Holiday Gift Guide: Book nerd essentials every reader needs

The holidays are nearly here, and with them comes the stress of finding the perfect gift for the reader in your life. We’re aiming to make that a tad bit easier for you with the perfect gift ideas for your bibliophile friends! From unlimited book opportunities to the coolest library management tools you’ll find, our list has it all!

Kindle Unlimited

It’s the gift that keeps on giving: Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service which, for a monthly fee, grants access to over 1 million ebooks on the Kindle platform! You don’t need a Kindle device to access the ebooks – Amazon offers the Amazon Kindle app for free on Android and iOS, which grants you access to all of your books. In addition to ebooks, Kindle Unlimited lets you access to thousands of audio books through Audible!

Fountain Pens

Whether you enjoy journaling or writing stories by hand, fountain pens and ink are a fun alternative to today’s traditional ballpoint pens. Their relatively inexpensive price lowers the barrier to entry for this new style of writing, as does the little time it takes to familiarize yourself with using the tools. Christopher Paolini recommends Lamy’s Safari Fountain Pen and Noodler’s Black Ink, both of which are inexpensive on Amazon.

Personal Library Kit

So you’ve got your own little library going and your friends are constantly asking to borrow books. You’re a generous bibliophile, but you’re sick and tired of never getting your books back. Enter the Personal Library Kit, one of our favorite reader necessities! The kit, which is just $15 on Amazon, includes 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil for all of your loaning and returning needs!Reading Journal

For us bibliophiles, we read a lot, and as a result, books often blur together in our limited brain space. Enter the reading journal: a way to keep track of the stories you’ve read, with options to take notes as you read, leave your thoughts once you finish, and even helping you discover new books through its multiple “books you must read” lists! Our favorite reading journal is only $12 on Amazon and has made for a fantastic companion on our many journeys through new stories!

Dragon Bookends

Bookends are a classic staple of every bibliophile’s home library collection! Whether you’re going for decorative or practical, bookends are almost always necessary. While on the hunt for new ways to prop up your books, why not consider beautiful stone dragons? There are tons of dragon-themed bookends online, but two of our favorites include dragons on Gothic-style roofs (pictured) as well as dragon heads.

Book Page Holder

It’s a common reader problem: after a long time of propping up a book – especially the bulkier, Inheritance-style hardcovers – your thumb needs a break! Enter the book page holder, which allows you to prop your book open without the hand cramps. These come in a variety of types, from plastic to wood, the latter being our favorite.


Often, us bibliophiles also try our hand at writing, and as writers, we’ll inevitably suffer writer’s block. A solution for this has been developed: Storymatic, a collection of wildcard prompts featuring characters, settings, and story ideas. The game/tool is ideal for road trips, parties, game nights, improv, writer’s block, classrooms, camping trips, sunny days, and rainy nights!