Monthly Q&A With Christopher Paolini!

We’re excited to announce the start of our series of interviews with Christopher Paolini happening once a month, every month until the release of Book 4! At the beginning of each month, we will make a news post taking questions from our visitors that you would like Christopher to answer. Our staff will collect the best questions and use them in that month’s interview with Christopher. Continue reading to check out the details and contribute a question or two!In the past, Shur’tugal has done a series of interviews with Christopher Paolini (as well as the cast of the Eragon movie, the creators of the Eragon video game, and more!) all as giant interviews, posing fifteen to twenty questions each time. This usually resulted with us having a great interview to share but a rather annoying downside: when you pose so many questions in only one interview, you realistically only have a need for a few interviews per year. By spreading out our interview questions and letting fans decide what we ask, we will now be able to offer a question and answer session with Christopher once per month for the foreseeable future.

So, as this is the Inheritance fan site and everything done is by-and-for the fans, we task you with contributing questions you want asked during our interview! If you have a question (or two, or three…) you’d like us to ask Christopher, please post it in the comments below (comments do not require registration, but we recommend it!). Please go through the following “do not ask these questions” before posting yours!

Please do not ask these questions (they will not be asked in an interview; we can assure you Christopher will not be able to answer these questions):

  • When will Book 4 be released? What is the title of Book 4?
  • Who will be the last Rider?
  • Any question pertaining to key plot points (or even vague plot points) that will be revealed or resolved in Book 4. (Examples: How will Galbatorix die? Will Galbatorix die? Will Roran become the king of Alagaesia? Will Eragon marry Arya? Will Murtagh turn good?)
  • Christopher, what is your email address? (Christopher does not have an email address)
  • Do you have any news on a possible Eldest movie? (Answer: there has been no news regarding future Inheritance movies. If this changes, it’s a safe bet you’ll find the news on Shur’tugal the minute it’s announced!)

We will be taking questions until the comment function is disabled roughly one week from this article’s post date. If you want to make sure your question has a chance of being asked in the first Q&A, make sure to submit the question as soon as possible! If you are unable to comment before the time runs out, never fear: you can submit your question for the next Q&A!

Our interview with Christopher will be posted here on Shur’tugal once we’ve closed the comments and have chosen the questions! Please note that Shur’tugal staff will be the ones who pick through and choose the questions to be asked during that month’s Q&A. If your question is not asked, feel free to post it again for a future Q&A when the time comes.

UPDATE: This month’s Q&A question entry is now closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you didn’t get a chance to submit a question this month, never fear – we’ll be doing this every month for the foreseeable future. Check back soon for our first interview with Christopher Paolini based on questions submitted!

  • MikeTest


  • Phil

    How do you become a successful author?
    Which was your favorite book to write, out of Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr?
    Personally, who is your favorite character?


  • toshlovesinheritance

    i know the question posting has finished but i want to get a fact right. in Eragon (book 1) when he kills Durza he says Brisingr and then the book says “zar’roc blazed with bloody light, heatless flames running along it” (page 491) does this mean that Brisingr isnt the true name of his new sword but maybe Eragons true name? possibly not but it does interstect, also when he is discussing the peculiar way his new sword acts Oromis says something like “maybe…”. Also just wondering if this has anything to do with what the last ra’zac says about galbatorix has nearly found “the true name”.

  • Liz

    What is your favorite part in the first 3 books?

  • trezac07

    Just wondering if Mr Paolini will be creating another wonderful series after the Inheritence cycle? It would be great to see his talent put to use again after Inheritence is concluded (which is going to be an unfortunate event, no more new adventures with the dragon riders)

  • Mike

    Thank you to everyone who contributed questions! I’ve gotten through about half of them so far and we’ve had an incredible amount of great questions! I’m going to be finishing going through them all and selecting the winning questions within the next day or so. I’ll be speaking with Christopher to get you guys the answers (or the “sorry, can’t answer that!”) to these great questions.

    Remember, if your question doesn’t end up asked this time or if you didn’t get a chance to submit one before we closed the question submissions, you’ll have another shot next month and every month after that!

  • Maru

    A criticism I’ve heard against the series is that Saphira isn’t her own character and all we ever hear of her thoughts are how they relate to Eragon’s. Will we see more of Saphira’s viewpoint in the last book?

  • Ester

    This question has been bugging me since Eldest. Oromis said that the Ra’zac are hatched from eggs and mimic the human form. Then on the first full moon of their 20th year they turn into Lethrblaka. Also that when the elves felt their presence they did their best to eradicate them, but two Lethrblaka and two Ra’zac escaped and that thos Ra’zac has been the ones who have been causing all the trouble for Eragon. Then he said that Galbatorix recruited the Ra’zac after he killed Vrael. Then in Brisingr, Oromis said that overpowering the Eldurnari’s took the next 40 years. So obviously my question is about the time line considering the Ra’zac.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    We can hope, Glorfindel, we can hope, mate.

  • Glorfindel

    It sounds great. The only problem is that all the questions that I have, he’s just going to say, “no comment”.

  • Kate

    Hey, Chris, I love your books. They inspire me to write and help fire my imagination.

    Anyway, quick question that’s been bugging me ever since I read it in Brisingr. When Eragon is traveling back to the Varden from Helgrind, he almost runs into and hides from some of Galbatorix’s guards. They speak of searching for Eragon, and then one mutters something along the lines of, “Unless we be looking for Murtagh. You heard as well as I what Morzan’s spawn said.” My question is… what did Murtagh say?! If you can’t say, then will we ever find out?

    Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry if I didn’t get the quote verbatim.

  • GlaedrGirl

    I’m writing a story with ninjas in it. It also has dragons and stuff and I’m having trouble making it different from the books I’ve read (such as the Inheritance Cycle.) Any suggestions on making my book unique? Any suggestions on developing a system of magic?

  • despina

    Will Eragon return to Ellesmira for going to Vault of Souls and why?

    And again i’m asking if we are going to see A rya admiting her love to Eragon.So Angela will be right wen she spoke for an “epic romance” about Eragon’s future.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    JARNONVOSK WAS NOT PURPLE!!! The color of Galbatorix’s first dragon has never been even hinted at so far. Well, I suppose he/she could have been purple, but that information has not been disclosed.

  • Authorintraining

    Christopher, ever since I was 8 I’ve written books and they used to be silly but now I think I’m onto something. I’m only 12 but I’m working on a book that will also have a sequel to it, and by the end of the summer I hope to have finished the first draft.

    It is not fantasy but I still would like some tips on writing, especially on finding a publisher and how to find them.

    These are some questions I have:

    -did it help you to write out how a place looks, or just imagine it and put it on paper in the scene.

    – did you send a draft of Eragon to Random House Publishing or did they find you?

    – I’ve always had times when I take about a week off from my writing, but is there ways that help you get inspired to go back to the keyboard or notebook?

    – which do you prefer for writing, starting out with a notebook and then shifting to a computer or just a computer?

  • ShadeKing

    Hi again I have 2 questions this time

    Will we get to read from murtaghs point of view in book 4 and is it possible that there are more razac hidden somewhere

  • SilviaMaifrede

    Hi guys, I want to say this idea is great. Although I think it will not be easy to select the questions, there are a lot of good ones.

    I wanted to ask C. Paolini if he ever considered posting outtakes of his books on Did he and/or will he post them?

  • CountlessDooDads

    You said that a riders magic matches their dragons color.

    Does a riders magic change, if they obtain a new dragon?

    Such as Galbatorix, his original dragon was purple. Which means his magic would be as well.
    When he obtained Shruiken, did his magic change to black, or just stay purple?

  • VampireSlayer

    Will the two women introduced in the chapter “Intersecting Sagas” play a role in Book 4 or will they be featured in a future series or book?

  • Kristian

    What is your favorite book?
    How long do you spend writing each day?

  • 7thwordofpower

    is the spine the remanants of a huge like omega dragon that has a huge eldunari also good job with the eldunari idea. Chris p.

  • inheripotterfreakish

    What is the plural of Eldunari?

    I\’ve been discussing this with my brother: Is Angela a spy? She\’s so mysterious, and seems to know so much about Eragon and his past.

    About the Vault of Souls–will Eragon go there? If so, what will he gain/learn?

    About Angela again–is Solembum helping her with her spying? I just don\’t think Angela is spy, since Solembum helped Eragon, and Solembum stayed with Angela all these years.

    Will Hrothgar truly be avenged? Who exactly was the cause of his death? I know Murtagh killed him, technically, but why did Murtagh kill him? Because of his fear of Galbatorix. So really, it was the King who drove Murtagh to do it. So if Eragon succeeds in killing Galbatorix, then the dwarf king will be avenged, right?

    And will Murtagh join the Varden to defeat Galbatorix? Will Murtagh strive to change his true name?

  • despina

    HaylaandAndrewforever , thank you for answering my question you are very right

  • Brisingrboy

    Dear Christopher,

    I love your books! It inspired me to write a story called Fireheart. It’s a book about a boy from earth named Geo. In year 2011 a young lost phoenix, Fireheart, somehow lost his memory while in a pack of fugitives, the fugitives were trying to fight the king’s(a black dragon) men. He wakes up to see shocked Geo in Geo’s world.

    Do you like the summary? If so please tell me if later it could be published?

  • inheripotterfreakish

    You know back in Eldest Brigit started a blood feud between her and Roran? Well, what is she going to do? Will Brigit kill Roran or something? (Somehow I don’t think that’s right, but it is possible, I guess)

  • VampireSlayer

    There seems to be a marked change between the elves as described in “Eldest” and as described in “Brisingr.” In “Brisingr,” Eragon seems to think less of Queen Islanzadi then he did in the previous book and the elves in general seem to more brutal and less peaceful. Was this intentional?

  • Ruydragon

    Will Palencar draw Shruikan? I want to see how that dragon looks like! Will it be scarier than the Lethrblaka?

    Even If the question-for-interview is done, we still have next month to ask questions, but they better be good!

  • VampireSlayer

    Have any dragons that we’ve already encountered or heard of disgorged their Eldunari (aside from Glaedr)?

  • ShadeKing

    Will we finally see galbatorix near the end of book 4 or somewhere in the middle

  • Murtaghlover

    What did Galbatorix do to Murtagh after he was captured?

  • nan

    why does orormis refuse to keep selena’s fairth?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, Shurty staff, you lot are going to have a quite a time getting the right questions, you are certainly going to be hard put to it, all of the questions are really good! ;D

    Um, let’s see…..

    What series do you read growing up, what kind of genres do you like? High fanasty? Gothic horror like Wuthering Heights?

  • alienlover14

    Hi Christopher!

    In the wikipedia biography that’s written about you, it says that you were homeschooled by your parents. I am also homeschooled/online schooled. For my question, I was wondering how you handled that. I mean, what was your social life like? Did you have a lot of friends, or were you more of a loner? Did you ever feel different because you didn’t go to a brick and mortar school like almost everybody else did?

    Sorry, I guess that’s more than one question. =)

    P.S. Your books are some of my absolute favorites! The Inheritance Cycle has been amazing so far!

  • DavidM.

    When the Nar garzhvog joined with the varden did only his clan join? If so will other urgal clans join ranks with the varden and will the urgals finally stop with clan wars?

  • daydreamer

    1. Will the girl unknown girl angela introduced to Eragon play a bigger role?

    2. Will Katrina’s and Roran’s child play a bigger role?

  • HaylaandAndrewforever

    How long did it take you to right Eragon? How many drafts did you have?

  • riderluv

    let me just say the first the books have been fabulos

    i have a coulpe questions:

    -why does oromis keep so many secrets?

    -what happens to the bodies of dead riders and their dragons?

    -does book four give us the full story of the riders’ fall, i mean, what happened when galbaltorix’s dragon was killed?

    -are we going to learn a little more about eragon’s past?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Mr. Paolini,

    Several of your fans on this site are hoping to become authors (me included), can you give us some tips to get our stuff published?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Okay, I know this one is not really about the books, but here is one:

    What all is going to be in the Guide book that is coming out soon?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    And some more:

    Dear Mr. Paolini,

    I would like to say that your books are amazing. They got me to really enjoy reading in 4th grade when I read “Eragon”.

    1.In Eragon, Brom says that a person’s magic “color” varies from person to person. When you become a Dragon Rider, does your magic’s color automatically change to your dragon’s color of their scales?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Are the spirits from Brisingr going to be explained more in Book 4?

    One more: Does a dragon get their color from one of their parents or are their colors a sort of mix between the parents’ colors?

  • Crinsomshade

    Is Tenga from the gray folk?
    Is vroengard going to appear in book four?

  • Mike

    We’ll be closing questions late tonight or early tomorrow so if anyone still wants to get a question into this Q&A, make sure to ask it ASAP.

  • FlaimBroyld


    Going back to when Eragon and Saphira coaxed the Menoa tree into giving them the Brightsteel, does the momentary pain in Eragon’s stomach have anything (or everything) to do with what the Menoa tree wanted from them?


  • inheripotterfreakish

    When you were writing the 3rd book, when you it was still the Inheritance Trilogy, did you have Eragon make a sword and name it Brisingr, or was that just an excuse to name the book Brisingr?

  • jane

    how old is angela?
    what is her real name?
    how did she acquire the knuckle bones of a dragon?
    was she a rider?
    does eragon ever visit brom’s tomb again?
    will saphira give her eldunari to eragon?

  • inheripotterfreakish

    It is possible, maybe the 4th book will get too long.

  • piki112

    Any chance of a 5th book????

  • inheripotterfreakish

    When Eragon takes the Eldunari from Galbatorix–if he succeeds–will he use them himself? Even without the Eldunari Galbatorix is still strong, with years of experience. Perhaps Eragon will ask nicely if he could use the dragon’s strength.

  • inheripotterfreakish

    Because Katrina is going to have a baby, is she really going leave the Varden? If so, what will Roran do?

  • inheripotterfreakish

    In Eragon, when Angela cast the bones for Eragon, and said that one day he will never set foot on Alagaesia again, will he literally never set foot on Alagaesia again, or die, or change the name of Alagaesia? Those were all the reasons I could come up with.

  • HaylaandAndrewforever

    ShadeKing, that would be so cool! Imagining that made me think of what Nasuada said about looking Eragon,Murtag, and Roran in a room to see who would live. I’d love to see that!

  • ShadeKing

    Will there ever be a part in book 4 where roran and murtagh will cross paths. I for one would love to see the two of them fight, i mean if mutagh decided not to use magic or if roran baited him into it.

  • Gilderien

    How did Brom defeat Morzan and his dragon? Were there other factors to Brom’s success other than his quick thinking? Did he have help from his dragon’s Eldunari? If so, where is Saphira I’s elusive Heart of Hearts? And also, does Undbitr have a role to play in the future?

  • warsame

    where can we watch those interviews

  • Haylaandandrewforever

    despina,I have the answer to your first question.In the first book (or was it the second?) it says somewhere that because Ayra carried Saphia for so long when she mentaly went for help she found Eragons mind because she (Saphira) was bounded to. Idon’t have the exact quote I’ll look it up and post it When I find it.

  • Elias

    I have a question.

    Wer you inspired or influenced by lord of the rings?

  • Guest123

    Dos it currently or has it ever exsisted any half elvs? human\elves or otherwise?

  • Christopher

    Hi, I have another 2 questions, this time about Shades:

    1) I know that a Shade is created when somebody summons evil spirits and they host on the sorcerer…however, what would happen if the sorcerer summoned only good spirits (if there are such things?) Would it create a good Shade that could help the Varden in some way? If so could this happen sometime/has it ever happened?

    2) What would happen if the spirits overtook the body of a Rider? As Shades arent included in the Blood-Oath, would they cease to be a Rider? I love the idea of a rider that is a Shade, and once had an opinion that Galbatorix may be a Shade (nobody has seen him for nearly 40 years, he may have experimented?)

  • lengy

    1)how much of book 4 have you actually written so far?

    2) will we get to learn some more about the different dwarf clans?

  • Tetrahawk

    Saryna, Ajihad had said that Eragon and Murtagh had travelled 130 leagues from Gil’ead to Tronjheim, which is about 390 miles, or 650 km. So it’s not that big…

  • KarlLars

    How did the first Eragon communicate with his dragon? He didn’t join minds tell after the pact between the dragons and the Elves. Was it by images through the mind or a more animal like relationship?

  • sk

    Is there a chance that the movie Eragon might be re-done?

  • JustaFan

    The map on the inside cover of the books is quite comprehensive, but a few things have not been explained thus far. Will we ever learn the story behind the Sharktooth or the floating crystal at Eoam? What about the swamps north of Aroughs? These have all been mentioned at some point, but it was only in passing.

  • Bloodhawk

    Will we ever learn the seven words that Brom said to Eragon on his deathbed/deathfloor (haha!)? Hey, no one said I couldn’t have a sense of humor!

  • BirdOfPrey

    how come in Brisingr when Eragon discovered Sloan’s true name we didn’t get to read what it was? will we read it in the next book?

  • despina

    Ok i also want to ask what did menoa tree took from Eragon.?

    We do know menoa’s tree story that it was a woman ,if i remember correct.So i think that she was satisfied from Eragon’s true love for Arya.

    p.s. Iam sorry for my english i dont speek the languachy very well.

    I love your books and your writing.

  • Paige

    What religion are you? I noticed you used alot of different religions in the book, pagan, athiests and so on.

    Can an elf and a human have children?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    How much can an elf alter their body? Is the limit like Blodgram or can they change so much that they can look like a different race, such can one turn theirselves into something similar to a dragon?

  • despina


    1)How did Eragon dreamed Arya when he didnt even knew her?

    2)When Angela saw Eragon’s future she spoke of an epic romance but wet we didnt see that wet ,so will eventually Arya reveals her feelings to Eragon?

    3)Will we ever learn Arya’s and Eragon’s true names?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Ruydragon, hahahaha, brillant question, mate! ;D

  • Ruydragon

    Got another question!

    Are you going to write a part for book 4 that relates to your experience of being bitten by a sugar glider?

  • GoldenScales

    Is it a common dragon trait to have Ivory colored spikes and talons? Sapphira is hues of blue with white spikes and talons, Thorn is red with white claws and spikes, ect. Is this a common trait among all dragons? Does one ever see, lets say, a purple dragon with gold spikes, a green dragon with blue spikes, and so on?

  • Gilderien

    Will an Eldunari from a young dragon grow along with the dragon, or remain the same as when it was coughed up.

  • Saryna

    Was Jarnunvösk a female or male?
    Has Murtagh brown locks or straight, black hair?
    What does the Yawë look like exactly?
    How large is Alagaësia? Much smaller than the USA?

  • Xelba

    When two dragons have a baby, is the baby a totally different color from its parents, or is it a mixture of the colors of its parents?

  • Xelba

    Mr. Paolini,

    Can you give us any hint at all as to what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon? Thanks for your time!




    and guyzzz y the hell is evry1 asking abt key plots to b revealed in buk 4 when they hav clearly said not to.and neway if u find out evrything now buk 4 ud bcme boring.(i know!i know!even i cant wait but v hav 2)

  • Serenephile


    I know after finishing the Inheritance Cycle, you will take a vacation, but being that you drew inspiration for IC from yours surroundings, will you vacation somewhere that will inspire you, if so, where?

  • brisingrvictory

    Do you ever get so tired of writing to where you just write to get it over with? I hope not because all of you books have been brilliant and I would hate to find the last book anything less then that.

    Why does it seem like Eragon doesn’t spend much time storing energy into his belt whenever he can when energy is such a vital part to his victory?

    Also, I ditto number1eragonfan’s question.

    Thank you for answering our questions.

  • TheBookdragon

    Will we ever learn Arya’s true name in the fourth book?
    Can you tell us anything more about Tenga?

  • Gilderien

    When a dragon feels the inspiration to preform magic, where does the dragon get the energy to perform it? Is it from its Eldunari? Emotion? Or simply, magic?

  • HaylaandAndrewforever

    Can we get a piont of view from Murtag?! Please, he is one of my favorite characters (right next to Brom R.I.P.) and I woulde love to get inside his mind. Anyone eles agree with me? Or am I just crazy (no one answer that)

  • DannyW

    What are some of your favorite books.

  • Moonlight


    1) How did Eargon scrying Aray when he didnt even know who she was or had never seen her before? Will it be reviled in the 4th book?

    2) Will you write in any other point of view besides Roan and Eragon?

    3)How did you think of the languages? Are they based off other languages?

    P.S. I love your books, its my favorite series/ Inheritance cycle.

  • inheritencefanatic5

    what did the menoa tree take from eragon?

    what were eragon and saphira’s seven promises?

  • Xelba

    If two dragons who already had riders mated, would the baby dragon wait in his or her egg until he or she felt the prescence of his or her rider, or would he or she just hatch?

    I hope that makes some sense.

  • Shrrgnien

    Did you put Jarsha in the book for a specific reason that may come about in the last book?

    Will Jeod have a bigger role.

    We have seen many an action scene in your books, you had the underground part at Helgrind, however, something we haven’t seen is a scene underground scene, where the people are trapped and have to find a way out. You have a good imagination, and could make something cool of it.

  • Gilderien

    Could an Eldunari run out of energy? If so:
    Can it gradually regain that energy?
    Could it running out of energy result in the breaking of the Eldunari?

  • Ruydragon

    Mr. Paolini,

    `What happens to a dragon’s body when it dies? Does it decay, or does it fade in some type fashion. If people in Gil’ead see a big Golden dragon corpse nearby, they wouldn’t butcher him for his scales, or would they? Glaedr wouldn’t like that, especially that he is still alive. Poor dragon.

    `So as Murtagh killed Oromis, he climbed up Glaedr’s neck and stabbed him on the head? Great.

    `What do werekittens look like? If the 4th book is going to mention werecats, why not kittens?

    `Also in the 4th book, who shall be the one to handle a flaming spear? Or did you mean flaming sword (too obvious)?

    `Where will Eragon go that’s not Alagaesia?

    `Did Galbatorix kill the elf Eragon the peacemaker? If he is alive, will Saphira’s Eragon would meet him?

    `Can Saphira fly to the moon like in her dream?

  • Super

    Can dragons of different colors have children that are all different colors

  • Xelba

    Here’s another question:

    Did wild dragons have dull, earth colored scales, or were their scales solid, sparkly colors like Glaedr, Saphira, and Thorn?

  • Faolins

    Ok if AHEM doesn’t have ANY of his questions asked something is messed up lol

  • Xelba

    1.) What color is Murtagh’s hair? In the first book it was brown, but in Brisingr it was black.

    2.) What were the seven promises of Eragon and Saphira?

    3.) Does the size of an Eldunari depend on the size of the dragon that it came from?

    4.) Can all riders live forever?

  • tjb2417

    Once you are done with the last book will you consider writing a prequel series to the Inheritance cycle, such as a book about the rise and fall of the riders by the hands of Galbatorix?

  • tjb2417

    This is my question for CP: why didn’t you write in any chapters for the first three books from Galbatorixs’ point of view? (even though he talked to oromis at the end of Brisingr this was not from his point of view) Will you do this in Book 4?

  • DavidM.

    1.What happened to all the dragon eggs in galbatorix’s rise to power? You said they could’nt be broken and it’s hard to beleive there was only 3 at the time galbatorix came to power.

    2. Will anymore shades come into the book? It’s intersting seeing them.

  • yolanda


    What is your favorite book or book series to read?


  • #1EragonNut

    What is the yawe symbol that Arya has? It got her banished, so it must be important. What does the symbol mean?

  • kennethpennock

    would you ever consider writing a book based on the ancient language if so would there be a part on scrying? and there has been speculations that e;va could become in rider after eragon defeats galbatoix is it true ?

  • mk14

    What century is the Inheritance cycle set in? There are several hints in the story (e.g. what they do, technology they use, things they have, …) that can be traced down to some time between the 14th and the 17th century. Did you actually choose a specific year the story is set in or are those hints just coincidental?

  • janet

    how old is angela? oromis says he has seen her before in ellesmera but her name was different?

    what about the two elven children? would they play a significant role in book4?

  • ann

    1)is Galbatorix close to discovering eragon’s true name? the Ra’zac mentions something of that sort before eragon kills it. and even if Galbatorix finds it, would he be able to use it against eragon from his capital?
    2)will eragon find some more Eldunari in the vault of souls?

  • SOS

    is anyone else wondering what the menoa tree took from eragon in brisingr?????? ITS KILLING ME!!! “pain in his lower belly”

  • Connie

    How did the Riders know when an egg had chosen its rider? Eargon had Saphira’s egg for a period of time before she finally hatched.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Eragonlover, mate, isn’t that because the Heart of Hearts?

  • eragonloveroftheuniverse!!

    Why is Eragon so unpowerful when Murtagh is like, a god or something”

    Because it’s always Murtagh that is feared, but Eragon can hardly make a difference in a battle. The Varden say that they don’t stand a chance against Murtagh. What’s with that?

  • eragonloveroftheuniverse!!!

    does anyone have any idea when book 4 will be done?

  • gilderienv1.0

    After a shade has been created, would that shade have any worries of summoning more powerful spirits than itself.

    If so, would summoning more powerful spirits make the shade stronger, or create an entirely new and more evil shade?

    If this process created a new shade, would the original shade’s selfish lust for power keep it from summoning more powerful shades?

    And finally, would a shade be able to summon spirits freely, without worry, to a point where the shade would become nearly invincible?

  • KJ

    So far, we’ve seen little of the “epic romance” Angela saw in Eragon’s future. Will that be covered in Book 4?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, AHEM……. 😮

    -What is your favorite book or book series to read?

    -Do some Dwarven women have beards?

    -How did you first come up with the character Eragon? And Brom?

  • Gilderienthewise

    In Eldest, shortly after the Blood-oath Celebration, Eragon wondered if Oromis resented the fact that the magic exacted the night before did not heal his wounds. Although Eragon “Discounted the though,” thinking that, “Oromis would never be so petty,” how did Oromis feel about this? Thanks

  • #1EragonNut

    I have noticed that the Inheritance books bear many similarities to Star Wars. Eragon works and a farm and his uncle is killed by his enemies (similar to Luke Skywalker.) The “Morzan is your father” revealation reminded me of Darth Vader. Why is this, and what do you feel makes your books unique in comparison to other, similar works?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    1. I am aware that over time, I human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country b, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. How can the sapphire in Aren hold so much energy? It was stated in Eldest that the “perfect” diamonds on the Belt of Beloth the Wise would be satured after only several days of being given energy. How can one jewel hold so much?

    4. What were the genders of Kialandi and Formora, the two Forsworn mentioned in Brisingr? They sound vaguely feminine.

    5. Were all the Forsworn humans, or were some of them elves?

    6. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    7. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible?

    8. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?(That would be so awesome . . .)

    9. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    10. Is there any chance of more characters dying in Book IV?

    11. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    12. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    13. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    14. About how many Eldunari does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    15. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    16. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    17. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    18. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    19. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    20. Hrothgar vs. Nar Garzhvog: Who wins?

    21. Could Helzvog beat up Morgothal?

    22. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    23. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they
    keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their shells?

    24. Do the characters have any notable phobias?

    25. What would happen if Eragon shot an arrow at another person with superhuman reflexes, like a Shade? Would they be able to dodge his shot?

    Thanks for reading this absurdly long post.

  • despina

    Ok these are my quastions:Why does Eragon has to leave alagaesia?

    How far are you with the book?

    p.s I love your books ,and also i love the idea Arya stays with Eragon!!!!!

  • David

    I just thought of a good question! will Tenga come back in the 4th book? and if so will he have an answer to his question? Does the question have to do with Galbatorix?

  • Faolins

    3) Also do you use Old Norse a lot in your writing , some words like Tronjheim sound very similar to ones in Old Norse

  • Faolins

    Hello would be my first thing!!

    1)Can Saphira and Eragon see each others dreams?
    2) With Eragon being Broms son and becoming a Rider and Murtagh being Morzans son and becoming a Rider, was it common in the past for Riders sons to become Riders as well ?

  • David

    Katja has a good question I would also like to know the answer to it

  • David

    is there a secret behind the Eldunari?

  • David

    How far are you in the 4th book??????

  • Madee

    Does Eragon actually have any other family, other than Roran?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Here’s a few more:

    1. If Murtagh was freed of his vows, what do you think he would rather do, go independant with Thorn or join the Varden(supposing they would let him.)?

    2. Before they became immortal, where elves always very powerful and very magical, or was that after they became immortal?

    3. Is the man being left behind in Eragon’s dream of the ship leaving in the Chapter Deathwatch, in Eragon, already introduced in the story?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Here’s some:

    -Do elven children grow at the same rate as humans? Both Mentally and Physically.

    -What kind of music do you like, and do yo listen to music while writing?

    -Will we learn more about Brom?

    -Are there more Forsworn children besides Murtagh?

  • Brian


    Pertaining to book four:

    – Will we be seeing more of Az Sweldn rak Anhuin?

    -Obviously you can’t tell us, but would can you say about Naegling’s future? It clearly contains emense power, and many people were hoping to see it in good hands (with Eragon).

    A little off subject:

    – I am very (obsessed?) with writing, and reading your books have given me inspiration. However, I’d like to know if you could give me any advice?


  • Katja

    Hey, I have a question about scrying 🙂

    Eragon and Murtagh were not able to scry each other because they both had spells around them that prevented it. But Eragon could still see Arya when he scryed Nasuada. Does that mean that if Eragon scryed something Murtagh got AFTER he laid the spell upon himself – for example Zar’roc – would he then be able to see him? Or does the spell includes everything Murtagh touches too?

    PS. I love your books! 😀 <3

  • Jen

    We caught a glimpse into Arya’s past in Brisingr. Could there possibly be more insight in Book 4?

  • midnight

    In eldest a group of assines is metioned The Black Hand while Nausada is in Surda. Does this have anything to do with the black hand just before ww1 in serbia which sounds close to Surda?

  • yeahyeahwhatever

    heres a few

    -can cp tell us anything more about himself (religon, things he like etc)

    -Does he ever look on shurtugal or any other of his fan sites?

    -does he find it trickey when changing from charectar to charectar and if so how does he deal with it?

    -We know that Angela is slightly modeled on ur sister and eragon started off being you but are there any others who are modelled on those around you?

    -What keeps you interested in your books?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Dear Mr. Paolini,

    First of all, I would like to say that your books are amazing. I am a huge fan and really enjoy your writing.

    1. If a dragon hatches for one perticular person, could someone else touch the dragon before the person it was meant for and become a Dragon Rider?

    2. Do people’s heritage effect if a dragon egg hatches for them(for example: Eragon is the son of Brom, who was a Dragon Rider; Murtagh is the son of Morzan, who was also a Dragon Rider. Did both become Dragon Riders because thier fathers were Riders?)?

    Thanks so much for your time.

  • Jdude

    Hey CP i got a question for you. why did you kill off Ormis and glader(sorry not sure how to spell it) it dosn’t really make sense.

    I also have another question is saphira going to get any bigger in book four. i realise she’s gotten pretty big in books 1-3.

  • akiko/brian/keena

    Have you ever though of Eragon asking Galbatorix if he knows what he is doing is evil? How we see it is that he could be ignorant of the ethics involved with his plans for Alagasia.

    also on a side note i would like to know if Arya paints her nails when she gets bored, i mean we girls need some entertainment.

  • HB

    ok, i have a few questions.

    what colour was galbatorix’s first dragon?

    can you tell us the names of other dragons and riders of the old?

    what happened to Nasuada’s mother?

    where did Angela get the dragon knucklebonnes from?

  • Urial13

    Does Roran ever learn to use magic? Will Eragon teach him? Will Roran ever go back to using a Hammer?

  • DemonBrother

    If magic is limited to the energy of one’s body or an amount he can get or ‘borrow’ how can Saphira (When she is repairing the jewel of the dwarves) can conjure up so much energy? I mean should the energy not be limited to the energy in her body? and so should it not be the same amount (limit) that she usually ‘lends’ to Eragon when he is needy?

    And a commonly asked question.
    You once said (obviously during an interview) that you would really like to write books after the Inheritance cycle, you said something like writing a novel in about a month. Is that still on?

    And We all must applaud this outasite idea! Itz really brilliant!!(Loud applause) I would praise you a bit more but isn’t that more for you to read(More work)?

  • NaruandKane

    Are you going to go to college? If so, for what? Creative writing, like Stephen King, or Old World languages, like Anne McCaffery, Ursula LeGuin, J. R. R. Tollkien, or something else?

  • Elindor

    Not related to Inheritance, how do you manage to place yourself in the feet of each of the characters? As a writer, to keep switching between characters, particularly during long conversations without making them lose their identity must be a tough job.

  • Liam

    Will Eragon ever draw upon Glaedr’s energy?

  • sonali



    y did saphira take so much time to hatch for eragon(in days!!!!).???

    how much time does it take for a dragon to hatch for a person.if it isnt fixed hw did the varden or the elves know that it wudnt hatch for a particular person(when saphira was ferried beween them)

  • sonali

    Dear christopher paolini,

    1)what is sloan\’s true name?and eragon\’s?will they be ravealed in buk 4?

    2)how did eragon\’s sword get the power of bursting into flames?well!i found a clue that says that there is something more to it than rhunon elda\’s explanation.(oromis\’s reaction whwn he comes to know of it)

  • Phoenixrider

    –Do the Ra’zac play an important role in Book 4, or is their role over with Brisingr?

    –Will you be exploring the history, culture and society of the comparatively unknown races – the Urgals, the Ra’zac, the werecats? And will the Grey Folk have an important role, or are they over and done with after their mention in Eldest?

    –Who are your favourite fantasy authors in general?

    –What kind of music do you like listening to? Does music ever give you inspiration in any way?

    –What are your hobbies in general, apart from writing?

    –Do you plan to write “prequels” to expand the history of Alagaesia, and all the races? For example, why did the elves migrate from Alalea? Does Alalea have an important role in Book 4?

    –Some people, including myself, are concerned that there may be too many loose threads to be tied up in the space of one book, and that you should expand the series into five books? What is your opinion on this?

  • Rachie

    Dont you get tired of writing. I find it exhausting just to write my senior paper which was 13 pages long. and i even enjoyed the subject i was writing about. do you ever get ideas from other books? was the inheritance series a mistake that just happened to become famous or did you have it destined for glory from the first sentence. Are any of the religons in the book reflective of your own religon ? do you even need inspiration, cant you just claim your writing as purely creative and imaginative thinking.

  • Rachie

    Brief Question:
    if the source of the magic is limited to the energy of the wielder how come do the elundanari (ok i butchered that spelling) have like endless engery. Reasoning: Sapphira cant seem to hold any spell for too long, and neither can thorne or the gold dragon, so why do thier rock thingys provide so much energy. they got to deplet sometime. and when they do, how to they regain back thier energy if there bodies are dead. they dont eat etc. so ya. basically how do the rocky things give off so much energy
    How come they dont deplete
    How to they regain back their own rocky energy.

  • EridortheGreen

    1.) How many eggs does a dragon lay at a time?
    2.) When a rider egg chooses its rider can someone who is touching the dragons mind know that the dragon has found its rider?

  • taz(SFF)

    – Will Alalea, the ancestral land of the elves, have a role in Book Four?

    – By any chance, is the last dragon egg, Saphira’s sibling?

    – Does Thorn have his Eldunari in his body, or does it remain in Galbatorix’s collection?

  • EragonSaphiraRider

    There are several things I’m curious about. Such as:

    1. Will we learn anything else about Brom?

    2. Would his sword ever be found?

    3. Would Murtagh and Thorn ever join the Varden?

    4. What will happen to Naegling?

    5. What inspired you to write inheritance?

  • Lindsay

    Do you have anyone special in your life such as a girlfriend? If so do you draw off that relationship in your writing?

    What has been the best thing a fan has given you?

    Was your dog, your only infuence for Saphira or was there someone else?

  • LM24601

    Will there be any new added point of views? Are you taking an old point of view away?

  • WanderingSage

    – If elves aren’t allowed to consume, or utilize animal byproducts, why is Arya’s clothing described as leather in Eragon? Is the world “leather” just used to describe the material’s feel?
    – Who are your favorite contemporary authors?
    – Who are your favorite classical authors?
    – How do you feel when critics say your work is too derivative of other stories, in particular “Lord of the Rings” and Star Wars?”
    Thanks, folks for allowing this oppurtunity :). Keep up the stellar work!

  • bubblegum

    does Arya represent a special someone in your life.

  • TreeTurtle2

    Hello Christopher Paolini!

    The grass boat Arya fashioned in Brisingr has received almost a cult-like following from my friends and myself. Part jokingly and part seriously we suggest writing Book 5 for what we dubbed grass as “Floaty Boat”. Floaty Boat is actually one of my favorite characters, honestly.

    Will Floaty Boat make any further appearances, per chance any significant debuts? That would be awesome and ensure complete and loyal servitude. Thanks!

  • Bradon

    can you hint that is if it does happen how the varden get the final dragon egg.

  • Icey590

    Were any of the Fornsworth elves? FemLe?

  • Isabella

    1. After you complete the Inheritance Cycle, will you ever write another book in this world?

    2. Will you ever write anything in Arya or some elf’s point of view?

    3. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever said to you?

  • Melian

    1. Will there be new creatures in the 4th book?
    2. Do you think you’ll write other books about the Inheritance series, and what kind of books? (The Fall, Brom’s story, Selena’s story?)
    3. If not, do you think you’ll be able to branch away from the Inheritance series?
    4. For the book 4 tour, will you be coming back to Toronto? I chickened out and couldn’t say anything interesting last time you were here./ where will you be appearing on your tour route?
    5. Will we find out more about the Lethrblaka?
    6. What helps you keep focused on the series/ what is your inspiration and what makes you not give up?

  • Larsha


    If you had to live the life of any character you have created, who would it be? Why?

    Would you have had Angela fortell your future, or would you rather be blissfully unaware?

    Who is your personal favorite character?

    Will we get any chapters from Murtagh’s point of view in Book Four?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Dear Mr. Paolini,

    First of all, I would like to say that you are an amazing writer. I really enjoy your books.

    1. I am impressed on how you take the chance to sacrifice many of the fantastic characters( such as Brom, and turning Murtagh to the dark side.). Is this hard for you to do even though it is nessicary?

    2. In Brisingr, the Menoa Tree asks for something in exchange for Eragon’s brightsteel. In the same chapter, as Eragon recieves the metel but feels a sharp pain in his stomach. Has the Menoa Tree already taken something or is it yet to be revealed in Book 4?

    Thanks so much for your time.

  • Micgirl

    ok, i know it may be strange but my favorite characters were the ra’zac. I mean, in Eragon and Eldest they played such a major role. They were incredibley interesting creatures and i found myself searching for there next appearence in every chapter. Then suddenly in brisinger boom, there dead!(let me tell you i am still mad that Eragon didnt make that pact!) Everyone was happy then no one talked about them any more. I would love it if you gave a more in depth analisis of the ra’zac’s history in the next book. Will you?

    thx, bye!

  • Komad

    will we see the woman and the girl eragon blessed in brisingr? or we they have there own story told in a different series?

  • Mordath

    Will we ever see Tenga again in the story? or will he become a main character?

  • number1eragonfan

    Do you ever read the theories about the new books? And if you do, do they ever influance what you write or even how you write it? (Like if fans are predicting a revalation or plot point you may make it more dramatic or more suspenseful…..)


  • PrincessSierra

    Christopher, I was wondering if Eragon’s dream in Brisingr about the girl in the streets singing would be important to the story.

  • tammy

    r u planin on comein to the uk on your book tour? and if so yorkshire?

  • ColumbiaPhoenix

    P.S. Could you stop by the Shurtugal FanFiction Site I’m sure many writers as well would greatly appreciate(sp?) your thoughts.

  • ColumbiaPhoenix

    Dear Christopher Paolini,

    As an aspired author, I have to ask you, how did you begin your journey and keep on the right path? How do you find inspiration for Inheritance? I sometimes find it hard to continue writing at times. Please share your wonderful insight to the writing world.

  • Arya345

    1) Will you give more information abount Tanga?

    2) Since Eragon found the (assumed) true name of his sword, can it be controlled by other humans/elves/sorcerers?

    3) Is there going to be any other main female character that will have a major role?

    4) Is Eragon’s mother dead?

    5) Will Eragon find the Vault of Souls ( i think that is what it is)?

    6)How much more do you intend to put into this series?

    7) Will Solembum have a more important role?

    8) Will anyone come back from the dead?

    9) Will Roran learn magic successfully?

    10) Is there going to be any new elf with a major role?

  • Ruydragon

    1. Was there ever a time when you thought about giving up the inheritance story?

    2. In the 4th book, will Glaedr be able to talk to Eragon, and have his grief over Oromis be swept away? I know that there’s alot of things behind his Eldunari.

    3. I find it amusing that even though Eragon has a new sword, he is still eligible to be called Firesword by the Urgals.

    4. Can Eragon be one time on the dark side for once?

    5. Will we see that flying ship of grass in a far-away land?

    6. Where did they Lethrblaka come from?

  • christopher

    Dear Mr. Paolini.

    1) me and my girlfriend are huge fans of Inheritance and would love to meet you in person. Is there any chance you will ever be in the North West of England? Chester or Manchester maybe?

    2) My favourite characters in Inheritance are Murtagh and Thorn. Who is your favourite character and why?

    3) Where do you get the names for your dragons? Any time I write anything with dragons, I fail to come up with a name that catches the awe, power and beauty of a dragon

  • manuel

    if a new rider appears and he or she is on the good side will eragon teach him/her to be a rider?

    Do egg fragments loose there color after years beacuse you mentiond some eggs fragments in eldest?

  • manuel

    Does Galby and Shurky like each other?

    Whats Thorns personality like?

    Is angela human or part?

    Do you consider making a book of the fall and broms life showing details of his past.

  • James

    Will you write about the Fall?

    Can you give us any hints about the new rider?

    Will ther be wilid dragons in book 4?

  • Helvengurl

    Will you be stoping in Ohio? Also, what would you say to young aspiring writers? I an homeschooled, and you won my moms heart over when I told her you were homeschooled. Do you feel as though you are a rolemodel? Do you hope your stories can give young adults who are doubting their importance in the world a clear answer of “yes, you can change things around you. You are important,”?

  • r12

    i was wondering r u an atheist? also what do u say to critics about the similarities between ur books and other fantasys

  • Taz

    wil you make a tour to Europe and if you do so wil you stop in The Netherlands or Belgium?

  • stephen

    1. Have you considered bringing wild dragons into book 4?

    2. Is there any creatures that have not been in the past books that you might bring into book 4?

    3. Are there other drangon riders from over seas that might help in the war?

    4. Is the next rider an already known character or an unknown character?

    5. What did you think about Palencar’s View of the Lethrblaka?

    6. Will all of Brom’s secrets ever be revealed?

    7. Will we find out more about the Grey Folk?

    8. What exactly are the Grey Folk like?

    9. Will you make a book explaining the history of Alagaesia?

    10. Are any of the characters a representation of you?

  • Tycie

    Could there possibly be a 5th book?

  • Kira


    How many chapters were in Brisingr be4 the unexpected extenision?

  • brendan

    Do you plan on comein to the uk on your tour?

  • Corey

    Were any of the Forsworn elves? We know that elves do not fully trust humans because of what happened during the Fall, is this confirming that all of the Thirteen were humans?

  • E.J.Teine

    What is your favorite part of the Inheritance books so far?

    How do you manage the wondrous beast of family life/social life/writerly deadlines? LOL As an aspiring writer, I’m finding this particularly hard to manage at this moment in time.

    Do you think you’ll ever publish anything outside of the Inheritance Cycle? Outside of the fantasy genre in general?

    Do you ever use music to “set the mood” in your writing?

    Will Angela have a bigger role in Book 4?

  • Cally

    Dear Chris,

    What do you think of Eragon the movie? As you may have read about the fan’s disappointment in the movie. Do you plan to buy back the rights so that you can make a more accurate verison of the book, or something like that?

    Also, do you plan on making a stop in Georgia on your US tour?

    Thank you,


  • narider85

    Mr. CP,

    Does the Manoa Tree play a greater role in book 4?

    Do the two strange women Angela introduced to Eragon have a greater role in book 4?

  • QueenMindi

    Oh, as an addition to my previous question: How is Birgit’s name pronounced?! (It’s hard being a fan of her character when I don’t know how to say her name out loud.)

  • QueenMindi

    Will Birgit’s revenge play an important part in Book 4?

  • aperson

    are there such things as female Shades?

  • anonymous

    Were you inspired by Star Wars?

    Will we see Murtagh’s point of view?

    Will there be more premonitions from Eragon?

  • RuggishBon3

    Mr. Paolini, Will you make a prequel book about the forsworn and brom and the rise or the empire?

  • RuggishBon3

    Mr. Paolini, Will book 4 be longer in pages than brisingr? is yes explain why.

  • Helvengurl

    Mr.Paolini, we hear often on the Sf3 forumns that your Alagaësia’s history is very sketchy and holey, will you plan on creating some sort of history for Alagaësia?

    also- what is your name in mind for the green dragon? May I suggest Emeruade? [/end shameless fangirlishness]

  • holly

    Is there any chance you wil make a tour to Europe to promote book 4 and if so the uk


  • NaruandKane

    What do you think of the criticism of the Cycle i.e. similarities to other fantasies, plot line of Star Wars, etc.?

  • Bryan

    Is there a greater significance of elva\’s Dragon Mark that saphira made? Or was it just a blessing she bestowed upon her?

  • Shayzlan2

    1. After this series is over do you plan you make a new series?
    2. Would you ever consider making maybe a book 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 or something like that to explain some more information (for example maybe Broms life as a dragon rider or something such as that?)
    3. What books or even movies was it that inspired you to write in this type of Era, with Elves, Dragons, Monsters, Magic, and so on?

  • Cally

    In book four will we see Thorn’s point of view in the story?

  • FAN

    What books or type of books do you like to read in your spare time when you are not writting or couse?

  • swenson

    Are there any wild dragons left? If so, will they figure in Book Four?
    At the end of Brisingr, Arya killed a Shade. Will there be any more Shades in Book Four?
    Will Book Four feature any more werecats than Maud and Solembum? Are there any more?
    Which of the races (human, elf, dwarf, Urgal, werecat, dragon, Grey Folk) do you like the best?
    Which character has the most interesting point of view to write from? Are there any characters whose point of view you haven’t written from, but think it would be interesting to see the world through their eyes? Will there be a Murtagh point of view in Book Four?
    Have you ever read any Inheritance fanfiction? If so, what did you think of the writer’s interpretation of your world?

  • randomforestlady29

    Will we see what is beyond allagasia? Or is there anything beyond the sea?

  • Settler

    Will we get Arya’s Point of view.

  • Apollo

    Will Elva’s curse ever be fully removed?

  • 271

    will more werecats appear?will they have an important role to play?

  • Mayur

    After book 4 will you continue writing in the fantasy genre or try some thing new,if so which new genre will you try?

  • ArabKev

    Will the next rider be an obvious candidate or an unexpected one?

  • Stanislao

    Mr. Paolini,
    Was “Brisingr” your initial title for Book Three before the unexpected extension.

    Thank you,
    Stanislao Avogadro

  • Erik

    Is there any chance you wil make a tour to Europe to promote book 4? There are a lot of fans around here who would love to finale meet you.

  • EragonSaphira

    Will we learn more of Angela’s past? Like how Oromis knew of her and why she could enter the Varden without having her mind examined?
    Can Angela use magic?
    What determines a dragon’s color?
    Is there anything a dragon can’t eat?
    Can dragon’s dream?
    Why were Durza’s parents called oath breakers?
    Why don’t elves sleep?
    Who taught Garrow how to read and why did he not teach Eragon and Roran how to?
    Are there any inanimate objects other than crystals that can hold energy?
    If Galbatorix created the Helgrind illusion with magic why didn’t Brom or Oromis know? Surely both of them had been to Dras Leona before the Fall and afterwards noticed it’s strange appearance?
    Has there ever been any female riders?
    Who was the healer that kept Murtagh alive after his back was laid open by Morzan?

  • sofia

    in angela’s prophesy an epic romance was mentioned…. will we see it in book four?

  • will

    i think eragon could blunt galbortorixs blade considring that he and brom did this with zaroc this could give him and give him a advantage in a sword

  • wade

    Will we learn more about the forsworn and there dragons? Possibly new names.

  • Gomez

    How do you view Eragon and Arya’s relationship following Brisingr?

  • rutscbk

    Will we be seeing much more of Vanir?

  • Jack

    Will we be able to see out of Saphira’s point of view again, or was it just a Brisingr thing?

  • bemystyle

    is there any possibility that the story left to tell will require another book after the fourth?

  • pmurphy21

    Was Vrael an Elf or a human? There has been much debate on this.

  • silivren117

    What are your plans after the inheritance series?