Monthly Q&A With Christopher Paolini!

We’re excited to announce the start of our series of interviews with Christopher Paolini happening once a month, every month until the release of Book 4! At the beginning of each month, we will make a news post taking questions from our visitors that you would like Christopher to answer. Our staff will collect the best questions and use them in that month’s interview with Christopher. Continue reading to check out the details and contribute a question or two!In the past, Shur’tugal has done a series of interviews with Christopher Paolini (as well as the cast of the Eragon movie, the creators of the Eragon video game, and more!) all as giant interviews, posing fifteen to twenty questions each time. This usually resulted with us having a great interview to share but a rather annoying downside: when you pose so many questions in only one interview, you realistically only have a need for a few interviews per year. By spreading out our interview questions and letting fans decide what we ask, we will now be able to offer a question and answer session with Christopher once per month for the foreseeable future.

So, as this is the Inheritance fan site and everything done is by-and-for the fans, we task you with contributing questions you want asked during our interview! If you have a question (or two, or three…) you’d like us to ask Christopher, please post it in the comments below (comments do not require registration, but we recommend it!). Please go through the following “do not ask these questions” before posting yours!

Please do not ask these questions (they will not be asked in an interview; we can assure you Christopher will not be able to answer these questions):

  • When will Book 4 be released? What is the title of Book 4?
  • Who will be the last Rider?
  • Any question pertaining to key plot points (or even vague plot points) that will be revealed or resolved in Book 4. (Examples: How will Galbatorix die? Will Galbatorix die? Will Roran become the king of Alagaesia? Will Eragon marry Arya? Will Murtagh turn good?)
  • Christopher, what is your email address? (Christopher does not have an email address)
  • Do you have any news on a possible Eldest movie? (Answer: there has been no news regarding future Inheritance movies. If this changes, it’s a safe bet you’ll find the news on Shur’tugal the minute it’s announced!)

We will be taking questions until the comment function is disabled roughly one week from this article’s post date. If you want to make sure your question has a chance of being asked in the first Q&A, make sure to submit the question as soon as possible! If you are unable to comment before the time runs out, never fear: you can submit your question for the next Q&A!

Our interview with Christopher will be posted here on Shur’tugal once we’ve closed the comments and have chosen the questions! Please note that Shur’tugal staff will be the ones who pick through and choose the questions to be asked during that month’s Q&A. If your question is not asked, feel free to post it again for a future Q&A when the time comes.

UPDATE: This month’s Q&A question entry is now closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you didn’t get a chance to submit a question this month, never fear – we’ll be doing this every month for the foreseeable future. Check back soon for our first interview with Christopher Paolini based on questions submitted!