First Look At Palencar’s Lethrblaka!

Thanks to our friends at El Mundo de Alagaesia (Spanish Inheritance blog) and Eragon Italia (Italian Inheritance fan site), we now have our first look at John Jude Palencar’s rendition of the lethrblaka! Palencar was commissioned to paint the Lethrblaka (adult generation Ra’zac) for the second Japanese volume of Brisingr. Continue reading for a peak at the new artwork and an explanation of the covers!

Because of the size and shape of Japanese print, long novels such as Eldest and Brisingr are divided into separate volumes, each volume being published as its own book. The original art for Glaedr, now the cover of Brisingr in the United States, was originally commissioned by the Japanese publisher of Inheritance as the cover of Eldest, volume 2.

Because the Glaedr artwork had already been used as a book cover in Japan and other countries (including Spain), publishers commissioned Palencar to paint two new covers: a different perspective of Glaedr (facing forward) and a Lethrblaka, both pictured above. At this point in time, the Lethrblaka cover is not slated to be published on any US book covers but will appear in an exclusive fold-out poster in the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr.

  • Brandon

    Perfect! That looks exactly how I thought it would look! Great job!

  • WOW! these are great drawings, kudos to Palencar. i guess i imagined the lethrblaka as a darker color and with bigger eyes, but this is another perspective. a really great drawing.

  • elfgirl

    i pictured the lethrblaka totally different.more along the lines of a beast, like fluffy off of harry potter, but whoever drew that did an amazing job,keep it up dude, or

  • ridermidget1

    i thought the Lethrblaka would look more like Durzas mount in the the 1st movie but more grey and insecty / bird like with a similar phased out of sinc, Insubstantial look.

  • ihherifan

    Ya I know that it doesn’t perfectly fit the description, but you have to admit, he is a very talented artist. But ya, I guess he could’ve made it fit the description better.

  • eragonshurtugal

    what is with gladr?! it said that his TAIL was like 2 or three times bigger than saphiras body. They should have just shown his eye or someting. now he’s some monkey thing.

    bad job christopher

    bad job

  • luna

    well, palencar has finaly done it….he has let me down. i mean what is with the eyes and the scales?! it looks like a dinosaur with wings on its neck! i can say no more…….

  • manuel

    man i imagine it diffrent like gray and batty, and on the movie isint that thing durza ride a lethrblaka he says it when summoning it.

    oh well its cool

  • moirae

    terrible. it looks awful, nothing like the description. and besides, are the wings attached to the neck? and even the Glaedr drawing – he looks like a monkey or something.

  • dragongirl

    Uh…this is so wrong. I’m sorry, but wings in any creature shouldn’t connect to the neck. And what happened to the bulging eyes and gray skin? This looks like a pterodactyl.

  • InheritanceFanatic

    That is so not what the Letherblaka looks like. No scales, no dragon neck, and gray. Did Palancar even look at the descriptions in the book? Seriously!

  • HybridTheory

    Wow. That is completely wrong. In Eldest, it clearly says they resemble starved dogs with hairless grey skin and a sharp pointed beak. No scales, no dragon’s neck, and certainly no teeth. I imagined it more like the griffin from “Quest for Camelot” only with no feathers. It had a greyhoundish body with huge muscles. Large legs and skinny stomach, wings and a beak, exactly how Paolini described the lethrblaka. Total failure on Palancar’s part. He made more of a dark dragon/bird/fish. The whiskers look like they came off a catfish to me.

  • KeepItReal

    It’s just a Pterodactyl…..COOOL!

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I don’t think it,s a complete failure, although I do agree with William on the Letherblaka= leather-flapper mistake Palencar made, so I imagened it without scales, and last time I checked, Letherblaka don’t have teeth.

  • AdurnaDraumr

    I think its a horrible image, There not susposed to have teeth or scales. If they had teeth why would they peck at Saphira instead of bite her, it would tear the flesh making a more serious wound. I think this drawing is an abomination. Failed!

  • Raella7

    umm… i didn’t really imagine them at all much, but that looks cool!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yep, looks alot different than I thought it would (you can tell because my version of it in the fan art is completely different). I thought the eyes would be bigger and deep socketed(sp?), the muscles showing more from under leathery hide, with a bit more of a starved dragon look in body, a teethless beak that is almost like an eagles, and also with almost batlike or goblinlike ears.

    But everyone sees things differently so to some, it looks like how they imagined them, but to some it is the opposite. ;D

  • jij

    i think that it looks nothing like what i saw in my mind. its good but it doesnt need the scales or the teeth

  • William

    Not exactly how I imagined Lethrblaka, but still cool. I always thought Lethrblaka had short, thick, toothless beaks. Palencar’s creature also had scales, which I considered strange, considering that Lethrblaka means “Leather-Flapper” in the Ancient Language.

  • thehedgehog

    Interesting. It really reminds me of something though but I can’t think what. Hmmm.

  • FuNnYdUdE

    Hmmm, not what i thought. But stil good.
    I thought about it more like a griff. < =]

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Blue2282, so you thought it would look more like a traditional basilisk? Interesting.

  • elizabeth

    well um i imagined the pic a bit scay and alot greener

  • Daniel

    That’s um… different, blue2282… Hahahaha.

  • blue2282

    I imagined it as a giant chicken with bad breath. Seriously

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    ;D Thanks.

    Daniel*Ganga eom onr Shur’tugal*

  • Daniel

    You’re welcome, Padfoot. I wish I could draw my version as detailed as I see it in my mind.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I always imagened it to be a little scarier.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aw, thank you, Daniel!

  • Puppet

    Yeah, too bad the beaks supposed to be seven feet long, according to CP.

  • maria

    it looks like a dragon only it has a ‘beak’?! It looks scary, and cool. I would want to see one but I don’t want it to see me.☺

    Palencar’s a really good artist.

  • Daniel

    I prefer Padfoot’s drawing of a Lethrblaka.

  • iluvmurtagh

    That looks a lot like i imagined it except more bird like and no scales

  • Faolins

    I imagined it as a Thestral , much more skelatal not scaly , but ah well, each one to his own.

    It is still a good depiction of a different view of the Lethrblaka , very well drawn

  • elizabeth

    the picture is very similar to how i pictured the Lethrblaka. he did an excellent job in my opinion.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Evarinya?! Merlin’s Beard! Where have you been? I have not heard from you in quite some time!

    Yes, I did not really imagined the Letherblaka with THAT much scales. But with some scales.

  • Evarinya

    Wow i pretty much imagined it like that, ust with no scales.

  • ulmo

    other than that it looks great

  • ulmo

    i thought they would have a beak without teeth more like a bird or squid. i think that would be better.

  • waiting4lastbook

    a beak that curves down like a eagles….I messed up sorry….still creepy

  • waiting4lastbook

    my version is alot more scarier it has like eyes like a fly and a bulging grey body with bat wings and a that curves down like a eagles…….and its eyes take up most of its head…..good thing their gone….creepy

  • DanielW

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. I’ve always imagined the Lethrblaka as looking like Ridley in Metroid Prime.

  • Ruydragon

    Woah, looks wicked. I once drew a picture of a Lethrblaka one and a cheap looking Raz’ac in a robe, and some drool and a skull. Dude, did that creep myself out. It would have been awesome if I saw that Lethrblaka was in the cover of the next book, unfortunately, they are extinct. The other Glaedr picture spooked me at first. I would have been more than blissful if Palencar prepared a portrait of Shruikan. Amazing?

  • Daniel

    I’ve always imagined the Lethrblaka as a large, skinny bettle with a long neck and a narrow head.

  • RuggishBon3
  • Jeremiah

    sweet! and saphira fought 2 of these things! killed=HA! that rocks

    it looks sick!

  • NaruandKane

    The Eff?

    I had a perfect pic in my head of the Lethrblaka, and this is jus a pteradactyl!

  • RuggishBon3

    Looks ok but too skinny. to think saphira fought those puney little things; i could have killed them with a bat.


    Needs a bigger beak and needs to be black

  • TrueFan

    Yes, I expected it to actually look more like a bat mixed with a dragon. a dragons build(tampered a little) with a bats look

  • will

    i pictured it a lot more wide built and didn’t have the scaly effect that palancar has drawn. and the way i saw the beak was more wide and not as slim. still very cool drawing and cant wait to see the other ones.

  • jac

    wow!! the pic is awesome

    i just thought it would be more bat like with a longer beak and darker colour

    Palencar has done an impressive job

  • NaN

    Almost exactly as I imagined it, only I thought it ould have bigger eyes and a bigger beak…

  • argetebrithil

    I actually pictured him like this except I thought his beak would be way longer.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Impressive! But then, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from J.J. Palencar.

    I pictured the Lethrblaka only slightly differently, with a darker coloring and a slightly curved beak that was longer in proportion to the head and body. Other than that, however, this is a pretty darn good Lethrblaka.

    By the way, is the Lethrblaka pic going to be on the first part of Brisingr or the second? They only appear in the first half.

  • Kay

    i personally imagined it to be slightly more lizard and bat like, not like a raptor or other dinousar. my sister agrees actually for once…

  • americangal

    i love this picture it is always interesting to see other readers who appreciate CP’s work express their views on what they think certain characters look like…Palencar is an extremly talented artist and I hope others appreciate his views

  • H.N

    Wow, a pic at last, I love the way he has captured it, looks a lot more fierce the I originally imagined.

  • Madysen

    Huh… Did it ever occur to anyone that Palancar doesn’t know how to draw dragons facing forward? They always kind of look like giant iguanas… (No offense to his overall artwork–that in itself is amazing, especially the Lethrblaka…though that’s not how I pictured them to look…)

  • Micgirl

    that wasnt how i imagined them at all! it looks like a dinosaur! *sigh*


  • MythrilDragon

    Actually, it REALLY reminds me of Ridley from Metroid (at least the face).

  • MythrilDragon

    Actually, that’s pretty close to what I pictured, but a bit more pteradactyl-ish. I did sort of picture it as a bird-like version of the Fell Beasts from LotR (I think they were a definite influence, plus the fact that the Ra’Zac are kind of like insect-Nazgul lol).
    Actually it kind of reminds me of Ridley from Metroid.

  • HB

    funnily enough, i always thought that the Raz’ac and Lethrblaka would look more like the Ringwraiths and their flying mounts (sorry i dont know what they are called) as well. lol 😉 and i also thought they would look less like dinosaurs.

  • Argoidge

    Yeah…BjartKveykva, I HIGHLY agree with you. I always imagined them to look alot more like the wraiths’ mounts…oh well…the pic is still awesome!

  • BjartKveykva

    I always imagined the lethrblaka to look like the ring wraiths flying mounts from
    “The Lord Of The Rings”

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    That is very interesting, though not how I imagined it really (I drew what I thought it would look like on fan art). But it is WICKED! That guy does some of the best cover art!

  • Blushes


  • Shayzlan2

    Thats very interesting looking. I thought the head might not look so Dino like (mostly terradactyl like is what I mean) but I like it. I think it puts a nice take on it, and it helps when you compare them to Saphira in her battle against them in the Ra’zac’s cave.

  • Stanislao


    This dark disturbing beast is exactly the kind of thing that Palencar exiles’ at. I wonder what he will do for the Japanese Book Four?

  • Jack

    Not bad.

  • Michele

    Not what I imagined either, for some reason I didn’t imagine them so snake-like. But woo-hoo for new cover!! It’s purple.. I like it. Originally I wasn’t planning to buy the Deluxe Edition but now I might because I drool at his artwork.

  • HB

    Not how I would imagine the Lethrblaka to look like, but i suppose everyone imagines it differently.