Inheritance Cycle Holiday Gift Guide: Alagaësia items every fan needs!

With the holidays around the corner, you may be scrambling to find a gift for a friend or family member, or better yet, hunting down items to add to your own wish list! The Inheritance Cycle books aren’t the only thing available for fans of Alagaësia, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites into the ultimate gift idea post!

Eragon Coloring Book

Christopher teamed up with renowned fantasy artist Ciruelo to bring Alagaësia to life in the Official Eragon Coloring Book, which features over 30 illustrations of characters, places, and scenes from the Inheritance Cycle. The black and white line art is just as stunning as the attention to detail, thanks to the author and illustrator working closely together to guarantee that the book remains faithful to Christopher’s vision.

$12 on Amazon

Five Dragons of Alagaësia bookmark and button sets

These stunning sets feature artwork by talented artist Polina Andreeva, created exclusively for our line of Dragons of Alagaësia bookmarks and buttons! Each of the bookmarks and buttons, sold exclusively as a set, brings one of the series’ iconic dragons to life: Saphira, Thorn, Glaedr, Shruikan, and Fírnen. A dragon eye set, as well as a Cycle symbol set of buttons are also available.

$20 for a bookmark set on Etsy | $6 for a button set on Etsy

Prints of Christopher Paolini’s artwork

The Paolini family is offering several art-quality prints of Christopher’s familiar Inheritance Cycle illustrations for sale on their Etsy store! Currently, the map of Alagaësia, Saphira’s eye, Brom’s ring (Aren), and Shadow Birds are on sale. The last batch of prints sold out very quickly, so grab yours before they run out!

$30 on Etsy

Inheritance Cycle keychains

We’ve put a unique twist on the Inheritance Cycle’s symbols: we’ve laser etched them into wood, finishing them with stains and paint, before attaching keychains for you to hang them from your keyring, purse, or backpack! The series features the familiar Yawë, Zar’roc, and Brisingr symbols, as well as others including the Eragon “E”, a flying dragon, “Brisingr in Flames,” the iconic ERAGON text, and more!

$8 on Etsy

Inheritance Cycle jewelry (necklaces and earrings)

If keychains aren’t your jam but jewelry is more of your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that nearly all of our keychain designs, including the familiar Yawë, Zar’roc, and Brisingr symbols, are also available as necklaces and earrings! We offer a number of necklace types, including silver, bronze, and gold chains as well as leather cord.

$10 for necklaces on Etsy | $6 for earrings on Etsy

Inheritance Cycle t-shirts and jackets

Our high quality Gildan t-shirts feature some of the most popular Inheritance Cycle graphic designs we’ve released over the years, including the “Atra esterni ono thelduin,” Brisingr in Flames, yawë (plain and decorative), Zar’roc, Dragon Rider, and many more! All of these designs are also available as hoodies (or hooded sweatshirts).

$20 for t-shirts on Etsy | $35 for hoodies on Etsy

Inheritance Cycle tote bags

The Inheritance Cycle’s four books are big, and lugging them around can be a back-breaker. Enter a book nerd tote bag: the ultimate way to lug around your books! It doesn’t have to be the Inheritance Cycle, or even books at all – these high quality bags can hold nearly anything you throw in them!

$18 on Etsy

Inheritance Cycle phone cases

Your cellphone may not burst into flames every time you shout “brisingr!”, and that’s probably a good thing. With our new Cycle phone cases, you can mark and protect your phone with several powerful Ancient Language symbols, including Brisingr and Zar’roc! The cases are sleek, stylish, and sturdy. The cases are available for iPhone and Samsung!

$17 on Etsy

Hatching Dragon Candles

Where have these been hiding?! These incredible candles come as colored dragon eggs with a wick sticking out of the top. Light the wick and watch as the wax slowly melts away, revealing a baby dragon hidden within! Each egg’s dragon is a random color, meaning you’ll be surprised no matter how many you melt! With these eggs, you can become the Dragon Rider you’ve always been destined to be!

$40 on Firebox

New hard cover box set (featuring new art from John Jude Palencar)

Earlier this year, Random House re-released the trade paperback Inheritance Cycle box set with stunning new artwork by John Jude Palancar, the series’ long-time illustrator, on the outside of the box. The piece of art shows Saphira soaring over the Spine, making a fitting cap for the entire series. It’s worth picking up for any collector or readers who may have lost a copy or two from the series!

$45 on Amazon (trade paperback)

Will you be picking any of these items up this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!