Comic-Con 2011: A Summary of All of Our Coverage From This Year’s Convention!

Comic-Con is well over — sitting a good two weeks in our rear-view mirror. Our coverage wasn’t fully finished until last week, when we published our final Comic-Con articles and called it a year. Although Comic-Con is now past, we wanted to be sure to share a summary of our plethora of convention coverage with our readers in case any was missed in the insane and exciting pile of news that is “Comic-Con”!

We personally shadowed Christopher Paolini during this year’s convention to cover all of his events — including panels, signings, podcasts, and more! Miss any of our coverage? Check out our full round-up of news, panel coverage, and more from Comic-Con 2011!

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about our interview with Christopher from Comic-Con. It’s coming soon-ish — hang in there, it’ll be worth the wait.