Mike’s Eldest review, Entertainment Weekly review

Eldest is just a weekend away. Amazing, isn’t it? Back in the beginning of June, right before my trip to New York City for BookExpo America, I was given an Advanced Reading Copy of Eldest. I read the book as fast as I could, and I must say, I enjoyed it even more than Eragon. I’ve received special permission from Random House to run my review of Eldest today. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s a quick excerpt:

You can tell that Christopher Paolini had learned a lot between writing Eragon and Eldest. When I picked up Eldest, it was almost as if Christopher had taken college courses in between writing the two books. The writing style has drastically improved, the plot has thickened, and new point-of-views have been introduced. All of this and more makes for an even more intense tale!

You can read the rest of my spoiler-free Eldest review right here.

But alas, there are still trolls in the world. In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands today is a review of Eldest. The only problem is, this review isn’t very nice. Personally, I don’t think the lady who reviewed Eldest knows a rock from a book. So this is a call to all of you die-hard Eragon fans: let’s put these Entertainment Weekly people in their place. Let’s show them that the Inheritance community is a strong one and that we do not appreciate their review. Let’s send these people some emails expressing how we feel about their poor Eldest review. Show these people we mean business.

Since I’ve already read Eldest, I’ll be emailing right away. It might be best to wait to send in an email until you’ve read Eldest.

Send all of your emails to: letters@ew.com. Remember, while you might be upset, stay professional.

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