New Excerpt From Brisingr!

Though the more sleuthy readers may have found this passworded and hidden away on the mysterious flash drives as part of Vroengard Academy, this is a new and exciting release – a new excerpt from Brisingr!

The excerpt is four pages long and describes an encounter between a group of elven spellweavers and Nasuada, current leader of the Varden. We are introduced to new characters, re-encounter old characters, and are given a bit of an update on where to expect our old friends Eragon, Arya, and Saphira at this point in the story.

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Don’t forget that a second excerpt from Brisingr can be read here, entitled “Light and Shadow” and originally released in the Limited Edition of Eldest.

Join us after the jump (by clicking Story Continues…) and in the news comments for an in-depth look at the excerpt and what it could mean for Brisingr.An in-depth look at the new excerpt from Brisingr:

  • We’re introduced to a new character, seeminly important in the defense of Eragon and Saphira as well as the defeat of Murtagh and Thorn: Blödhgarm, son of Ildrid the Beautiful. Blödhgarm is the apparent leader of a group of the “strongest spellcasters” of the elven race.
  • Queen Islanzadí’s forces have taken Ceunon, a city northeast of Carvahall. This further advances the elve’s and the Varden’s position in their attack against the Empire.
  • We’re given a status update on Eragon, Saphira and Arya. Eragon is said to be “in the Empire”, we assume with Saphira, and Arya is now traveling with them as well.
  • We’re told that even three of the Foresworn could not amount to the power of the twelve elf spellweavers and a dragon, and it is suspected that Galbatorix, too afraid of mutiny, would have made Murtagh much more powerful than that.
  • Our favorite witch and herbalist Angela is still with the Varden and it appears that she provides council to Nasuada, having been trusted to be at Nasuada’s side for their exchange with the elves.
  • Think we’ve missed something? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to also join us in the comments to discuss this chapter, what it could mean for Brisingr, and any other theories stewing in your head!