Volhortn News, Shur’tugal’s Official Newsletter

We’re proud to announce our newest feature, Volhortn News, Shurtugal.com’s Official Newsletter!  Volhortn News is a biweekly newsletter in which the staff of Shur’tugal will provide you with the latest news, updates at Shur’tugal, things to come in the future, and much more!  “Volhortn” is a word from the Dwarven language in Eragon meaning “all moments.” We thought this would be an appropriate name for the newsletter because it will cover all moments of the Inheritance fandom.

The newsletter is completely free and only takes about two minutes to subscribe to.  If you’d like to subscribe, click here.  The first issue of Volhortn News will go out on Saturday, August 6th!

We’d also like to point out the addition of news post icons.  Each news post will have its own icon pertaining to the topic of that post.  We’ve worked out all the bugs with these and they’re now fully functional.  We hope you enjoy them!