Shur’tugal Down Time

By now, we’re sure you’ve noticed that Shur’tugal and it’s sub-sites have encountered some down time over the past 36 hours. This down time (though better explained by Tim or our server administrator, Imran) was due to a hardware failure, or more accurately, some pin thing (the drive head) in the hard drive coming in contact with the rotating hard drive part (the disk platters) and scratching the heck out of it. (Disk failure – Head Crash) Long story short, all of our files were lost and/or corrupted.

Thankfully, we have off-site backups made daily in numerous locations (so any future hack attempts will be useless), which have been or are in the process of being recovered, restored, and the sites are coming back online with minimal if any data loss. We expect all sections of Shurtugal to be back online by the end of the weekend at the latest. Thanks for hanging in there for us, and keep checking back, because we’ve got some great big things heading your way!