…and it has released!

The book we’ve been waiting for patiently (okay, so some of us have been waiting patiently).  It’s the book that I’ve already fallen in love with.  It’s Eldest.

I spent my entire Eldest Day Eve (Monday, August 22nd) with some of the nicest people of my life.  Matthew and I took a bus into New York City.  We were picked up at the bus station by Allison H., a Random House employee.  We spent the remainder of the day eating lunch with Christopher, visiting the Random House offices, attending a Random House employee signing, and then going to dinner with Random House staff, Simon Lipskar (Christopher’s agent), and Christopher himself.  It was a great day, to say the least.

So yes folks, today is the big day!  Today is Eldest Day!  Book stores all over the country are throwing book release parties.  Find the one nearest you here.  Matthew, Bob, and I will be at the Eldest release party and signing in NYC.  If you’re going, look for us wearing our black Shur’tugal t-shirts!

In other news, Alagaesia sent out its latest newsletter edition last night, and you can find it in our archives. On yet another note, Entertainment Weekly has placed its disdainful Eldest review on its website. For those who didn’t want to send hate mail until you read it, read it here. Please do not take it seriously as the writer obviously has no writing talents, and appears to be attempting to be humorous, which I should say, she failed. But, my positive Eldest review can be found here!

Also, to all you Inheritance Forums fans — the forums are back up!  *play song "Celebration"*