Inheritance Flash Drive #1 Contents

Update: Anyone who has already submitted their answer to the email address provided in order to enter for a flash drive must do so again. A problem Gmail was having prevented us from receiving these emails. All emails sent before 4:30 PM EST on August 27 must be re-sent.

With Vroengard Academy well under way, we’re excited to release the contents of the first flash drive handed out at the launch of the Vroengard Academy. Three flash drives have been released to fans and we’ll be releasing the content of the flash drives over the next week.

Today we’re releasing a never-before-seen excerpt from Eragon in both PDF form and an audio recording of the same excerpt done by Christopher Paolini. The audio excerpt can be viewed by playing the video below.

You can view the PDF excerpt here (this may require you to download the Adobe PDF reader for free) and listen to the audio MP3 recording here.

We’re also excited to announce a raffle of ten of the first flash drives! The flash drives are blue, have Eragon and The Inheritance Cycle written on them in Eragon font, and contain the files above. They were released in extremely limited quantities and will never be made again. If you’re interested in entering the raffle (it’s free and easy), click the “Story Continues…” link to learn more!From now until Sunday, August 31st, we will be raffling off ten Eragon flash drives!

I can take life, but cannot give it.
I can give justice, but cannot define it.
I’ve seen the best and worst of 3 dragons riders.
The master I serve claimed me as the superior fighter.
My fate is not yet certain.
But I will likely taste blood before the final curtain.

To enter, send an email to containing the answer to the riddle! If you’ve answered correctly, you will be entered into our random raffle drawing. Please note that you will only be able to enter once – attempting to enter more than once will result in a ban from this and all future contests on

Please make sure to send your entry in before 11:59 PM EST on August 31st to be included in the raffle! Winners will be contacted at the email address they enter from on September 1st. Please check with your parent(s) before entering!