The 23-days-til-Eldest Celebration!

With less than 23 days left until the release of Eldest, it’s time for us to kick off our "23-days-til-Eldest" celebration!  Throughout the month, we’ll be releasing new features (we started with the Newsletter) and updating things you’ve been waiting for ages to see (Volund?) during the rest of your wait for the sequel to our favorite book!

Today, I’m proud to announce five Inheritance Contests that will be running up until the release of Eldest, including The Invent-a-Character Contest, The Alagaësia Art Contest, The Know-your-Eragon Trivia Contest, The Contest Contest, and the Box Set Raffle!  We made sure we had at least once contest for every type of fan!  Can’t draw or write?  Try the Trivia Contest!  And get this: just for participating in one of the above contests you’re automatically entered in the drawing for a signed Eragon/Eldest box set.  You get one entry in the drawing for every contest you participate in!  All contests except for the Fan Fiction contest, which ends on August 14th, will end at midnight on August 20th.  Winners will be announced at midnight on August 23rd!

Everyone’s biggest question is always, "What are the prizes?"  For every contest except for The Contest Contest, the first place prize is a signed copy of Eldest.  Second and third place prizes are either a signed Alagaësia mouse pad or a signed Christopher Paolini photo – your choice!

So what’re you waiting for?  Time to get started!