it always jumps into flames whenever he says Brisingr?

  • molly

    will you marry me?

    its a valid question.

    and it wasnt on the “do not ask” list.

    just sayin.

  • Kate

    Reading through the series I have noticed that sometimes while Eragon is being watched, or about to be ambushed, his gedwey ignasia tingles, why is that?

  • Arya77

    In a previous Q&A Cristopher Paolini stated that Galbatorix knows that the last dragon egg contains a male dragon by listening to its thoughts,so my question is : Can any dragon rider or,generally anyone with mental powers, communicate with a dragon who still is in his/her egg???

  • EwokBro

    Mr. Paolini, did you model your storyline after that of Star Wars so closely on purpose? Similarities I have found: The story begins with a boy on his uncle’s farm, he meets a wise old man from a formerly powerful peacekeeping order and goes on adventures with him. He rescues a princess and joins the rebels she is part of. Rebels that fight an evil emperor who is similar in many ways to the wise old man. His father turns out to be the emperor’s right hand man. He has a powerful blue thing (lightsaber/dragon) and fights a guy with a red one. His second teacher is an older non-human member of the peace keeping society thing. Are all of these on purpose?

  • JonCypher

    Why don’t all the elves store a lot of energy into gems and use all that energy at once to destroy Galbatorix?

  • Tucker

    What type of hierarchy existed within the Riders before the fall? Was it a form of military with ranks and divisions? or were they based on a form a government like a republic or oligarchy? maybe both?

    What position did Brom hold within the Riders prior to the fall?

    In the books it says that Broms Saphira died as a young dragon, how long were her and Brom Dragon and Rider?

    In Eragon it took what seemed like at least a few days for Saphira to hatch to Eragon, was it normal for a dragon hatchling to take this long? if so how much time were each of the children, in the elves and the Varden and even in the time of the Riders, given to see if the/an dragon would choose them?

    Approximately how many riders existed at the time of the fall? and how did this help or hurt the riders fight the Forsworn and Galbatorix? were they just caught off guard and disorganized?

  • GL

    In Eldest, as Eragon and Murtagh duel on the rocky plateau (Page 644 or so), what are the dragons doing? Are they fighting too, or are they just spectating?

  • didi

    Where do spirits come from?

  • mailrebel

    when a rider dragon is still inside of an egg, they can wait for thousands of years before they meet somone who pleases them and hatch. Wouldn\’t some of the dragons become impaitient and just simply hatch for whoever touches the egg next? What kept them from doing just that?

  • SamuraiAssassin

    on page 187 of Eldest there is a quote, “Roran was convinced, in his heart of hearts….” does this mean humans have hearts of hearts like dragons or is it just a typo? And if so is this what the menoa tree took from Eragon? Would the human Eldunari work the same way as the dragon ones do?

  • matt

    is angela a half elf half human child?

  • Whatever

    A few more questions.
    1.we know if you knew the true name of the ancient language you would be very powerful, so why hasn’t some power hungry maniac tried controlling the the true name of the ancient language with just his mind not saying the words it should still hypothetically work even though it would be dangerous.
    2.has anyone tried bringing someone back to life with a few eldunari helping them. or even bringing someone temporarily back to life for a few minutes that should take unheard of amounts of energy. brinsgr when eragon talked to the crazy guys who saw lights he said that murtagh shone from others as if he had captured the gods. are eldunari really strong enough to compare to a god.
    4.did the ra’zac not tell eragon what galbatorix was searching for because it had swore it wouldn’t, it didn’t know, or because eragon didn’t make the agreement with the ra’zac.
    5.why did the decent from helgrind take so much energy instead of replenishing his energy because he was at a higher potential energy on top so using magic shouldn’t he have been able to transfer that mechanical energy into a jewel instead of almost killing him.

  • Hello!

    So my question is: Since young children who were potential riders used to pass by eggs and only touch them once, I am guessing that the eggs used to choose thier riders and hatch pretty quickly. So why did Saphira wait so long to choose Eragon as her rider?

  • whatever

    a few more questions
    1. would a person be safe guessing galbatorix’s name in du weldenvaren because of the wards that keep magic out. was galbatorix able to taboo his name so early without many eldunari. killing someone so far away would have killed him wouldn’t it have.
    3.when murtagh was fighting oromis galbatorix was able to use him like a puppet. why didn’t he do that when he was fighting eragon, seeing as eragon is more valuable.
    4. why does eragon practice with a sword but not mental attacks because i bet that would be more useful.
    5. how was vrael able to defeat galbatorix with his eldunari.
    6.does elva have a direct link with saphira like eragon does to the thing on her forehead.
    7. can you tell us more about garrow and selena’s family. any other sibling what there parents were like etc.
    8.does anyone live near vroengard now.

  • Raemo

    In Eragon (pg. 184 hardback) Joad mentions reading about three people with the name Eragon. We already know of the elf Eragon, however we do not know the other two Eragons mentioned. Will this interesting detail come up later in book 4?

  • JordanKG

    What is he story of the first Eragon?

  • karina

    In Brisingr Galbatorix shouted at Glaedr and Oromis that he would kill them both and cut out Glaedr’s Eldunarí. Was he saying this simply because he assumed Glaedr would panic and retreat into his Eldunarí or are there still uses for a Dragon’s Eldunarí even if it is…well empty?

    What happens to an Eldunarí if a dragon dies with it still inside and said Dragon has not retreated into it? Does the Eldunarí decompose at the same rate as the flesh; does it endure; or is it the first thing to …. (I don’t know how else to put it) disappear?

  • whatever

    I have a few questions.
    1. Why doesn’t Eragon fill gems with nuclear or solar energy. the battle at the burning plains why once eragon defeated one magician didn’t he still the energy from the hundreds of humans they were protecting. that would match even a few eldunari.
    3.could you do a reverse telleport thing and summon something.
    4.could you, communicating with your mind, ask animals to help an army of those huge bears might frighten even murtagh

  • truth

    Will Eragon learn his true name?

  • saadkid08

    How big is algaesia in comparison to continents on earth, such as North America. Oh and what is the planet algaesia is on called? Do the elves have a name for it?

  • moriarty13

    Is there a limit to the amount of energy that can be stored in a the most perfect gems? If so what happens when the capacity is exceeded?

  • meme93148

    the name that was mention by the razac, the one that galbatorix was looking for , is it the true name of the ancient language? i ask this because it seems like you have been hinting around it in the first book when eragon asks brom the name of the ancient language and brom said if anyone knew that name they could control the langage and all who use it

  • meme93148

    do you feel that the movie eragon comletely killed its chances of a sequel without messing the storyline up even more ?

  • Arvindr


    In one of the two previous intervieuws accesible on this site, it is stated that some sword names actually mean something and other’s don’t

    Brisingr “fire” and zar’roc “missery”

    the other swords haven’t really been discussed that much. even moreso giving away the names of naegling and undbitr might give to much away

  • GezzaXD

    Heey, I was wondering, if someone makes an oath in the ancient language and tries to do whatever they said they wouldn’t, what would happen – how would they be stopped from doing it? Would they find themselves incapable of performing the task or would something more serious happen, like, say, the person spontaneously combusting? Thanks!

  • Doug

    several times naturally occuring magic has been mentioned (werelights, floating crystal on eom, dream well in mani’s cave in the beors etc.) sre these just settings or do they have a greater importance? do they actually do anything?

  • Marxus

    Around how many yet unhatched eggs did the riders have at any given time? I do recall that they only obtained one or two a year I believe, so I figure it would be relatively small if a dragon chose a rider often.

  • Marxus

    Why did Galbatorix never bother to kill Rhunon? Was Ellesmera too well defended by the time he decided to try?

  • Galavantian

    Hey, whatever happened to the rest of the questions from the last Q&A, mods?

  • Marxus

    One of the books say that potential riders were chosen at ten for humans and 20 for elves. Did that mean that elves matured as a slower pace, being that they had to be twice as old as a human child.

  • Marxus

    In one of the books it is mentioned that when a dragon lays a few eggs, they may decide to give one or two to the riders. Then, the riders would cast a spell to prevent the egg from hatching until it comes in contact with the rider it chooses.

    Since many of the secrets were lost during the fall of the riders, no one except Galbatorix may know this spell. So if Saphira had children, would they be wild dragons?

  • Cathal

    If i dragon were to die (by any means) could its eldunari be found in the corpse? Or does it hav to be discourged or whatever

  • Marxus

    Why did the dragons of the Forsworn not stop their riders from doing the cruel acts they committed at the start?

  • Marxus

    In Eldest, Oromis says that Galbatorix made sure to personally hunt down and kill each of his mentors. How many mentors did a new rider have? I merely an elder rider would take one or two new riders and train them until they became full-fledged riders.

  • SHARPIE!^)!^%

    In Eragon Murtagh is said to have dark brown hair, when he reappears in Eldest, he has black hair, is this just a typing error or is there a reason behind it?

  • Marxus

    On the cover of Brisingr, Glaedr is portrayed as having a beard. Does he actually have a beard or was this just Palancar’s interpretation? If he does have a beard, were dragons capable of growing facial hair similar to humans?

  • Marxus

    In Brisingr, Jeod describes Morzan as having one blue eye, one black eye, and a piece of one of his fingers missing. Which eye is blue, which is black, and which finger is missing?

  • Marxus

    In Eldest, Arya says that Fanghur ( a possible cousin to the dragon?) are rare. Was Galbatorix responsible for this or they just naturally that rare?

    Also, is there any relation between Fanghur and Dragons directly? If so, did they participate at all in the rider war? Would they do so in the future? Or are they just too wild to help?

  • Marxus

    On average, how many words in the ancient language do there need to be for a true name of a sentient being (ex. Human, elf, dragon, dwarf, urgal)? Sloan had three words make up his true name, is that the average for humans? Or is it based upon how many defining characteristics there are in an individual?

  • Gizmo

    What does Orimis’s sword naegling mean in english?
    Also what did Broms rider sword Undbitr mean in english?

  • Mactíre

    My question is this: Has a wild dragon or dragon with a rider ever, by war or design, lost one or both of its wings? If so would said dragon have a burst of magic and regrow them or would they become increasingly depressed and/or angry, and what problems could this create? (If this question has been asked already i’m sorry.)

  • Marxus

    Besides name and personality, is there anything else you base Angela off from your sister? Like that she is a witch, relying on potions and herbs rather than other forms of magic. Or that she has a cat follow her or that she always seems to be with the action is?

  • Marxus

    Does being a shade make you immortal? I don’t remember if Spirits themselves are immortal or not.

  • Marxus

    In one of the books, someone speaks about Galbatorix’s past and mention something about him learning dark secrets of magic from a shade. Was this Durza or another shade that was slain?

  • Marxus

    In Brisingr, the character Fredric speaks about names being given to the weapons of famous (or perhaps infamous as well) warriors. If that is so, why wasn’t Durza’s sword named or nicknamed? Was Durza not yet infamous enough to have a named blade?

  • Eragonfan

    How far have you come the book?

  • Marxus

    What color was Arvindr (a rider sword mentioned in Brisingr)? And besides Zar’roc and Brisingr, do any of the other sword names mean anything in the english language?

  • Marxus

    How determined was Galbatorix to collect as many rider swords as he could. In the book it is stated that he made sure that every eldunari was accounted for, only Glaedr’s escaped his notice. But with swords, at least three have escaped his grasp (Zar’roc, Tamerlein, and Arvindr).

  • Marxus

    If the elder counsel had decided to give Galbatorix a new dragon, would it have been possible? I mean, would a dragon still in its egg choose someone who already had a dragon?

  • Marxus

    How frowned upon is it to wield a Rider’s sword without being a rider. A few people in the book have been in possession of such a sword but haven’t used it only because they are not riders themselves.

  • Marxus

    In one of the earlier Q&As you mentioned there have been riders who did not want to be riders. Could you go into greater detail about these tragic stories.

  • Star

    1. What happened to the first rider Eragon and his dragon?

    2. Who was Tenga? Why does Angela hate him so much?

  • Vrenshrrgn

    How long did it take you to write and publish Eragon?

  • Vrenshrrgn

    Can a Rider who’s dragon has died have another dragon inside an egg choose them as Rider?

  • savasung

    Have there been some (Minor) characters that you have written into the story but then had to take out?

    Also. Had Eragon enough time, how long would his training have been?

  • BWD

    Forgot to add this last time!

    Since Brom\’s Saphira has died and Brom would eventually die beacuse his dragon died, would Brom still have been experiencing the changes that human Riders went through so they became more elf-like?

  • Karina

    It is mentioned that the Dragon Riders had many levels of training, So my question is how many levels are there?

    At what level does A Dragon Rider receive a sword?

    Ormois said there are only 3 swords among the elves, but if there are say hundreds of swords from all the previously dead Dragon Riders since the first Eragon…where are they? Were they buried with the Rider or were they stored somewhere like the Dragon\’s Eldunarí ? Was there a particular place Riders and dragon were buried?

    How did Galby manage to convince so many Dragon Riders to join him? Were all of them fully fledged Dragon Riders with Rider\’s swords or were some of them still I guess trainee\’s?

  • Mystevios

    @Sapphire (Guest): Um no not all sapphires are blue just as not all diamonds are white or so forth. Star sapphires are red.

  • BWD

    What would happen if a dragon disgorged his/her eldunari and his/her eldunari smashed whist the dragon’s body was still alive?

    What would happen if a draogn hatched for you and you first touch the dragon with your leg or something? Will you get the gedwey ignasia on your leg or on your hand on the appropriate side?

  • milokayz

    You’ve been asked so many questions about Inheritance that I don’t think there’s much else to ask, though I do see some good ones here.
    However, I want to ask something completely different: What do you plan to work on after Inheritance?
    You’re an amazing author and you surely have other great manuscripts unfinished, or ideas you want to start. I understand you can’t give details in the event that someone steals them while they’re yet to be copyrighted, but it would be interesting to know what the subjects are: more dragons, or something completely different?
    Like everyone else, I hope my question is chosen. Good luck finishing Inheritance. I’m a writer, too, and I understand that it’s a timely process!

  • unkownperson

    Suppose a dragon dies and it had taken out it\’s eldunari before, will the dragon\’s soul go into it?

  • EragonSaphira21.


    I just don’t understand why the elves have such serious personalities.

  • EragonSaphira21

    In Eldest and Brisingr, Rhunön seems to have a completly different personality than the elevs who are younger than her. What caused the all the elves to have such serious personalities?

  • unknownguy

    did u notice the similaritys between the storyline of starwars and inheritance, or was it just an accident?

  • Theron

    In what way does Angela protect herself from Elva’s influences?

  • kingkicka

    If you had enough magical energy would it be possible to perfectley transform yourself or another person into a different race? even to the point where you can reproduce for that race and not your own

  • dudehater

    @Thorn12345 (Guest): helgrind wud probably get its energy from the eldunari galbatorixs has or the scarce supply of life forms surrounding it

  • karina

    Was it common for male or female human riders to marry either a non rider humans or another human rider?

    Was it common for the children of riders to have the same colour dragon hatch for them as Eragon and Murtagh had?

    Will there be a chapter at all from Arya’s point of view?


    When a human rider’s dragon dies they lose their immortality but what if they become more elf-like for example what happened to Eragon in Eldest. Would they still lose their immortality or not?

  • Callipher

    Okay two questions…
    1. In book 3, Arya talks about magic that powers itself, the floating crystal at Eoam, and the Dream Well at Mani’s Caves, I know where Eoam is but could you tell me where Mani’s Caves are?

    2. Other than a brief mentioning in the 1st book, Sharktooth island has played no role whatsoever in the series, was it put on the map just because or will it have a role in the last book?

    Those are my questions, Thanks!

  • GLOW

    It appears the map included in all of the books is not to scale or proportional at all (it is half an inch from Therinsford to Yazuac but a trip of a fortnight, and an inch and a half from Daret to Teirm, a trip of a few days). I appreciate the map you have drawn, Mr. Paolini, but is there a chance at seeing what Alagaesia looks like to scale?

  • GeorgeMicheal

    Have there ever been – or are there – any universities, colleges, or institutions of community education in Alagaesia?

  • Cory

    How did the 1st Eragon & his dragon die?

  • Chris


    If a dragon dies, a rider doesn’t necessarily die. If a rider dies, a dragon doesn’t necessarily die. This is how it works. Quit asking!


    And if you’re having conversations in these comments or commenting for no reason, I’m banning you. Tired of reading hundreds of comments for no reason.

  • theone1103

    @janjf (Guest): Thank you!

  • janjf


    Sorry mods. This was said in the movie Eragon but is not actually true.

  • theone1103

    In book one it was established that if a rider dies, then his/her dragon does as well, but not necessarily vice versa. This is clear. However in the following books this fact that seemed to be set in stone, as Orik might say, seems not to apply anymore. Why is this?

  • al300ex

    I have a question about the scene where Oromis dies. If I read correctly (I’m French-Canadian, so I may have misunderstood the sentence), he died because he dropped his sword (due to a seizure), which contained all of his energy source. Oromis being a wise and old Rider, why didn’t he attach spells to his sword to prevent it from falling from his hand, and thereby depriving him of his main energy source? Surely he would have considered the possibility of this happening to him during a fight.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer (well, I hope my question will be chosen!)


  • Sapphire

    I am confused as to what colour the Star Rose is. Eragon uses the term Star Sapphire, but in some places they say the rose is red. Isn’t sapphire blue?

  • blooopppp

    @SMC (Guest):
    I’m pretty sure that wild dragons choose to give certain eggs to the riders, who then add them to the pact or something.

  • janjf

    Okay I don’t know if this makes any sense but here goes.

    If Rinion (sp?) was born before the pact how is she still alive. I’m wondering this because when humans joined the pact their lives were slowly increased over the generations. I think there are two different possibilities. One the initial pact beggining had a drastictly different effect on the elves and made them all imortal (btw this would explain her extended appearence in age). Two she was once a rider. I’d like to have a definite answer so I’d really appreciate if you asked this.

  • Hide

    Why is the Rock/rock of Kuthian sometimes mentioned with a capital R and sometimes without a capital r?

  • wrydas’bean

    @ziggy0279: Oh. I guess you can. Opps.

  • wrydas’bean

    @Dude (Guest): you can never comment too much.

  • karina

    In Brisingr while Oromis is teaching Eragon the transporting spell Arya used to transport Saphira’s egg he asks Eragon if he knows why it makes a big bang when it re-appears. We didn’t get to hear the answer in the book can you please explain?

    Rhunön mentioned she is one of the few Elves who remembers what they were like before the first Agaetí Blödhren. How many elves are there still alive that do remember?

    Are Alanna and Dusan siblings and who are their parents?

    Exactly how old is Angela? She must be very old if Oromis remembers her. And how can she be that old if she is human which we are lead to believe she is? Was she blessed with special gifts like Elva? Such as gifts of longevity and a pull to be where important historical events happen? If you cannot answer these questions then will they be answered in the final book?

  • wrydas’bean

    @Dude (Guest): Well, yeah but how did he steal it?

  • SMC

    Obviously the spell that bound the dragons, elves, and men together makes a dragon/rider pair. But what determines if a dragon is a rider dragon or wild? As Saphira’s mother was a wild dragon, would her father have to be a rider’s dragon to make Saphira one?

  • speakMYmind

    will Eragon snap and tell nasuada off? example: like tell her she has to remeber he is the LAST rider so stop pushing me around. Rule the varden and stop being a biatch about it.

  • bwhahaha

    Will Eragon break free from nasuada? Like instead of obeying her every whim will he decide to assert some i guess you can say authority to what he wants to do.

  • Cquiglz

    I can understand Elva’s accelarated growth but why does she have menacing violet eyes and speak like an adult?

  • WonderfulGuest

    Why didn’t the elves heal Eragon’s back once he arrived at Ellesméra? In Brisingr, Eragon had no problem with Roran’s shoulder wound from the Ra ‘zac

  • Tim3B4ndit

    I dont know if this has been asked but..

    Did any of the riders use a different brightsteel weapon? For example instead of learning to use a sword they used a spear or a different type of weapon made of brightsteel

  • Kiki

    In the novels it is said that the Dragon Riders are immortal as long as their dragons are alive, and in the last Q&A session Christopher Paolini stated that even if a Rider’s dragon died, the Rider would still live a prolonged life. If the Riders are immortal (unless of course they are poisoned or killed in a battle), how does their aging compare to that of a normal person?

  • jumpergirl93

    Hope this hasn\’t been asked.
    CP said that elves simply have a higher percentage of magic-users among them than humans, dwarves, or urgals, but we have yet to meet an elf who cannot use magic. Can all elves use magic?

  • WhiteRider

    What does the name of Brom’s sword mean?

  • vannet

    What was Vrael’s dragon’s name?

  • EmerdarFan

    My favorite part of Book 1 was Eragon and Arya’s duel. Is there a chance of seeing another duel between the two to see who is the stronger Shadeslayer? Also, whatever happened to Horst’s wife’s (can’t remember her name) child? How long has she been pregnant?

  • *Evarinya*(Guest)

    Is it possible for someone not to get a gedwey ignasia on their hand? What if someone touches a dragon with their leg or arm? Would they get their gedwey ignasia there, or could the symbol appear differently?

  • badarumbumbum

    what was tenga’s house used for. before tenga lived in it?

  • Rfsantos

    Sorry about the english, I’m from Brazil, here goes the questions, hope you can understand:

    1. What was the color of Vrael Dragon?

    2. Was Vrael the only leader or the Dragon Riders, or there were others before him?

    3. How did the first Eragon died, and how long did he lived?

  • SkySky

    Can someone possibly have two gwedey ignasias because i thought galbatorix might possibly have two?

  • Dot

    You have stated in the books that, over time, dragon riders gain elven features. Why doesn’t Brom have elven features in the book? Does Galbatorix have elven features?

  • SageofDragonAge

    Is the Rock of Kuthian perhaps the gateway to the Vault of Souls?

  • Yesenia94

    1) Since Elva no longer feels the pain of others when they need help, will she be able to lie about other people’s intentions since she isn’t hurt by it anymore?
    2) Before the fall of the riders, where were the new dragon riders trained and was the training different for the elves and humans?
    3) Since strange things happen around dragons, would it be possible for Thorn to fix his body size if he was free from Galbatorix’s influence?
    4) Lots people think that the two women that Angela asked Eragon to bless were Eragon’s mother and sister. Since Selena is already dead, who were they and will Eragon see them again?

  • shuror

    @jmozifs (Guest):

    Dr who is the Dr cp reffers to. he has mentioned Dr Who a number of times in various writing he seems to be a fan. (its a british tv series)

  • Watatsumi

    When you decided to expand on the Inheritance Trilogy by adding a fourth book why did you decide to call it the Inheritance cycle? This implies a reccuring sequence of events as opposed to a more simple beginning, middle, end plot line

  • BearUrsus

    @Joshi (Guest):Yes, you are correct. It is two seperate dragons, this has been answered by Paolini in an earlier interview.

  • Joshi

    @Boo (Guest): boo I believe Reading in eldest that the White dragon was the dragon the other dragons had choosen to represent them and was not the original eragons dragon although I could b mistaken

  • PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!:0

    If there’s another rider in book 4, would Eragon have to train him/her or would it be someone with previous knowledge, like Arya?

  • rawkfist65

    1) why didn’t Eragon know how to kill a shade? Brom had asked him several questions about them but when he told Ajihad that they had killed the shade Eragon was surprised to learn that Durza was still alive.

    2) In Eldest Roran comes downstairs and hears a discussion about Albriech supposedly taking Thane’s missing sythe but Albriech denies it. There is no one else in the village who looks like Albriech so who took it? Or was Thane lying?

    3) In Brisingr page 576 it says, “Nasuada lifted the hem of her green dress and sat on the small chest of belongings Katrina had brought with her from Carvahall.” How did Katrina bring a chest with her when she was taken by the Ra’zac?

    4) How come Eragon and Saphira can’t communicate with each other over large distances? I believe that it was said in a previous Q&A that talking with your mind takes very little energy, maybe even less than talking. How come Eragon can’t just put more energy into maintaining the mind link?

    5) When Eragon says Brisingr while holding his sword it bursts into flames but when Rhunen does the same thing it does not?

    6) How do the Ra’zac and the dwarves who attacked Eragon shield their minds so that he cannot even sense them?

    7) Is it possible for a rider to have 2 dragons in their lifetime? If not then why did Galbatorix think that the riders would give him a new dragon to replace the one that had died? How could the riders give him a dragon? Doesn’t the dragon have to choose him?

    8) If Eragon were to scry someone that he had seen but that person is wearing an outfit that he had not, would he see the person naked or would he only see the parts of their body that he had seen before? If this situation were to happen with Oromis would Eragon see Oromis naked because he has seen him naked before?

    Sorry for all the questions, hope some of them get picked.

  • jmozifs

    Who is this doctor that CP keeps talking about and what does he mean in the third book when he talks about the doctor?


    @Shandris (Guest):

    Arya said that Trianna has only summoned spirits once. Eragon and Arya talked about it after their encounter with the spirits on the way back to the Varden.

  • Boo

    I don’t know if Christopher Paolini can answer this but I figured i would ask it anyway.
    When Brom is explaining to Eragon about how the riders were formed he mentions that Eragon’s dragon was named Bid’Daum, but later on Islanzadi says that the name of the white dragon who helped end the war’s name could not be said “in this or any language” and Glaedr also say much the same thing. Are these dragons different or have the elves and dragons forgotten his name for some reason?

  • Firemonkey

    Is elf queen Dellanor still alive?

    Who exactly killed king Evander?

    How does Nasuado know Arya is Islanzadi’s daughter?

  • littlejaeger

    In the 3rd book Eragon named his sword Brisingr, and when he said that word his sword burst into flame.

    1: If a rider named their sword \”peacemaker\” and that was the sword\’s true name what would happen?

    2: If Eragon needed to perform magic without speech would his sword burst into flames if he thought \”fire / brisingr\”

    p.s there should be a like button for the questions to help you guys sort them out.

  • Boo

    How did Nasuada learn that Arya is the princess? Did Arya tell her, but why did she tell her and no one else?

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    Then why do they put the ‘Reply’ button on this page?

  • Dude

    Not my fault he said that. I probably didn\’t see it. My apologies. He obviously didn\’t notice that I had asked over two dozen already, and that there is no where else that people visit this often. Someone needs to change that, and to not disable it, ever. We are both at fault. To end on a positive note:

    During the first century after the formation of the Riders, to what extent did the Riders numbers swell?

  • Glaedrocks

    @Dude (Guest): yes you do comment to much. sorry shurtugal staff for this comment.

  • kid4146

    how do the dragons excramate?

  • bigboy4146

    does arya know how to draw energy from her surroundings?

  • ziggy0279

    @Dude (Guest): Yes i believe you do. yesterday shurtugal staff posted the following

    Chris Addison commented on June 14th at 5:53 PM


    Do not address other people in this comment thread. This is no place for discussion. Post your questions and saunter on. It takes a long time to go through all of these, and it doesn’t help when I have to read meaningless messages. I know which questions are good and which ones aren’t.


    So please stop discussing on this comments section. this is for questions to ask CP not for discussing.

  • rino62

    I am not sure if this question had been asked yet and if it has then I’m sorry.

    If a person is asleep does it make it easier for someone to break into that person’s mind? Or does it make it harder since the person is sleeping and focusing only on that. Or would the person trying to break into the other person’s mind only see the sleeping person’s dreams?

    Hope that made since.

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    Someday, I’m going to go back and count how many times I posted here. My guess now is 50.

  • Dude


    Did the werecats ever go to war? I don’t remember that part.

  • Cally

    What other times have werecats went war and how did those wars turn out?

  • Dude

    Does anyone think that I comment too much? unkown came on today under the name dudehater, get it? I got mad but then I found it funny. His first comment was taken off the comments page. 🙂

  • Dude

    @Conor (Guest):


  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Hope to see you tommorow!

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    I completely freak out and get cold and warm at the same time whenever someone mentions it. Right now I’m still calming down.

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    Í will catch up tommorrow or the day after it’s 22:08 in the evening

    I’m out good night folks !

  • Conor

    @Dude (Guest):

    Yes, just slipped my mind. Thanks for the catch!

  • Conor

    @Dude (Guest):

    I know… It makes me shiver.

  • Dude

    @Conor (Guest):

    You did mean to put Thorn in there, right?

  • Dude

    @Conor (Guest):

    If not…………. scary thoughts.

  • Oxybenzone

    Are there wild dragons in the land that the elves came from and in other places outside alagaesia?

  • Dude

    @JJ (Guest):

    I hope so. And yet I hope he will not be the next Rider. Everyone seems to think that and it is driving me nuts.

  • Conor

    Are there any living dragons besides Saphira, Shruikan, and Greenie (Hopefully soon to be living) left elsewhere in the world? NOT Eldunari, I mean actual living, breathing dragons. Or were they only native to Alagaesia?

  • Dude

    @eragonfan (Guest):

    Maybe she felt like making it glow?

  • eragonfan

    if only rider’s palms glow when using magic, then why does arya’s glow in the 1st book when she is saving eragon?

  • JJ

    Will Sloan have any major parts in Book 4?

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    It’s true. You’re welcome.

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    thank you !! 😀

  • Dude

    @wrydas\\\’bean (Guest):


  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    You are really very good at it. I completely understand what you are saying. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • wrydas\’bean

    How and where did Galby get the three dragon eggs?
    And thought of the possibility that the last egg could be wild. It might explain why it hasn\’t hatched yet.

  • adrottningu

    What is the nature of immortality? That is, is it like a gene that’s inherited or more like a force that becomes a part of the body?

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    Reading not at all reading is easy writing on the other hand can become difficult when you can’t find the words your looking for. and getting your sentences right ( spelling etc )

    as long as people get what I’m saying then I don’t mind it that much

    not difficult perhaps, more challenging sometimes 😛

  • Dude

    @wrydas\’bean (Guest):

    But thier knowledge of the AL is limited as far as we know. When they tested Eragon, thier goal was to learn more words. Eragon also said that the little club they had made of magicans, Du Vangr Gata, thier very name betrays thier ignorance. Thier name said correctly in the AL should be Du Gata Vangr.

    In short, they aren’t nearly as good with magic as they want everyone to belive.

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Good thinking. I’m getting so pumped for book 4. This Q&A really helps get some of the waiting stress out of my system. As I’m not a very patient person, the lapse of time seems so much longer!

  • wrydas’bean

    @Gazza2010: But the twins aren’t lesser magigains.

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    Hannah Montanna REALLY annoys me. And worse, my sister has it on her iPod Touch and she plays it all the time!

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    No comment 😛

    And CP is American as well that’s why I thought U.S.A

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    I know that you said you are pretty good with English, but is writing and reading in this language still hard for you?

  • Dude

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    LOL. Kansas is more of a pancake with bubbles. Does the Netherlands pancake have bubbles? (bubbles=hills/moutains)

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    Don’t really know actually, I guessed most of the people here are American or Canadians maybe, And U.S.A seemed the most logical !!

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    I mean, it’s not like I mentioned Hannah Montanna or anything.

  • Arvindr

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    hahahahaha I figured as much, the Netherlands on the other hand are flat 😉

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    What made you think U.S.A.?

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    It’s not as flat as everyone says.

  • Dude

    @davidlewing(member) (Guest):

    Sadly, it’s true. They were like humans. But why eat a dragon? It would be hard to get through all those scales. Hey, that’s a good question. WHY WOULD ANYONE HUNT A DRAGON TO EAT IF THEY HAD TO TAKE OFF ALL OF THE SCALES FIRST?

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    I already guessed U.S.A but not Kansas or anything in particular 😛

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    @Arvindr (Guest):


  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Kansas, U.S.A.

  • Arvindr

    @davidlewing(member) (Guest):

    Oromis states that before Elves and Dragons Joined that elves where mortal and Rhunön states that at that time elves where much like humans so they probably ate meat as well

  • davidlewing(member)

    @Glaedrocks (Guest):

    I was referring to the elf who started the war. Brom said the elf hunted down the dragon as he would a stag because he thought it was only an animal. This was before the war and is what started it in the first place. I was asking why would the elf have killed the dragon in the first place if all elves were vegetarian.

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    yes I could go with those two as well, there\’s not a character I dislike but Eragon and saphira because of all the things they learn and you really see them progress and all

    though the fights and the way magic and everything around them works are also great 😛

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    now there’s a question!!

    well since it is about them I guess Eragon and saphira

    Altough Brom, (especially) Oromis and Glaedr, Orik and Arya are also great characters

    Good question 😉

    where are you from anyway?

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    Chrisopher Paolini has given us much to look forward to, even if it does leave me wanting to rip out my hair.

  • Dude

    Mine is Arya. Why? She is wise, strong, cunning, and best of all, lethal with a sword among many other things that make her unmatched by any character. Angela is my second favorite because she is hilarious and holds many mysteries that we MUST exploit in this next book.

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Thank you. Who is your favorite character in the Inheritance Cycle?

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    ik kan het proberen maar kan iemand het hier dan lezen??!!

    en trouwes ik vind de boeken geweldig, net als het posten

    translates as:

    I Could try but is there someone who will be able to read it.

    I love both the books and posting here

    And I’ll add this as well

    mijn naam is Johan, ik kom uit een plaats genaamd deurne in de buurt van Eindhoven

    ik ben 22 jaar oud

    en bij deze doe ik jou en je moeder de groeten!

    My name is Johan I’m from Deurne A village/town in the vaccinity of Eindhoven ( about 15 miles/ 30 kilometers ) and I’m 22 years old

    and my kind reagards to you and your mother!

  • Dude

    Is anyone else on here? Like now?

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Yeah I’m pretty sure you are right.

  • Dude

    I wonder i f King Galby could be killed with a gun?……

  • Arvindr

    @Alex (Guest):

    I also forgot to mention this

    from what I read magic can become physical in a sense of hurting someone or healing but really take form I guess not, with magic one can only manipulate energy not create matter ( or friction )

  • wrydas’bean

    @wingsonmyheels (Guest): I think a necremancer is someone who sees or talks to dead people. My friend read a book with a necramancer in it.

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    could you please translate? i’ll tell it to my mom

  • Dude

    {@Alex (Guest):

    Remember that the forest of Du Weldenvarden is a single entity/unit/whatever you want to call it, is woven through with magic. You could also say it is like a person. If magic was a person or entity, then you would have to weave it through the forest, and if both of them were like people, then you would be weaving a person through a person which is just not right. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    ik kan het proberen maar kan iemand het hier dan lezen??!!

    en trouwes ik vind de boeken geweldig, net als het posten

  • Dude

    @oromismaster (Guest):

    I think it will be WAY over 1000

  • Arvindr

    @Alex (Guest):

    nope not to manipulate earth but energy in about one million ways ore more. friction in this case can only be made possible by combining energies or in other words use a spell.

    friction itself does create energy but like lightining and sunlight people are unable to tap into those forces directly or ( if we look back ) the have create it themselves to make a friction possible and Oromis states that no one has ever been able to create or control lightning or sunlight.

    there are other forms of friction though such as grinding rocks etc etc friction is fairly huge term I guess 😉

  • oromismaster

    will this book be over 500 pages maybe 1000?

    ilovelong books

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    DUDE YOU ARE FROM THE NETHERLANDS!! THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! could you try to type something in your language on here?

  • Dude


    If a Rider had magic before they became a Rider that was red, and then they got a black dragon, thier magic would be black, right? But say the Rider looses thier dragon, does thier magic go back to being red or does it stay permanently black?

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    lol count me in I want to know more about the grey folk to other then what I described 😛

    it took a long time to type all that I’m from the Netherlands and I’m quite good at english but translating can be difficult sometimes 😛

  • Alex

    Is magic a physical entity that people control (ex. when they create fire with friction do they just rub this magic together) or is it just a supernatural ability to manipulate earth?

  • A*very*thankful*DUDE

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    THX. i really wanted to know. i hate being kept in the dark for too long.

  • Dude

    @YOMAMASMAMA (Guest):

    is me, and im just trying to get my q in so they thing that it is more than one person asking that q

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    the greyolk are the people that gave structure to the ancient language and gave it the propertie off not being able to lie if one uses Liduen Kvaedhi

    whatever words you use, those are the true name of that which someone is speaking of like \”fire\” and \”water\” 😉 like brisingr is fire and adurna is water, not the other way around. water and fire are human words and brisingr and adurna are Liduen Kvaedhi AKA the truth

    ( little history lesson, or what I recall from the books )

    Furthermore not much is known about the grey folk other then that their race disappeared after reinventing the ancient language.

  • Dude

    @Glaedrocks (Guest):

    I hope that we find it out sooner than that!

    that could take FOREVER.


    Could someone PLEASE EXPLAIN what or who the Gray Folk are. I\’ve never figured that out. I know that they are probably grey. 🙂

  • Glaedrocks

    @Dude (Guest): we may find that out in the 4th book

  • Dude

    @Kate (Guest):

    Everyone wants to know that one. they seriously need to put it on the q&a.

  • Kate

    Is Angela the child of, one of the rare, Elf/Human Rider couples? Which would explain her long life, amazing powers, and her appearance in the halls of Ellesmera?

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    But what if they were the laughing dead? They’d just keep right on laughing, but they would be easier to cut down.

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    I’d hate to be one of them! Soilders go bye-bye!

  • Dude

    @HayNo (Guest):

    I know what you mean. I’m dying out here waiting for the book. As far as I know, he hasn’t even finished the initial MANUSCRIPT! Hurry, CP! I’m getting old! My hair is falling out! (maybe because I’m practicaly tearing it out) I suffer. (note complete stop)

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    your right about that!!!! those soldiers would be gone in minutes if not seconds 😀

  • Dude

    Could someone PLEASE EXPLAIN what or who the Gray Folk are. I\’ve never figured that out. I know that they are probably grey. 🙂

  • HayNo

    What the freak is taking so long Christopher?

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Though if Eragon DOES get enough energy he COULD transfer it to his belt. Right? I have to say, it would be cool. He could make the whole army tired to the bone, if he won’t kill them.

  • Cee

    Are there any Grey Folk still left alive in Alagaesia? If so will we meet them in Book IV,and have we already met one?

  • Dude

    @Cee (Guest):

    There IS speculation about Angela’s heritage and past. And also her age. She MIGHT be half-elf but no one knows and everyone wants to know.

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):

    I’m not exactly sure.

  • Arvindr

    @Dude (Guest):

    it’s not about storing energy, but absorbing it from his surroundings, in this case how many people he could kill with that power.

    it would take to long to kill those 5/10 worriors but thats the maximum possible

    storing energy is another matter 🙂

  • Cee

    Have there been any half elves before?( and by that I mean with an elf and a human as parents, not like Eragon or any other human rider who morphed into an elf over a period of time.) If so, have we met one in the cycle so far?

  • Dude

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Elva could easily turn against the Varden? It’s been bothering me all morning.

  • Nerom

    How did you, Christopher, create the Ancient Language? What was your inspiration?

  • Dude

    @Arvindr (Guest):

    Yeah, he could completely fill the belt with the diamonds. (Bleloth the Wise?)

  • Dude

    @Undbitrbromssword (Guest):

    BOOM. That is the consequence.

  • Arvindr

    @Solenklier (Guest):

    Why didn’t Eragon drain energy from his enemies during the last battle? That could refresh him once he was tired and also kill them, as that was his objective.

    Read this question carefully

    up to 5 or 10 warriors

  • oromismaster

    @Solenklier (Guest): he just sensed her mind,he could allways do that.

  • Thorn12345

    What intrigues me is casting spells without saying the words. My questions are:
    -Is it dangerous? Can a stray thought ruin the effect?
    -Is it more difficult (does it take up more energy) than saying the words out loud?

    Another thing is:
    -The Helgrind was an illusion. The spell would need energy to keep the illusion up all this time. Where did it get the energy from?

  • HayNo

    @Undbitrbromssword (Guest):

    Hon, that’s been answered. If you broke that promise, you’d explode. Or implode. Whichever one sounds more awesome.

  • Undbitrbromssword

    If you swear something in the Ancient Language, can you break that promise? And if you can, what are the consequences?

  • ArgetKveykva

    What happens to dragons when they die? Could somebody take a dragon\’s eldunari out of a dragon\’s dead body? Lately I\’ve been wondering if the dwarves could have gained access to eldunari during their wars with the dragons, and if this might explain the \”Presence\” Eragon feels when the dwarf priests summon their God. It wouldn\’t be all that surprising to me if the Dwarves would want to keep enormous, magical, gems which contained life. Eldunari would prove all their theories about life in rocks, give them power, and as an added bonus, eldunari are giant gems, which the dwarves love. I\’m not asking you to confim my theories about the Rock of Kuthian, I would just like to know whether an eldunari can be taken from a dead dragon.

  • Álfa

    What do the elven runes look like? What language(s) do they resemble? Finally, what does the Rigmar resemble?

  • Arvindr

    @Solenklier (Guest):

    Can’t say that I do but I’ll look into it 🙂

  • Arvindr

    @EpeFin (Guest):

    a grenade-like weapon

    not to mention that the use off chemistry excist in the books 😉

  • Ichigo

    When Eragon left Carvahall, he promised that he would return when it was safe. Will he ever make it back to Carvahall?

  • Deidara

    I have 2 questions right now.

    1. In book 1 on page 184 Jeod says quote “Eragon,” said Jeod thoughtfully. “You have a unique name. Few have ever been named after the first rider. In my life I’ve read about only three people who were called such.” Who are they and do they play any role in book four?

    2. On page 437 in Eragon Angela says “I loathe Shades- They practice the most unholy magic, after necromancy.”

    And as we all know Necromancy is the art of raising and controling the dead. Will that come into play in book four?

    Thanks for listening and please reply. Or better yet ask CP for me.

  • Ichigo

    When Eragon discovered Brisingr’s true name, it burst into flame. When he figured out Sloan’s true name, he had complete control over him. So what would happen if Eragon discovered his true name, and how would he know?

  • Ichigo

    When Eragon first went to the Helgrind, he whispered words to himself in the ancient language. What did he say?

  • Ichigo

    In Eragon, when Brom was talking to Eragon about the history between Galbatorix and Morzan he mentioned that there was a place that the two hid “in an evil place where the Riders dared not venture”. What is this place, and is it related to the Vault of Souls/Rock of Kuthian?

  • truth

    will Tenga play a part in the 4th book?

  • Solenklier

    @Arvindr (Guest):
    Interesting, do you know anyplace where i could watch the interview? lol.

  • Arvindr

    @phoenix32 (Guest):

    1 maybe

    2 maybe both 😉

    we’ll have to wait for that one !

  • EpeFin

    In Eldest, at the time of carvahall’s siege, the ra’zac throws something towards Roran and it explodes, what was it? A molotov cocktail of some sort, or what?

  • Solenklier

    @mist (Guest):
    RE: i have a question about glaedr`s heart of hearts:i noticed that after glaedr died,he can sense eragon,saphira,and arya`s minds.arya have never before touched gaedr`s heart of hearts,and wasn`t even there when he gave it to why can glaedr sense arya`s mind as well?
    MY ANSWER: It shows after that scene Arya apologizing upon Intruding Eragon’s thoughts. She said that she was worried about him, and then she asked why he could see what Glaedr was thinking possibly attaining some trinket or bauble that allowed communication.

  • Arvindr

    @Solenklier (Guest):

    In an intervieuw if I’m not mistaken!

  • phoenix32

    ~Were the Riders that were with Galbatorix when his original dragon was killed part of the Forsworn?
    ~Is the question Tenga is trying to answer the name of the Ancient Language or a way to get energy from fire or light?

  • Arvindr

    @liljj (Guest):

    most mages are able to constantly attack each other’s minds, and since a mage already can tell if someone is trying to slip past his or her defenses it seems unlikely and unnecessary to make that kind of a spell.

    it would depend on the mental strength both mages would have, the understanding of the AL ( too some degree ) the energy it would require to keep the spell up and to make it last long enough.

    although the mind is the most powerful weapon everyone has.

    but (if possible ) would probably give you a slight advantage because you wouldn’t have to concentrate all the time. but so my guess is that it would take too much energy from the person using that spell. the strength of mind, the way a person thinks and character should decide such a battle as can be read in the books.

    Good theory but it seems highly unlikely

  • EpeFin

    What are the names of the other elves besides Blödhgarm (?) that were sent to protect Eragon and Saphira?

  • Solenklier

    Eragon p. 50, Brom tells Eragon that “A brash elven youth hunted down a dragon… As he would a young stag.” Why would an elf hunt down a dragon if they don’t eat meat? Were Elves not vegetarian at that time?
    I think this is one of the more confusing questions I have.
    @davidlewing reminded me of it. 🙂

  • DuSvetenEldar

    Ancalagon is alive!?!?!?!?

  • Solenklier

    @Ancalagon (Guest):
    RE: Can a dragon, if it so wishes, hatch out of its egg by itself, if it has waited for a long while inside and if it thinks that its not worthwhile to wait for a “suitable” Rider?
    If the answer is yes, then will the dragon be a “wild dragon” or can such a hatch-ling choose a rider later on in its life?
    “I’d also like to know the answer to this question!”

  • Glaedrocks

    @Solenklier (Guest): it didnt fly over the hadarac desert because the varden were on the burning plains

  • Solenklier

    @Arvindr (Guest):
    Really? Hmm. I don\’t remember… oh well i guess ill just go back and check it out. 😛

  • Solenklier

    I’m back!
    1.) ok so when Arya made that magic tiny boat, she said it will fly wherever there are plants to sustain it. BUT then how did it make it to the Varden? Wouldn’t it have had to have traveled over the Hadarac Desert in order to do that? Where there are no greens?

  • steven

    @Dude (Guest): if your looking for some where to chat try the forms dude this is for posting questions for the next Q&A I’m sure that shurty staff don’t want to read through all your convosations looking for the questions to ask CP

  • David

    what were the words that Brom told Eragon just before he died? has Eragon ever used them?

  • Arvindr

    @Solenklier (Guest):

    about question nr 3 CP has already answered that one about the strenght/ lifeforce or whatever you call it, of 10 healthy people

    anyone please correct me if I’m wrong

  • Solenklier

    okay ive got some more, lol.
    1.) Will a dragon’ flight (Thorn) be affected drastically if the tip of their tail was cut off?
    2.) In the ancient language, no one can lie. However if someone who doesn’t knwo how to use magic said “You will fall asleep in two seconds”, and it doesn’t happen, isn’t that lying?

  • dudehater

    @dude: so wydja post it? 😛

  • DeathtotheShadows

    @SpaceDragon55: I think it is pretty obvious that shes sees more blue because she is blue. And if she sees more blue, Thorn would probably see more red than other colors too.

  • Solenklier

    I’ve got a couple question. 🙂
    1.) Could a dragon egg contain twins? If so, ha that ever happened before, and if it has, what happened?
    2.) Can a dragon rider obtain two geway ignasias? (If the riders granted Galbatorix another dragon after his died would he have two shining palms? Would the first fade away?)
    3.) If Eragon can obsorb energy from the plants around him and by other creatures (Like the cow Saphira ate), can’t Eragon just completely absorb all the energy out of a coming army while at the same time becoming uncontrollably powerful from all the energy?
    😀 I hope my answer gets picked! lol.

  • Dude

    dudehater, I have RETURNED! well for a minute or two I have to go real soon, like right now Bye

  • SpaceDragon55

    Ok so my question is kinda long but Im gonna give this a go 🙂
    In the 1st book, when Eragon kinda goes into Spahira’s head while flying, it said that blue stood out while all the other colors were subdued.
    My question has two parts, 1) was this due to the fact that Saphira herself was blue and 2) if that is true than does that mean other dragons of different colors would see their color more so aswell? Example: Would Thorn see more red?

    Thank you! Hope my question wasn’t too confusing

  • Maiar

    In Brisingr Arya makes a ship out of grass that flies as long as there are plants around to draw energy from. Later the ship appeared before Katrina and Roran. And then the sun rises and it says that it flew off toward the sun. Is this a hint that energy can indeed be taken from the elements, such as fire, or is that just saying that the ship flew toward another energy source?

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):

    Ha i\’m older than u r

  • Dude

    See you all later! Oh, dudehater, you’ve taken up a lot of space yourself. 🙂

  • dudehater

    @Dude (Guest):dont blame me . im only 12

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):

    well somebody has attitude!

  • liljj

    is it possible to create a spell that protects someone from going into your mind so you dont have to consentrate on something?

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):


  • Dude

    I wouldn’t comment so much if I had a few more people to talk to. And this is a frequently visited site and on one of my favorite topics. I’m sort of addicted to it. LOL 🙂

  • dudehater

    @Dude (Guest): really? thatwas me. hehehe

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):

    they sure were

  • dudehater

    @dudehater (Guest): \”orry staff\” ………squeak!

  • Dude

    @oromismaster (Guest):

    Yours is a good question and a common one. I’ve been seeing you aroung for quite some time. how often do you check this site?

  • dudehater

    @Dude (Guest): to look for good qs i had to plugh my way through all ur questions!( by the way unknown guys questions were good)

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    Did his comment just get removed? Way to go staff!!!!!! I was trying to be nice but I was seriously bursting at the seams.

  • oromismaster

    do the urgals live in the spine? is their any other urgal cities outside the spine

  • Dude

    @dudehater (Guest):

    actually it’s not quite that. closer to 3 pages.

    by the way, have you read all the comments? then how would you know that i had so many?

  • heavyshovel

    Are you able to tell us if Kuthian is a name of one of the forsworn’s dragon? That’s the only way I can think that the name would be vaguely familiar to Oromis and Arya yet still not completely remembered.

  • Dude

    what would happen if the dragons egg held twin dragons? Has that ever happened? Would both dragons have to wait until they each found thier rider?

  • Dude

    @Boris (Guest):

    dude you q is awesome

  • watever

    @SmartAlec (Guest): no they cant. oromis also mentioned that the dragon inside the eldunari wud ask someone to shatter their eldunari. there is only a slight possibility that your suggestion would happen. u make it sound like the dragon would break it at will.

  • Dude

    @Volatile. (Guest):


  • Dude

    @TheUltimateRider (Guest):

    Yes, if they did not have wards against the twelve death words. Like, Eragon could just point at any random person without wards on, and say ‘Die.’ in the AL, and that’s all that they could do, die.

  • Volatile.

    A few questions.

    When you drew the picture of Galbatorix, did you mean to not put a rune on his sword? Or did you just forget?

    Also, was Galbatorix presented with a sword at the completion of his training?

    If so, what happened to his original? Oromis said that he now uses a stolen sword.

  • liljj

    If shurtugal is the true name for a rider then why cant people control Eragon by using the word shurtugal, or skulblaka for saphira? I have been wondering this since I read Eragon.

  • Dude


    If he does, I’d feel sorry for her. 🙂

  • TheUltimateRider

    Can the riders, shades or elves be killed by the twelve words of death? Is that how Galbatorix killed so many riders by just a dozen or so riders of own?

  • oromismaster

    did oromis ever love some one?and if so,who?

  • Shadeslayer339

    How do the riders sword get the colour of dragon? I read the whole process but did not find how they got the colour?


    @Gazza2010: I dont think that galby knows how to summon spirits, and if he did he is probably afraid that he wont be able to control them.

  • Alexisonfire

    My questions are:
    -Will Roran be able to use magic?
    -What exactly did the Menoa-trea want from eragon in exchange for the shiny steel?
    -Will Thorns ability to fly be affected by losing the tip of his tail in the fight with Gleadr?
    -How much energy does an eldunari contain?
    I mean, if 13 elves, a rider and a dragon defeated Murtagh and his dragon, I wonder how much eldunari Murtagh was carrying.

  • Eridor

    I have a question: Where exactly do the Urgals live ? It’s given in Eragon that after Galbatorix’s dragon was killed by them, he trekked through the Spine? So do the Urgals live somewhere in the Spine? If so, should’t Eragon have encountered them while hunting OR shouldn’t the “Palancar Pirates” have encountered them while going through the Spine to Narda?

  • Eragonhasthebestsword

    Hi Chris.I have 2 questions for you:

    1.Do you have any adventures in store for Eragon and Saphira after the Inheritance Cycle is over?

    2.Do human riders eventually gain the same physical capabilities as elves?

  • Alagaesiawanderer

    Is it possible to break or disrupt the bond between dragon and rider, apart from killing one of the parties?

  • megapaw


    You said in an earlier Q&A that Brom would win Eragon if he were to spar with him. Still, Eragon won Brom in many duels in the first book. Did Brom not fight to his full capacity when sparring, and if so, why would he do that?

  • OromistheWise

    Elves don’t believe in any god…yet they seem to think of Wryda… Fate as a force with an individual mind.. that moves the way it will… just like the wheel of time. The obvious thing is that a deity is involved in the …shifting of fate, no?

  • BlueHeart

    one question who lives on Vroengard and Illium?

  • HeyAgaincuzhereIam

    My question is: Did Roran survive the attack on Feinster?

  • Student179

    My Questions for Chris are these,

    1. Throughout the series the importance of Angela’s character has increased with each book from an amusing side character in book one to an almost indispensable part of Brisinger. Recently, this was before you even released the werecat chapter, I began to ponder the comment that Eragon made concerning werecats in Eragon; that they were they traveling companions of kings and queens. This leads me to my first question which is wether or not Angela has any claims to royalty or nobility.

    2. My second question about Angela revolves around your vague hints at her great age and her apprenticeship under the old hermit. Also she is mentioned by Oromis who seemed to have known her almost immediately when Eragon mentioned her in Brisinger. You’ve also mentioned in a previous Q&A that half-elves live extremely long and would be excellent at blending in to either race. Therefore my question is whether or not Angela is a half-elf and more importantly does she have a relationship to Oromis and possibly a human forsworn to whom I believe Oromis was in love with. Further more is it possible that Angela is destined to wield Oromis’s sword and use the vast amounts of Energy stored within.

    I apologize about the length but I’ve tried to be brief and no one paid attention to my arguments then so here is my full theory.

  • oromismaster

    how old is selena? and how many warriros does the varden have,how many do the dwarves have? and how many do the elves have? how many warriors does galbatorix have?

  • *patch*eragon*edward*

    What will happen if a dragon’s Eldunari is shattered before the dragon dies?

  • Murtaghsforgottenfriend

    I have one question that bothers me every since Murtagh narrated his past.

    Was there a little love that Morzan had for Selena?

    I mean, if she became pregnant, there must have been at least some affection Morzan had for her. Or was he drunk again and made irrational decisions?

  • Johnnydragonseed

    As most dedicated fans know the Eragon movie tended to rush through events and offer little explaination, as well as contradict the storyline entirely. My question is, putting aside all legal mumbo jumbo, would Christopher be open to the idea of redoing the Eragon movie (under a different title or the same) anytime at all in the future. I ask because I thought kids years from now may enjoy a properly done Inheritence Cycle series (in addition to all the loyal fans now), and I’d hate to see a wonderful book series not turned into a potentially great movie series.

  • Mantalin

    Will the man in the hospital that can see the light have some importantce part in book 4

  • Mantalin

    Will the two women, who got their future told by Anglela in Brisingr, play and important role in the next book?

  • scififantasylover

    @All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh: RE: YOUR POST JUNE 14th 2.10pm
    Wow 🙂 That’s a whole lot of questions. Bear with me, I think I know the answers to some of them (anyway, this is my interpretation of them):
    1. Yes
    5. Perhaps brightsteel can only be forged into swords
    8. One egg at a time – in one of the books, not sure which, it says that a dragon gave her egg to the varden.
    15. Good theory. I think Thorn learned through observation of Saphira.

  • doodle

    @Boris (Guest): its called a premonition. look it up

  • Boris

    I have two questions ^^

    1) Is it possible for elves (or humans) to use sarcasm in the ancient language? For example:
    \”We\’ll need to plan our assault carefully\”
    \”Really? I was under the impression that the Empire would welcome us into Dras Leona with open arms\”

    This would essentially a lie but it is not intended as such so would it be possible to say?

    2) Will we ever find out why Eragon was able to scry Arya in his sleep in book 1?

  • blake

    will tenga make another appearance it seemed like there should have been more about him in brisingr

  • Philip

    How many dwarfs fought at the Battle of the Burning Plains? How many of them is in the varden army during the Brisingr? And how many will come with king Orin? I mean aproximatelly, in thousands or hundreds

  • Someperson

    Last Q and A, we were told that there was once a rider who didn’t want to be a rider. Will we ever get to read this story, or at least find out more about them? Can you tell us more about them?

  • unknownguy

    i have three questions.

    firstly, throughout the series you have mentioned that Naegling,Tamerlein,Zarroc and Arvindr were the only Riders swords that servived the war obtainable to Eragon until murtagh took zarroc. we have seen zarroc, naegling and tamerlein and we know who they belonged to, but we do not have much information on the blade arvindr. could u give us a description of the blade and also tell us its history?

    I know this is a stupid question but is it possible to create an imitation of the bond a rider shares with his dragon with say a less magical creature such as a Werecat or a Fanghur? if so, has it ever been done?

    last, but not the least, after the events of the Blood Oath Ceremony in Eldest, is Eragon a human affected by his bond to saphira, a pure elf, or a human/elf hybrid?

  • L

    How old is Angela?

  • Keith

    will Eragon ever really use his bow again? Because it seems like the bow Islanzadi sung for him was very special, even among Elven works… so it seems like it would be a waste for him to not use it, or at least give it to someone as a gift since he is much more proficient in magic now.

  • SmartAlec

    @ wrydas\’bean (6 pages back): Yes, dragons in their Eldunari can use magic. Oromis mentioned they would occasionally commit suicide through by using magic if they no longer wished to exist.

  • IronAngel

    @IronAngel: whoops!
    There should be an ‘Is’ at the start of that question, sorry!

  • IronAngel

    Dear Christopher,
    My question is:
    Can the spell that instantaneously transports an object from one point to another, regardless of distance, capable of causing injury, if it materialises near, on or- probably the most graphic scenario- inside someone?

  • karenroxmysox

    Who were Eragon’s maternal grandparents? Were they from an important, rich, or noble family? Or just common people?

  • karenroxmysox

    Katrina becomes pregnant rather quickly. How far along was she when she got married to Ronan? It seemed to me she couldn’t have been more than a week when she got married!

  • dragonhearted

    Once the spell has been put on a dragon that means it doesn’t hatch until it has been in contact with its rider can it be removed by means of a spell?

  • 7th

    whatever happened to Eragon the first and anhurin? it never gives us a scrap of information. did they die, did they leave algeasia? All we know is that they were just there once!

  • dellamagiadigorgio

    What was Nasuada\’s purpose in flogging Roran? It disencouraged creativity of other leaders, hurt her reputation as a leader, and disabled a powerful leader. It even contradicted her belief in keeping the Varden alive and ready for combat, which Roran did perfectly. The wiser desicion would have been to pardon Roran and take care of the problem at the roots, having leaders with good judgement and followers with common sense.

  • EbrithilEragon

    Is it possible for two dragon hatch lings to pick the same rider, if so has it ever happened.

  • unknown50

    QUESTION: Is it possible for a rider to have two dragons at the same time? If so has anyone had two at once?

  • Kuinanwai

    Does what Oromis said about the elves feeling about the presence of gods in Alagesia reflect your own views on religion?

  • Flyboy18

    Is there any possible way to lie in the ancient language while one is drugged? Just curious. Thanks for all your work!

  • Glaedrocks

    @davidlewing(member) (Guest): about the elf killing the dragon….. THE ELVES WERE AT WAR WITH THE DRAGONS! BROM DIDNT SAY THAT THE ELF ATE THE DRAGON!

  • SonOfNone

    When Eragon brought the clump of brightsteel from under the Menoa Tree to Rhunon, she said it was enough to make several swords. Did she use most/all of it in Eragon’s sword, Brisingr?

  • Samba

    Is there going to be another chapter from book 4, like King Cat?

  • mcase19

    @mcase19 (Guest):

    oops, sorry double post.

  • mcase19

    did the menoa tree get what she wanted from eragon and saphira? i think i know the answer to this question already, but i dont like what it means for eragon and saphira.

  • mcase19

    did the menoa tree get what she wanted from eragon and saphira? i think i know the answer to this question already but i dont like what it means for the characters in the story.

  • MegTheStrawberry

    I realised after I posted my earlier post might not be worded very clear. What I meant was: It was said that Ajihad was related to one of the Wandering Tribes of Surda, thus, he most likely lived in Surda a long time when he was younger. If so, why was Nasuada born in the Empire if he lived in Surda, and who was Nasuada’s mother?

  • trasted10

    Is Angela even human? Is she half human/ half elf? or something else like a grey folk? how old is she?

  • elias123

    is joed part of that secret cult of monks?

  • MegTheStrawberry

    It is said in a chapter from Nasuada’s point of view, in Brisingr, that she was born in the empire. It is hinted that her father, Ajihad, was related to one of the Wandering Tribes in Surda. If so, why was she born in the empire and who was her mother?

  • Mainn

    Re reading the series, I have noticed many words and correlations that from Latin. I am taking the class and would like to know if you ever did or did anything along the lines of it.

  • Jesse33125

    In Eldest, it was clear that Eragon, through his transformation during the Blood Oath Celebration, shared the physical abilities of the elves. However, what was not clear was how his magical abilities changed. It was never stated explicitly so my question is thus: how does Eragon’s magical abilities fare with those of the elves? Is it average, or could he compete with, say, the 12 elves whom were assigned to guard him? Thanks!

  • Ancalagon

    Can a dragon, if it so wishes, hatch out of its egg by itself, if it has waited for a long while inside and if it thinks that its not worthwhile to wait for a “suitable” Rider?
    If the answer is yes, then will the dragon be a “wild dragon” or can such a hatch-ling choose a rider later on in its life?

  • Julian

    Did you coin the name ‘Galbatorix’ by combining the names of the Roman emperor ‘Galba’ and the Gallic king ‘Vercingetorix?’

  • ILYinheritancecycle

    Who are the lost kings?

  • JohnM

    I’ve been wondering if at any point did Brom have the elundari of his own dragon Saphira? If he did or did not did he possess any elundari at all?

  • Turkey

    Sorry admin people, I just had to correct this huge mistake:@Tamerlein92 (Guest): Saphira’s egg was touched in the Spine by Eragon and didn’t hatch until at least a week and a half later, after the traders arrived in Carvahall.

  • GOdragons

    if a dragon was trapped in their eldunari,and its rider dies,is it possible for the dragon to die of grief inside their eldunari?or do they just become ill,but would never die?

  • lols

    when someone swears an oath in the ancient language he/she cannot ever break it,unless the person they swore the oath to releases them from the oath.can you swear an oath in the AL to yourself?what happens then?for example, if arya was recaptured by galbytorix,can she swear to herself that she will never reveal the location of ellesmera?if so,does that mean no matter how galbytorix tries, he will never make arya say where ellesmera is?

  • oromismaster

    @qeret132 (Guest): yes cp said in an earlier QA that a couple were elves like,kialandi,but most were male humans.

  • oromismaster

    @Tobi (Guest): oromis placed certain wards on naegling,that if he did have a seizure the sword would protect him.and when he lost his blade he was helpless when he had his attack.

  • davidlewing(member)

    Does a newborn child, of any race, have a true name in the ancient language? What about a dragon that is still in it’s egg, does it have a true name?

    Eragon p. 50, Brom tells Eragon that “A brash elven youth hunted down a dragon…” Why would an elf hunt down a dragon if they don’t eat meat? Were Elves not vegetarian at that time?

    In Eragon when Eragon entered Brom’s house to ask about dragons, Brom mentioned the Lost Kings. In Eldest when Roran meets Joad, Joad also mentions the Lost Kings. Who were they?

    In Brisingr Arya builds a ship out of grass and casts a spell that will make it fly while taking its energy from all surrounding life forms. Unless I am mistaken, this shows that it is not neccesary to be connected conciously to a life form to draw energy from it. If this is possible would it also be possible to cast a ward that draws energy from surrounding life forms as well as the ones that tripped the ward?

    Is it possible to use magic without knowing it? An example of where this might have happened is in Eldest as the villagers of Carvahall fled Teirm: Baldor made a “heroic shot” with a bow when shooting at the Lethrblaka. A common blacksmith is hardly a “heroic” marksman, is it possible that Baldor may have used magic without knowing it?

    And in regards to vows in the Ancient Language:

    Eldest, Hard cover – page 359, Paragraph 1, sentence 1:
    “Adopting the elven toungue, Eragon vowed, ‘Then I will work ceaselessly until I not only think, but dream, in your language.'”

    … and minutes later on his way back to the tree house…

    Eldest, Hard cover – page 360, Paragraph 7, sentence 5-6:
    “… He searched for the right word. Unable to find it, he reverted to his native speech…”

    In the first quote Eragon makes a binding vow that he will work constantly without any form of rest to memorize the Ancient Language. This cannot be misunderstood. But less than an hour later we see him not only not working to memorize it but we see him abandoning the use of it entirely. Shouldn’t his vow force him to continue studying until either he dies or has attained his goal?

  • Avantir

    1. What is Nasuada’s Past? Eragon asked Orik, who didn’t know, and Nasuada mentioned in Eldest that she had been in Surda as a child.

    2. What does the Dream Well in Mani’s Caves do?

    3. What did the Grey Folk look like and where did they live?

    4. What types of magic are there? Manipulating spirits, “Gaining Powers” from herbs/potions and normal magic. Are there any others? Or are those the same kind just used differently?

    5. Did any Riders have aGedwey Ignasia on any place other than their hand? (Like Elva) If so, where and did they cast magic with that limb?

    6. Angela. Eragon said you cannot make someone immortal (In Brisingr) and that the stuff humans are made of can only be alive for a century or so. If that’s true, then how can she be so old, as she said in Brisingr? Also, in Q/A 6, you said that no one can “gain” magic. If so, then how does Angela “get her powers from various herbs and potions” as she said at the end of Eragon?

  • ShireRat

    Although I like all the characters in Inheritance, I have to say that I have always had a soft spot for Murtaugh. What happened to him at the end of Eldest broke my heart; and since then, I have wondered what was going on in his head. So, I was wondering if we would see any chapters from his perspective in book four?

    PS: As a former homeschooler and fantasy nut, all I can say is that your books rock and to keep up the good work.

  • Shadeslayer2207

    If magic takes the same amount of energy, but less time than it would have taken to do the said action, then how would you calculate the amount of energy it would have taken Eragon to turn “invisible” or “bend light around” him or whatever…

    How much energy would it take a Dragon rider or any magician to do something that is practically impossible for any normal person do with all the time in the world?


    To awser mists question: 1) Glaedr is cool

    2) Arya is cool/b!tch

    3) Hurry the eff up with the 4th book

  • mist

    i have a question about glaedr`s heart of hearts:i noticed that after glaedr died,he can sense eragon,saphira,and arya`s minds.arya have never before touched gaedr`s heart of hearts,and wasn`t even there when he gave it to why can glaedr sense arya`s mind as well?

  • hrtyhdghty

    How did the first rider(Eragon) die? Who was the second rider?

  • J.C.

    i`m really excited about the forth book!i know there`s no release date yet,but i just wanted to ask how much of the story you have written already.

    (sorry if this question have been asked in the previous Q&As,i didn`t have time to read them)

  • Dragonman93

    why dosent eragon use his bow more often

    why is eragon afraid of being scryed at broms tomb

    dosent he have an amulet to prevent that

  • Edward

    Is Arya’s sword similar to a rider’s sword. Is it indestructible or only strong because of protective enchantments Arya or any other elf has placed around it.

  • toTobi

    @Tobi (Guest): Note to Shurtugal staffs: I know I shouldn’t respond, but I wanted to prevent you guys from asking this Q and wasted CP’s time, even if you thought that it was a good Q. To Tobi’s 1st Q, Glader said that Oromis’s wards were attached to his sword, which he dropped. the link became to strained by the distance and the spell ended.

  • Tony

    1) Why doesn’t Eragon fly into the center of the empires army and cast some arbitrary spell that will consume the armys energy?

    or if thats not clear enough

    2) When Eragon takes control of a group of units a enemy magician controls why doesnt he absorb there energy instead of slaying them with a simple word?

  • superfan1

    Do dragon egg fragments decompose over time or do they remain untouched by decomposers?

  • Ranking

    This probably is of no importance, but it still bothering me. Well, in the chapter called “Glûmra” when Eragon says that only Orik can decide when to draw the swords, the dwarf looks a little troubled and answered mysteriously: “Orik is …”. She was just mourning his son and missed the end of the sentence or that has any significance?

    (I can’t quote the passage. My book’s translated into portuguese, it would not help :/)

  • Neil

    Are there any other intelligent races which we don’t know?

  • Angelwings

    When the elves age they lose some of their glow/gifts/powers. Seeing as Elves are pretty much Immortal, how long are they considered children and when do they lose their glow/gifts/powers and is any or all of that all at once or is it gradual?


    IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris


    Do not address other people in this comment thread. This is no place for discussion. Post your questions and saunter on. It takes a long time to go through all of these, and it doesn’t help when I have to read meaningless messages. I know which questions are good and which ones aren’t.


  • alexg

    If talking with your mind uses magic to change another persons “brain”, then how do non-magic users defend them selves against it.

  • Emily

    I have been wondering what race Angela is. This is probably a stupid question, but I cannot help but wonder. At first I assumed she was human…Now I am not so sure. I do not remember reading about any information like that about her. Is she half human, half elf?


    Did Brom have any siblings, other kids other then Eragon and has one of is parents a dragon rider or magic user????

  • Didi

    Is Tenga, Son of Ingvar, important in the story? Will we see him again in the fourth book?

  • Dude

    @blooopppp (Guest):

    Probably not. They might be made of brightsteel. No definatly not. and no. just to answer your Q’s as best as I can. CP can answer them better but this is my guess.

  • Lareesha

    CP already answered that question. some of the forsworn were elves, of course, not as many as humans. Also, some of the forsworn were women.

  • blooopppp

    My Question:
    Did all Riders use swords?
    If not, would their other weapons be
    made of brightsteel, or did Rhunon only
    forge swords? On a related note, would a normal weapon simply reinforced with brightsteel have the same extra strength as one completely made of brightsteel?

  • Dude

    @qeret132 (Guest):

    Yes, check out the other Q&A’s from CP. It might help.

  • Dude

    @Volatile. (Guest):

    so totally. me too.

  • Dude


    good idea

  • Volatile.

    Don’t mean to be a prude here, but really people.

    He won’t answer question about book 4 plot, when it’s coming out, or what the title is!

    Seriously, how many times do you need to be told? It’s in the guidelines every. single. time.

    I can see how they get irritated and disable comments….

    On an extra note, Shandris has excellent questions and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them were in it.

  • qeret132

    Were any of the Forsworn elves?

  • Dude

    @Brisineo716 (Guest):

    Oooooooo I hope so.

  • Lareesha

    Your second question, he probably just did it because focusing on something could help him to concentrate and keep Murtagh out of his mind.

  • Brisineo716

    Hey Chris,
    There has been this thing that has been itching the back of my mind for a while and I want to ask you something: On your picture of Galbatorix, I find that you haven\’t included a rune on the base of his sword. Is that the surprise for his sword that you told us about? That he forsake his original sword for a normal one, or am I treading on something that spoils something for the next book and you don\’t want to comment about it?

    Also I have this other question. According to your previous Q&As, you seem to know the entire history of Alagaesia like the back of your hand. So I wanted to ask, will you be considering writing a version of Domia Abr Wyrda?

  • Dude

    @Tobi (Guest):

    Awwwwwww you\’re nice. 🙂 and i do not mean that sarcasticly!

  • Dude


    Heck yeah

  • Eldest13

    @Dude (Guest): Well, she seemed pretty ready to kill him after he removed the curse.

  • Tobi

    Dear Shur’tugal staff,

    I have got two questions for Mr. Paolini:

    1) Why did Oromis get a seizure in his final battle? He told Eragon that he put wards on Naegling, so he wouldn’t get one of his seizures??

    2) Does reciting verses help against attacks? In “Eldest”, when Murtagh and Eragon collide with their dragons, Eragon recites a verse that Oromis taught him for “such situations”. Then the dragons collide and “Eragon’s mental attack was interrupted”. How can that be? In the Ancient Language, these words do not describe any attack or ward, do they?

    Thanks for the past three books, keep on the good work!

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    cool, and who isn’t curious?

  • Dude

    @blooopppp (Guest):

    Also, maybe they are the women Angela was talking to but i remember that Angela said that the women wanted to keep thier names private. am i right or am i just rambaling on and on?

  • Shandris

    @Dude (Guest): I’m 18, so technically an adult. ;P

    What can I say, I’m just curious.

  • blooopppp

    @Dude (Guest):
    It never says that they like each other at all… There was a bit of dialogue at the end of Eldest to suggest that there might be a connection, but it is doubtful. Also, a question like that directly pertains to the plot, so CP would never answer it.

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    again you sound like an adult. creepy

  • Dude

    @blooopppp (Guest): THX dude, I was getting confused. 🙂

  • Dude

    @Eldest13:I agree more than you can imagine. Eragon CURSED HER for crying out loud even if it was on accident.

  • blooopppp

    @Dude (Guest):
    No, the elf children are Alanna and Dusan. I don’t know who Iduna and Neya are. Some riders before the Fall? or just a mistake on the part of eragon23?

  • Shandris

    Another Question;

    Regarding The Ancient Language. Does the spell used by Durza in the Eragon Movie have any meaning? Or is it gibberish made up on the spot? I recognise three words from it, dream, of and shadowflapper. All other AL words in the movie have shown to be accurate, so perhaps you could shed some light on this sentence for us? Here it is; “Anori draumr abr sundablaka it ator virliger. “

  • Eldest13

    @YoYoYo (Guest): I think she hates the Varden and Eragon. Not that she says it out right. Just my opinion.

  • YoYoYo

    will elva play a significant part in book 4?

    Does elva hate eragon or the varden? Does she hold any grudge at all?

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    do you ever stop asking detailed questions that make me think you are an adult?

  • Dude

    @eragon23: aren\’t Iduna and Neya the two elf children?

  • Shandris

    Another Question;

    Regarding The Ancient Language. In the beginning of Eragon, Durza says the words ‘Boetq Istalri’ to invoke broad fire. From this we can glean that, according to grammatical laws, Boetq meant fire, and Istalri meant broad. We already know that, in fact, broad in the AL is äenora and fire is Brisingr. So did Durza use those other words as metaphors because he lacked the proper vocabulary for the true words? And if so, what are the true meanings of Boetq and Istalri.

  • eragon23

    I would like to know more about Vrael, Gilderien The Wise, or Iduna and Neya

  • Dude

    @SammyHavok (Guest):

    dude, i would sure hope so. In Eragon it said that they liked each other so if Murtagh goes good they could hook up but that presents problems since Nasuada is not a rider as of late. Hmmmmmmmmmm good Q

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    that is a very deep question and youu people looking at this site should put that in the q&a so THERE!

  • Zirconium

    Are there any other planets in the solar system that the series is set in? Where is the solar system relative to ours?

  • SammyHavok

    Does Nasuada fall in love with Murtagh?

  • DrSolembum

    What is the average lifespan of a werecat?

  • Shandris

    Another Question;

    To put it blatantly, did Oromis want to die?

    An elf of Oromis’ vast wisdom overlooked a simple precautionary measure. He could, and should have prepared for the fact that he may get seperated from his blade and source of energy. So why didn’t he cast a relatively simple spell to make Naegling return to his hand if it fell? I refuse to believe a person of Oromis’ calibre simply ‘forgot’ to prepare, and so the only logical conclusion is that he wanted to die for reasons unkown.

  • Dude

    @brianna (Guest):

    dude, i regret to tell you that i don’t know exactly. I am sure Glaedr was huge, and that thorn was about the size of Saphira and really bulked up like he was on stereroids or something. saphira is about a year old

  • Dude


    for me, I lost track at twelve on Eragon and have only read the others around twice.

    i only owned Eragon until just yesterday when I bought the paperback copy of brisingr so i could read the sneek peek chapter called King Cat.

  • brianna

    How big was Glaedr, Saphira, and Thorn at the end of Brisingr?

    How old is Saphira?

  • Dude

    @Aramack (Guest):

    I would guess not dude, but if he did and i t is someone who has been in all three books they could be the next rider like maybe Arya you know. 🙂

  • Dude

    @HomeschooledToo (Guest):

    a reply to your #2 CP said that the rider would have appeared in all three previous books. Not just only mentioned and definitly not someone new, although it would be cool if it were a new someone.

  • Aramack

    Since the the original Eragon was an elf, how did he die? Does he have any living descendants?

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    you are right. and don’t forget Trianna made lace to help fund the war against the empire. and she made it with magic too. i don’t think she would have used spirits for that do you. it could mean that she knows how to bend spirits to her will but doesn’t often

  • HomeschooledToo

    1. How long does it take for an elf to show signs of age? For example, Arya is in her seventies, and Oromis’s age is unknown, but Arya’s hair is dark and Oromis has white hair. At what age would age happen? 😛

    2. Will the new rider be someone who has been mentioned by name before, someone who has merely been described, or a brand new someone?

    3. Lastly, do you have any advice for Homeschooling aspiring authors? I am homeschooled, and I would like to become a writer. Any tips?

  • Eldest13

    @Dude (Guest): I’ve read the books over thirty times, it doesn’t take me that long to look things up.

  • Dude


    that was fast! 🙂 how did you find it so quickly?

  • Shandris

    @Dude (Guest): I’m fairly sure her name is Linnea or something similar.

    Another Question;

    In Eragon we are introduced to Trianna as ‘Sorceress of Du Vrangr Gata’. Yet, we have never seen any evidence that she practises her art. Neither does she seem exceptionally powerful, as one who bends a Spirit’s will to their own, would imply. So, did you mean something else when you said Sorceress? Or does she actually use Spirits? One would think she would have a large picture in battle if she is harnessing the, no doubt, formidable power of a Spirit.

  • Eldest13

    Linnëa was the name

  • Dude


    i knew it was somewhere! at least i get that credit! my bad Sorry

  • Eldest13

    @Dude (Guest): It’s in eldest.

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    i think it’s in brisingr but i got into trouble so i got it taken away till 8 this evening

  • Dude

    by the way does anyone remember the name of the female elf that i just posted about to Shandris?

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    possibly. remember the Menoa tree, how the female elf sang her self into its trunk? but photosynthesis takes a while. (at least science is useful somewhere right?)

  • Dude


    too long. Wayyyyyyyy toooooooooooo longgggggggg

  • Shandris

    @Dude (Guest): Thanks Dude, it’s an intriguing one for sure.

    Here’s another question;

    You said at some point along the way, Chris, that it’s possible for elves to sing themselves into any organic shape they want. For example, Blohdgarm became part wolf, another elf became part fish… So, would it be possible for an elf to enchant their self to take on the properties of a plant. For example, have the same properties in their skin as plants have in their leaves, and subsequently, be able to photosynthesise to gain energy from the sun?

  • Dude

    @TheSilverOracle (Guest): probably because Eragon will have still seen Katrina and Roran is just looking on at what Eragon is doing. Hmmmmmmmmm but I still wonder. Good thinking

  • Eldest13

    @Zarcoblix (Guest): It honestly hasn’t been that long.

  • fan404

    how long do you deem until the releas date comes out?

  • Dude

    @Zarcoblix (Guest):

    dude i agree with you completely GET THE BOOK DONE NOWWW!!!


  • Dude

    one more question by DUDE:

    How old was Selena when she gave birth to Eragon? Why did people call her the Black Hand?

    O.K. maybe two but who cares.

  • TheSilverOracle

    okay. at the end of Eldest, Eragon scries Katrina for Roran. But say Roran has never met or seen Katrina. Would he still be able to see her in the image Eragon creates?

  • Zarcoblix

    Hey, Chris, I think we al lhave the same dang question here. What are you doing that is more important to you than finishing Book 4! My friends and I are practically ripping our hair out over this . . . what is it 4 years now? . . . break and soon I think I’ll stop reading them altogether if you decide to keep taking so long on writing one freakin’ book! There is my question, Chris. Even though this may not be posted, I hope you know the pain and suffering you are causing your soon-to-not-be fans. Au revior.

  • Dude

    another question by DUDE:

    how much energy did it take to set the spell on the egg that made it not hatch until it met its rider?

  • Dude

    @Shandris (Guest):

    that is an amazing question

  • Dude

    @Glaedrocks (Guest):

    Welcome. well, it is a cool name. (I meant to put an E at the end of NAM but it kind of got lost in my typing. Sorry

  • Shandris

    My Question;

    So far as we know the enchantments placed on Riders swords to protect against things like impact and heat (Rhunon’s own words) do not obey the same laws of magic as all other spells. They are ‘everlasting’ and yet only require a finite amount of energy to cast, and not that much i might add, from Rhunon’s physical state afterwards. So, theoretically, if someone were to figure out how to imbue the same spells into themselves as there are in Rider swords, that would give them everlasting immunity against x effect/object, or simply, invincibility, right?

  • Dude

    @Shade (Guest):

    dude you are right on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude

    Hey does anyone know what is up with the COPY CODE FROM IMAGE thing sometimes I just cannot read it. Dude! i mean really

  • Glaedrocks

    @Dude (Guest): THX

  • Glaedrocks

    @Glaedrocks (Guest): i meant how many pages do you write each day?

  • Shade

    In the beginning og book 1 Eragon was 15 years but how old is he now in the end of book 3? And dont you think Eragon is kind of young for doing akk these “stuff”.

  • Dude

    @Glaedrocks (Guest):

    cool nam, dude

  • Dude

    @oromismaster (Guest):

    Probably if they knew how to summon spirits. Dragons could maybe do it too

  • Glaedrocks

    Dear CP,

    About how pages do you write each day?

  • Dude


    i think it mentions both of the symbols in Eragon so if you have the book go look. Hey, dude that RHYMES!

  • Lareesha

    Yeah, I’ve wondered about that to!

  • oromismaster

    is it possible for a dragon,or any other races to become a shade? if so were there any?

  • Dude


    Dude, i wish I knew but it does sound german.

  • Lareesha

    What does the symbol on Brom’s ring Aren look like? and what does the Yawe look like?

  • Dude

    @Tamerlein92 (Guest):

    good question dude

  • Lareesha

    What does the name of Brom’s sword, Undbitr mean?

  • Dude

    just to say it and so that people don\’t get it wrong and offend me, I\’m not actually a dude i\’m a chick and i just like the word dude and I use it alot

  • Tamerlein92

    How did dragons of the order know which person was the one that touched their egg? Going off of Saphira’s hatching which took a day or so. if the children paraded around the eggs how did the order figure out which dragon went to which rider?

  • Dude

    @cOborski (Guest):

    and picky

  • Dude

    @cOborski (Guest):

    No, Im not, thanks for asking, and I did ask about the words for it in my super long post. 🙂 LOL

  • cOborski

    @Dude (Guest):

    Ya, but what if a rider egg wasn’t sure wile a hundred kids walked past? They’ed have to be fairly decisive.

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    I reject what I posted. Saphira was probably sure but she wanted to wait for the right time otherwise how would the thought readers the listened to the eggs thoughts know who was supposed to be the new rider? Why would they have needed those thought readers if the egg always hatched instantly?

  • cOborski

    @Dude (Guest):

    Your just not having a good question asking day are you? 🙂

    Hey I wonder, if Saphira did have eggs or if wild ones were found, dose anyone know the incantation to make them rider eggs?

  • Dude

    @truenamesbeknown (Guest):

    everything and everyone has them. Just an FYI

  • Dude

    @cOborski (Guest):

    Maybe saphira wasn’t sure

  • truenamesbeknown

    How big of a role will “true names” play in the 4th book? Why weren’t we told of Sloan’s? Will Eragon, Murtagh or say even Galbatorix’s be used? Can a dragon have one?

  • Dude

    @Dude (Guest):

    now im mad at myself for posting that

  • altitude48

    In the first couple weaks did you take writing Earagon seriously if not how long did it take you to start writing seriously. How much of the first book did your parents help you with you. Thanks!

  • cOborski

    When Eragon found Saphira’s egg it took weeks (or was it months) to hatch.

    When you described how kids were exposed to the eggs, you made it sound like they just walked past maybe touching the eggs and either one did or didn’t hatch for them. They wouldn’t have weeks or months to be exposed to the egg.

    So, I guess what I’m asking is, why did it take that long for Saphira to hatch for Eragon?

  • Dude


    i know but i just had to ask.

  • Eldest13

    @Dude (Guest): akward moment.

  • Dude

    @Anonymous (Guest):

    you’ve got to be joking. Just being in Alagaesia does not mean that you automatically have an extended life.

    does anyone else think my last post was a little weird?

  • Glaedrocks

    @Dude (Guest):it does seem kind of awkward.

  • Dude

    How long are elves pregnant? (man, I feel weird typing that word!) What about dwarves and urgals? How long do dragons carry thier eggs? How far was Katrina into her pregnancy (again, that word. Grrrr) when she and Roran got married? Who else knew? About how old is Orik?

  • Anonymous

    @janjf (Guest):
    Because the Dwarves were one of the first races in Alageasia.

  • Eldest13

    You say in that you can only scry what you can see, but i’m curious to know what I would see if Eragon scryed something I’d never seen, but something he had?

  • Dude

    @Fricaya (Guest):

    Yeah, I would have asked that question too if I’d have thought of it.

  • Fricaya

    How many dragon riders were alive before the Fall? Was it more than 100?

  • Dude

    Fine. Here come some more!

    Is it possible for a werecat to become a rider? Were there ever werecat riders? As in, werecats in human form? If there are wild dragons still in Alagaesia would it be possible for Saphira to convince them to give the Varden and/or elves some eggs? What were the words spoken over the eggs to keep the baby dragons inside the egg until they meet thier Rider? Do you type up the novel on the computer straight out of your head/plotted seens or write it by hand on paper first an d then type it? Could Galbatorix be killed with a gun if Eragon had one? would his wards protect him from that? Is it possible to eat a dragon egg? About how fast do dragons grow? Are werecats able to transform into anything they want to? Are werecats able to use magic? How many questions can I ask? Have i bored you to death already? How many dwarvish cities are there? How many elven cities? Could you capture energy from the seas to fuel spells? Might Urgals and Dwarves be added to the pact that formed the riders? Why does Arya wear leather if elves do not kill other animals? does she take the skin from animals that have already died? Could elves do that? Who is your favorite character in the Inheritance Cycle? Why do you like them? Could you tell us more about your sister Angela and how she relates to Angela in the books? How long has Surda been succeded from the Empire? Why do you call the Empire the Empire? Do you ever eat at Carlos O\’Kelly\’s?

    From Dude

    (Sorry for how long that was)

  • Guffy

    What is the question that you would most like to be asked? And (if you can tell us), what is the answer?

  • Zara

    How were riders chosen? In the books it seems sometimes as if the riders were chosen before their dragons hatched. Was this the case, or did riders have to have a dragon hatch for them straight away to become a rider and be trained?

  • Murtaga

    Does Galbatorix have his original dragon’s eldunari? Is this important in any way?

  • Eragon.Saphira

    If Galbatorix created the Helgrind illusion with magic why didn’t Brom or Oromis know? Surely both of them had been to Dras Leona before the Fall and afterwards noticed it’s strange appearance? And wouldn’t they have been able to sense the energy being used there?
    Who was the healer that kept Murtagh alive after his back was laid open by Morzan?
    What determines a dragon’s color?
    Is there anything a dragon can’t eat?
    Can dragon’s dream?
    Why were Durza’s parents called oath breakers?
    Who taught Garrow how to read and why did he not teach Eragon and Roran how to?

  • Murtaga

    What is the point of the sword Brisingr catching on fire when Eragon says Brisingr if it uses energy.
    Eragon or any decent magician could already make his sword catch fire by using Brisingr as a spell. Either way it cost energy. The only difference would be Eragon does not have to try to use magic which would only save maybe a second.
    So what is the point? Does it take less energy? Or is there going to be more to it because now it seems kind of pointless.

  • Murtaga

    What would happen if someone who is already bonded with a dragon touched someone else’s hatched dragon first?

  • wrydas’bean

    @SmartAlec (Guest): I thought dragons in their HOHs couldn’t use magic.

  • joeshmoe

    is it possible for a dragon, such as glaedr who is living in his eldunari with his rider dead, to go insane from the loss? what would happen since it has no bodily function? also, could an eldunari dragon, when magic becomes available, give itself a body?

  • wrydas’bean

    @LiftTheLimit (Guest): Dude, you’re in Ireland? That’s so cool!

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    *Deep breath* Here we go again . . .

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country B, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    5. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Is it possible to destroy enchanted Brightsteel in any way, such as with magic?

    6. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?

    7. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    8. How many eggs does a dragon lay at once?

    9. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    10. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    11. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    12. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    13. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    14. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    15. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    16. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    17. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    18. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    19. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their exoskeletons?

    20. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    21. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excel at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    22. How old was Oromis at the time of his death? 700 years? 800? 900?

  • Dude

    O.K. Maybe one more…

    Do you ever check different websites to see what people are saying about the new book? If so, how often?

  • ccrunner595

    what is your favorite part of writing the Inheretence Cycle?

  • Larry

    Hi, so, people who read the same book usually like to discuss their favourite characters.

    The first book in Inheritance is entitled Eragon after the name of the mainest hero. Does it also mean that your favourite one is Eragon? If no, whom of yours heroes do you like most of all?

  • (INHIRIFAN223)

    will tenga play a bigger role in book 4? thanks

  • Eragon saphira arya

    in another Q&A you said that Brom could still defeat Eragon despite his changes. How?

  • Enza

    Hi Christopher!
    I think my question is quite unusual. I want to know how is a your typical day…..I mean, how is a writer day? You wake up in the morning and what do you do? You start to write; maybe you write what you have dreamt in the night, or you have a sort of time table and every day you work on a part of the story? Or you stare at your white wall waiting for the inspiration? You live in a place so beautiful, I think that when you first open your eyes in the morning, you see the world of Alagaesia in front of you and this is a great help for writer fantasy. Ok…this question is almost too long!
    Thanks ^_^ !

  • Elladdin

    In Brisingr there was a brief mentioning of how a shade dragon rider should never happen. What would happen if a dragon rider did become a shade, and what would happen to his dragon? Would a dragon ever hatch for a shade to begin with?

  • janjf

    If humans once they are bonded to dragons become elf-like, do elves become more human like?

    Also since humans joined the pact of the riders their lives have become prolonged, how are dwarves able to live extended lives?

  • Dude

    Dear CP,

    I have just one question. If humans were added to the pact between the elves and the dragons that made the elves live longer because they used to be as short-lived as humans, will the humans in Alagaesia eventually havelives as long as the elves?

  • Cradra


    I was just wondering if Eragon is ever going to pay back Horst for the meat he gave Eragon and Garrow at the beginning of the series?


  • Eldest13

    Why does Arya wear leather if she doesn’t eat meat? (this is an interesting question)
    How did Eragon I and Bid’Daum die?

  • DragonBattles

    Hi Chris.I have 2 questions.

    1. Do you have any more adventures planned for Eragon and Saphira AFTER Inheritance Cycle is over?

    2. Do human Riders eventually become as strong as elves physically?

  • Tarhísië

    To Chris Addison: Thanks for answering, but there was no need to be so rude. I’m relatively new to the fandom, and you cannot expect everyone to have read or watched every single interview with CP.

  • oromismaster

    Hey Chris,

    i have a question about dragons mating, how many times do they come under”heat” and when they do mate how many eggs can they lay in one litter,or is it only one egg? how long does it take after the dragons mate to lay the eggs?



  • SmartAlec

    Galbatorix spent decades alone trying to break the minds of the hundreds of Eldunari that he had collected over the years. All of these dragons hated Galbatorix without question after he betrayed them and destroyed everything that they cared about. Why is it that not a single Eldunari was overcome with a surge of instinctual magic in this time in order to kill Galbatorix? Certainly dragon magic is more powerful than Galbatorix\’s, and Glaedr\’s hatred towards galbatorix allowed him to use magic during the fight over Gil\’ead. What stopped every single one of Galbatorix\’s eldunari?

  • LiftTheLimit

    Have a couple of questions,
    1. If you were not naturally inclined to be able to use magic, could you if you trained hard enough?
    2. Is the ability to use magic hereditry?
    3. What does the elve’s music sound most like? (in our world, I can’t say the real world because Alagaesia seems so real!)
    4. Where did the dragon in the tatoo in the Agaeti Blodhren get it’s energy?
    5. Are there any creatures (like Urgals or something) that live in the sea?
    6. Did Galbatorix ever love someone (not as in family or his dragon)?
    7. How many leaders of the Varden have there been?
    8. At the height of the Riders power, what were their numbers?
    {B.T.W Hey from Ireland, love the Cycle!}

  • GreenGreeni

    I would like to know wether any of the 13 forsworn have any importance in BIV, if not, what were their names? And can you tell the names of their dragons before the banishing of the names?

  • Glaedrocks

    @PickleJuce (Guest): yes.

  • PickleJuce

    Are dragons all colors of the rainbow?

  • saphiraimafan

    Really? where? sorry 🙂

  • Arvindr

    @tjp (Guest):

    if I’m not mistaken that one has already been answerd by CP

  • sahiaimafan


    Just wondering wether Garhsvog’s story had anything to do with Eragons promise to the Menona (sorry) Tree?



  • Inheriteragon

    How does Arya wear leather if she doesn’t eat meat?
    How did Eragon I and Bid’Daum die?
    Does Galbatorix have his own Rider’s sword and if so what colour was it (what colour was Jarnunvosk)?

  • wrydas’bean

    Hi! I have a question….actually, two, and probably more on the way.

    Is there any living ancestors of the Grey Folk?

    Are there any living human/elf hybrids?

    What was the magic King Evander (Arya’s father, if I didn’t spell it right) used to make Blagden able to talk? Could you use this magic or spell to any other animal? Would that animal have human or elf intelligence? Does Blagden have the intelligence of an elf?

    Could there be any dragons or eggs at those mountains in the Haderac Desert?

    Sorry, that’s more than two questions…..

    Can CP comment on this site? Had he ever commented on this cite before? Just waundering…

    Love the books and the website!


    @Alfa (Guest): No. Arya and faolin were not mates.

  • Kyle

    Since gems are able to hold and store up power to be used at a later date, why is it that nobody ever fixed some within their armor to protect them further? Having a gem like Aren set in a person’s armor with wards in it would protect the user from a much wider variety of attacks I would think.

  • commentator

    @Alfa (Guest): it was Thorn’s tail, not leg that got bitten off by Glaeder.

  • Gizmo

    I know you cannot tell use when the 4th book will be finished but How far away are you from finishing it?

    Also How many riders were there before the fall and did they have any children? Did galbatorix kill the children of riders as well as the riders themselves?

  • commentator

    @**armor** (Guest): the “five” are the dragons. Forsworn refer to the riders only, not including the dragons

  • Alfa

    Were Faolin and Arya mates?
    Will Rhunon make other Rider’s swords from the Brightsteel Eragon acquired from the Menoa Tree?
    Will there be an Inheritance Book5, and if so, will it be in Eragon’s POV?
    Will Arya&Murtagh/Thorn ever have a POV chapter(s) in Book4?
    How exactly did Angela and Solembum met?
    Will Vroengard have any importance in Book4?
    Did you ever consider any other potential love interest for Eragon excluding Arya?
    Will Thorn’s leg heal/grow back?
    Will Galbatorix appear only at the Final Battle or will he make an appearance before that?
    Can you give us any hints about what the Menoa Tree will ask of Eragon?
    Will we have a new character introduced to us in Book4, apart from King Halfpaw and the werecats?

    And lastly, how far are you into completing the book? 🙂
    Looking forward to the next Q&A!
    And @Joker (Guest) : Brom was human and after his dragon was killed, I think he either slowly regained his original appearance or he altered it…

  • Commentator

    @Mrioso (Guest): In Brisingr, Saphira told Eragon that Glader mentioned the importance of eldunari the first time they went to Ellesmira

  • commentator

    In Eldest, Nar Garzvog (sp?) mentioned Herndell “who rules us,” but in Brisingr, Eragon and others refer to the urgals as being under Garzvog’s command. Why the change? Was there a change in urgal hierarchy unknown to the readers?

  • Inheritagon

    Why does Arya wear leather if she doesn’t eat meat?

    How did Eragon I and Bid’Daum die?

    Who was Ajihad’s wife/Nasuada’s mother, and what happened to her?

    Was Galbatorix given his own sword by Rhunon, and is so, what colour was the sword (and Jarnunvosk)?

  • Mrioso

    Why did you choose not to include Sloan’s true name in Brisingr?

    Why does Solembum seem to like Saphira so much?

    In Eldest, when Eragon and Saphira leave Oromis and Glaedr for the Varden, Glaedr tells Saphira to ‘keep her heart safe.’ Does this mean that Saphira already knew of the existence of the Eldunarya?

  • Thorn12345

    Do dragons actually love their mate?

    Do they have one mate for their whole life or not?

    Do they take care of their children (I mean especially the fathers.)?

    What does a dragon’s color depend on?


    Hey Mike, was this the big news you were talking about a while ago?


    @hazar123 (Guest): He didnt only strengthen his hand, he made the callouses on his hands come out like the “Fists of steel”.

  • **armor**

    In Brisingr, in the chapter where the Banishing of Names is mentioned, it says that five of the thirteen, AND some of the Forsworn went mad. Is that implying that there are more than thirteen, or is it implying that it was both dragon and Rider that went mad?

    Were dragons ever an ‘organized’ civilization, with rulers, towns, villages, etc?

  • hazar123

    Will Eragon get \’fists of steel\’ like Shrrgnien in Eldest? He showed a lot of interest in them when he first saw them, and so i figured he might want to get them in a later book.
    I know he does strengthen his knuckles later on to help with hand to hand fighting, but does he want more than that?

  • cax123

    will broms 7 words be used in book 4 if not what were they

  • NickEarl

    In Alagaesia, do they have the same year lenghts, weeks, months and seasons as those we have today? Do they have the same moon, stars and sun?

  • eragon98

    did all riders use blades

    did Rhunon make all of them

  • feedme24601

    Questions for Mr. Paolini,

    Do any of your characters have middle names?

    Are werecats like werewovles, like if a werecat were to bite a human would they become a werecat?

    How did Eragon’s aunt die?

    As of the 3rd book, how old are all of the main charcters?

  • Dragongecko

    Were all of the forsworn’s dragons male? If some of them were female why didn’t Galbitorix breed them with each other or his dragon so that he could do his rebuilding of the dragon race under his control sooner. or at least not be dependent on getting control of Saphira now to do it. I’m just thinking that if he is able to tell the sex of the hatchlings in the eg, why didn’t he forsee that there would only be one female if they didn’t hatch before his servants died and make sure there was at least another female. And even if he didn’t try to breed them wouldn’t a mixed group of dragons eventually mated. If the forsworn themselves were male and female, why not their dragons?

  • Cee

    I would also love to know more about the yawe, and what it meant exactly to Arya, the elves and the Queen. The history of it would also be intersting, have there been other elves who ‘acepted’ it?.

    Also, will it have more significance in the next book?



  • Thok

    First, i’m a huge fan.

    And i was wondering how you feel about people saying that you ripped off star wars and lord of the rings.

  • oromismaster

    i believe in an earlier QA you said that if brom and eragon were to fight,brom would win. if brom and murtagh were to fight who would win?

  • XEldest

    Hi Cris,

    Just wondering if we will see new POVs in Book 4. Like Murtagh or Shruikan.


  • sammyria

    I just wondered if we could hear some more about the Yawe (correct me if I’ve spelt it wrong)? Like the history of it, what exactly it means, why Arya was so reluctant for Eragon to tell anyone about it after he saw her tatoo and why Islandi was so opposed to Arya taking it upon herself.

    Thanks x

  • OromistheWise

    Question: Did you catch the movie how to train your dragon? It\’s some what like the story of Eragon the first… except that he is not a hatchling. But did you like it? Gave you new ideas?

  • greenscales

    In Brisingr, Arya makes a grass ship that uses the energy from its surroundings to fly. Is this similar to the technique that the riders use to draw energy from their surroundings? If so, then how would Arya know this technique?


    About the land of Alagaisia. Are there other countries that are touching alagaisia? Or is it one big island? And if it is possible, another question. What is the life span of an average urgle?

  • oromismaster

    Hey Chris,

    if you do decide to write a 5th inheritance book,will eragon be the main chracter? and when you write a new book,or series what genre will it be?

  • musesum

    Did Galbatorix use Shruikan’s true name to force him to serve him or did he use some kind of dark magic to influence his mind?

  • Faraway

    I have two questions in this case:
    1.Is the Ancient Language so vast that there is a specific word for each object or person?
    2.Where the Dragon Riders obligated to use a sword or could they choose another type of weapon (example:brightsteel Staff).

  • Volatile.

    My question:

    In Brisingr, soldiers refer to Murtagh as “Morzan’s spawn”.

    How do they know that he is the offspring of Morzan? It is said in the books that Murtagh was kept secret his entire life, even from the other Forsworn. Not even most of the Varden know, as Nasuada said it would kill the moral of the Varden…

    Does this mean that Galbatorix told everyone that he is Morzan’s son?

  • Volatile.

    @LilScrapdog (Guest):

    It was stated in a previous Q&A, and in the book, that his dragon was a female.

    Don’t mean to sound rude, just helpful. 🙂

  • samus

    Erangon is told, \”when all seems lost go to the rock of kutian and speak you name to enter the vault of souls\”. Maybe the vault contains eldurnari????and that is how he is able to gain enough energy to defeat galbatorix.

  • Guest

    I don’t know if I’m being rude(I don’t mean to be) but it’s just that the books so far have been pretty verbose covering unnecessary details and missing out some important ones.
    Is the IV book the same?
    And is it the final book or the cycle would be extended ?
    I’d like to mention again that I don’t mean any offence to you Christopher or your great work.
    In fact I’m really looking forward to read the next book.

  • LilScrapdog

    What color was Galbatorix\’s first Dragon, and was it a male or female?

  • Mark

    where does the energy required to maintain the durability spells on Eragon’s sword come from?

  • tjsharpe

    Is it possible thatsome of Galbatorix’s Eldunari have not bee n turned insane, if that’s the right word, and have tricked Galbatorix into believing they serve him? And if you can’t answer that is it possible there are dragons/Eldunari aside from the four we know, including Glaedr, and Galbatorix’s stash, hidden in Alagaesia, as I remember in one of the previous Q&A you said that lead lined caves in Alagaesia could block scrying? And one more, is the mountain near Gil’ead, Marna, important?

  • tjp

    in Eldest Saphira and Glaedr get in a fight during a training session and Glaedr returns hurt, leaving Eragon to go after Saphira. i found this after reading it for like the 7th time: “Evidence of the dragons’ habitation was visible everywhere, from deep
    scratches in the basalt to puddles of melted rock to a number of dull,
    colorless scales caught in nooks, along with other detritus. He even
    stepped upon a sharp object that, when he bent to examine it, proved to
    be a fragment of a green dragon egg.”
    does this mean that the last dragon has hatched?

  • fantasyfreak

    1 Who is Galabtorix?

    2 Is he related to Eragon?

    3 What does he look like?

    4 Where did the Ra’ zac come from?

    5 How are Shades made?

  • BigJ

    Yo CP
    I got a question on Solembum and Angelas relationship. Do they share somesort of bond or is it more of a bond of convienience were Solembum could just up and leave Angela if he wanted to

  • M195

    OMG Tell us, your fans, how far are you in book 4? 50%, 25%,75%?

    Havent started? o.O

  • hyenaelda

    The two swords, Arvindr and Tamerlein are the only two Rider swords not under Galbatorix’s control ( Besides Brisingr). Will there be a similar sword-making in Book four as there was in Brisingr, or will one of the swords fit the new Rider?

  • Guest1234567890

    Will the seven words Brom revealed in Eragon before his death play a great part in book 4 ?

  • Fotty82

    During Eragon’s and Saphira’s training Oromis and Glaedr taught them the importance of

    their bond as dragon and rider. How was Eragon’s (the first) and Bid’Daum’s relationship

    when Bid’Daum hatched, during the ending of the dragon war, and after the combining

    of the races of eleves and dragons and the creation of the dragon riders?

    Were Eragon (the first) and Bid’Daum officialy joined as dragon and rider during

    the above stated magic, and what changes happened to them as well?

  • DarthGrimm

    What influenced the shape of Alagaesia? Because to me, it kinda resembles the country of Turkey.

  • Joker

    why does Brom not have pointy ears?

  • Sahiti

    Why dosen\’t any one clearly remember rock of kuthian?Everyone says that it seems like a name they long forgot. is it possible that it may be the name of one of the dragons whose names were erased by the banishing of names?

  • oromismaster

    Hi Chris,

    did the elves ever win the battle at gilead?

  • oromismaster

    Hey Chris,

    is it somehow possible for a wild dragon to havea rider, if so how?

  • Vitalij

    It is a bit odd question, but I’m curious if anybody among the main characters is virgin. (not counting Saphira) I’m not a pervert or something like that, it just came to my mind when I reread the Eragon-Triana scene.

  • oromismaster

    in the first book,when eragon walked into angela\\\’s shop,and touched something that shocked him,how did it shock him? was it filled with to much energy? i believe oromis stated that if an item has to much energy in it it will shock you.

  • dragonhero10

    In Eragon’s guide to alagaesia there was mention of a unamed shadow will this be coming up in book 4 or was it just a thinking piont and if it does come up will it have a siginificant role

  • zguida09

    Hi Chris,

    I was wondering, We know that the Elves with magic are immortal due to magic. is there a spell that can kill off all magic? Would Galbatorix us this as a last resort to finish off the elves in the war?

  • oromismaster

    Is it possible,for a dragon that is already hatched to have a rider?

  • HB

    ive been dying to ask this question for a while.

    what happens to a dragons body when it dies? does something magical happen to it, does it get buried? is there some sort of ceremonial activity?

    dragons are supposed to be huge, so if it was buried, unless it was done by magic, it would take a huge amount of work to get the grave big enough.

  • JuneBug221

    What color is Bid’Daum?
    What does Bid’Daum mean?
    Why does Eragon have premonitions is it a dragon rider thing or something unique to him?
    What color was Brom’s dragon because in Eragon (the book) his magic was red; Was Brom’s Saphira red?
    What exactly happened to Jeod’s ships?
    What was Murtagh told in Eragon (the book) that would convince Dormand of his truthfulness?
    Did Thorn realize the danger he put himself and Murtagh in by hatching?
    What does Naegling mean or is it just a name?
    What was the Year of Darkness?
    Who was Beloth?

  • Taslin

    @Averice (Guest): Oromis states in eldest (I think) that reason says it’s possible to absorb energy from the elements but nobody had manage to do that

  • Delilah

    In book 1, Eragon states Murtagh looks like ‘someone accustomed to money’. Later on, Murtagh states he entered the prison of Gil’ead by paying a steep bribe. How did Murtagh become so rich? Did he steal it, inherit it, or was he given some kind of allowance by Galbatorix?

  • #$%&

    1. will you explaine in Book IV the dwarves’, elves’, and humans’ miths of how they belief the world and Alagaesia were created? that would be very interesting.

    2. were there any creatures before/or that the dragons evolved from?

    3. what genre will you write after the cycle is completed?

    4. (personal) do you have any advice to a teen with a bunch of ideas?

  • Averice

    I was wondering about the limitations of a magicians ability to store/absorb energy. Eragon can appropriate energy from other living beings to increase the store of energy in jewels (His belt, ring, etc) but is it possible for magicians to take energy from nonliving sources? Lightning, for example, has quite a bit of energy, would there be some way for a magician to rig up a way to ‘capture’ the energy of a bolt of lightning for later use? Or what about the kinetic energy of a moving arrow? Could an ingenious spell caster set up a ward that actually gains energy for the user by sapping the kinetic energy from enemy weapons, thus rendering them harmless as well? Or does the energy have to come from a living source?

  • Gazza2010

    @JediQueen (Guest):
    Technically the forsworn of old are all deceased. Remember brom personally killed 3 of the forsworn and organised the deaths of 5 others. Due to all of the forsworns horrific crimes Brom made sure they where dead. He doesnt rarely take chances. But murtaugh serving galbatorix against his will is counted as part of the new generation of forsworn.

  • Gazza2010

    @meonaman (Guest):
    Yes there where but once the riders found out of the razacs presence they wiped out almost all of their race. oromis states in Brisingr two letherblaka escaped.

  • JediQueen

    I have been wondering two things: Is Selena still alive and are all of the Forsworn dead?

  • Gazza2010

    2) Did Galbatorix give murtaugh more Eldunari for the fight at Gil’ead?

  • dj

    what happened to saphiras parents eldunari

  • meonaman

    when eragon defeats the razac the last one mentions that he is the last of their kind, were there a lot of them in the past?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Going by past experiences with their type, will King Halfpaw have an alternative name? And also on that subject, do all werecats have “paw” in an alternate name? If so, what is Solumbum’s alternate name.
    E.g Maud — Quickpaw.

  • ShingiSA

    Do you regard yourself as an omniscient narrator, privy to, and indeed controlling, all characters thought’s, feelings and actions, or do you feel that you’re characters gain their own autonomy, shaped by their experiences?

  • ShadeKing

    1 What happens if a dragon disgorges their eldurnai but it breaks before the dragon dies? Does the dragon die aswell?

    2 Angela said that she found about a women who Brom had loved from someone who couldn’t lie. Who was this?

    3 Why do people in the empire only refer to thorn as mutagh’s dragon? Do they know his name or do think that he is just a dumb animal

  • arabmoney

    what did Brom say to Aragon when he dead????

  • SquallLeonhart

    Eragon is often referred to as being half elf, however, it is my belief that he is simply what all humans would be if they were joined with dragons at the very beginning. Could you please clarify this and tell us what Eragon is.

  • themightydragon

    What did Brom think when he found out that his son Eragon was a dragonrider? Was he proud of him?

  • Calensul

    Are you going to talk about Formora or Kialandí?

    Arya and Oromis remember the rock of Kuthian as a lost dream. It is said that Wyrdfell’s dragon’s names were eliminated. So, Kutian could be one of these dragons. Being Kuthian a ROCK, it could be refering to that dragon’s Eldunari. This is less probable, but, if the dragon was Morzan’s one, the eldunari could have been lost in Morzan’s castle (between the Leona Lake and the Spine).

    I’m almost sure that Angela is an Elf. She moves very quickly and is older than she pretends to.

    Did Isidar Mithrim have magic energy inside it?

  • Masterofthewind

    Why did Selena named Eragon after the first dragonrider? Was that because he was the son of a dragonrider or because she knew that Eragon once would be a rider to? Or has it any other reason?

  • dragonloverrr

    what happens when a dragon rider becomes a shade? Or is that impossible?

  • anonymous13

    Would you ever consider letting someone else re-create the Eragon movie, and then depending on how well they did continue on with the rest of the series?

  • SeverusSnape

    The subtitle of Brisinger is, “The Seven Promises Of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular,” what are the exact seven promises it is referring to?

  • Hawkeye

    Will we find out any more information on the Grey Folk in the next novel?

  • Gazza2010

    @Robin (Guest):
    Either because it houses something of great importance (eg rock of kuithian) or that the dwarves being religious and therefore it could be sacred to some belief or superstition they may have.

  • Gazza2010

    @Daethdr (Guest):
    1) Galbatorix probably at the time had the three original eggs put in seperate locations. Therefore if one where to be compromised at least he wouldnt have lost the rest. Remember dont keep all of your eggs in one basket.

    2) I would assume at least 200-300 at the bare minimum. Remember 1 or 2 eggs where given to the riders each year and the riders spanned over thousands of years.

    3) Eragon at the time probably thought only soldiers and spellcasters would be a threat to rorans life. Therefore it is reasonable to assume his wards where focused on shielding himself against swords and spears for example.

  • Gazza2010

    @sirsimon (Guest):
    1) the gender of morzans dragon was male. If it where female galbatorix would have had the dragon mate with another and increase his number of dragon riders.

    4) the dragon wing is somewhere along the jiet river.

  • Gazza2010

    1) Why didnt Galbatorix enter the battle of the burning plains simultaneously along with murtaugh and thorn?

    Eragon and saphira struggled with murtaugh and thorn and also the twins at that point where slaughtering the members of Du vrangr Gata with ease. Surley if Galbatorix where to enter the fray at this point the varden, surdens and dwarves would have been crushed.

    Trianna states herself ‘shadeslayer you have to help us they will destroy the varden’ in response to the twins power. Therefore if lesser magicians such as these can wreak such havoc imagine what Galbatorix would have wrought even with the help of the dwarves aiding the varden.

  • Robin

    Why will the dwarfs not share the real name of the Beor Mountains with outsiders?

  • Robin

    When Eragon is in Ellesméra someone tries to scry him. How is it possible for Eragon to be scryed in Ellesméra when nothing can enter Du Weldenwarden by means of magic because when Eragon comes back the Du Weldenvarden after Oriks coronation he has to enter the Du Weldenvarden before he has talk to Oromis through scrying.

  • Turkey

    Eldest Page 91 has this quote “Going to the wall, Roran removed a medium sized hammer with a long handle and a rounded blade on one side of the head.” The very next page states that this hammer is a mallet (a tool for flattening(didn’t spell that right did I). Now I don’t know much about forging tools, but I don’t think mallets have blades. Is this a mistake? Is the hammer meant to be a sledgehammer (A tool for smashing stuff)?

  • sirsimon

    thats actually a term from my book

  • sirsimon

    Necromancy is off the term Nekromantia, which was greek for the dead.

    Necromancy is not a modern invention, it has roots stemming back to the greeks, it was a dark magic and science that involved cheating death and discovering immortality through the experimentation with the dead

  • sirsimon

    the questions that have been bugging me are as follows:

    1) What was the gender of Morzan’s dragon, did this infleunce the bond between Brom and Morzan?

    2) Have you ever played the video game version of Eragon? I think the nintendo DS version is the best.

    3) Where did you get your inspiration for the names of Eragon, Arya and Saphira?

    4) Finally, what happened to the Dragons Wing after Eldest?

    many thanks Paolini, you are one of the greats in literature.

  • sean

    @Jo (Guest):
    Shrukins rider wouldn\’t have had a sword as the dragon only just hatched. and riders only got thier swords after training.

    broms draon was blue (like saphira)
    and morzans was red (like thorn. and morzans sword was red… kinda a give away)
    broms swords name is given in the book.
    morzans was Zar\’ock

    eragons dreams are plot points. dont ask
    wyrda means fate in the AL

  • vannoortj

    It has been noted a couple of times that only 4 people have survived slaying a shade. Is there any reason that so few have survived slaying a shade? Was Eragon’s experience with durza due to the fact that he was inside of his mind when he died or does that always happen and is that why so few survive or is it just because of the amount of energy and strength that shades seem to posses.

  • Max

    @RobertHorn (Guest):before the war between elves and dragons, elves were mortal, they could actually die.

    So the first eragon could be just dead.

    Bid\’daum instead could be alive.

    other theory is that the magic after the war had any influens on the first eragon and they are both alive.

    however, nowhere is written that they are seen eversince.

  • Jo

    who was shruikans original rider?

    with colours of dragons can you get the same colour?

    who were the other three forsworm riders Brom killed?

    what is galbys sword name? does he use he’s original or the one made for shruikans rider?

    what colour where brom’s, morzan’s, vrael’s dragons? What were their names?

    how do blessings work? and differ from others?

    if galby dies will thorn shrink?

    how do elves fall in love when there so… well so old? and do they care for their children like humans do? and what is it that islanzadi exiled arya for?

    eragons dreams are they of any consequence?

    what’s wyrda and why does that bird keep saying it..?

  • chippawa

    When Vrael dies it says that his head was cut off with a blazing sword. what is the connection, if any, between this sword used by Galbatorix and Eragons sword brisingr?

  • chippawa

    Ohen the strong is mentioned in the book Eragon when Eragon is asking Brom about different dragon names, but then he is mentioned again in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia as being human. Who exactly is he and where or how did he get his name?

  • Baboo

    Are werecats native to Alagaesia or did they come from somewhere else? Is there anything interesting that you can tell us about their origins?

  • scififantasylover

    Have the seven words that Brom said to Eragon in the ancient language already been used?

  • TravisJ

    @MLS (Guest): Because his injury leaves him mourning.

  • TravisJ

    @jd07020433 (Guest): We later learn in Eldest that the scryer was inside the boundaries of Du Weldenvarden, therefore not setting off border wards.

  • TravisJ

    @Eldest13: Eragon is a young rider, and by the end of Brisingr, he has no problem with eating meat. Brom is older, been through more, and wanting to conceal his identity as a rider from Eragon, so he eats meat as he wills.

  • Baboo

    @wingsonmyheels (Guest): Necromancy is just a regular English word, nothing that CP (or any other recent author) invented. It has to do with summoning evil spirits and is most commonly associated with raising the dead.

  • Baboo

    @Duane (Guest): There are pictures of both Brisingr and Za’roc on the “Dragon Riders” page of Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia.

  • Duane

    @Duane (Guest): or even how far you THINK you are in writing of the fourth book.

  • Duane

    Will you ever come up with a picture of what you envision \\\”Brisingr\\\” the sword looking like?

  • Duane

    Can you tell us, in general terms, how far you are in writing the fourth book?

  • Flamearo

    How was eragon able to get energy from brom’s ring aren? did it not have spells which didn’t let any other person get energy or store energy in aren?

  • Ricky

    Will we ever know what that God thing was in Brisingr that appeared when Orik was crowned king?

  • DragonGirl

    wow havent posted in ages but thought of some good questions so here we go…

    1. What is the average life span of an Urgal? (tried to find it but couldn’t find it even in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia)
    2. Are there any Elves who have chosen to make themselves look like fauns and the like .. other fantasy creatures?
    3. I have noticed the word ‘feline’ has been used many times in relation to creatures of magic and Saphira’s characteristics seem quite catlike… is this mere coincidence or something more?

  • Jordan

    Do you realize that, the longer you wait to get this book out, the less interest I am going to have as I move on to other things?

  • Daethdr

    1) will we ever learn why the thief was only able to steal one dragon egg from Urubaen?

    2) how many riders were there before the fall

    3) Is there a problem with Eragon’s wards?

    It mentions when he fights Murtagh and when Roran gets cut by the ox horn that there might be a problem

  • blooopppp

    Yes, Eragon did kill the last member of the patrol in Brisingr. And I think Garzhvog mentioned in Brisingr that the Urgals didn’t want to join the pact (not sure about that, though).

  • Rivace

    Can dragons have inbreeding?

  • Tulkas

    I posted this last time, but…

    Hmm… Well, why was Aren in Eragon’s vision from Saphira, and Brom didn’t have Aren? (I didn’t see this asked before)

    It was said that when the stalgtites in the dragonhold fell, then they have been known to cleave a horse in two. Why was a horse in the Dragonhold?

    When Eragon is in Dras-leona, he jumps over a wall to evade the Ra’zac, then runs away. Later, he tells Brom that he would have stayed and fought, had it not been for the soldiers. There were no soldiers, and it would have taken only a few seconds to kill the Ra’zac, before he ran his mile. Galbratorix’s wards would have defeated his spell, but he didn’t know about them, did he.

    If you were a fan, then what question would you ask Christopher?

    It is said that the Anchient Language had died out in Alagaesia, until the elves brought it back. Yet at Orick’s coronation, Gannel chants in the Anchient Language. How did the Dwarves summon Guntera before the Elves returned?

    How large is Alagaesia relative to the rest of the continient that it lies on?

    In Eragon, right before the Battle of Farthen Dur, the Dwarves have a map that shows the entire Boer mountain range. This means that they must have mapped the Southern end. What would a Dwarf see if he (or she) was to look south from the Boers?

    You said that strange phantoms lived in Doru Areba. Can you describe those phantoms, and do any of the speaking races that we have encountered thus far live there?

    Are there any other sentient races in Alagaesia?

    Which set of gods did Brom believe in?

    Is Tenga more powerful than Angela?

    Has Eragon thought about Brom’s seven words since he reached the Varden?

    Did the Urgals destroy Daret, or the Empire’s pirates kill Martin?

    Where does the energy needed to sustain the Wards around Du Weldenvarden come from?

    In Eragon, when Brom blunts his sword to spar with Eragon, his spark glows red. Was not the color of his magic blue, for a rider’s magic is similar to that of his dragon. The only two reasons for this that I can think of is that either Selena changed his magic color with his love, or Brom did not wish Eragon to detect it.

  • Eldest13

    I have no idea if this is relative to the plot or not, but how did Angela get the knucklebones of a dragon? This question vexes me to no end.:P

  • hlaoroo

    In Brisinger Eragon repays several of his debts including cash debts to members of Carvahalle. He repays Gederic for the used hides, and Jeod for his hospitality, but it doesn’t look like he or anyone has ever repaid Horst for the purchased meat from Sloan. Is this going to be addressed at some point or did it just fall off the map?

  • TheyCallMeTim

    If you where to put yourself into your books, which character would most likely have the general traits of your own? Who would you like to be more like? Did you put traits of a person (of whom you have strong hatefull feelings towards) into any of the books?

  • Dragonasker

    @wingsonmyheels (Guest):
    This is what it can refer to:
    1:The belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world
    2:Conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying

  • Guest

    Will Urzhad, Fanghur, and Shrrg have any major/minor influence?

  • AnAngryScottsman

    Does losing one\’s gedway ignaisia infringe upon their ability to cast spells? For example would Eragon\’s spells be weaker if he lost both his hands?

  • Rakutenchi

    Will we be seeing Uru\’bean in Murtagh\’s POV, and will get to hear about his and Thorns bond? Also, will Book 4 be as wordy?

  • saphirakillsall

    In Eragon’s Guide To Alagaesia, it said there are 42 glyphs in the ancient language. The image of ‘Brisingr’, however, looked like one glyph. Does that mean there are only 42 words in the Ancient Language?

  • Shadowfire1813

    If Eragon were to use the power to transport objects, theoretically couldn’t he teleport himself and Saphira anywhere they desire as long as magic doesn’t prevent this? seeing as how Oromis told Eragon that the energy it takes is always the same no matter the distance

  • Nightstar51

    Can Elundarya communicate with each other?

  • Mathis23

    On page 258 of Brisingr Angela contradicts herself about toads when she talks about the calluses on Eragon’s knuckles, was it intentional?

  • wingsonmyheels

    In Eragon Angela says Shades are the most evil kind of magic except for Necromancy, what is a necromancer, what makes them so evil, and are they relevant to the current story

  • Brofaux

    What would you say is the physical size of Alagaesia, in say, comparison to a landmass on Earth? Is it the size of Europe, or perhaps Australia? This will help us get a physical understanding of Alagaesia.

  • MagitekElite

    How do dragons mate? Do you make them mate like how others make them mate — airborne — like Anne McCaffery, or do they mate on the ground?

  • pooter6

    is there a possibility of the book becoming so long it turns into five books like with Brisingr

  • BitingWound

    In Eldest, Eragon steps past a green egg fragment. Is this a hint to the green dragon?

  • DarkDragonRider

    Can Rhunon take old dragon rider swords and smelt them down and get the brightsteel and forge new rider swords?

  • Eldest13

    I was wondering why Brom ate meat, after (presumably) meditating in the glade like Eragon, and yet, Eragon is respulsed when he has to eat meat. Did he not eat meat, and Eragon just didn’t notice? Did he not meditate? Or did his meditations just not have the same effect on him as it did Eragon?

  • soul~gate

    My question is this, will we hear anymore about Vrael the last leader of the riders? For he has always intrigued me yet there is very little info on him, though especially the color of his dragon and its name/gender. Thanks

  • sal

    The spell on a dragon egg means that the dragon will only hatch for it’s destined rider. What happens if the rider is killed before the egg is touched? For example, if Murtagh had been killed before being exposed to Thorn’s egg, what would have happened to the hatchling? Would it have to choose another Rider, or would it just stay in it’s egg indefinitely?

  • janjf

    Is there a limit to how much energy a gem can hold?

    If energy leaks from a gem what form of energy does it take?

    Does adding energy to a gem alter its molecular structure, or add strength?

    If you break a gemstone does the energy divide in equal parts, explode, realease harmlessly, or split in proportion to the size of the remaining parts

  • jd07020433

    In Eldest, Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Nari, and Lifaen are traveling to Ellesmera when Eragon’s necklace, which was imbued with a spell to ward of scrying went off while they were in Du Weldenvarden. How is this possible when the wards the elves erected prevent all magical items, thoughts, and spells from entering its boundries?

  • DurzasMinion

    1. How strong was Varaug compared to Durza?

    2. How intelligent are Shades compared to other races of Alagaesia?

    3. Is Glaedr going to play a factor in Book IV? It mentioned in Brisingr that he may not talk or communicate for a long time.

    4. Does the fact that Brisingr lights up on fire mean anything and will it have an effect on Book IV?

    5. Will Birgit have her revenge on Roran in Book IV?

  • JacobPotts

    What is the history behind tenga’s house?

  • Buzz

    In bood 3 the elf Bloodgarm, states that he wasn’t at the blood oath celebration because he was away attending other duties. Can you mention what these duties were? If not, it will help confirm another theory that I’ve been working on about why the Raz’ac and their parents were not always working together.

  • SgtPeppersSoul

    What novel or movie was the greatest influence on your design of alagaesia

  • David

    My question is this:

    On average, were elves taller, as tall as, or shorter than humans?

  • RRM

    I believe it was never answered in the books:

    Who are the two people\’s fairths in Arya\’s bedroom? Evandar is one, the other would be Faolin?

  • RobertHorn

    what ever happened 2 the first Eragon and Bid’daum unless i have missed something there true fate was never reviled??

  • MLS

    Why is Oromis refered to as The Mourning Sage?

  • Dragonasker

    Dear sir, I am confused by two things in your books.
    Firstly: In Brisingr the bit where Eragon inspects Katrina mind, you stated that He had ever inspected a mind before, yet in the end of Eldest Eragon did the same thing to the Urgals. Am I missing something?
    Secondly: In Eldest, Eragon asks the leader of the varden why Arya cant scry the elven Queen to which she tells him that the elves put up wards blocking anyone from using magic or something along those lines. Yet in Brisingr Eragon has to tell her just that! Was it just a gap in her memory?

  • Loivissa

    I do not know if this is true, but …

    When Oromis taught Eragon how to draw energy from the surroundings to make spells, he said that this was a secret for the Riders. However, the boat made of grass by Arya draws energy from the surroundings to fly. How did she know a spell reserved for Riders?

  • MegTheStrawberry

    Is there a possibility that Oromis was related and/or was a mate to one or more of the Forsworn?

  • damighty5

    What motivates you to write, especially before Eragon was finished? Did you have it in mind to get to the top or did you just want an outlet for your imagination?

  • Valbrandr94

    Whatever happened to the excess questions from the last Q&A? Are they still going to be asked?

  • Phoenix

    Had Oromis not had a seizure, could he have captured/killed Murtagh?

  • Chris

    @Tarhísië (Guest):

    The dragon doesn’t necessarily die if the rider does. The rider doesn’t necessarily die if the dragon does. The movie messed it up. We’ve covered this before many times.

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    What would happen if someone discovered Saphira’s true name and ordered her to kill Eragon? Would their bond take presedence over her true name, or would she have to kill him?

  • Alex

    Okay so in eldest when orimis show eragon that he can draw energy from the surronding environment and use it to sustain his spell. Ormis then procededs to say that this is eragons greatest hope against galbatorix and that galbatorix does not know of this ability. If that is so then the elendari can keep secrets from galbatorix. but how is that possible when not only are they his name slaves but he also had to break thier minds to bend them to his will is it possible for the elendari to as the elfs do with hold some information to maintain the image of the truth?

  • DragonRider08

    Does the dragon’s color have any effect on any eggs that it may lay?

  • Tarhísië

    We know there are both male and female Riders, but what is the approximate proportion? It seems as if there are more male riders than female. If there is a difference, what is/are the reason(s)?

  • Alfreredocsil

    If the Varden hadn’t been formed to oppose Galbatorix, would he have beed a bad king, if so how?
    Were the Ra’zac really evil or just misunderstood? Were the riders guilty of genocide for killing them?
    Do you think that Eragon murdered the last soldier of the patrol he and Arya faced…the one that begged for his life?
    Why were Urgals not included in the pact that formed the riders?
    Did the Dragons slaughter thousands of Dwarves or did they just attack the dwarves livestock?
    Can you explain why Arya finds it suitable to wear leather but will not eat meat.
    How many eggs would a dragon normally lay at once and of those how many did they usually give the riders?
    Is it possible for a rider to bond to more than one dragon?
    Has there ever been a dragon with two heads and was it bonded?

  • Tarhísië

    If a Rider dies, does his dragon die, too? In the movie Eragon, Brom states that that is the case, but it is slightly unclear in the books.

  • sal

    In book one Eragon’s gedway ignasia seemed to be able to sense danger coming, as several times right before being attacked, it would say Eragon felt ‘a tingling’ coming from it. But after book one it was never mentioned again, nor was it explained. So what was it?

  • sonia49

    Did you plan to kill off Oromis and Glaeder in “Brisingr” or was it a snap decision?

  • Erik

    You use a lot of references in the stories of different gods and belief systems, what are your views on God?