First Look At Palencar’s Lethrblaka!

Thanks to our friends at El Mundo de Alagaesia (Spanish Inheritance blog) and Eragon Italia (Italian Inheritance fan site), we now have our first look at John Jude Palencar’s rendition of the lethrblaka! Palencar was commissioned to paint the Lethrblaka (adult generation Ra’zac) for the second Japanese volume of Brisingr. Continue reading for a peak at the new artwork and an explanation of the covers!

Because of the size and shape of Japanese print, long novels such as Eldest and Brisingr are divided into separate volumes, each volume being published as its own book. The original art for Glaedr, now the cover of Brisingr in the United States, was originally commissioned by the Japanese publisher of Inheritance as the cover of Eldest, volume 2.

Because the Glaedr artwork had already been used as a book cover in Japan and other countries (including Spain), publishers commissioned Palencar to paint two new covers: a different perspective of Glaedr (facing forward) and a Lethrblaka, both pictured above. At this point in time, the Lethrblaka cover is not slated to be published on any US book covers but will appear in an exclusive fold-out poster in the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr.