Shur’tugal Gear Now On Sale!

Shur’tugal is stoked to announce the pre-sale of our new line of Shur’tugal gear, being printed and shipped by Sam& Heading far from our original t-shirt logo, we’re back this year with two completely new shirts (and soon, hoodies!) with some amazing designs. The first design, an original drawing by our very own Allison, shows a dragon holding a “” banner. The design itself has been given a vintage fade to appeal more to the eye. Our second design was done by our fine printer Sam, who combined Allison’s drawing with new colors and a new splash to create one of the coolest fantasy shirts we’ve seen!

The shirts are on sale now (for pre-order), and will be shipped starting January 2nd. Shirts ship within five days of being ordered (after January 1st). The normal shirts cost $15, and the female-fitted shirts (same designs) cost $20 – very cheap! By purchasing a Shur’tugal shirt, you’re helping us front the growing server bill, which now costs us over $12,000 a year. So be trendy and help our your favorite Inheritance website in the process by purchasing a Shur’tugal shirt (or two!). The best news is that we’re now offering international shipping for all orders!

If you’d like to purchase a Shur’tugal shirt (or “Shurt”), please do so by visiting the Shur’tugal Gear store here!