Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Today, Lindsey Skouras (referred to by her staff as a "diabolical mastermind"), our resident Shur’tugal Fan Fiction administrator/everything-doer, turns 21 years old (continentally the 21st anniversary of the Apocalypse…)!  Lindsey, seen here working hard on the site wearing her serious face, enjoys running the Shur’tugal Fan Fiction site with an iron fist on one hand and a wooden mallet in the other.  In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys traveling to Massachusetts to see Harry and the Potters concerts and indoctrinating young kids with her teachings ("tutoring").

While we have poked fun at Lindsey, who also manages college and a full-time job, Shur’tugal Fan Fiction, SF3, and PIE would fall apart instantly without her hard work and dedication.  If you’d like to take a moment, you can either leave Lindsey a Happy Birthday comment here on the site or over at the Fan Fiction Forums!  Happy Birthday, Lindsey!