Inheritance Book Club Episode 20 is Here and Features Christopher Paolini

The final episode of The Inheritance Book Club Podcast has arrived! Episode twenty features the man, the legend, the creator himself: Christopher Paolini, writer of the Inheritance Cycle! He joins us for what fans will agree is one of our best shows. We discuss our theories and questions surrounding Book 4, while Christopher practices his “no comment” pronunciation. We also learn proper hand care after signing a ton of books and just what his color-blindness entails. Also, Christopher lays down the facts regarding Nasuada. Oh yeah, there are some bits about Book 4, too.

This is it! It’s the final episode of our twenty week read through of the the Inheritance Cycle. After a great run, we’re going out with a bang with our biggest guest and some fun to go along with it. We hope you enjoy this episode! Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Twenty — Featuring Christopher Paolini:

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Brief Outline for “ Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode Twenty”:

  • Introduction! Your hosts are Mike Macauley (Shur’tugal, Lytherus, The Inheritance Almanac), Lauren Zurchin (Lytherus), Chris Addison (Shur’tugal), and special guest Christopher Paolini (Professional “No Comment”-er)
  • It’s time for the theory section. Duh!
  • The stars of our show ask questions…
  • …and more questions…
  • We also learn how many books Christopher has already signed. Hint: IT’S OVER 9000!
  • Christopher drops tiny morsels of Book 4 info.
  • “Poodles” is Durza’s pet nickname.
  • …and more questions…
  • We give this week’s sweepstakes word! The final one!
  • Mike thanks the fans. So does Christopher.
  • THE END.

For next week’s reading, please read Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.

That’s it, folks! I had a great time helping bring everyone the show and working behind the scenes to make sure everyone’s audio tracks were flawless (Hey! I tried!). From removing all of Mike’s “um” moments to riding the volume levels to make sure the host’s laughs weren’t going to make your eardrums explode, it’s been a fun ride! Hours of editing each night led up to some great comments from everyone which was a ton of fun. I also had fun filling in for random hosts and injecting my amazing comedic styles into episodes. It’s not completely over though, I’m looking forward to any podcasts we do following the release of book 4. (I can’t believe we actually completed 20 episodes…can you?)

— Robert Cox, editor of the Inheritance Cycle Book Club Podcast (yeah, it’s a mouthful, I don’t blame Mike for botching it every episode…)