Eldest Laydown Events

Random House released a list of Eldest Laydown Events happening all over the US and Canada on either the eve of the release or on the actual release day (August 23). There’s at least one party happening in almost every state!

Not listed on the “Eldest Laydown Events” page is the New York City signing, taking place on August 23. This event is at 5:00 PM and more specifics can be found on the Eldest Tour page. Matt (a new Shur’tugal staff member) and I will be attending this event. We’ll be there the entire time, handing out our Shur’tugal stickers and interviewing fans for our Eldest Release video! Look for us, we’ll be wearing black Shur’tugal t-shirts!

Also, if you visit your local book store, you can get the Alagaësia Adventure Game code card! This code card gives you access to Random House’s new online Alagaësia Adventure Game. This card also enters you in a drawing for a signed copy of Eldest at your local Eldest Laydown Event, and enters you in the “Win a Trip to Meet Christopher Paolini” sweepstakes! If you can’t get to your local store to pick up a card, you can print one off of the Alagaësia Adventure Game site for free! Click here to do so.