Shur’tugal/Inheritance Clothing (Contribute!)

Over the years, we here at Shur’tugal have sold several Inheritance-themed t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts (hoodies). After many requests to bring the shirts back and our own desire to see the designs on t-shirts again, we will begin reselling our old designs alongside new Shur’tugal and Inheritance Cycle t-shirts! Our own team is working on a series of designs but we’re also looking for fans to get in on the planning and designing (for a chance to get your design on t-shirts along with some great rewards and prizes!). Continue reading to check out our new design ideas (and offer feedback!) and see what you can do to get in on the action!UPDATE: The first in our new series of t-shirts and hoodies have officially been released! You can view and purchase these great designs for very low prices here! We will be adding several new Inheritance Cycle themed designs over the next two weeks! We will also be adding other products featuring the designs as well, including pants, shorts, underwear, bags, hats, and more! Check it out!

In the past, Shur’tugal has offered several Inheritance themed t-shirts. Our very first design was the red Shur’tugal dragon-style logo drawn by Joelle Saveliev. Our second design was a grunge-style dragon drawing with a banner displaying the site name. We now hope to start offering several variations of the Shur’tugal shirts, including old and new logos, as well as some specifically Inheritance themed t-shirts.

Joelle Saveliev has drawn up two new shirt design sketches based off of ideas and themes the staff and fans of Shur’tugal pulled from the books. The drawings aren’t finished (though you can hardly tell), however, we wanted to post them in order to show you guys – the fans – what direction we’re hoping to go in for our new shirt designs. We’re also hoping that any visitor interested in contributing designs or ideas to the website can draw inspiration from Joelle’s amazing sketches and get a sense of what we’re hoping to accomplish. (Note that these designs are not guaranteed to show up on Shur’tugal shirts. We hope they will be but there’s no promise or guarantee.)

If you are interested in designing a Shur’tugal or Inheritance shirt you’d like to see printed on t-shirts for Shur’tugal visitors, here are some great examples of the type of things we’re looking for:

Above: This design was done by Joelle Saveliev based on the name Roran and the rest of Carvahall gave themselves after fleeing the Empire – “Palencar Pirates”. If finished, the design would also feature the words “Palencar Pirates”.

Above: This design was done by Joelle Saveliev based on Dvalar’s “ward against mad rabbits”, mentioned by Angela in Brisingr (page 259). The ward is said to protect magicians from being bitten by mad rabbits (which is “far more common than you may think”!)

You can also view the original Shur’tugal shirt design and the more recent Shur’tugal shirt design. Below are ideas submitted by fans or thought up by Shur’tugal staff for themes for shirt designs:

  • The slogan “VAMPIRES? We’ve got DRAGONS!” (A play on Inheritance Cycle vs. Twilight, for parody only). A design can accompany this or it could simply be an eye-catching arrangement of words.
  • “The drop spindle of fate” (An amusing phrase spoken by Angela on page 255 of Brisingr). A design of a drop spindle could accompany this!
  • “Train hard, strike first” (Bladesinger on page 257 of Brisingr). A design could accompany this or it could simply be an eye-catching arrangement of words.
  • “Watch out for ferrets!” (Angela on page 575 of Brisingr). A funny looking vector drawing or silhouette of a ferret with the accompanying quote would work well for this!
  • “Avoid roasted cabbage, don’t eat earwax, and look on the bright side of life!” (Angela on page 76 of Eldest). A horribly drawn example of a possible design idea (done by Mike) can be viewed here.

We are open to any and all ideas; the list above are only examples! If you are an artist or designer and you’re interested in contributing a design (either a drawing or a visually appealing arrangement of words or a slogan) and would like to see your work printed on Shur’tugal shirts (with other great rewards), read our full list of guidelines and details! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or post ideas in the comments!

Some of our new designs are on sale now but remember, more designs will be added over the next two weeks! We’ll also be rolling out our designs on other clothing, such as pants, shorts, underwear, shoes, and hats, as well as bags and more! To be notified once our new designs release, please feel free to subscribe to our Inheritance Merchandise Newsletter below:

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