Eragon Movie Press Release

In a press release on Friday, 20th Century Fox, the producers for the upcoming Eragon movie, released a slew of new pictures showing scenes in production, sets, and characters in costume. The pictures show several surprising developments, among them:

– The dwarf city of Farthen Dûr has been moved from Sag Hill to an undisclosed underwater filming location, but will retain the look of a primitive society as had been shown in earlier photos.
– Midgets are now being cast for additional Urgal armies.
– There will now be twenty soldiers visible in the Farthen Dûr battle, as opposed to earlier counts of ten.
– Saphira will be cut from the movie completely to save costs, but will still be added in audio conversation with Eragon.
– Zar’roc was created in a blue version, as the color red represents 20th Century Fox and not their movies. Producers refused to comment on how it would affect the storyline of the trilogy, saying only, “Right now we are more concerned with Eragon then the trilogy as a whole.”