Eragon Coloring Book illustration reveal: ‘Eragon and Saphira Meet Oromis and Glaedr’

We’re thrilled to exclusively reveal a new illustration from the Official Eragon Coloring Book (releasing May 2nd): “Eragon and Saphira Meet Oromis and Glaedr!”

We let our community decide which of four illustrations we revealed and this beat out the others with over 50% of the vote! (Other options included “Eragon Blesses the Infant Elva,” “Arya and Eragon Encounter Spirits,” and “Cuaroc Guarding the Vault of Souls.”

Without further ado, we present one of the series’ most iconic moments:

The accompanying excerpt from the book reads:

Here was one of the guardians of the old resurrected from the depths of time to guide him, a living symbol, and a testament to the legends he had been raised with. Here was his master. Here was a legend!

Keep checking back on Shur’tugal over the next several days: we’ll be revealing the entire list of illustrations found within the coloring book, giving away autographed copies, and featuring winners of our Eragon Coloring Book cover contest (which you can still enter!).

If you haven’t already, you can see a fully-colored version of Eragon and Saphira swimming in Leona Lake (and enter to win an autographed copy) and learn everything we already know about the Coloring Book!

Be sure to pre-order your copy of the Official Eragon Coloring Book for just $11.35 on Amazon!

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