What will the Eragon Coloring Book contain? Here’s everything we know!

With the release of the Official Eragon Coloring Book just two weeks away, we’re rounding up everything we know about the book and its contents!

Christopher and his publisher have been surprisingly tight-lipped about what scenes we’ll see illustrated, but we’ve been able to gather a list of some of what will be found in the book interviews, announcements, and other media. We’ve only included confirmed illustrations in our list.

How much will the book cost?

You can snag a copy of the Official Eragon Coloring Book for just $11.35 on Amazon!

What scenes and characters can we expect to be illustrated in the book?

The book’s 40+ illustrations remain largely a mystery. However, we have confirmation that the following scenes and characters will be featured:

  • Eragon and Saphira diving into Leona Lake (see the piece colored!)
  • Roran wrestling an Urgal
  • Eragon finding Saphira’s egg
  • Isidar Mithrim, the star sapphire
  • Elva
  • Brom’s tomb
  • Saphira, Thorn, Fírnen, and the other dragons of the Inheritance Cycle
  • Galbatorix’s throne room door

How were scenes and characters chosen? Christopher shared:

[We decided t]hrough lots and lots of thinking and talking. It wasn’t easy! There were (and are) so many scenes in the books that would make cool pieces of art that whittling them down to a manageable number was surprisingly difficult. Some things, of course, I knew had to be in the book—Eragon finding Saphira’s egg, for example, or Isidar Mithrim, the star sapphire—but the rest of the pieces were more of a judgment call.

How much input did Christopher have in the illustration process? Does this art accurately reflect his vision?

In short: yes. Christopher elaborated:

Are there a few details here and there I might have done differently myself? Sure! That’s the nature of any collaboration. But on the whole, Ciruelo did a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of Alagaësia.

Ciruelo and Christopher have a friendship beyond their work together on the coloring book, so their latest collaboration was seamless. When speaking on partnership, the artist shared:

Christopher was very picky with the sketches I was sending him, not only because he knew all the details concerning characters and settings of the story but it was due to his expert artistic perception since he is an artist himself. But this, far from burdening me, it helped me to get a higher quality on the drawings.

What do we know about the artist, Ciruelo Cabral?

Ciruelo is an award-winning fantasy artist whose work heavily features dragons! His illustrations have adorned book covers (even some by George Lucas!), Magic: The Gathering cards, magazines, and more. The painter has brought Alagaësia to life on numerous occasions, illustrating Eragon and Saphira together for the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon, as well as two different renditions of Saphira:

The Eragon author has high praise for Cabral. After all, having illustrated the cover and an interior piece for the 10th Annivesary Collector’s Edition of Eragon, the artist was no stranger to the world of Alagaësia.

[Ciruelo] is a friend and one of my favorite dragon artists. He’s done an amazing job with Saphira, Thorn, Fírnen, and all the other dragons of the Inheritance Cycle! I love how he’s brought Alagaësia to life through his drawings of scenes, characters, and locations from the entire series.

The Official Eragon Coloring Book hits stores in North America on May 2nd, 2017!