E3 Update #2: Movie footage and game demos

Alright guys. Moment of truth. I’ve now seen the movie preview twice, game preview twice, had the XBOX 360 and PS2 version demonstrated to me, and ended with the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advanced versions being demonstrated to me.

Let me tell you now – you’re all in for a HUGE surprise. These games were amazing. They incorporated the book and movie into this and took it one step further creating a game that you can play for hours and hours.

And for the huge news: I saw Saphira. They definitely got Saphira right, and very right at that. Though I didn’t get to see much of her in the actual movie preview, I did get to see a lot of her in the video game… which, of course, was based on the movie. To give you a quick low-down, we’re looking at a teal/blue/purple colored dragon. She starts off wearing just a saddle, and progresses to the end of the game where she’s wearing full dragon body armor. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m still in E3 right now, but I do have some screenshots from the game for you, as well as some pictures I’ve taken so far today:

Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4, and Screenshot 5

Eragon picture 1, Eragon picture 2, Eragon picture 3, Eragon picture 4, Eragon picture 5, Eragon picture 6, Eragon picture 7, Eragon picture 8, Eragon picture 9, Eragon picture 10, Eragon picture 11, Eragon picture 12

We’ll be heading out soon for the hotel, so expect a full report late tonight or early tomorrow!