Eragon Movie Releases!

The day we’ve all been waiting for! The highly anticipated Eragon movie has now (mostly) released world wide! If you aren’t one of the brave fans who’re seeing the movie at a midnight showing, make sure you get out to see it today or this weekend!

Fox gave Shur’tugal an opportunity to see the movie at the World Premiere in London, where we recently got back from. Here’s our review summary:

Cuts were made, characters were left out, and some odd-jobs were hired for roles that, to the average book fan, will have you raising an eyebrow… but the major thing to keep in mind is the length of Eragon as a book, and having to turn such a long book into a movie. Though some major plot changes were made (ones that didn’t need to be – such as the ending of the movie), most were excusable, understandable, and at times, necessary. Despite the plot changes, Eragon was still a captivating and impressive movie. Eragon and Brom were portrayed beautifully, and the emotion ran through this movie exactly the way it should have. The acting was up to par, and the CGI work was exceptionally stunning. I’d recommend seeing this movie to any book fan or non-book fan alike, and bring a tissue or two for that certain death scene!

You can read the first half of the “Mike Macauley’s Eragon Movie Review” here. The second half will be releasing later on today.

And remember, our exclusive trip reports will also release this weekend!