Alagaesia Newsletter and CPSB Photos

A few days ago, Christopher Paolini sent out another newsletter to update fans. In addition to updates regarding the progress of Book III, Christopher wrote about the Christopher Paolini Birthday Scrapbook which we recently sent him as a late birthday gift.

This scrapbook is big in another way; it represents the breadth of generosity, inventiveness, know-how, kindness, and energy that I have come to associate with those who love fantasy, and who love reading in general. It overwhelms me. I’ve never heard of another instance where readers commissioned a smith to forge a sword for an author; or spontaneously, and of their own free will, made a scrapbook of this quality and accomplishment; or did any of the other amazing deeds I have witnessed these past few years.

As promised, we have a series of photos of the scrapbook (note that we didn’t take pictures of each page, as that would require about 100 photos) as well as a few photos of Christopher Paolini holding the giant book.

Cover Fan Art 2
Introduction 1 Fan Art 3
Introduction 2 Fan Art 4
Introduction 3 Fan Art 5
Introduction 4 Fan Art 6
Birthday Card 1 Fan Art 7
Birthday Card 2 Fan Photos 1
Fan Letters 1 Fan Photos 2
Fan Letters 2 Fan Photos 3
Fan Letters 3 Book Width 1
Fan Poems 1 Book Width 2
Fan Poems 2 CP with SB 1
Fan Poems 3 CP with SB 2
Fan Art 1 CP with SB 3

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