Eragon DVD Release Date and Specifics!

Fox Home Entertainment today announced the release date of March 20th for the release of Eragon on DVD and Blu-ray. The DVD will be available in Widescreen/Full Screen versions, plus a “magical two-disk Special Edition”, packed with hours of bonus content, including the following:

    – Inside the Inheritance Trilogy – The Magic of Eragon featurette, as well as a Random House digital novel featuring the first two chapters of Eldest.
    – Seven extended and/or deleted scenes from the movie
    – A visual effects showcase for 19 different film sequences, including commentaries by the Eragon visual effects team
    – Concept artwork galleries, original movie story boards, and “lost story boards”, from four sequences not included in the final film
    – Lots more (details found inside of the press release)!

For more information on what to expect from the DVDs, you can view the official press release. You can view the DVD box art, available in four sizes, by following these links: Extra-Large, Large, Medium, and Small.