“Big Twenty” – User Poll Compilation

Over the past 20 weeks during our “Big Twenty” article series, we’ve been asking the fans what they think is going to happen. Until midnight tonight, those who haven’t yet taken part in the polls will be able to contribute their guesses as to what will happen in book 4!

In our first “Big Twenty” poll, we asked visitors who they think will lead Alagaesia after Galbatorix is deposed. The majority of visitors (more than half) believe that Roran is next in line to take leadership.

The next poll in the series asked visitors just what they thought Angela is or was. Most people believed that she was a descendant of the grey folk, the once powerful race that bound magic to the Ancient Language.

Another question we asked was that of the fate of the first Eragon, the elf that united the races of Elves and Dragons. Just over half of visitors believe that they are both dead but Bid’daum’s eldunari still exists.

The next question involved Eragon’s love life. An object of much speculation, almost 60% of visitors believed that he and Arya were meant for each other and they would soon be united in Book 4. Only 7% believe he is doomed, leading us to believe our visitors aren’t as pessimistic as we thought! (We do believe in happy endings!)

Next, we asked a series of questions regarding Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. The first of which was whether or not you believed that too much or too little information was revealed in this companion book. There was a definite split, however most agreed that it gave the perfect amount. Goldilocks would heartily agree, I’m sure!

A second question regarding Eragon’s Guide asked what the “unnamed shadow” mentioned in the book was. An overwhelming majority believed it was an entirely new and evil being.

The final question from Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia asked what fans believed was Christopher Paolini’s intentions behind the book. A majority believed he was trying to do a little of everything, from answering important questions to teasing fans about the happenings of Book 4.

The next question was fairly straightforward, asking fans what they thought the Vault of Souls was. Nearly 60% believed that the Vault was a cache of dragon Eldunari. Another popular choice was that actual spirits could be found in the Vault. Only time will tell who was correct.

The next two questions involved the possibility of a fifth book in the series. Although not likely to happen anytime soon, many believe such a book would follow the two mysterious women that Eragon blessed at the advice of Angela.

Following up from the previous question, visitors were asked who they believe would be the villain for such a publication. A definite majority believe that it would involve the “unnamed shadow” mentioned in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia.

Regarding the fate of Galbatorix at the end of Book 4, many visitors believe that he will be dethroned and killed. However, not all of those people believe a greater evil being will be revealed afterwards. More than 5% of responders also believe that Galbatorix will be victorious. How awful!

Finally, there was a significant divide on whether Elva would join the Varden, join the Empire, or just stay neutral throughout the ordeal. More than half of visitors believed she would join the Varden and become a powerful weapon for the rebel group. (And creep everyone out!)

Remember to come back and check to see just how well our readers did in predicting the future of the Inheritance Cycle after you’ve read Book 4. Maybe we’re all as smart as we hope!