Christopher is plowing through his re-write of his upcoming scifi novel, #TSiaSoS

Christopher’s hard at work on the rewrite of his scifi novel, still known only as #TSiaSoS. In his March update, the author revealed that he’s working through a round of rewrites to make some changes to the story. He stated that the work is going quickly, estimating that it shouldn’t take more than a few months.

It seems things have indeed been going quickly, as he’s been updating fans each time he finishes a chapter on Twitter, and boy is he going flying through re-writes! So far, the author has finished thirteen chapters (several of which appear to be massive), concluding the first part of his book (amount of total parts unknown) after the eleventh chapter.

Here’s a breakdown of his progress:

  • March 6th: Announces scifi book rewrites on
  • March 6th: Finishes chapter one
  • March 7th: Finishes chapter two
  • March 8th: Finishes chapter three
  • March 12th: Finishes chapter four (a “large” chapter)
  • March 15th: Finishes chapter five (a “scary” chapter)
  • March 19th: Finishes chapter six (a “big” chapter)
  • March 20th: Finishes tweaking chapter five
  • March 22nd: Finishes chapter seven
  • March 28th: Finishes chapter eight (a “pointy” chapter)
  • March 29th: Finishes chapter nine (a “dark” chapter)
  • April 6th: Finishes chapter ten, marking the end of the first section of the book
  • April 9th: Finishes chapter eleven
  • April 20th: Finishes chapter twelve
  • April 27th: Finishes chapter thirteen (an “intense” chapter)

The gap between his April 9th and 20th updates was due to a break he was forced to take as a result of food poisoning.

Christopher posts a photo of each chapter printed out (also featuring one of his many knives). We’ve collected those images for those who may not use Twitter:

You can follow Christopher on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, where he regularly posts updates on his current projects!