Shur’tugal Job Openings

As of 10PM EST, applications are CLOSED. Please do not send any more applications in. Thanks.

Shur’tugal has now released the list of avaliable staff positions, which many of you have been asking for! We’ve opened six seperate positions, including Content Author, Forums Moderators, and more. The site has grown more than any of us have imagined, and as a result, we need more staff!

All positions are volunteer only. Also, all positions are not only for the summer, and are for as long as you’d like to work with us. If you only plan on working for the first few days and then leaving, please do not send in an application. Working for the site isn’t difficult, and the background scene here at the site is a lot of fun.

See this page for the list of openings, and more information on how to apply. Make sure to read before applying, and include all necessary information. We look forward to seeing your applications!

Please note that due to the volume of applications, we cannot reply to each individually. If we need more information we will contact you through the email you provide.