E3 Update #1

Well, I’m finally here at E3, and let me tell you, it’s HUGE! I’ve been trying my best to get some good shots of the Eragon booth with both the video camera as well as my digital camera. I’ll admit, I’ve been focusing more on video footage than on pictures, but I do have some pictures to update you guys with.

The booth is REALLY cool. On one side, they’ve got a giant, real life version of the Eragon movie poster I showed you guys a few days ago. The cracks in it flash blue and all of that – it’s pretty crazy. The other side is what looks like the side of an old-school castle.

I’ve also got pictures of a new, never-before-seen poster for the Eragon movie. Many of you will be pleased to hear that there’s been changes to the swords used! I tried to get them all in the pictures.

At 1:00, an hour from now, I’m heading over to meet the camera crew and then the real fun begins. I’ll try my hardest to update as soon as possible!!

Here’s some pictures:

Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, and Picture 7